Lee Know

Lee Min-ho, known professionally as Lee Know, was born on October 25, 1998, and is a South Korean singer and dancer of the well-known K-pop boy group, Stray Kids. Today is his birthday, and we are going to celebrate by getting to know him a little better.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Lee Min-ho


Lee Know

Birth date:

October 25, 1998



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$3 million

Lee's Social Media:


Lee Min-ho, known by his stage name Lee Know, is a singer and dancer born in Gimpo, South Korea. While not much is known about Min-ho’s early years, we do know that he graduated from Gimpo Jeil Technical High School in South Korea. Lee rose to fame when he starred in JYP Entertainment’s television show “Stray Kids” in 2017, which was a singing survival show. He made it through to the final round of the show and ultimately became part of the Stray Kids K-pop boy group.

Since his inception into the group as a vocalist and dancer, he and his bandmates have released two studio albums, “Go Live” and “Noeasy,” numerous extended plays, and several successful singles. In 2021, Lee was cast as an M.C. on a weekly music show broadcast by M.B.C. in South Korea. Lee has also joined the group for concert tours, with their second world tour, ‘Maniac,’ taking place in 2022.

Also in 2022, Stray Kids signed with Republic Records for a buildup in the United States. Lee’s career started in 2017 and he has only just begun to scratch the surface of what his future could hold. We will be keeping a keen eye on what he does next and hope he has a fruitful career as a K-pop star.

Career timeline

Lee Know Stars in a Reality Show

He is cast in the reality survival show “Stray Kids.”

The Boy Group

Lee becomes part of the K-pop boy group, Stray Kids.

Their First Album Release

Stray Kids release their first studio album, “Go Live.”

Their Second World Tour

Stray Kids embark on their second world tour, ‘Maniac.’

Why We Love Lee Know

  1. He is loved by his group members

    The group that makes up Stray Kids call Lee “aegyo,” which means cute, adorable, or charming in South Korean slang. We can't disagree!

  2. He adores cats

    Lee is a cat lover and has three cats, Soonie, Doongie, and Dori. We love an animal lover!

  3. He is charitable

    He is known to be a frequent supporter and donor of UNICEF. Hats off to his generosity at such a young age!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was a backup dancer

    Lee was a backup dancer for the super K-pop group, BTS.

  2. He has lots of hobbies

    He likes to listen to music, watch movies, and create dance choreography.

  3. He likes weird smells

    He likes the smells of gas station oil, new buildings, and cat and dog paws!

  4. He is ambidextrous

    He writes with his left hand and eats with his right.

  5. His favorite color is…

    … apparently mint.

Lee Know FAQs

Does Lee Know have siblings?

No, he is an only child.

Why is Min-ho called Lee Know?

He created a stage name for himself as his name is too common in South Korea.

Is it Lino or Lee Know?

Often people get it confused, but his name is Lee Know.

Lee Know’s birthday dates

2024October 25Friday
2025October 25Saturday
2026October 25Sunday
2027October 25Monday
2028October 25Wednesday

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