40 Gifts For Tea Lovers

A variety of gifts from far and wide to help tea lovers sip their brews with pleasure.

Most people enjoy a hot cup of tea, whether just to relax, to get in their daily shot of caffeine, as a ritual to start the day, before bed, or simply because they love to. Just like coffee and wine lovers, you’ve got people that enjoy diving into the world of tea. Either way, no matter where you fall on the like meter when it comes to tea, there are plenty of sweet and savory teas to enjoy, and fascinating accessories to help enhance those flavors. To help you figure out what works best, we’ve got a selection of gifts to help bring out your inner connoisseur and options for all.

Our Top 3 Picks


Tea Bombs

They put a fun spin on brewing up a sweet cup of tea.

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Also Great

Dinosaur Tea Infusers

An entertaining way to brew up a fun cup of tea.

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Good on a Budget

Tea Bag T-Shirt

Proudly showcase your love of tea with this punny shirt.

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Christmas Gifts For Tea Lovers

Glass Tea Cups


A handcrafted set of glasses perfect for tea time. They’re crafted with a beautiful butterfly and rose detailing. The same design can be seen on their lids and spoons. The set comes in an elegantly designed gift box. This makes them a great gift for any occasion too.


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The Art and Craft of Tea

 A gift for the avid tea lover. It’s got stunning photography and insights into the history of tea. This book is also a great start for anyone thinking of diving into the world of teas. For the more advanced hobbyist, it’ll keep them busy and can keep their interest.


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Ippodo Matcha – Rich – Ummon-no-mukashi

For anyone wondering what the name means, it’s green tea. However, this blend isn’t just like your average blend. This one’s spent over a millennium in cultivation. The company that provides these, Ippodo, has been in the green-tea business for 300 years. They sell high-end tea for the connoisseur that likes to take their teas a lot more seriously.  


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Tea Kettle

Ergonomically designed to make pouring hot tea safe and easy. This kettle also boils water faster than most and boasts a whistle loud enough to be heard throughout the entire house. When your water’s ready, you’ll know.

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Stelton Theo Tea Mug With Coaster

It’s not as dainty as you’d expect most cups to be. It comes recommended for the great design and it looks plenty durable. The cup pairs with a bamboo coaster to give you a modern and organic look. The coaster also doubles as a lid to help keep your tea warm for extended periods.


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Funny Gifts For Tea Lovers

Dinosaur Tea Infusers

They hang on either side of a tall mug or sit on the bottom of the cup. These dino-shaped infusers add some fun and humor to the seriousness of making tea. Not to mention any dinosaur fans are bound to get a kick out of them.


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Tea Bag T-Shirt

Any fan of tea is gonna love this punny t-shirt. They’re also gonna wear it proudly. If you prefer something else, don’t sweat it. This excellent piece of art comes in hoodies, and tank tops. They come in multiple sizes and colors, so you’ve got plenty to choose from. They’re also soft and comfy. 


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Funny Novelty Socks

These socks sport a one size fits all unisex design. They’re colorful and funky and they feature tea bags, kettles, sugar spoons, tea leaves, and steaming mugs. The socks also feature a funny message at the bottom written in non-slip ink. They were made with passion to avoid fraying and sloppy edges. They’re soft and stretch with ease. One touch and you notice how well they hug your feet without crunching up.


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Tea Bag Holder

Never worry about losing another tea bag to the bottom of your cup ever again. You wouldn’t think that’d be anything to worry about, but it happens more often than you’d think. These colorful, silicon snail-shaped holders will keep hold. They come in packs of 


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Gamago Teazus Tea Infuser

Simple and easy to use. They’re easy to wash by hand if you ever forget to throw them into the dishwasher, and yes, they are dishwasher safe. They’re also microwave-safe so you can just throw them in along with your tea if time isn’t on your side. Brewing a nice cup of tea doesn’t take long and they’re also great for bringing a little humor into the office with you.


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Mothers Day Gifts For Tea Lovers

Teabloom Tea Set

A great way to watch flowering teas bloom while infusing them into a cup. It comes with a tea warmer, flowering teas, and an infuser, so the tea can be used with loose leaf teas and four double-walled tea cups. 


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Teacup Necklace

This necklace is a charmer. It features a small teacup trinket. You can also have it custom-made with your chosen initials, beads, or stamped heart. Your mom is sure to appreciate the feeling and sentiment that went into it.


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Ceramic Tea Set

Anyone that loves tea is guaranteed to have their own tea set. This one offers great value for the price. It’s made from bone china and comes with a teapot, six cups, six saucers, a milk pot, a sugar bowl, and six spoons. 


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Herbal Tea Subscription

How could she say no to handcrafted, specially made teas arriving in her inbox every month? She can also choose from three, six, or 12 monthly subscriptions. The teas come in a variety of sweet blends. It’s a great gift for the biggest tea lover in the family or even for yourself.


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Teapot Earrings

These teapot-shaped earrings are adorable and handmade, with hypoallergenic sterling steel hooks. They’re a gift she’s likely to wear over and over again. They’re sure to be a highlight of her wardrobe. They’re pristinely handmade from start to finish to maintain their quality.


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DIY Gifts For Tea Lovers

Teacup Keychain Charm

An adorable little charm that’s hand sewn, a little stuffed, and makes sure you won’t lose any of your keys. It can be a great little keepsake or an adorable little charm to add to your tea collection.


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DIY Wedding Tea Favors

They’re great for last-minute deliveries. The positive reviews speak to how good they are. They can be added to a gift box and they work as gifts for multiple occasions too. If you ever forget about getting the right gift for a soon-to-be bride these can be at your doorstep in no time. Some even consider them adorable.


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Personalized Tea Box

Another great gift for multiple occasions. You can store all your favorite tea combinations and surprise someone with the adorable box for a special occasion. The personalized box is a great touch. It’s sturdy and features a fun teapot design on the lid, next to the tea lover’s name. You can also store other things in the box besides just tea.


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Loose Leaf Tea Sampler Gift Set

Feel free to try out an assorted set of premium flavors to find what works best for you. They feature green, black, and herbal classics. You can get an assortment of your personalized flavors. The set also comes with an infuser and other things you might need to craft the ideal tea party.

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Tea Wallet

The tea wallet is a fun and stylish way to bring your favorite teas with you, wherever you go. You don’t have to worry about crushing them either, since they’re easy to stick in your pockets or purse. You can also use them to hold other essentials, like business cards,  and credit cards


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Unique Gifts For Tea Lovers

Japanese Tea Set

A tea set that pays homage to the signature style of the Japanese. With this set, you can have your special ceremony. It comes with a blue cast iron teapot featuring a butterfly design symbolizing love, and happiness. It also comes with an infuser, a trivet, two leaf-shaped saucers, and two cups. Four is traditionally considered bad luck in Japan.


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Tea Timer

This elegant set of timers will help tea lovers brew the perfect cup. According to the manufacturer, the first is for white and green teas, the second is for use with medium strength black or oolong teas and the last time is for full strength black, oolong, and herbal teas.


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Tea Bombs

Turn drinking tea into a fun adventure with tea encased in dissolvable sugar spheres. If that’s not enough, they can also be bought with a full crystal tea set to make an even more spectacular gift. They come in several sweet flavors, like youthful rose, tropical sun, earl grey vanilla, peach green tea, and citrus chamomile.


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Tea By Mood

Embrace a change in mood with these teas that reflect a particular state of mind. According to the manufacturer, tea drinkers can embrace a change in mood with this set of organic blends that feature unique flavors like Mate lemon for invigorating your exhausted body or Jasmine Green for reflecting on past events.

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Tea Cozy

Keep your teapot warm in style. This botanical print adds a touch of artistry to any corner of your kitchen. The colors are bright and beautiful and they fit well for most teapots. You can even get two to have one on hand when you decide to wash the other.


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Unusual Gifts For Tea Lovers

Tea Bag Squeezer

A surprisingly handy tool to have. They’re sturdy and work just like you expect them to. They also make for surprisingly good gifts. Any tea lover would appreciate having one of these in their arsenal.


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Honey Sticks

A variety pack of 12 to 15 honey sticks that pair well with tea. Some people even use them as lip balm. They also give off a pleasing aroma that is great to add to a relaxing cup of tea. One online user also commented that they work great as decorations for the bathroom.


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Tea Growing Kit

You’ll never run out of tea now that you can grow your own. Gain access to an endless supply with a kit that includes everything from herbal seed packets like peppermint and chamomile to soil discs and an infuser. 


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Tea Bag Carrier

Every time is teatime now that you can carry your tea bags with you wherever you go. Never let tea time end with one of these super cute tin tea bag carriers. They fit a few tea bags and packets of sugar or sweetener.


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Teapot Trivet

It might seem like a strange thing to have but it makes sense when you think about it. Something to help keep delicate surfaces from hot stuff like teapots. It’s durable and set to last an especially long time since it’s made from cast iron. 


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Gifts For Bubble Tea Lovers

Boba Tea Ambient Light

If you love bubble tea then this light might just be the thing you need. Whether you’re moving through the dark, or are just looking for something cute to add to the decor in your room. This light will even be your companion during those seemingly endless late nights. 


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Bubble Tea Kit With Free Bubble Panda Keyring

A great way to get into bubble tea, showcasing the best flavor. It also comes with a little bubble panda keyring. Not only does the tea taste fantastic, but the package is also great, and the little keyring is adorable and a great addition to your collection.    


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Bubble Tea Tumbler

The tumbler comes available in different lid colors, clear, pink, lilac, blue, green, black, and cream. They also come with a clear plastic straw and straw cleaner so you’re always ready for your next cup. Thanks to the lid, it can be carried, packed, or put away without any leaks. There are also some customizable tumblers for anyone that wants something more unique. 


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Kawaii Boba Milk Tea Keychain

Any obsessed fan of bubble tea is going to love this. They’re especially a hit with the kids. They’re colorful and come at a reasonable price. Who wouldn’t want one of these to add to their collection?


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Adorable Squishy Boba Tea Plushie

An adorable, well-handmade product that’s, “perfect in every way”. Clear people online love it, so you should get one too. Add it to your collection, or use it to add some charm to your room. Better yet, get it as a gift for a little one. It’ll drive them nuts with excitement. It’s soft, squishy, cute, and perfectly huggable.


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Gifts For Iced Tea Lovers

Hario Ka-Ku Cold Brew Tea Bottle

Just like how cold brew coffee is made, some bottles work great for brewing iced tea. These don’t need you to boil any water beforehand. Hario is known for making some of the best tea brewing appliances. The bottle has a plastic body with a tightly sealed lid, making it convenient for trips and picnics. It also conveniently sits sideways in the fridge to save space. 


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Novelty Ice Cube Trays

You can’t pass these up. Look no further than the novelty ice cube tray. Lovers of iced tea always need a few ice cubes to mix with their drink, so why not make things interesting? The internet always has plenty of options for novelty ice cube trays, all creative and goofy.  


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An Iced Tea Pitcher

There are plenty of ways to brew tea. You can have it hot or cold, but for fans of iced tea, a pitcher is a must. You can get a simple glass pitcher with a stainless steel lid or even go for something more complex like an iced tea maker. Either way, they’re great for showing off an iced tea with a lot of color. 


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Gravity Loose Leaf Tea Maker

Share the joys of making tea with a tea maker that helps you brew the perfect cup of loose leaf tea every time. Its gravity-powered design and stainless steel design make cleaning up an easy task. You can steep your tea over a glass of ice for the easiest iced tea ever. 


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Cookie Tea Oven Gift Set

For ice tea drinkers with a sweet tooth, this dessert tea gift will bring the enticing scent of freshly baked cookies to your glass of sweet tea. This set comes in adorable packaging and is full of a variety of cookie teas, from chocolatey black teas to nutty herbal teas. 


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