Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch is a renowned English actor born on July 19, 1976. Cumberbatch’s acting career can be traced to 1999. However, he’s a celebrated actor known for many roles like Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Cumberbatch is a leading actor with a myriad of awards. He recently got nominated for the 2022 Golden Globe Award for ‘Best Actor in a Leading Role,’ which he deserved. For such a talented and revered actor, there’s a great need to celebrate him on his special day today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch



Birth date:

July 19, 1976



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$40 million


Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch is an English actor who has earned millions of fans through his phenomenal talent. He was born on July 19, 1976, and his birthplace is Hammersmith, London. His parents, Timothy and Wanda Carlton were actors themselves. So, you can say his parents were his earliest influence. Cumberbatch is a Cancer and of English descent. He grew up in Kensington and Chelsea and attended Brambletye Boarding School in Sussex. Cumberbatch loved Shakespearan and made his acting debut in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” playing Titania while attending Harrow School. After graduation, he took a gap year to volunteer in India. When he returned, Cumberbatch enrolled at the Victoria University of Manchester to study drama.

Cumberbatch’s career includes his works in theater, television, and film, which are quite extensive. His television career began in 2000 with “Heartbeat.” He appeared in multiple films before landing his first main role as Stephen Hawking in “Hawking” (2004). After this, Cumberbatch went on to star in more T.V. productions including Vincent van Gogh in “Van Gogh: Painted with Words” (2010). In terms of his theater career, Cumberbatch received many major roles in classic plays that premiered at multiple theaters like the Royal Court, Royal National Theaters, and even the Regent’s Park Open Air. He also received many nominations for his plays, including an Olivier Award, which he later won four of. In 2011, he achieved the ‘Triple Crown of London Theatre’ after playing Victor Frankenstein and his creature in the stage production of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” The play premiered at the Royal National Theatre and was broadcast to cinemas. Cumberbatch has done a lot of television productions. He had a voice role in the 2014 “Penguins of Madagascar,” starred in “The Imitation Game” and “Doctor Strange” (2016), and reprised his role for several Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. His most recent performance is in the drama “The Power of the Dog” (2021), for which he received multiple nominations, including the Academy Awards and Golden Globes.

Cumberbatch has won 26 awards in his acting career. He is a revered actor in England and America, with several milestones to show for it. His personal life is very private, however, Cumberbatch married Sophie Hunter, an English theater and opera director, on February 14, 2015. The couple has three sons together.

Career timeline

Cumberbatch is Stephen Hawking

He plays Hawking in his self-titled film and received a BAFTA TV nomination for ‘Best Actor.’

He is Vincent van Gogh

Cumberbatch plays Gogh in his eponymous film.


Cumberbatch plays both man and monster, receiving the ‘Triple Crown of London Theatre.’

Emmy Award

Cumberbatch wins the ‘Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie’ Emmy for “His Last Vow.”

He is Doctor Strange

Cumberbatch plays Doctor Strange in his eponymous film.

Why We Love Benedict Cumberbatch

  1. He’s an empath

    Cumberbatch is empathetic to different causes. He volunteered in an Indian Tibetan monastery as an English teacher.

  2. He’s a philanthropist

    As an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, Cumberbatch has contributed to several charities and causes. These include Cancer Research UK, L.G.B.T.Q rights, Save The Children, and many more.

  3. He’s talented

    Cumberbatch is revered for his exceptional talents in theater, film, and television. He is a high-grossing actor for this reason.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His great-great-great-grandfather owned slaves

    Cumberbatch’s great-great-great-grandfather, Abraham Cumberbatch, was a wealthy slave-owner in Jamaica.

  2. He got abducted in South Africa

    Cumberbatch and his friends were abducted in South Africa by a group of locals.

  3. He practices Buddhism

    Cumberbatch subscribes to the Buddhist philosophy.

  4. He’s vegan

    Cumberbatch follows a vegan diet.

  5. He’s a C.B.E.

    Cumberbatch was appointed a ‘Most Excellent Order of the British Empire’ by Queen Elizabeth II.

Benedict Cumberbatch FAQs

Does Benedict Cumberbatch have a medical condition?

Cumberbatch has heterochromia iridum, which means his eyes are two different colors.

What degree does Benedict Cumberbatch have?

Cumberbatch has a master’s degree in classical acting from LAMDA.

How many languages does Benedict Cumberbatch speak?

The actor speaks six languages including, English, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Chinese, and Greek.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s birthday dates

2024July 19Friday
2025July 19Saturday
2026July 19Sunday
2027July 19Monday
2028July 19Wednesday

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