Canon Curry

Canon Curry, born on July 2, 2018, is a young member of the Curry family. He was born one month early, and his sudden arrival worried his parents so much. They were happy to learn that he was perfectly healthy. He inherited his parents’ fans, and millions of people are always excited to see pictures and videos of him on his parents’ social media. He is kind, sweet, brilliant, and athletic. We’ll help you celebrate this handsome young fellow right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Canon Wardell Jack Curry


Young Wolf

Birth date:

July 2, 2018



Zodiac Sign:



Canon Curry is the son of N.B.A. star players Stephen Curry and Ayeesha Curry. His ethnicity is African-American, and his zodiac sign is Cancer. Curry is the youngest of three children. His older siblings are Riley and Ryan. His parents were expecting a boy when they had their first child, so they picked the name Canon in 2012 before they had their eldest daughter, Riley. Canon came along three years after his immediate older sister, Ryan, who was born in 2015.

He is an energetic young chap full of life and vigor. He is always eager to help, and he is generous and friendly. He is also quick to give compliments whenever he thinks it is due. For example, he once told the Warrior cheerleaders, “Good job Dancing.” Although his two siblings also look like his father, he bears the closest resemblance to Steph and loves to twin with him. On one of Steph’s Instagram posts, the caption was, “The real reason is that he wanted to be like daddy.” The caption referred to a picture in which Curry wore a similar jacket to his father and struck the same pose as him.

Curry enjoys basketball. On one occasion, his mother posted a video of him dunking the ball and mimicking his father’s celebratory pose. In the pose, the young Curry rolled up his jersey to reveal his tummy. It is similar to his father’s pose in an actual N.B.A. game after dunking the ball in the basket.

Career timeline

His Parents Announce His Impending Arrival

In February, his mother announces that she is pregnant.

Canon Curry is Born

He is born on July 2.

His First Appearance

His parents bring him out to the basketball court for the first time after the Warriors win the Western Conference.

He Joins his Father's Celebration

He presents the All-Star game ring to his father on the court on February 17.

Why We Love Canon Curry

  1. Canon Curry is an eager learner

    Despite his young age, he tries to understand complex things like a basketball game. We love it when kids want to learn.

  2. He is generous

    He is always willing to share his snacks. We love it when kids cultivate the habit of giving.

  3. He is opinionated

    He firmly holds to his opinions. While this might be a tricky trait for an adult, it can help a child become self-confident.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. July babies

    Like his older sisters, he was born in July.

  2. He’s a fast learner

    His parents are religious, and that has rubbed off on him as he often tries to get them to pray.

  3. He didn’t know his father's job

    He assumed his father was a golfer.

  4. His name means ‘wolf’

    Canon's name means an “official of the church” or “young wolf.”

  5. He gives his father basketball advice

    He once warned his father not to repeat his previous game's mistake.

Canon Curry FAQs

What does the ‘W’ stand for in Canon Curry's name?

It stands for Wardell. Wardell is his father’s first name.

Is Canon Curry adopted?

No, he is not adopted.

What color eyes does Canon Curry have?

He has blue-green eyes.

Canon Curry’s birthday dates

2024July 2Tuesday
2025July 2Wednesday
2026July 2Thursday
2027July 2Friday
2028July 2Sunday

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