Audrey was born on October 15, 1999, in Florida, U.S. She is a popular YouTuber who creates content revolving around do-it-yourself videos, tags, challenges, hauls, beauty, vlogs, reviews, skits, motivation, how-to guides, and reaction-based videos. In 2014, she started her YouTube channel which has more than two million subscribers. We’ll help you celebrate Audrey’s special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:


Birth date:

October 15, 1999



Zodiac Sign:



5' 1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$800 thousand

Audrey's Social Media:


Audrey was born on October 15, 1999. Her Zodiac sign is Libra. Audrey grew up with a younger sister named Jordan and two younger brothers named Ty and Jake. All her siblings are also popular YouTubers with an impressive following. Audrey has collaborated with her sister on several occasions on her YouTube channel. She has always been passionate about dancing, playing musical instruments, and ice skating.

Audrey created her YouTube Channel on May 19, 2014. She published her first video titled “O&A and Get to Know Me.” She followed this up with more videos including “Nailed It: Minion Nail,” “D.I.Y. Summer Treats,” and “Cousin Tag.” Audrey later came up with haul and challenge-based videos titled “5 Minute MakeUp Challenge: Brake Check,” “Most Likely To Challenge,” and “Back To School Supplies Haul.” These videos were a success and motivated her to keep posting similar content. Eventually, Audrey began sharing beauty-related videos like “3 Easy Everyday Hairstyles” and inspirational content like “Journaling Tips and Motivation.”

Nine years later, Audrey has gained more than two million subscribers. Her channel “AllAroundAudrey” contains a wide array of content that deals with beauty, reviews, motivation, and how-to guides. Audrey has also collaborated with other popular YouTubers and members of her family. In March 2020, Audrey shared a “Mystery Boyfriend Reveal” video with her boyfriend Spencer. She and Spencer got married in August 2020 and have been working on their shared channel titled “Audrey and Spencer.”

Career timeline

Her YouTube Channel

Audrey creates her YouTube Channel.

First Upload

Audrey uploads her first video titled “O&A and Get to Know Me.”

She Becomes a Wife and Business Partner

Audrey marries Spencer in August and begins working on their shared channel titled “Audrey and Spencer.”

She Posts More Interesting Videos

Audrey posts content consistently and built a huge following of more than two million subscribers.

Why We Love Audrey

  1. Her channel has diverse content

    Audrey posts a lot of interesting and humorous content on her channel. Her videos generally revolve around everyday challenges, practical how-to guides, and varied topics which entertain, educate, and inspire a lot of people.

  2. She’s a simple girl

    She’s a girl of simple tastes. How we wish all daughters, whether they’re only children or have siblings, found joy in simple pleasures.

  3. She’s a role model

    The fact that she loves her family dearly makes her a role model for many people and family members in particular. We’ve read that she is very close to her father. May her tribe increase!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her most watched video

    Audrey’s video “20 Types of Students — Back to School / AllAroundAudrey” is her most popular video — it has garnered more than 18 million views.

  2. Thousands of views

    Her video “Worst Present Ever Challenge” received 500,000 views in just one month.

  3. She’s a “family girl”

    Audrey deeply loves her parents and siblings and likes to spend time with them.

  4. It’s all in the family

    Audrey has posted videos that feature her whole family on her channel “That YouTub3 Family.”

  5. She loves to read novels

    In her free time, she loves to read novels.

Audrey FAQs

What has Audrey achieved so far?

As of 2020, her YouTube channel has 2.04 million subscribers and her Instagram page has 330,000 followers.

What are her siblings’ channels called?

Her sister Jordan’s YouTube channel is named “JustJordan33,” while her brothers Jake and Ty call their channel “Jake and Ty.”

What’s her husband’s profession?

He’s a musician.

Audrey’s birthday dates

2024October 15Tuesday
2025October 15Wednesday
2026October 15Thursday
2027October 15Friday
2028October 15Sunday

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