50 Christmas Games for Kids

Bring out the holiday spirit with these fun and engaging activities for kids.

Get your kids involved with the season with this exciting selection of Christmas games. Our curated list includes everything from classics like Pin the Nose on Rudolph to modern twists like Scavenger Hunts and DIY Holiday Crafts and offers a wide range of options to keep kids of all ages occupied and entertained. 

Our carefully selected collection caters to kids of all ages and interests, so you can use it to help channel their endless energy or spark their imagination. Prepare to embark on a journey filled with laughter, cheer, and the magic of Christmas as we delve into these exciting games for kids. Join us as we show you the best Christmas games for kids that will make this holiday season something to remember.


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Christmas Bingo

Kid-friendly Christmas Bingo will be a hit with the little ones. In this adorable holiday-themed game, kids can mark off squares as snowflakes, gingerbread cookies, and presents. This holiday-themed game boosts concentration, pattern recognition, and listening skills. Watch their excitement grow as they get closer to shouting “Bingo!” and win a festive prize.

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Sticky Note Hide and Seek

Prepare for a thrilling game of Sticky Note Hide and Seek! Draw Christmas-themed icons on paper and recreate them on sticky notes. Hide these festive sticky notes around the house and let the search begin! Get ready for hours of excitement and laughter as the holiday-themed hunt unfolds.

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Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt printables will inspire your kids’ sense of adventure! These themed activity sheets lead kids on a thrilling treasure hunt indoors or outdoors with clues, riddles, and items to find. These printable scavenger hunts keep kids engaged, entertained, and excited. Print them out, distribute the sheets, and watch their imaginations soar as they solve each clue.

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Christmas Coloring Banner!

Printable Christmas coloring banners let kids be creative! These large printable banners have holiday scenes, cute characters, and intricate designs for kids to color. Whether it is Santa’s workshop, a snowy wonderland, or happy reindeer, these banners offer hours of coloring fun and let kids show off their artistic skills. These are great for displays throughout the holidays.

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Who Am I?

This game will liven up your Christmas party! Players wear cards featuring Christmas characters on their heads, while others take turns asking yes-or-no questions to determine their identity. With character cards for Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, excitement builds as clues reveal themselves after posed guesses. This fun and competitive game adds cheer to the holidays.

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Mix and Match!

Kids can let their imaginations run wild with these delightful Christmas printables. Cut out various holiday-themed elements and let them mix and match to create whimsical characters or scenes. From Santa with a snowman’s body to a Christmas tree adorned with presents, these printables offer endless possibilities for imaginative play. This fun activity will inspire them to create.

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I Spy Christmas

Engage in a merry challenge with this Christmas I Spy game. Explore a vibrant and cheerful scene as you search for hidden Christmas-themed objects. Can you spot all the candy canes, Santa hats, and gingerbread cookies? It’s an exciting activity that will keep kids entertained throughout the holiday season.

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Pin the Heart on the Grinch

Add a touch of mischief to your holiday celebrations with the Pin the Heart on the Grinch game! Based on the classic party game, blindfolded participants try to place a heart-shaped cutout on a poster of the mischievous Grinch. Kids can test their aim and see who comes closest to capturing the Grinch’s heart.

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Picture-based Riddles!

Challenge your puzzle-solving skills with this game! Use visual clues to decipher festive words or phrases by combining multiple pictures. These mind-bending puzzles will keep you entertained and engaged. Test yourself, and find the hidden Christmas words in this delightful picture riddle game.

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Christmas Song Emoji Pictionary!

Get ready for a holiday twist on Pictionary! Here is a fun way to test your holiday music knowledge; Christmas Song Emoji Pictionary! Guess the song titles using only the emoji clues provided. Attempt to guess as many songs as possible with your loved ones. Print the game, set a timer, reveal the answers, and determine the champion.

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How the Grinch Saved Christmas!

Join the Grinch on a mission to save Christmas in this game. You must efficiently wrap as many presents as possible in a set amount of time, then click your mouse to toss these gifts at Max. This game aims to drop three matching presents into Santa’s sack. There are only five minutes left before sunrise, so be quick!

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Elf on the Shelf: Santa's North Pole Fun

Visit Santa at the North Pole to learn more about the magical Elf on the Shelf. Explore a variety of fun games for kids. Make cookies for Santa, play virtual Snowball Fights, decorate the Christmas tree, dress up their elf online, or find the Elf Pet. This online hub offers endless holiday fun and festivities.

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Christmas Memory

Play Christmas Memory online and have fun! Find matching cards to complete levels. Find the festive images, and match them up to progress. Will you find jolly Santas, twinkling ornaments, or an adorable reindeer? It’s a captivating challenge that brings the holiday spirit to your screen. Prepare for fun-filled gameplay, festive visuals, and hours of Christmas joy!

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Santa Rescue

Help Santa collect gifts in Santa Rescue! Study each puzzle, and strategically pull the correct pins to free Santa’s presents. Guide Santa safely to his presents to progress, and beware of the hot lava! It’s a challenging adventure that tests your problem-solving skills. Get ready to be Santa’s hero and spread holiday cheer!

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Santa's Magic Christmas

Santa’s Magic Christmas is a magical online game. This simple jewel game is fun and relaxing. Help Santa find the lost gifts in a Christmas wonderland. Use power-ups to beat levels. Get ready for a delightful adventure filled with holiday cheer and sparkling jewels. Embrace the magic and help Santa make this Christmas unforgettable!

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Hoppy Christmas!

Start an exciting adventure in Hoppy Christmas! Collect presents with your agile elf in a snowy environment. Beware of local wildlife and river crossings. With quick reflexes and careful hops, keep the adventure going. It’s a thrilling winter wonderland experience that will test your skills and bring joy to your holiday season!

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Build-a-Snowman is a fun challenge! Combine snowman parts to create the perfect winter companion. Unlock features and accessories by matching pieces. Plan your snowman moves to achieve perfection. It’s a delightful game that will entertain you as you combine elements for a magnificent snowman creation!

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Christmas Lights!

Christmas Lights illuminate the holiday spirit! It is time to decorate for Christmas. Click and drag the mouse to hang colorful lights on the house. Unleash your creativity and design a dazzling display. This interactive game is a fun Christmas activity for children of all ages. Get ready to brighten up the virtual neighborhood with your festive light arrangements!

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Merry Merging Christmas

Embark on an adventure with Merry Merging Christmas! Match and merge enchanting trinkets to level up and unlock the full potential of Finn’s sleigh. Upgrade the sleigh with each successful merge and open a delightful array of friends to join Finn on his festive journey. Get ready for a lovely and captivating holiday experience!

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Snowman Drawing Contest

Unleash your creativity and join the fun with the Snowman Drawing Contest! This exciting activity will have you showcasing your artistic skills. Draw a snowman on top of your head and prepare to be amazed! Challenge yourself and your friends to draw upside down and create unique snowman masterpieces. 

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Holiday Share-A-Story!

Embark on a captivating storytelling adventure with Holiday Share-A-Story! Gather family and friends to create a collaborative Christmas tale. Start with a sentence and pass the storytelling stick. Craft intriguing sentences, adding surprises along the way. It’s a game of creativity and improvisation. Let your words weave a tapestry of Christmas wonder and spark the imagination. Unforgettable holiday memories await!

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Guess How Many?

Get ready for the exciting Guess How Many! Fill a jar with colorful ornaments. Guess the total number inside using your estimation skills. Who will come closest to the correct count? Encourage classmates to join the fun and enjoy friendly competition. Let the excitement unfold as you gather, guess, and have fun!

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Christmas Dance Freeze!

Christmas Dance Freeze is a lively game that brings laughter and competition to your holiday celebrations. Dance to festive music, then freeze when the music stops. The last person to freeze is out. Keep playing until a winner emerges. It’s a hilarious and memorable activity for family, friends, and party guests.

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Tree Pong Ball Toss!

Tree Pong is great for holiday cheer! Place several cups on a Christmas tree silhouette on the wall. This game requires players to take turns tossing ping-pong balls into cups. The challenge lies in the different cup sizes and placements on the tree. Compete with friends and family for the most points. 

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Snowman Toss

Experience the winter wonder of Snowman Toss with your school friends! Create a snowman using three differently sized boxes with holes cut out. Take turns aiming and throwing snowballs into the boxes. Test your throwing skills. It’s a fantastic game that brings friendly competition and winter joy to your school playground. Get ready for an exciting winter activity!

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Reindeer Ring Toss

Join the festive fun with the Reindeer Ring Toss! Using two branches as reindeer antlers, stick them into a box that acts as the reindeer’s head. Throw rings onto the antlers. Test your tossing skills in this holiday-themed game. In the season’s spirit, you can count on lots of laughs, healthy rivalry, and a good time overall.

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Candy Cane Fishing

Dive into the sweet fun of Candy Cane Fishing in your classroom! Tie a candy cane to a string and stick, creating a fishing rod. Kids will take turns trying to “fish” other candy canes and land them into a cup. Test your hand-eye coordination. Prepare for laughter and a deliciously good time as you reel in the holiday joy!

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Penguin Relay: Waddling Fun!

Waddle with the Penguin Relay! With the students in two teams, they have a block between their legs, an oven mitt acting as a wing, and use a large cooking spoon to carry a styrofoam ball across the room. After turning around, they waddle like penguins back and pass over the ball and oven mitt.

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Snowball Transfer

Snowball Transfer is a fun classroom challenge! Give each child a straw and marshmallows. They will carefully touch a marshmallow with the straw and suck it into a cup. Once above the cup, they can release the suction and let the marshmallow fall in. Get ready for a marshmallow-filled adventure and loads of laughter!

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Christmas Smell Guessing Game

Engage your senses with the Christmas Smell Guessing Game! Cover your eyes with a Santa hat or blindfold. Take turns guessing what is in jars by smell. Do you smell gingerbread, peppermint, or pine? This holiday-themed challenge enhances your sense of smell. Get ready for a joyful aromatic journey!

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Large Groups

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Christmas Tree Toss

Prepare for the Christmas Tree Toss! This fun game will liven up your holiday party. Target a Christmas tree with cups and take turns throwing small plush toys or ornaments into the cups. Throw to get the highest score and spread holiday cheer. It’s a fun and competitive activity that adds a delightful touch to your Christmas celebrations.

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Watch Out for the Bows!

Do not Step on the Gift Bows is a thrilling game that will keep everyone on their toes! Avoid the colorful gift bows in this game. Blindfold a group member and place gift bows on the floor. The challenge is to cross the room without touching the gift bows. The bow-filled obstacle course tests their balance, coordination, and agility!

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Cotton Ball Straw Race

The race is on! Get ready for some high-speed excitement with the Cotton Ball Straw Race! Watch as the kids put their lung power and strategic thinking to the test in this thrilling competition. Who will be the first to guide their cotton ball from one end of the board to the other?

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Decorating Gingerbread Houses

Join the Gingerbread House Decorating Contest for a fun and creative holiday competition. Each participant gets a kit to design their own gingerbread house. Show off your skills and win bragging rights with your impressive creation! So gather your friends, family, and fellow gingerbread enthusiasts, and let the decorating magic unfold.

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Snow Painting Game

Transform the snowy landscape into a vibrant masterpiece with the Snow Painting Game! Grab your “snow paints,” made with food dye and water, and let the artistic adventure begin. Engage in friendly family art competitions or challenge your friends to an outdoor game of snow Pictionary. Unleash your creativity and make unforgettable memories with the Snow Painting Game.

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Christmas Charades Game

Get ready for Christmas Charades! This holiday-themed party game lets players act out Christmas-themed items. Place holiday-themed cards in a Santa hat. Each player takes turns selecting clues and silently acts them out while the others guess. Challenge your acting skills, celebrate the holidays, and make memories with family and friends. 

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What's In Santa's Hat?

What is In Santa’s Hat is a fun Christmas game! Ask players to feel small toys or figurines in the hat to guess what they are. Bring your Santa hat or Christmas stockings, invite your friends and family, and play What is In Santa’s Hat.

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Holiday Bake-Off

Spice up your Christmas gathering with a Holiday Bake-Off! Everyone brings a homemade treat with seasonal ingredients. Judges rate on taste, presentation, and creativity. Award the top bakers. So grab your aprons and mixing bowls and start the Holiday Bake-Off! It is time to enjoy sweets, show off your baking skills, and make memories with family.

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White Elephant Gift Exchange

Prepare for a thrilling gift exchange game! Participants bring wrapped gifts and draw numbers to determine the selection order. Steal or choose unclaimed presents, creating playful competition. Unwrap as you go, or keep it a surprise. This holiday tradition creates lasting memories. Gather your gifts, draw numbers, and let the gift-stealing frenzy begin! Laughter, surprises, and holiday cheer are guaranteed.

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Marshmallow Snow Challenge

In the Marshmallow Snow Challenge, race against the clock to fill your container with mini marshmallows using chopsticks. Carefully pick up each marshmallow and transfer them. The player with the most marshmallows within 60 seconds wins! Brace yourself for fast-paced fun and winter-themed madness. Get ready to embrace the fluffiness and enjoy this exciting game!

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Rainy Days

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Snowman Cup Bowling!

Bring the winter wonderland indoors with a delightful snowman cup bowling game! Decorate plastic cups to look like snowmen. Set up the cups in a triangle formation, then take turns rolling soft “snowballs” made from foam or stuffed balls to knock down the snowman cups. Score points for each successful topple and enjoy a fun bowling-like experience!

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Poke a Christmas Tree!

Create exciting anticipation with this game! Players poke their fingers through tissue paper to reveal prizes. Gather your friends and family, and see who can win the most surprises!

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Candy Cane Hook

Candy Cane Hook is a delicious challenge where you grab as many candy canes with your mouth. This game requires precision, coordination, and laughter! In this fun competition, see who can hook the most candy canes.

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Stacking Santa Cups!

Find the festive spirit with the Stacking Santa Cups game! Take turns stacking a red cup, followed by a pom pom, and repeat until your stack topples over. Count the number of cups you successfully stack before it falls. Then, it’s the next person’s turn. The player who manages to stack the most cups wins the game. It’s a test of skill, balance, and lots of fun. Gather your friends and family for a jolly competition and see who can build the tallest Santa Cup tower!

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Snowflake Lake

Snowflake Lake lets kids dig for treasures in a winter wonderland! Fill a kiddie pool with packing peanuts or another snow-like material. Fill the snow with fun prizes. Allow the kids to dig for treasure. It is an exciting, tactile winter activity. Watch as they discover gifts in Snowflake Lake!

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Shake the Jingle Bells

Shake the Jingle Bells will make you laugh! Wrap a tissue box around your waist using a string or thin belt, creating a hilarious shaking station. Fill it with jingle bells and set the timer for a thrilling 60 seconds (or any desired time). Can you shake out all the bells before the timer runs out?

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Christmas Obstacle Course

Christmas Obstacle Course promises indoor thrills! Test the agility of all with this game. Garland on the walls turns your hallway into a holiday obstacle course. Secure the garland with painter’s tape or mounting strips. Kids must complete the course without touching or knocking down the tinsel.

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Wrap the Christmas Tree

With Wrap the Christmas Tree, kids will laugh and feel the holiday spirit! Who can decorate the human Christmas tree fastest? Watch the fun when you make someone the “Christmas tree.” Their task? To be decorated with garland, just like a real Christmas tree. Add a festive touch by placing stickers as ornaments!

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Christmas Tree Stack

The Christmas Tree Stacking Cup Game requires teamwork and fun! Use plastic cups to build a tall Christmas tree. Stack them up individually, carefully balancing each cup to shape the tree. The ultimate goal is to reach the highest possible height before time ends. Finish off your masterpiece by placing a bright yellow star on top!

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Christmas Oven Mitts Unwrapping Fun!

Make unwrapping gifts a hilarious struggle with the challenging Oven Mitts Game. Slow down and savor the moment as you create memorable and joyous Christmas morning photos. Enjoy the delightful chaos and make unwrapping an unforgettable experience with this entertaining holiday tradition.

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