40 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids


Stocking stuffers form part of the Christmas tradition and they entail small gifts put into a stocking. Digging through the stocking — come Christmas morning — is usually a fun activity for kids as they look to see what gifts they got. We want to ensure you give kids some great items so we have compiled a list to help you shop.

Choosing the best stocking stuffer ideas for kids

The idea of stocking stuffing comes from a legend about St Nicholas. It is said he visited a despondent family and because they would not accept his help, he dropped some gold coins from the chimney. The coins fell into socks that were hanging at the fireplace to dry — and there was rejoicing when the family found them. 

Spreading love and cheer is, therefore, the idea behind stocking stuffers so choose gifts that keep this concept alive such as candy or stuffed animals. Also, keep in mind that stocking stuffers are typically small, inexpensive items that need to fit into a large stocking. Some of the more popular stocking stuffers for kids include fruits, small toys, socks, lip balms, play-doh among various other knick-knacks. 

How we identified the best stocking stuffer ideas for kids

We recognize that kids’ age determines the kind of gifts they’ll find appropriate. So we set aside different categories to cater to college-going kids, young kids, and older kids. For each of these categories, we picked practical items like a portable battery charger or AirPods and also some fun stuff like the dino silicone phone holder or floating bath toys.

We identified that regardless the age, childhood is about learning new skills and also developing the existing ones. We also kept in mind that play is the primary way kids learn. We, therefore, identified several items that kids will have fun playing with and that are also educational. We chose items like sensory fidget toys, fun fingerboards, tubs of play-doh, fidget cubes among other items.

Tips for buying the best stocking stuffer ideas for kids

  1. Keep them small
    The idea isn’t just to fill up the stocking but to actually give kids something they will like. So avoid getting big items that’ll just fill up the stocking.
  2. Consider the child’s gender
    Boys and girls have markedly different tastes in toys and gifts in general. So keep this in mind as you are shopping so that the stocking stuffers you pick resonate with the intended recipient.
  3. Consider the price range
    If you are getting stocking stuffers for different kids, pick items within the same price range. Giving one child items that are more expensive or cheaper compared to what you give the others can cause resentment.