50 Christmas Horror Movies

These movies are full of thrills and chills to give you a fright this holiday season.

Get ready to mix the season’s joy with the spine-tingling exhilaration of horror as we explore the world of Christmas horror movies. While the holiday season is traditionally associated with happiness, laughter, and benevolence, these films bring a dark twist to the festivities. 

Discover a wide variety of spooky tales to suit the tastes of any horror fan. Whether you prefer supernatural encounters, psychological thrillers, or bloody slasher films, these films provide a unique balance of holiday spirit and spooky suspense. From creepy encounters with demonic Santas to fatal snowstorms, these entertaining films combine the festive with the horrifying. So, get some hot cocoa, dim the lights, and prepare for a chilling journey into the dark side of Christmas. 


Streaming Christmas Horror Movies

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A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

“A Christmas Horror Story” weaves together four terror-filled Christmas Eve stories. From a group of students investigating a haunted school to a family confronting an ancient evil, this anthology film features an assortment of supernatural scares, gory encounters, and holiday-themed horror. It portrays the darker side of the holiday season with its unexpected turns and eerie scenes.

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Better Watch Out (2016)

During Christmas, a babysitter must defend a young boy from masked intruders in this suspenseful home invasion thriller. As the night progresses, however, the situation takes a perverse turn, and secrets are revealed. With its devious twists, intense moments, and unexpected blend of horror and dark humor, “Better Watch Out” keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

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Red Christmas (2017)

A family gathering becomes a nightmare when a mysterious figure dressed as Santa Claus begins to terrorize the family members. As the family uncovers the past’s mysteries, they must face their deepest fears to survive. This dramatic slasher movie combines gruesome violence with psychological tension to create a holiday horror experience that stays with you.

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All the Creatures Were Stirring (2018)

In this collection of holiday-themed horror stories, several of the protagonists spend Christmas Eve in increasingly precarious situations. Each tale, from a terrifying play to a murderous office party, delves into a new dimension of terror and the supernatural to present a scary and unique perspective on the holiday season.

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Mercy Christmas (2017)

The plot of “Mercy Christmas” revolves around a man who is held captive by a horrible family throughout the holiday season. This horror comedy presents a spooky and bloody take on the holiday season. It’s both gory and ludicrous in just the right amounts, providing a genuinely morbid holiday experience.

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The Nights Before Christmas (2019)

In “The Nights Before Christmas,” crazed killers masquerading as Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus terrorize a group of friends. As they fall prey to them, the boundary between dream and reality begins to dissolve. With a Christmas theme, this slasher thriller blends horror and suspense to create an exciting and thrilling ride full of suspenseful moments and brutal deaths.

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Black Christmas (2019)

In “Black Christmas,” a masked killer stalks a group of sorority sisters over the Christmas holiday. As they struggle to survive, they discover a dark secret that links their institution to a history of violence. This film offers a novel take on the holiday horror subgenre by combining slasher horror with social commentary and incorporating a feminist perspective.

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Anna and the Apocalypse (2017)

“Anna and the Apocalypse” is a creative Christmas-themed combination of horror, comedy, and music. A group of high school students must battle through hordes of zombies when a zombie outbreak occurs in their community. This genre-bending film features catchy melodies, gruesome encounters, and touching moments, making it a festive horror movie. 

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Silent Night (2012)

On Christmas Eve in a small town, a masked killer goes on a killing spree, targeting those he considers naughty. As the death toll rises, the town’s sheriff must race against time to end the violence. This holiday-themed slasher film features suspense, gore, and a chilling ambiance, alluding to the original movie.

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Pooka! (2018)

“Pooka!” tells the story of an unemployed actor who takes a job portraying Pooka, a popular Christmas toy. As he becomes immersed in the role, the lines between reality and fiction blur, and he succumbs to insanity. The concepts of identity and obsession are explored in this psychological horror thriller, which keeps audiences guessing until the devastating finale. 

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Christmas Horror Movie Franchises

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Black Christmas Franchise (1974)

The “Black Christmas” series kickstarted the Christmas horror genre with the original 1974 film. It depicts a group of sorority sisters who are terrorized during the holiday season by an unknown attacker. This series has become a cult classic thanks to its suspenseful atmosphere and strong slasher themes, spawning remakes and sequels that continue to terrify audiences with holiday-themed horror.

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Pooka! Franchise (2018)

The “Pooka!” series centers around a mysterious Christmas toy that terrorizes those who come into contact with it. This series examines identity, obsession, and the dark side of consumerism through a combination of psychological horror and supernatural elements. The “Pooka!” series offers a unique and disquieting take on Christmas horror with its intriguing premise and complex narrative.

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Rare Exports Franchise (2010)

“Rare Exports” takes a creatively eerie approach to Christmas horror. The movies are set in the snowy mountains of Finland and explore the Santa Claus legend and the revelation of a sinister secret buried beneath the ice. Combining folklore, mythology, and horror, this series explores the darker side of the holiday season from a uniquely chilling perspective.

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Jack Frost Franchise (1997)

The “Jack Frost” series takes the concept of the jolly snowman and gives it a darkly humorous and menacing twist. In these films, the spirit of a serial murderer fuses with snow, transforming him into a vengeful snowman bent on revenge. This series is a peculiar and entertaining blend of horror and holiday spirit, thanks to its campy humor and inventive murders.

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To All a Goodnight Franchise (1980)

“To All a Goodnight” follows a group of young people who are hunted and murdered by a masked killer over their Christmas holiday. With unforgettable deaths, dramatic pursuit sequences, and a hint of mystery, this slasher franchise delivers the perfect holiday horror experience. It is still a popular entry in the genre, perfectly capturing the atmosphere of Christmas-themed terror.

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The Gingerdead Man Franchise (2005)

“The Gingerdead Man” combines horror with a dash of dark humor, and tells the story of a demented killer inhabiting the body of a gingerbread man cookie. This weird franchise combines grisly killings with joyful moments, mixing holiday joy with twisted mayhem. Fans of unusual Christmas horror will enjoy these films as a guilty pleasure treat.

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Silent Night, Deadly Night Franchise (1984)

“Silent Night, Deadly Night” depicts a murderer disguised as Santa Claus. This slasher franchise examines the awful circumstances of a young boy that drive him to become a vengeful murderer. It made an indelible mark on the Christmas horror genre with its holiday-themed dread.

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Krampus Franchise (2015)

“Krampus” digs into the dark folklore of the titular character, who punishes those who have been naughty. This modern Christmas horror classic combines fantasy, horror, and humor to create a twisted and visually spectacular experience. The “Krampus” franchise offers a unique and scary perspective on Christmas with its outstanding monster design and a balance of horror and lightheartedness.

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Gremlins Franchise (1984)

The plot of “Gremlins” centers around the escapades of a young man who accidentally creates a swarm of mischievous creatures that wreak havoc in a small town over the Christmas season. “Gremlins” has become a Christmas horror genre classic thanks to its gloomy sense of humor and outstanding visual effects.

Classic Christmas Horror Movies

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Santa's Slay (2005)

In “Santa’s Slay,” Santa Claus becomes a murderous, vengeful figure who terrorizes a small community. This horror-comedy offers a unique take on the Christmas icon, delivering dark humor, inventive deaths, and a sprinkling of sinister holiday cheer. With its chilling scenes and dramatic violence, it’s an excellent option for those seeking a twisted and entertaining Christmas horror thriller.

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Deadly Games (1989)

“Deadly Games” is a French horror film in which a young boy must defend himself against an invading Santa Claus. This suspenseful and intriguing movie is set on Christmas Eve and combines elements of horror, action, and suspense. With its ingenious premise and intense cat-and-mouse pursuit, it offers an entertaining and unorthodox Christmas horror story.

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Sint (2010)

In “Sint,” the legend of Saint Nicholas takes a frightening turn. Every year on December 5, the spirit of a murderous bishop returns to exact vengeance on the local populace. With its blend of folklore, slasher horror, and dark humor, it offers an unsettling and evocative take on the holiday season, complete with suspenseful moments and imaginative kills.

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Christmas Evil (1980)

“Christmas Evil” explores the terrifying psyche of a man preoccupied with Christmas and Santa Claus. As he becomes increasingly deranged, he adopts the persona of Santa Claus and embarks on a violent and perverse journey. The examination of obsession and delusion in this movie provides an unsettling and thought-provoking Christmas horror experience.

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The Children (2008)

After exposure to an enigmatic virus, a group of kids become violent and turn on their families. This British horror film, set during the Christmas season, examines the chilling concept of children transforming into evil, uncontrollable forces. Through its disconcerting themes, tense atmosphere, and unsettling performances, “The Children” offers a novel and unsettling perspective on the Christmas horror genre.

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Don't Open Till Christmas (1984)

In “Don’t Open Till Christmas,” a masked murderer preys on those who dress as Santa Claus. This British slasher film is full of inventive murders and tense moments. With a mystery at its center and a Christmas setting, it delivers a thrilling and gory Christmas horror experience that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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Elves (1989)

“Elves” combines Christmas horror elements with supernatural and mystical themes. In the film, a young lady uncovers a sinister plot involving neo-Nazis and an evil elf-like creature. With its peculiar plot and blend of horror and dark fantasy, “Elves” offers a distinct and unsettling Christmas horror experience that distinguishes it from other holiday-themed horror movies.

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Dead End (2003)

In this suspenseful film, a family traveling to their Christmas celebration becomes stranded on a desolate road. Their sanity is tested as they encounter bizarre events and a malevolent presence. With its eerie atmosphere, mysterious plot twists, and psychological tension, “Dead End” delivers a chilling Christmas horror story.

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Inside (2007)

This French horror film is set on Christmas Eve and follows a pregnant woman who is terrorized by a stranger who wants to steal her unborn child. This intense and visceral movie is well-known for its graphic violence and unrelenting tension, delivering a primal and horrific Christmas horror experience.

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The Day of the Beast (1995)

“The Day of the Beast” is a Spanish black comedy horror movie about a priest and a death metal fan who team up on Christmas Eve to prevent the birth of the Antichrist. This film offers a unique and distorted exploration of the holiday season, replete with dark humor, religious themes, and a satirical take on Christmas traditions.

Entertaining Christmas Horror Movies

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The Elf (2017)

A young woman unknowingly releases an ancient Christmas elf from a cursed box. As the elf embarks on a murderous rampage, she must find a way to stop the evil creature before it ruins Christmas. This holiday-themed slasher film features suspense, gore, and a dash of dark humor, and offers a warped take on the traditional Christmas elf.

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Prank (2008)

In the film “Prank,” a group of college students attempt a Christmas-themed prank that goes horribly wrong. As they become the target of a vengeful murderer, they are forced to fight for survival. This slasher film combines festive vibes with suspenseful shocks, providing a thrilling and chilling Christmas horror experience.

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The Santa Stakeout (2005)

“The Santa Stakeout” is about two detectives who pretend to be newlyweds in order to solve a series of party heists. However, their innocent plan takes a turn when they realize the individual they are watching isn’t who they think it is. The movie features a combination of mystery, peril, and holiday suspense.

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A Cadaver Christmas (2011)

The protagonists of “A Cadaver Christmas” are a caretaker and his group of misfit companions who must fight off zombies after a university experiment goes wrong. This horror-comedy film combines gruesome murders with dark humor, offering a festive blend of blood and laughter that will entertain fans of Christmas horror.

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The Lodge (2019)

“The Lodge” is a psychological horror movie about a vacation gone wrong. The line between reality and nightmares begins to blur when a family is stranded in a rural cabin during the winter. A frightening and psychological Christmas horror experience, it features a tense atmosphere, great acting, and a compelling plot.

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P2 (2007)

“P2” is set on Christmas Eve and follows a woman who becomes trapped in a parking garage with a psychotic security officer. In this claustrophobic and terrifying thriller, tension and fear intensify as the protagonist fights for survival. With its Christmas setting and cat-and-mouse pursuit, it provides a chilling Christmas horror experience.

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Christmas Cruelty (2013)

“Christmas Cruelty” is a Norwegian horror anthology film that explores various dark and twisted stories set during the holiday season. From murderous Santas to holiday-themed atrocities, this film offers a mix of gore, dark humor, and holiday-themed horror that will satisfy fans of Christmas horror looking for a more extreme and unconventional experience.

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All Hallows' Eve Horror (2013)

While largely concerned with Halloween, “All Hallows’ Eve Horror” includes a segment named “The Hallowed Eve,” which takes place around Christmas. A babysitter discovers a mysterious VHS tape containing frightening and ghostly tales in this anthology film. It presents a unique blend of Halloween and Christmas horror with its holiday-themed segment and overall horror anthology format.

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Christmas Bloody Christmas (2022)

The movie takes viewers on a scary trip as Tori’s Christmas Eve takes a tragic turn. When a malfunctioning robotic Santa Claus goes on a killing rampage, Tori is forced to fight for her life in a small town overwhelmed by mayhem. This holiday horror flick promises suspense, gore, and survival, providing a thrilling and blood-soaked Christmas nightmare.

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I Trapped the Devil (2019)

When a man believes he has imprisoned the devil in his cellar, his descent into paranoia takes a terrifying turn. As his family arrives unexpectedly for Christmas, the already fraught situation becomes more ominous. This psychological thriller’s disturbing imagery and examination of the fragile boundaries between sanity and insanity will leave you pondering your own perceptions of reality.

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Red Snow (2021)

“Red Snow” immerses viewers in a chilling Christmas horror story revolving around a struggling vampire romance novelist who encounters actual vampires and becomes entangled in a nightmare reality. In this tense and atmospheric holiday horror film, the lines between fiction and reality blur as she battles for her life against the bloodthirsty creatures.

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The Advent Calendar (2020)

The French horror film “Le Calendrier”, or “The Advent Calendar,” centers around a young woman who uncovers an ancient advent calendar with lethal consequences. As she enters each door, supernatural forces are released, forcing her to fight for her life. It provides a thrilling and unsettling Christmas horror experience with its suspenseful atmosphere and ingenious premise.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a well-known stop-motion animated film that combines the Halloween and Christmas universes. In the movie, the Pumpkin King arrives in Christmas Town and decides to give the holiday his spooky spin. It has become a holiday favorite for fans of both Halloween and Christmas due to its catchy songs, gothic aesthetics, and heartwarming narrative.

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Scrooged (1988)

“Scrooged” adds a humorous spin to the classic Charles Dickens tale “A Christmas Carol.” On Christmas Eve, three spirits visit a cynical television executive. With its blend of comedy, fantasy, and alarming moments, it offers a humorous and entertaining take on the Christmas season, incorporating a dash of fear into the usual theme of redemption.

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13 Slays Until X-Mas (2020)

“13 Slays Until X-Mas” is an anthology horror film featuring 13 horrifying tales set during the Christmas season. Each segment features a unique horrifying tale, such as murderous Santas and holiday ghosts, among others. With its variety of scares and twisted holiday themes, the movie provides a gruesome and exhilarating Christmas horror experience.

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Wind Chill (2007)

“Wind Chill” is a psychological horror film set on Christmas Eve during a snowstorm. When two college students become stranded on a desolate road, they are forced to contend with supernatural forces that inhabit the wintry landscape. The movie provides a chilling and suspenseful Christmas horror experience with its atmospheric tension, eerie atmosphere, and enigmatic twists.

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The Curse of the Cat People (1944)

“The Curse of the Cat People” is a film about a young girl who befriends the spirit of her father’s deceased wife during the holiday season. With its gloomy location and elements of childish fantasies, it delivers a creepy and disturbing story that intertwines the magic of Christmas with supernatural mystery.

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All Through the House (2015)

A psychotic, masked Santa slayer arrives in town to spread holiday terror. As he hunts his way to the doorstep of the town’s most feared and notorious resident, he leaves a gory trail of mutilated bodies. The film is a startling home invasion thriller that will leave you uneasy long after the credits have rolled.

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The Mean One (2022)

Cindy undertakes a mission to save her community from the Christmas-hating monster after witnessing the murder of her parents at the hands of a bloodthirsty Santa-suited green figure. This entertaining and suspenseful film depicts the spirit of the holiday season while delivering genuine scares that will keep viewers enthralled and on the lookout for the evil creature.

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Silent Night (2021)

A couple welcomes their closest friends to their charming country residence and the festivities rapidly take a surprising turn. Despite the mirth and merriment, a growing sense of unease keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. With impending doom on the horizon, the group must traverse a rollercoaster of suspense, resulting in a deadly holiday experience.

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The Leech (2022)

A devout priest’s good deeds do not go unpunished when he welcomes a struggling couple into his home at Christmas. As the sanctity of his dwelling is threatened, he faces a test of faith that reveals dark forces at play. This compelling horror promises shocks and surprises that will keep viewers glued to their screens.