Dave Hawks

Dave Hawks is a well-known social media star born on June 20, 1996, in Dallas, Texas, U.S. He is also a singer, posting songs on his self-titled YouTube channel and his SoundCloud. He has also dabbled in modeling and is a brilliant photographer who owns his own studio. Hawks keeps his private life away from the limelight but we know that he is an avid dog lover. Join us as we celebrate this multi-talented actor, musician, model, and photographer.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Dave Hawks

Birth date:

June 20, 1996



Zodiac Sign:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Dave's Social Media:


According to his Instagram page, Hawks was raised by his parents Jon and Cindy Hawks, alongside his other siblings, an older brother, Zach, and two sisters, Jessica Meeks and Allie Hawks. A devout Christian, Hawks graduated from the University of Texas, Dallas, in 2018.

He joined Twitter in August 2013 and posted his first song, ‘Distance,’ on YouTube, in December 2014, and the song reached over 5,000 views. His second single, ‘Better to Be You,’ scored nearly 80,000 views on YouTube and continues to rack up views. Hawks is also a photographer and owns Dave Hawks Photography.

Outside his love for music and photography, the Twitter star has an intense love of dogs. The 26-year-old is no stranger to sharing photos of his dog on Instagram. In November 2020, Hawks shared the sad news of the death of his former dog, Java. But in December 2021, Hawks replaced Java with his new dog, Pup. He is obsessed with Pup, and we’re obsessed with him. As a singer and Twitter celebrity, Hawks has more than 13,000 followers on his personal Twitter page.

Career timeline

He Joins Twitter

Dave Hawks joins Twitter and now has close to 14,000 followers.

He Uploads His First Song on YouTube

Hawks publishes his first song, ‘Distance,’ on YouTube.

He Graduates from University

Hawks follows in the footsteps of his mother and his older siblings Zach and Allie, as he graduates from the University of Texas.

Dave Hawks Photography

Hawks discovers his passion for photography and launches Dave Hawks Photography.

Why We Love Dave Hawks

  1. He is multi-talented

    Dave Hawks is best known for his serenading voice. But he is also a photographer and marketing coordinator.

  2. He is a faithful Christian

    Hawks is a faithful believer. He dedicates his musical talent to serving and singing for God.

  3. He gives back to the community

    Hawks spend summer holidays working at Kanakuk Kamps driving boats. He connects with locals, especially kids, sharing the gospel with them.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He’s obsessed with his dog

    Dave Hawks often shares his obsession with his dog and has even created an Instagram for him.

  2. He’s an avid hiker

    Despite his fear of heights, Hawks keeps fit by hiking; he spends a lot of time out in nature.

  3. He loves his family

    Despite his passion for music, photography, and hiking, Hawks is strong on family bonds and often raves about how much he misses his siblings.

  4. He shares the gospel

    Hawks, a devout Christain, tours around high schools and shares the gospel with kids.

  5. He’s also an employee

    Outside his career in music and photography, Hawks is also employed as a marketing coordinator at Shalom Austin.

Dave Hawks FAQs

Does Dave Hawks have a girlfriend?

Yes, Hawks has secretly been dating Katey Todd for close to two years now.

Who are Dave Hawks’ parents?

His parents are Don and Cindy Hawks.

Does Dave Hawks have siblings?

He has two sisters, Allie and Jessica, and an older brother, Zach.

Dave Hawks’s birthday dates

2024June 20Thursday
2025June 20Friday
2026June 20Saturday
2027June 20Sunday
2028June 20Tuesday

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