50 Birthday Decoration Ideas

Get inspired by party food, favors, and more decoration ideas for your all-important bash.

If you’re planning a birthday party and need a bit of inspiration, look no further than our collection of birthday decoration ideas to transform any setting into a celebratory paradise of your choice. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a grand party, our creative ideas will help you add that touch of flair to make this special day truly unforgettable.

From Insta-ready backdrops and DIY flower garlands, to super cute balloon installations and incredible party theme ideas, we’ve covered everything. Grab a pen, load up your idea board, and let’s start planning a birthday party, one awesome idea at a time.

Birthday Decoration Ideas for Kids

Image sourced from Lovely Indeed


Balloon Garlands

Say it with balloons, because no kiddies birthday is complete without these colorful decorations. Task kids with helping you blow and incorporate balloons into a garland shape using twine or thread. Everyone will love this idea, and their party is sure to be a hit.

Here’s a great example of a balloon garland from Lovely Indeed.

Image sourced from Fun365


Cupcake Liner Garland

Running out of festive shop-bought garlands? This cupcake liner idea will come to your rescue. String together some colorful cupcake liners, then hang them up wherever needed. Pro tip: Make sure to handle the cupcake liners carefully as you poke the holes, as they’re quite fragile and prone to tearing.

Here’s a great example of cupcake liner garlands from Fun365.

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Loot Bags

Move over, treat bags, these loot bags are going to steal the show at parties. With your kids, fill little bags full of treats and goodies for partygoers to take home as their own pirate bounty. We promise you they are-ghhh going to have a great time!

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Paper Streamers

Paper, tape, and some glue are all you need for this party decoration. Use construction paper to cut spiral ribbons that hang from your ceiling, twine-colored paper to make a braided streamer that drapes over your chandelier, or simply hang them in a waterfall of colors. It’s inexpensive and easy too!

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Image sourced from Kara's Party Ideas


Sugar Bowl Extravaganza

Get kids to carefully microwave chocolate chips, peanut butter, then help them pour it over cereal. Guide them to add powdered sugar and mix it well. Then, serve this in a large bowl, M&Ms, marshmallows, or any other candy of your kid’s choice.

Here’s a great example of a sugar bowl extravaganza from Kara’s Party Ideas.

Image sourced from Firstcry


Paper Unicorns

Sketch a unicorn on plain paper, placing another paper under it. Cut both, then flip one piece over. Sketch the eyes, ears, and nose, glue colorful paper for the mane and tail, add a sparkly horn, and repeat this for the second piece of paper. Glue it on the opposite side, and your unicorn is ready to be hung up.

Here’s a great example of paper unicorns from Firstcry.


Image sourced from Make Life Lovely


Paper Plate Party Hats

Why buy party hats when you can just make some? Put those extra paper plates to good use — color them, cut a triangle shape out of one side, then fold this up into a cone. Add a tassel or two to the tip, then secure it using staples. You can embellish this further with pom poms, ribbons, or tissue paper.

Here’s a great example of paper plate hats from Make Life Lovely.

Image sourced from M&J Trimming


Animal Ears Headband

Transform any old headband to resemble animal ears for a cute costume birthday party. Shape pipe cleaners into triangles and cut felt cloth in the same shape. Next, glue the pipe cleaners and then the felt to your headband. Voila, your animal ears are ready!

Here’s a great example of an animal ears headband from M&J Trimming.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Rainbow Water Vases

Give your table an extra flourish with vases of fresh flowers and colored water. And getting this effect is as simple as adding a bit of food coloring! Together with the kids, mix different shades in different vases to get a rainbow of colors, place fresh flowers in each vase, and set them out to dazzle guests.

Here’s a great example of rainbow water vases from Pinterest.

Image sourced from Juneberry Lane


Paper Lanterns

Imagine if creating your party decor was as simple as sticking circles onto a lantern. Well, this particular item is really that easy to make — all you need to do is help kids stick small paper circles onto a lantern until it is covered, hang it up, and you have a lantern that looks great both lit and unlit.

Here’s a great example of paper lanterns from Juneberry Lane.

Birthday Decoration Ideas for Adults

Image sourced from Minted


Confetti Wall

Use a circle punch or free-hand it to cut out circles from card stock or any thick paper. Keep them plain or paint this in your desired colors, adding glitter and marble effects, or even using glow-in-the-dark paint for a luminous touch. Attach them across your wall with tape and you have a vibrant backdrop.

Here’s a great example of a confetti wall from Minted.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Hot Air Balloons

Turn regular balloons into hot air balloons by attaching DIY mini baskets onto balloons using twine and glue. Then, glue multiple pieces of twine to the top of the balloon, gathering them all together to suspend this contraption from the ceiling using a hook. Stick some cardboard clouds on the walls, and your hot air balloons are ready to soar.

Here’s a great example of hot air balloons from Pinterest.

Image sourced from Project Nursery


Ice Cream Station

Set up a table with a mini-fridge beside it, and fill this with ice cream flavors you know everyone will love. Set out bowls, spoons, and multiple toppings, and your ice cream station ready to serve. You can even add little ice-cream cupcakes or other sweet treats to the mix, like sundaes or a chocolate fountain.

Here’s a great example of an ice cream station from Project Nursery.

Image sourced from Green Wedding Shoes


Flower Crowns

Add a bohemian vibe to the party with these DIY flower crowns. Make a ring using wire, secure it with floral tape, then add as many or as few flowers as you like, sticking them all on with pieces of tape. You can even make these ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator.

Here’s a great example of making a flower crown from Green Wedding Shoes.


Image sourced from The Sweet Hostess


Giant Tissue Paper Pom Poms

If you have a little more time on your hands, this idea is perfect for you. Accordion fold large pieces of tissue paper, crease it until it’s completely flat, then tie the middle with twine. Trim the edges round and slowly separate the tissue to resemble a pom pom shape. Now, hang these using the twine and you’re done!

Here’s a great example of a giant tissue paper pom poms from The Sweet Hostess.


Image sourced from Kara’s Party Ideas


Personalized Beverage Glasses

Solve that messy problem of always having to replace beverage glasses with a handy trick. Bonus, it doubles as a decoration too! Add colorful washi tape to glasses and straws, pairing the ones of the same color for one person. You can even add people’s names on sticky labels and decorate the outside of the glassware to suit their personality. 

Here’s a great example of personalized beverage glasses from Kara’s Party Ideas.

Image sourced from Amazon


Sequined Wishes

Jazz up your celebration with sequins. Cut out letters from cardboard to spell out words or phrases of your choice like ‘Cheers,’ “It’s My Birthday,” and more. Hot glue stretch-sequin gold trim to the outside of each letter. Glue twine or cord on the non-sequined side of the letter and hang it up for everyone to see.

You can buy it here from Amazon.

Image sourced from The Backyard Gnome


Glitter Balloons

Don’t let the party stop at sequins. Add a touch of glitter for more jazz, this time to the balloons adorning your home. Blow up your balloons, dip them in Mod Podge, and then in chunky glitter for a bit of flair. 

Here’s a great example of glitter balloons from The Backyard Gnome.

Image sourced from JMS Entertaining


Embellished Candles

Of course, a list of birthday party decoration ideas couldn’t leave out the birthday candles! Instead of plain, traditional candles, give your cake toppers a glam makeover with some sparkles, food-safe glitter, or jewels. Make sure everything is glued on firmly, though, to avoid any decoration getting on your cake.

Here’s a great example of embellished candles from JMS Entertaining.

Image sourced from HGTV


Tie-Dye Cotton Napkins

Elevate your birthday decor with these Shibori-style tie-dye napkins. Accordion fold cotton napkins and secure them with rubber bands. Dampen these with cold water, dip them into the dye mixture, then let them rest on a tray. After a while, wash and dry them, and your tie-dye napkins are ready to be laid out.

Here’s a great example of tie-dye cotton napkins from HGTV.


Indoor Birthday Decoration Ideas

Image sourced from Design Improvised


Paper Chain Wall Hanging

This paper chain wall art idea won’t just make a great birthday background, it can even double as a year-round decoration. Cut cardstock into rings and staple or glue them together, creating a chain. Keep one end open and loop it around a thread or bar for hanging. Create multiple chains to make your wall hanging.

Here’s a great example of a paper chain wall hanging from Design Improvised.

Image sourced from Shelterness


Upcycled Candlesticks

Grab any old candlesticks and dip them in metallic, gold, or black pain, and let them dry. Just before your guests arrive, put in classic white candles or multi-hued ones and set them across the table for a stunning display.

Here’s a great example of upcycled candlesticks from Shelterness.

Image sourced from Amazon


Confetti Glasses

Glam up any drink with these confetti glasses, which are extremely easy to make. Cut up permanent adhesive vinyl and stick them onto glasses of your choice. Make them round like polka dots, asymmetrical, or anything else you fancy, and happy hour is here!

You can buy it here from Amazon.

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Hanging Jar Lights

Light up the night with these picture-perfect jar lights. You only need some empty glass jars, battery-operated tealight candles to place inside, and rope or chains that can perfectly tie around the jar’s mouth. Hang these around your home in place of candles for an intimate evening party.

You can buy it here from Amazon.

Image sourced from Beautiful Objects


Ribbon Chandelier

This DIY decoration is not just inexpensive, it’s also super easy to create. Using any ring-shaped object as your base, fold ribbons in half and loop them around the hoop, making sure they are similar lengths. Add a few extra long ones that you’ll use for hanging the chandelier, and it’s done!

Here’s a great example of a ribbon chandelier from Beautiful Objects.

Image sourced from Amazon


Glazed Donut Balloons

Want some extra playfulness at your party? This donut balloon idea is perfect for adding more fun to the celebration and it’s easy to do too. Buy “donut” balloons and add glaze using colorful paint. Glue some “sprinkles” — a.k.a. tissue or crepe paper cut into tiny strips — and the donuts now look good enough to eat!

You can buy it here from Amazon.

Image sourced from Studio DIY


Cookie Cutter Birthday Candle

Unleash the magic of cookie cutters with this amazing birthday candle idea. Melt wax and colored crayons, then pour this mixture into a cookie cutter placed on wax paper. Quickly add a wick and any extra decorations like glitter or beads before the candle hardens. Once set, remove it from the cookie cutter and insert a skewer.

Here’s a great example of a cookie cutter birthday candle from Studio DIY.

Image sourced from eHow


Floating Flower Centerpiece

Place a couple of blooms in an open glass terrarium — with or without stems — to create a stunning centerpiece for the dinner table. Whether you opt for real or fake flowers, the effect will be equally stunning. Either way, this simple yet elegant decoration will definitely add a touch of beauty to your dining experience.

Here’s a great example of a floating flower centerpiece from eHow.

Outdoor Birthday Decoration Ideas

Image sourced from eHow


Tulle Table Skirt

Give your table the pop of color and whimsy an outdoor party needs with this tulle table skirt decoration idea. Loop and stick — or pin — tulle fabric to the sides of your table so they drape down like a waterfall. Add a few colorful ribbons in between the tulle, make sure everything is secure, and it’s done!

Here’s a great example of a tulle table skirt from eHow.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Welcome Chalkboard Message

Welcome your guests in style with just a chalkboard and colorful designs. Draw, doodle, or write in cursive font — adding any message you want. Place it at the entrance to your outdoor party, and watch guests as your guests are delighted by the chalkboard’s old-time charm.

Here’s a great example of a welcome chalkboard message from Pinterest.

Image sourced from Amazon


Birthday Piñata

A piñata is a must-have for any party, in our book, especially a kid’s birthday bash. Make a cute piñata in any shape your child likes using just basic cardboard cutouts, fill it with amazing treats — or even the loot bags we mentioned earlier — and hang it up.

You can buy it here from Amazon.

Image sourced from Hallmark


Campfire Cake

Create the perfect outdoor party with a campfire cake. Frost a baked cake with chocolate, adding swirly layers to resemble mud. Melt crushed butterscotch and cinnamon candies in the oven, separately, immediately shaping them into flames using a toothpick. Stick them on the cake once cooled, then add wafer “logs” for a realistic look.

Here’s a great example of a campfire cake from Hallmark.

Image sourced from Cut Out And Keep


Photo String Garland

Celebrate the birthday boy or girl with a special photo garland. Find pictures of them at various ages and attach them to a piece of string. For an extra touch of charm, wrap fairy lights or ribbons around the string. Add dates below or behind the photos to help them reminisce about each special moment.

Here’s a great example of a photo string garland from Cut Out And Keep.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Wayfinding Signs

Avoid the hassle of constantly having to direct the party guests toward the refreshments, seating, etc. Hang some handy wayfinding signs instead. Print simple signs on wood or any material and hang them prominently throughout the venue to guide partygoers.

Here’s a great example of wayfinding signs from Pinterest.

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Fairy Light Bottles

An outdoor party is nothing without lights and the more the better. Curl or stuff a few fairy lights into empty glass jars, bottles, or glasses. Hang them from trees, or just place them wherever you want for a cozy, magical feel.

You can buy it here from Amazon.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Fairy Jar

Create enchanting fairy jars for that magical flair. Coat jars with Mod Podge, dusting glitter inside until the entire jar is coated. Once dry, stick fairy silhouettes to the glitter-covered interior, so that it looks like a fairy is hiding inside. Add more elements like butterfly silhouettes, or moss and flowers to the lids for a touch of fairytale charm.

Here’s a great example of a fairy jar from Pinterest.

Image sourced from HGTV


Glass Bottle Citronella Torch

Keep away unwanted pests with a citronella flame torch. Glue a washer to the mouth of a clean bottle. Fill the bottle about 3/4 with citronella torch fuel. Insert a thick wick into a copper coupling and place it in the bottle, leaving an inch of wick exposed. When ready, light this up and enjoy!

Here’s a great example of glass bottle citronella torches from HGTV.

Image sourced from My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia


DIY Drink Bucket

Transform any old bucket into a drinks cooler with a bit of paint. Use stickers to spell out words you want, then paint over this. When dry, slowly peel off the stickers to reveal your party-ready chiller. Add drinks on ice, set it out, and your drink bucket is ready for the party!

Here’s a great example of a DIY drinks bucket from My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia.

Image sourced from Hostess With The Mostess


Painted Popsicle Stick Runner

Tired of running out to buy a new tablecloth for each party? Stick popsicles side-by-side, matching the length of your table. Then, paint them in random designs and colors. Put down craft paper, then your popsicle runner, and maybe some flowers that pop too.

Here’s a great example of a splatter paint popsicle stick runner from Hostess With The Mostess.

Image sourced from Amazon


Mini Disco Ball Glasses

Every party needs a disco ball. Take the disco vibes outside with this fun and easy disco glass DIY. Stick adhesive mirror tiles onto any dollar-store glass or glass bowl, then serve up the cocktails in these mini-disco balls. Don’t forget to add straws to keep those lips safe!

You can buy it here from Amazon.


Themed Birthday Decoration Ideas

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Balloon Animal Theme

Yep, we’ve added another balloon idea to our list. And this one involves hiring a professional to create cute and fun balloon animals for the kid to keep. You can add to this by putting up animal-shaped balloons everywhere, as an awesome themed-party idea.

You can buy it here from Amazon.

Image sourced from Fun365


Sesame Street Theme

Invite Elmo, the Cookie Monster, and even Oscar the Grouch to your kid’s birthday party. You can get cake, balloons, and even costumes with their faces on. Add a bit of Sesame Street colors — yellow, white, and green — and you are set.

Here’s a great example of a Sesame Street theme from Fun365.

Image sourced from Kara’s Party Ideas


Music Festival Theme

Celebrate in style with a Coachella-inspired birthday party that will have guests of all ages dancing to the beat. Put up sun-catchers, hire a face painter, use those DIY flower crowns, and order a guitar-shaped cake. Match the backdrop too with a DJ booth, framed music posters, and even a few VIP passes for the extra special guests.

Here’s a great example of a music festival theme from Kara’s Party Ideas.

Image sourced from Hostess With the Mostess


Pancakes and Pajamas Theme

Stressing about the dress code for your party? The solution is simple — invite all your best buds and family to celebrate your birthday in their comfy best, with a load of pancakes on the side. You can build up the comfort-food theme too, by adding other favorites like spaghetti and meatballs, waffles, sloppy joes, and more, to your menu.

Here’s a great example of a pancakes and pajamas theme by Hostess With the Mostess.

Image sourced from Kara’s Party Ideas


Pin-ups Birthday Theme

Go vintage with this pin-ups theme! In what could be the easiest decoration idea on our list, all you have to do is pin up some popular pin-ups of the olden days in frames or as is. You can even glue your face onto a pin-up poster, and hang this in a prominent place for added fun.

Here’s a great example of a pin-ups birthday theme from Kara’s Party Ideas.

Image sourced from Amazon


Picnic Theme

Enjoy the gorgeous outdoors with a cute picnic party that doesn’t even need chairs and tables. Set out little square cloths with a customized picnic basket in place of table settings. Tie balloons to the baskets for a more festive air, set a birthday cake in the middle, and you’re set. 

You can buy it here from Amazon.

Image sourced from Yahoo


Pool Party Theme

This one’s pretty straightforward, especially if you have your own pool. If not, some inflatable ones work just as well. Apart from the festivities, keep some cute party favors ready, like water goggles, inflatable balloons, or personalized hair ties for the guests.

Here’s a great example of a pool party theme from Yahoo.


Image sourced from How To High Tea


Tea Party Theme

Bring the elegance with a tea party complete with cake stands filled with goodies. Keep it traditional — think cute cucumber sandwiches and heaps of tea. Or go contemporary with mini bagels, cupcakes, coffee, and other fun treats. Set out fancy accessories like strings of pearls, cages filled with flowers, and actual flowers, and you’re ready for a teatime fest!

Here’s a great example of a tea party theme from How To High Tea.

Image sourced from Hostess With The Mostess


Golf Party Theme

This one’s for those golf aficionados who want to par-tee on the green. With a color theme of white and green, create food, drinks, and even a cake fit for any golf lover. Add little pennants and flags to the cake and a golf-themed birthday banner and you’ve scored a hole-in-one. 

Here’s a great example of a golf party theme from Hostess With The Mostess.

Image sourced from Kara’s Party Ideas


Drive-in Movie Theater Theme

Embrace the 60s with this retro-inspired birthday theme. Set up a cozy outdoor movie night with blankets, summer chairs, and comfy pillows. Hang a large sheet or screen as the backdrop and position a projector behind it. Add another retro element with a ticket stand, where the birthday boy or girl can welcome guests with a homemade ticket.

Here’s a great example of an outdoor movie theater theme from Kara’s Party Ideas.