100 Funny Halloween Costumes

Lighten the spooky atmosphere with costumes designed to make you the center of attention and laughter.

Get ready to ignite bursts of laughter and joy with our incredible collection of funny Halloween costumes! Halloween is more than just jump scares and hidden monsters—it’s a time to tap into your creativity, have a good laugh, and create memories. That’s why we’ve carefully compiled a list of hilarious Halloween costumes we found on the internet.

These funny costumes are guaranteed to make a lasting impression no matter where you head. Whether you attend an epic Halloween party, go trick-or-treating, or simply want to stand out from the crowd, we’ve got you covered. Our collection offers multiple options to tickle everyone’s funny bone. So, grab your favorite party hat, fill your bag with candies, and dive into a world of laughter and unforgettable moments. Get ready to kick-start the party and create memories that will have everyone laughing their socks off


Image sourced from BoredPanda.com


Colonel Sanders and Chicken Duo

Dress up as the iconic Colonel Sanders and a feathery chicken for a hilarious Halloween duo! Your Colonel wears a red apron, a black bow tie, a white mustache, and a goatee. For the chicken, pair white clothing with a white boa. Get ready to serve up laughs and finger-lickin fun!

Image sourced from Amazon


Simpsons Sensation

Prepare for a yellow-skinned adventure with our sensational Homer and Marge Simpson costume duo! Channel the lovable Homer in his classic white shirt and blue pants while Marge enchants with her towering blue beehive hair and eye-catching green dress. It’s time for a Simpsons-inspired adventure like no other!

This creative costume idea is brought to life by Amazon.

Image sourced from Amazon


Super Mario Madness

Join the gaming frenzy as Mario and Luigi with our incredible costume idea! Embody the heroic plumber brothers, from Mario’s red hat, blue overalls, and mustache to Luigi’s green hat, blue overalls, and charming’s-tache. It’s time to bring the Mushroom Kingdom to life and embark on a fun-filled adventure together!

This epic costume comes from Amazon.

Image sourced from @4Dubois


Boo and Sully Silliness

Step into the hilarious world of Monsters Inc. with our funny couple costumes of Boo and Sully! Dress up as the adorable Boo in her pink monster costume and pigtails while Sully rocks his iconic blue fur and purple spots. Get ready to bring laughter and screams wherever you go!

This funny Boo and Sully couple costume comes from @4Dubois.

Image sourced from @littlecasaroo


Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Bonanza

Dive into the hilarious world of Bikini Bottom with our funny couple costumes of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy! Transform into the beloved underwater superheroes, donning Mermaid Man’s turquoise fish-scale outfit and Barnacle Boy’s purple attire. Get ready to unleash your powers of laughter and embark on comedic adventures!

This sensational costume comes from @littlecasaroo.

Image sourced from Amazon


Hotel Transylvania Hilarity!

Enter the whimsical world of “Hotel Transylvania” with our funny couple costumes of Johnny and Mavis! Channel the human and vampire lovebirds with Johnny’s casual attire and Mavis’ gothic chic style. Prepare for a spook-tacular adventure filled with laughs, love, and monster mayhem!

This idea comes from Amazon.

Image sourced from Amazon


Sizzling Salt and Pepper

Spice up your Halloween with our hilarious Salt and Pepper couple costume! Add flavor to the party as the dynamic duo, with one of you dressed as a shaker of salt and the other as a shaker of pepper. Prepare to season the night with laughter and create a recipe for fun!

This zesty costume example is by Amazon.

Image sourced from Amazon


Oreo Cookie Craze

Indulge in sweetness with our funny couple costume as an Oreo cookie! Embrace the deliciousness as one of you becomes the chocolate cookie while the other becomes the creamy filling. Get ready to delight everyone with your delectable charm and bring a taste of fun to the Halloween festivities!

This delightful Oreo cookie costume example is by Amazon.

Image sourced from costume-works


Napoleon Dynamite and Deb Delight

Step into the quirky world of Napoleon Dynamite with our funny couple costumes of Napoleon and Deb! Embrace the unique style of Napoleon with his nerdy glasses, curly hair, and “Vote for Pedro” shirt, while Deb shines in her retro outfit and colorful accessories. Get ready to unleash your inner awkwardness and spread laughter wherever you go!

This cute costume example is from Cora via costume-works.

Image sourced from Spirit Halloween


Hey Arnold Hilarity

Celebrate the nostalgic charm of Hey Arnold with our funny couple costume of Helga and Arnold! Embrace Helga’s eccentric fashion with her pink bow, one-strapped dress, and lovestruck attitude while Arnold rocks his signature plaid shirt and blue cap. Get ready to take a trip down memory lane and spread laughter with this blast from the past!

This hilarious Helga and Arnold costume is from Spirit Halloween.

Image sourced from costume-works


Castaway Companions

Embark on a hilarious adventure as Chuck and Wilson, the volleyball from Castaway! Channel your inner castaway as one of you becomes the determined Chuck, complete with a scruffy beard, tattered clothes, and a Wilson volleyball companion. Get ready to reenact iconic scenes and bring laughter to the deserted island!

This memorable costume is from Jakub via costume-works.

Image sourced from Amazon


Lather Up the Laughter

Get ready to scrub away the seriousness with these funny loofah and soap costumes! Transform into the dynamic duo of cleanliness as one of you becomes a fluffy loofah – complete with vibrant colors and a bubbly personality – while the other represents the cleanliness of a Dove soap bar. It’s time to lather up the laughter and make a bubbly statement!

This cute couple costume example is from Amazon.

Image sourced from Flickr


Shrek-tacular Love Story

This funny Shrek and Fiona costume couple will transport you to a fairytale! Embrace the green and transform into the lovable ogre duo with Shrek’s iconic swamp attire, including his brown vest and quirky ears, while Fiona enchants with her stunning green dress and flowing red hair. Get ready to create your happily-ever-after with this hilarious duo!

Image sourced from Amazon


Sesame Street Shenanigans

Join the fun with our hilarious Bert and Ernie costume couple! Embrace the classic Sesame Street characters, such as Bert’s signature unibrow with his striped sweater and Ernie with his lovable smile and playful demeanor. Get ready to bring laughter and childhood memories to life on Halloween night!

This hilarious costume example is from Amazon.

Image sourced from @Smackwhales


Interdimensional Adventure

Embark on a wild interdimensional journey as Rick and Morty! Transform into the eccentric and genius scientist Rick, complete with his lab coat and crazy hairstyle. Morty joins the adventure with his signature yellow shirt and blue pants. Get ready for hilarious mishaps and mind-bending escapades!

This costume example comes from @Smackwhales.

Image sourced from @shealeighmills


Mischievous Monkey Fun

Join the whimsical world of Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat! Channel your inner curiosity as George, the playful and mischievous monkey, while Ted embraces the role of The Man in the Yellow Hat with his yellow suit and a wide-brimmed hat. Get ready for adventurous antics and laughter-filled escapades!

This zany costume was brought to life by @shealeighmills.

Image sourced from Amazon


Wildlife Adventure

Embark on a thrilling wildlife adventure with Steve Irwin and a mischievous Crocodile! Channel the spirit of the beloved wildlife conservationist, Steve Irwin, with khaki shorts, a safari shirt, and his signature khaki hat. The Crocodile partner can bring the reptilian charm with a green costume and a toothy grin. Get ready to capture hearts and spread conservation awareness!

This creative costume idea comes from Amazon.

Image sourced from imgur


Indie Film-Inspired Duo

Bring the charm of indie films to life with this Paulie and Juno couple costume! Embody Paulie’s laid-back style with sweatbands, short shorts, and a t-shirt. Juno radiates her unique personality in a striped t-shirt, zippered hoodie, and an unmistakable baby bump. Get ready to rock Halloween with this heartwarming pair!

Image sourced from Kait


Wet Bandits On the Loose!

Get ready to reenact the classic comedy with this Harry and Marv costume inspired by Home Alone! Harry sports a messy hairstyle, a black beanie, and a burglar outfit, while Marv rocks wild hair, a bearded look, and an oversized trench coat. Prepare to bring hilarious mischief and laughter to any Halloween party!

This funny Harry and Marv costume example is from KootHoot.

Image sourced from @kristinejulia


Forrest Gump and Jenny

Step into the iconic love story of Forrest Gump and Jenny. Wear a red cap, plaid shirt, and khaki pants, and hold a table tennis racket to embody Forrest’s endearing personality. Jenny’s free-spirited style shines through with a bohemian-inspired dress and a flower crown. Together, celebrate the enduring bond of this unforgettable duo and let their love story unfold.

This enchanting couple costume comes from @kristinejulia.


Image sourced from Kelsey Blong


#Filter and #No Filter

Step into the world of social media with this simple DIY #Filter and #No Filter costume! The girl rocks the #Filter sign, radiating picture-perfect beauty, while the boyfriend with a beard proudly wears the #No Filter sign. Embrace the digital age and showcase your unique style in this fun, eye-catching costume.

This creative couple costume idea comes from Kelsey Blong.

Image sourced from imgur


Stock Photo Man

Make a bold statement as the “Stock Photo Man” with this DIY costume idea! Carry a large stock photo with the face cut out, replacing it with your own. You’ll be the walking embodiment of a stock photo, bringing a touch of humor and originality to any Halloween party or event.

Image sourced from Bran Humbert


Stick Man at Work

Get ready to be the center of attention with this “Stick Man at Work” costume! Create a triangular cardboard sign in red and white, resembling a construction sign. Wear all black, including a mask, gloves, and a shovel, and attach it to your back. You will bring humor and creativity by capturing a stick figure at work.

Image sourced from John Baker


CVS Receipt Trailblazer

Make a bold statement and embrace the absurdity of long CVS receipts! Dress in all white and attach connected paper sheets resembling an outrageously long CVS receipt. Complete the look with a head cutout at the top of the receipt, allowing you to stick your head out. This attention-grabbing costume will turn heads and elicit laughter wherever you go.

Image sourced from Amazon


Sim-tastic Costume

Step into the virtual world with this DIY Sims character costume! To make it, all you need is a small green spherical plum bob to mimic the iconic symbol above the Sims characters’ heads. Attach a blue arrow mouse button to your outfit for an extra touch. Get ready to bring the pixelated charm to life and become the star of your simulation.

This creative costume comes from Amazon.

Image sourced from Amazon


Grammar Police

Enforce grammatical rules with this simple Grammar Police costume! Simply dress in all-black attire and don a t-shirt proudly displaying the words “Grammar Police.” Complete the look with dark sunglasses for an air of authority, and carry a handcuff on your waist to symbolize your dedication to upholding grammatical correctness. Get ready to bring grammar justice to Halloween!

This creative costume comes from Amazon.

Image sourced from @dmon8989


Millennial: Handle with Care

Embrace the humor of generational stereotypes with this Millennial costume! Wear an “I am offended” cap to mock Millennials’ sensitivity. For a humorous twist, wrap yourself in bubble wrap with a “Fragile” sticker, symbolizing Millennials needing extra care. Laugh off the stereotypes, and join the Halloween fun with this light-hearted and self-aware costume.

This creative costume idea comes from @dmon8989.

Image sourced from Amazon


Identity Thief!

Get ready to become the master of disguise with this Identity Thief costume! Wear a hoodie and don black sunglasses, then show your naughty side by covering the hoodie with Hello name tag stickers with different names. This costume is a playful nod to the concept of identity theft and will surely spark conversations and laughter at any Halloween gathering.

This creative and funny costume is from Amazon.

Image sourced from @clarkplace


Formal Apology Costume

Make a statement at any Halloween event with our Formal Apology costume! Dress in your finest formal wear and hold a sign saying, “I’m Sorry.” Whether you’re seeking forgiveness for imaginary wrongs or just poking fun at the idea of apologizing, this costume is a lighthearted and witty choice guaranteed to get some laughs.

This unique costume comes from @clarkplace.

Image sourced from @mskitlang


Fortune Cookie

Bring a dash of mystery to your Halloween! Craft a fun fortune cookie headpiece using two pieces of felt shaped like a fortune cookie and attach it to a headband. Wrap yourself in a long white fabric displaying written fortunes for a touch of intrigue. Spread good vibes and fun surprises as you embody the charm of a favorite treat!

This creative costume idea comes from @mskitlang.

Image sourced from @not2shabbyct


Ice Bucket Challenge

Get ready to make a splash with this fun and interactive Ice Bucket Challenge costume! Create this idea by wearing a bucket on your head and attaching shiny silver foil around it to mimic water cascading down. This costume is a playful nod to the viral sensation that swept the internet. Brace yourself for chilly thrills!

This costume idea is from @not2shabbyct.

Image sourced from costume-works


Finding Nemo’s Sea Anemone

Dive into the colorful world of Finding Nemo with this Sea Anemone costume! Inflate long, red balloons and attach them to a red shirt using safety pins, creating the anemone effect. Complete the look with a playful headband featuring Nemo on top. Get ready to be the center of attention as you bring this vibrant marine character to life!

This creative costume idea comes from Kelly via costume-works.

Image sourced from Crystal via costume-works


50 Shades of Grey

Unleash your inner Christian Grey or Anastasia Steele with this cheeky DIY 50 Shades of Grey costume! Take a plain t-shirt and creatively attach various shades of gray paper, symbolizing the color palette based on the movie. This bold and playful costume promises to turn heads and spark conversations at any Halloween event.

This teasing costume example comes from costume-works.

Image sourced from Flickr


The Leaf Blower

Get ready to blow away the competition with The Leaf Blower costume! This simple yet clever costume requires a cap with a leaf dangling in front of your face. As you blow on the leaf, you’ll embody the humorous twist of being a literal leaf blower. It’s a quick, easy, and amusing costume that will turn heads and elicit smiles.

Image sourced from Amazon


Elliot and E.T.

Embark on a heartwarming adventure with this Elliot and E.T. costume inspired by the iconic film! Dress up as Elliot by wearing a red hoodie and carrying a basket with a cutout of E.T. wrapped in a blanket. Recreate the magical bond between a boy and his extraterrestrial friend in this nostalgic and endearing costume.

This imaginative costume comes from Amazon.

Image sourced from Amazon


Cereal Killer

Get ready to be the spookiest breakfast aficionado with this Cereal Killer costume! Simply attach small cereal boxes to your t-shirt and stick a knife into them. Complete the look with a splatter of red “blood” on your t-shirt. This creative and macabre costume promises to turn heads and elicit laughs and chills.

This chilling costume idea comes from Amazon.

Image sourced from halloweencostumes


Ceiling Fan #1

Show your unwavering support for the unsung hero of every room with this Ceiling Fan costume! As a devoted fan of the ceiling, you can write the enthusiastic slogan “Go Ceiling Go” on your clothing to express your love. Embrace the quirky humor and cheer on the overhead wonder in this lighthearted and fan-tastic costume.

This costume comes from halloweencostumes.

Image sourced from Amazon


Rubik's Cube

Get ready to solve the Halloween puzzle with this Rubik’s Cube costume! To make it, all you need is a large box painted in vibrant colors to resemble the iconic cube. Cut out holes for your head and arms, and you’re ready to show off your puzzling prowess. This easy-to-make costume is sure to turn heads and bring back nostalgic memories.

This creative Rubik’s Cube costume idea is brought to you by Amazon.

Image sourced from Matt Jenkins



Be the life of the virtual party with The Facebook costume! All you need is a simple yet effective idea: write “book” across your face from left to right. You’ll instantly become the personification of the iconic social media platform. This clever and straightforward costume will generate likes and comments wherever you go.

This easy costume idea is brought to you by @Instructables.

Image sourced from Flickr


Nudist on Strike: Making a Statement

Get ready to make a bold statement with the “Nudist on Strike” costume! Embrace your inner activist by wearing whatever you feel comfortable wearing while holding a protest sign that proudly proclaims “Nudist on Strike.” This humorous and clever costume will surely spark conversations and laughs at any Halloween gathering.


Image sourced from Rachel Jenkins Wagner


Cheap Chill: Ice Bag

Embrace the frugal spirit with this Ice Bag costume. Simply wrap yourself in a blue plastic bag and stuff it with crumpled white paper to create the illusion of ice. Write “Ice” on the front to complete the chilly ensemble. This budget-friendly costume is sure to cool things down at any Halloween event.

Image sourced from @thinkingcloset


When Life Gives You Lemons

Embrace the budget-friendly charm of this “When Life Gives You Lemons” costume. Simply wear a T-shirt with the word “Life” boldly displayed and carry a bunch of lemons. Show off your positive attitude by embodying the spirit of turning challenges into opportunities, all without breaking the bank.

This charming costume idea is brought to you by @thinkingcloset.

Image sourced from Amazon


404 - Costume Not Found

Embrace the humor of the digital era with this clever “404 Costume Not Found” outfit. Simply wear a white shirt boldly displaying the words “404 Costume Not Found.” This minimalist and budget-friendly costume promises to bring a smile to everyone’s face as you playfully embody the concept of a missing costume.

This creative and funny costume is available on Amazon.

Image sourced from Amazon


Flower Pot

Get in touch with your inner nature lover with this easy and affordable Flower Pot costume. Simply wear a big flower pot with shoulder straps and adorn it with colorful flowers. This whimsical ensemble is a delightful and budget-friendly option to showcase your love for all things floral.

This idea comes from Amazon.

Image sourced from @daniellesmodernlife


Fake News

Make a statement with this thought-provoking Fake News costume. Wear a top that boldly says “Fake” to signify false information. Pair it with a dress made from newspapers, symbolizing the dissemination of misleading news. This witty and pocket-friendly costume is perfect for sparking conversations and laughs at any event.

This bold costume idea comes from @daniellesmodernlife.

Image sourced from Rachel Joy Barehl


Sugar Mama

Embrace your sweet side with this hilarious Sugar Mama costume. Carry a bag of sugar in a front baby carrier, playfully embodying the term “sugar mama.” This simple and budget-friendly costume promises to generate smiles and laughter wherever you go.

Image sourced from Flickr


Chick Magnet

Become the ultimate Chick Magnet with this cheap and punny costume! Simply hang a magnet around your neck and attach some cute little plush chicks that stick to it. It’s a simple yet clever way to show off your sense of humor and have a clucking good time at any Halloween event.

Image sourced from Amazon


Blind Ref!

Score a laugh with the Blind Referee costume! This easy and affordable costume requires a classic black and white striped referee outfit. Complete the look with black sunglasses and a white cane to reach for some laughs. Whether you’re calling fouls or fumbling around, this costume promises to bring a playful touch to any Halloween event.

This funny costume comes from Amazon.

Image sourced from Amazon


Phantom in the Sheets

Embrace the classic and budget-friendly Ghost costume by draping a white bed sheet over yourself. Cut out eye holes for a spooky effect, and you’re ready to haunt Halloween night. This simple yet iconic costume is perfect for those looking for an easy and inexpensive option.

This cheap Ghost costume idea from Amazon.

Image sourced from @grainydaydesigns


Chicken Cordon Bleu: Culinary Comedy

Serve up some laughs with the Chicken Cordon Bleu costume! This budget-friendly option features a blue shirt, a cord, and a rubber chicken. Wear a blue shirt, attach a string around your neck, and carry a rubber chicken. This pun-forward costume will make everyone cluck with laughter as you bring a deliciously funny twist to any Halloween party.

This pun-tastic costume is from @grainydaydesigns.

Image sourced from Amazon


Bringing Home the Bacon!

Get ready to sizzle in the spotlight with the Kevin Bacon costume! Become the legendary actor Kevin Bacon by donning a bacon costume. This pun-tastic outfit promises to bring laughs and make you the star of any Halloween event. 

This creative costume idea comes from Amazon.

Image sourced from Neiphaba Green


Hawaiian Punch

Prepare for a knockout Halloween with this hilarious Hawaiian Punch costume! Embrace the tropical vibes by donning your favorite Hawaiian-themed clothing with a vibrant shirt, floral lei, and a grass skirt. But here’s the twist: add a boxing glove to one hand, representing the punch in “Hawaiian Punch.” Get ready to deliver laughs at your next costume party!

This creative costume idea comes from Neiphaba Green.

Image sourced from Whitney Avalon


Black and White Cinema

Step back in time with this grayscale costume and bring the magic of classic cinema to life! Dress in vintage 1900s-themed clothing and transform your face into shades of gray to recreate the black-and-white movie aesthetic. Embrace the nostalgia and elegance of a bygone era as you celebrate Halloween in a monochromatic style.

This grayscale costume idea comes from Whitney Avalon.

Image sourced from @belsfitzpin


Clippy the Paperclip

Get ready to bring back a nostalgic tech icon with Clippy the Paperclip costume! Transform silver pool noodles into the beloved paperclip character by shaping them into Clippy’s recognizable form. Add googly eyes for that extra touch of personality. With this unique and playful costume, you’ll be sure to elicit smiles and memories from everyone you meet!

This creative costume comes from costume-works.

Image sourced from Amazon


Darla from Finding Nemo

Let your twisted side shine with the Darla costume from Finding Nemo! Wear a purple shirt and tie your hair into pigtails. And don’t forget the crucial detail—the signature orthodontic headgear that adds a playful touch. Get ready to bring the spirit of Darla to life and add a dash of fun to your Halloween celebrations!

This creative costume comes from Amazon.

Image sourced from mrkate.com


Fluffy Dustiness

Transform into an adorable yet dusty creature with the Dust Bunny costume. Simply attach fluffy cotton balls all over your shirt to create the illusion of dust. Complete the look by wearing bunny ears. Voila, you become the charming Dust Bunny. This cheap and simple costume is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face this Halloween.

This creative costume idea is from mrkate.com.

Image sourced from Amazon


The Crazy Cat Lady

Step into the world of cat lovers with the Cat Lady costume. Wrap yourself in a cozy robe and adorn it with adorable cat plushies. Carry a coffee cup to complete the look and showcase your devotion to these furry companions. This simple and quirky costume is purrfect for anyone who loves cats!

This creative costume is made by Amazon.

Image sourced from @onehousebakery


Bread Winner: Rise to Success!

Become the ultimate “Bread Winner” with this clever and punny costume. Hold a loaf of bread triumphantly and wear a winner’s medal around your neck. Show off your baking skills and humorously embrace the title of the breadwinner. This costume is a lighthearted way to celebrate your love for bread and showcase your winning spirit!

This creative costume comes from @onehousebakery.

Image sourced from @delcinamaria


Old Married Couple

Get ready to bring the laughs. Dress like an older man with oversized pants, suspenders, and a crooked cane. Get your partner dressed like an older lady and wear a knitted sweater and a frumpy floral dress. Add extra humor with exaggerated wrinkles, mustache, and glasses on a chain. Embrace the joy of growing old together and enjoy a night of laughter.

This amusing costume comes from @delcinamaria.

Image sourced from Holly Wade


Blessing in Disguise

Unleash one’s inner punster. Wear a t-shirt with the word “Blessing” proudly displayed. To complete the look, don a pair of Groucho glasses, adding a touch of disguise and humor. Embrace the witty humor as you become a Blessing in Disguise.

This creative costume comes from clubcrafted.

Family Groups

Image sourced from Amazon


Ketchup & Mustard Mania

Spice up your Halloween with our hilarious Ketchup and Mustard couple costume! Become the condiment icons with vibrant red and yellow outfits. Whether you’re squeezing out jokes or adding flavor to the party, this saucy duo promises to be a hit!

This delightful costume comes from amazon.

Image sourced from @designedtodwell


McDonald's Happy Meal: Fun and Delicious

Unleash McDonald’s magic with this family costume. Transform into a Happy Meal feast, with one family member dressed as the iconic Happy Meal box, another as a mouthwatering burger, another as golden fries, one as a refreshing soda, and finally, as a playful toy. Capture the essence of childhood joy and create a whimsical McDonald’s experience as a family.

These creative costumes were brought to life by @designedtodwell.

Image sourced from Alyssa Barrette


The Price is Right: Come On Down!

Channel the enthusiasm of game shows with The Price is Right contestant’s costume. Each family member wears a nametag proudly displaying their contestant status. Complete the look with a cutout podium, showcasing price tags and excitement. Get ready to bid, guess, and have a blast as you bring the iconic game show spirit to life.

This lively family costume idea is from Alyssa Barrette.

Image sourced from costume-works


Guess Who?

Become living versions of the beloved board game Guess Who? Wear oversized cutouts of the game’s character faces on your faces, creating an interactive and hilarious costume. Personalize the cutouts with your names to complete the look. Get ready for a night of mystery and excitement as you bring this classic game to life.

This creative family costume idea comes from April via costume-works.

Image sourced from highlightsalongtheway


Music Icons: Rock the Stage!

Embrace the power of music and showcase your family’s unique style with the Music Icons costume theme. Each family member can choose their favorite rockstar or popstar to dress up as, paying homage to music legends. Let the stage come alive as you rock the night away together. Get ready to steal the show!

This creative family costume idea comes from Kate at highlightsalongtheway.

Image sourced from @shelbydozier


Rugrats Family Adventure

Step into the animated world of Rugrats! Each family member can embody a beloved Rugrats character, from Tommy and Chuckie to Angelica and Susie. Recreate their iconic outfits, hairstyles, and accessories to bring the playful spirit of the show to life. Prepare for a nostalgic trip down memory lane as you embark on exciting adventures as the Rugrats gang.

This wholesome family costume comes from Shelby Dozier.

Image sourced from flickr


Bob's Burgers: Join the Belcher Crew!

Step into the quirky world of Bob’s Burgers with this family costume idea. Dress up as Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise to capture their unique personalities. From Bob’s apron to Louise’s pink bunny ears, recreate their iconic looks and bring laughter to Halloween. Embrace the fun and bond as a family while paying homage to the beloved animated series.

Image sourced from @faithlcollins


Sushi Family: A Tasty Ensemble!

Sushi-themed family fun! Dad dresses up as the sushi chef with a traditional outfit. Mom becomes the iconic Kikkoman soy sauce bottle with a label and cap. To finish it, don’t forget your smallest one, who steals the show as a colorful sushi roll. Indulge in creativity and culinary fun with this mouthwatering family costume idea.

This creative family costume idea comes from @faithlcollins.

Image sourced from lifewithfingerprints


Fast Food Mascots Unite

Get ready for a playful feast of nostalgia with the Fast Food Mascots. Each family member can embody a beloved fast food icon, from Ronald McDonald to Burger King, Wendy, and Colonel Sanders. Together, you’ll bring the charm and humor of these iconic characters to life. It’s a recipe for family fun that will have everyone craving more!

This creative family costume is from @lifewithfingerprints.

Image sourced from @ashleyyrojo


Family of Illusions!

Prepare to be amazed by the magical allure of the Magician, Assistant, and Bunny. The magician takes center stage with their top hat and mesmerizing tricks, while the bunny adds a touch of whimsy and charm. The magician’s assistant gracefully completes the captivating performances. Together, you’ll create an enchanting spectacle that will leave everyone spellbound.

This family costume idea comes from @ashleyyrojo.

Image sourced from @krista.horton


The Emoticon Express!

Bring the digital world to life with the Family Emoji costume! Each family member can embody a popular emoji. The Poop emoji adds a hilarious touch, the Dancing Lady emoji brings vibrant energy, the Pizza emoji satisfies all cravings, and the LOL emoji brings endless laughter. Get ready to share smiles, express emotions, and make unforgettable memories.

This expressive family costume comes from @krista.horton.

Image sourced from Kayla


The Stick Figure Squad

Simplify your Halloween with the charming Stick Figure family costumes. Dress up as stick figures and create a playful representation of your family unit. With minimalistic black lines on white clothing, you’ll stand out as a united squad. Showcase your creativity and unity while embracing the simplicity and lightheartedness of this costume idea.

This delightful family costume idea comes from mommyofaprincess.

Image sourced from Denise Hill


Be a Trophy Family

Stand tall and proud as a Trophy Family, radiating success and accomplishment. Dress up in dazzling gold attire to embody the spirit of victory and achievement. Each family member becomes a unique trophy, showcasing your strengths and accomplishments. This ensemble symbolizes the unity and triumph of your family.

Image sourced from @lovejessmarie


Breakfast Champions

Step into the colorful world of breakfast cereals. Each family member can embody their favorite cereal character: the courageous Captain Crunch, Toucan Sam, or mischievous rabbit from Trix. With vibrant costumes and playful accessories, you’ll bring the joy and nostalgia of breakfast time to life.

This delightful family costume is from @lovejessmarie.

Image sourced from costume-works


Shining Family!

Step into the haunting world of The Shining. Let Dad channel his inner Jack Torrance with an ax prop while Mom wields a baseball bat like Wendy. The little boy can embrace his role with an eerie touch, and the twin girls will send shivers down the spine.

This chilling costume comes from Ari via costume-works.

Image sourced from Myles Morrison


Roller Coaster Adventure

Experience the exhilaration of a roller coaster ride. Transform yourselves into the ultimate thrill-seekers as you don colorful attire and craft a cardboard roller coaster car for each member. Use creative props and accessories to bring the excitement and adrenaline of a theme park into your Halloween celebration. Get ready to capture the laughter, screams, and joyful memories.

This thrilling costume comes from Myles Morrison.

Image sourced from @sosiavilajr


Surf, Save, and Swim!

Dive into the excitement of a shark attack family costume. The dad is bravely toting around a surfboard with a terrifying shark bite. The mom becomes the vigilant lifeguard, ready to rescue and protect. And the little one becomes the mischievous shark, swimming with glee. With this thrilling ensemble, you’ll make waves at any Halloween gathering.

This captivating costume comes from @sosiavilajr.

Image sourced from Hilary Carey


Scooby-Doo Family Mystery

Join the beloved Scooby-Doo gang on a thrilling Halloween adventure with this family costume idea! The dad can play Shaggy, while the mom can be Scooby-Doo. The kids can join in as the rest of the gang, including Fred, Daphne, and Velma. You can bring the mystery-solving spirit to life with teamwork, bravery, and humor.

This exciting costume comes from Hilary Carey via costume-works.

Image sourced from asmallsnippet


Rock, Paper, Scissors Family Showdown

Engage in a family competition with the rock, paper, scissors costume! Each family member can dress up as one of the iconic game symbols. Will mom be the mighty rock, dad be the strategic paper, and the child be the swift scissors? Make every decision a thrilling challenge.

This creative costume was brought to you by asmallsnippet.

Image sourced from Wendi Isaacson.


Unleash the Dinosaurs

Travel to Jurassic Park with this thrilling family costume. The kids can transform into mighty dinosaurs by donning inflatable dinosaur costumes, bringing the prehistoric world to life. Complete the ensemble with explorer outfits for mom and dad, ready to brave the dangers. Get ready for adventure, excitement, and epic dino encounters as your family roars into the Halloween festivities.

This creative family costume idea comes from Wendi Isaacson.

Plus-Sized Ideas

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Enchanting Ursula

This plus-size Ursula costume will transform you into the sea witch. Embrace your curves and unleash your inner diva to recreate Ursula’s iconic look. Wear a black and purple dress with flowing tentacle-like details and a dramatic headpiece adorned with shell accents. Show off your confidence and channel Ursula’s powerful presence as you steal the spotlight at any Halloween event.

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Unleash the Majesty of King Henry VIII!

Step back to the Renaissance and become King Henry VIII. Wear a luxurious velvet robe with ornate details and faux fur trim to show your power. Add a crown, scepter, and royal necklace. Let your larger-than-life personality rule Halloween with grace and elegance.

This King Henry VIII costume inspiration is brought to you by Sandy Brunson.

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Out-of-This-World Fun

Get ready for intergalactic laughter and adventure with this Barf costume inspired by the iconic character from the movie Spaceballs. Transform into Barf, the half-man, half-dog sidekick, and steal the show with your hilarious antics. Wear a furry brown jumpsuit, capturing Barf’s distinctive canine features, with a tail and floppy ears. 

This Barf costume comes from coolest-homemade-costumes.

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Lucha Libre Spirit

Get ready to don the iconic attire of Nacho Libre! Transform into the lovable wrestling hero from the movie as you sport a colorful wrestling mask, a stretchy jumpsuit resembling traditional luchador attire, and a red cape to complete the look. With your larger-than-life personality and comedic charm, unleash your inner luchador and let the wrestling adventure begin!

This costume idea is from Lisette Meija at Popsugar.

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Evoke Empathy and Emotion: Sadness

Embrace the emotional depth and bring Sadness from Inside Out to life. Slip into a cozy, oversized gray sweater reflecting Sadness’ subdued nature. Pair it with a blue wig, mimicking her unique hairstyle, and complete the look with glasses that accentuate her introspective gaze. With this heartfelt costume, you’ll remind everyone that it’s okay to feel blue sometimes.

This Sadness costume idea comes from Lisette Mejia at popsugar.

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Plus Size Thor

Transform into the iconic and relatable version of Thor. Slip into a comfy robe and pair it with comfortable pajama pants for the ultimate laid-back style. Complete the look by holding a can of beer. Embrace the humor and authenticity of this character as you celebrate the hero within, regardless of body size or shape.

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Unleash Your Inner Diva

Channel the sass and charisma of Madea with this costume. Slip into a vibrant purple dress that captures her bold personality. Embrace the larger-than-life essence of this beloved character as you bring her iconic charm to life. Whether you’re cracking jokes or delivering words of wisdom, this Madea costume promises to steal the show.

This Madea costume idea comes from Marcus via costume-works.

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Embrace the Glitch: Blue Screen of Death

Enter the digital realm with our Blue Screen of Death costume that combines humor and technology. Drape yourself in a mysterious blue hooded cloak, symbolizing the notorious error screen. Carry a scythe as a nod to the computer’s “grim reaper” effect. Embrace the glitch and bring laughter to the Halloween party as the embodiment of the Blue Screen of Death.

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Mr. Potato Head

Step into the world of Mr. Potato Head. Transform into this iconic toy by wearing a brown outfit and attaching felt facial features, such as eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, to your costume. Embrace the spirit of fun and nostalgia.

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Float and Dance with Elegance

Channel your inner grace and elegance with the inflatable Ballet Dancer costume. With this outfit, you will be the center of attention. This idea sports an inflatable tutu that lets you spin and pirouette. Dance gracefully through Halloween with air in your tutu. You will amaze everyone with your inflatable ballet skills.

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Claw Machine: Grab Your Halloween Fun!

Step right up and try your luck with the Claw Machine costume! Arcade fun comes alive in this interactive costume. Build a large claw machine box with a clear front panel. Become the operator and attach a claw mechanism. Watch as people grab plush toys from the machine. It guarantees Halloween fun!

This entertaining costume comes from Elyse from instructables.

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Frozen's Marshmallow Snow Monster

The Marshmallow Snow Monster costume brings Frozen to life! With imagination, become this beast. Make a white body suit from cardboard with jagged edges and icicle accents. Create a scary mask with glowing blue eyes to represent the character. Whether you head to a party or trick-or-treating, this Frozen-inspired costume promises to make a chilling impression!

This chilly costume idea comes from costume-works.

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Cook Up Some Underwater Delights!

Get ready to bring the culinary chaos of Chef Louis from The Little Mermaid to life! Dress the part with a white chef’s coat and hat, and add a touch of French flair with a long, curled mustache. Complete the look with a vibrant red bowtie. This Chef Louis costume is a recipe for laughter and mouth-watering fun!

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Fairy Godmother from Shrek!

Step into the enchanting world of Shrek and transform into the Fairy Godmother! Embrace elegance and magic as you wear a dazzling red, shiny dress with sparkling accessories. Add a pair of granny glasses to capture the Fairy Godmother’s unique style. Let your inner fairy shine brightly and create a truly memorable night!

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Seth the Superbad!

Step into the shoes of Superbad’s Seth! Dress like Seth by wearing plaid pants and a stylish pair of Vans. Layer a Western shirt over a white t-shirt for that laid-back vibe. Complete the ensemble with confidence and a touch of Seth’s signature humor. Get ready to rock the Superbad style and bring some laughs to your Halloween festivities!

This Seth costume idea comes from Kirkfog on reddit.

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Burger Costume

Satisfy your cravings for a fun and tasty costume with this burger ensemble! Dressing up as a mouthwatering burger is as straightforward as it gets. Get ready to serve up some laughter and become the star of the Halloween menu!

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Oompa Loompa

Step into the enchanting world of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory! Wear a brown sweater with white pants and suspenders for the iconic Oompa Loompa look. Add a signature green wig and a mischievous smile. Bring joy and laughter to any Halloween celebration as you embody the whimsical spirit of these beloved characters.

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Iron Man: Max Power!

Transform into a one-of-a-kind superhero with this unique Iron Man costume idea. Instead of the traditional armored suit, become the witty Iron Man by dressing up as a clothes iron! Show off your iron-willed superhero persona and make a powerful impression at any costume event.

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Classic Prank!

Get ready to bring laughter and nostalgia to any Halloween party with this hilarious Whoopie Cushion costume. Slip into the iconic pink cushion-shaped outfit with printed “Whoopee Cushion” text. Let out comedic sound effects and watch as everyone enjoys the silly and lighthearted fun.

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Get into character as Shrek’s most infamous villain, the Executioner. This costume features a black cloth that covers the head, concealing your identity and adding an air of mystery. With this costume, you’ll embody the chilling presence of the Executioner and make a lasting impression.

This haunting costume idea comes from @ufkzcbr1.