50 Cent

50 Cent, born Curtis James Jackson III on July 6, 1975, is one of hip hop’s most famous and iconic stars. Despite a difficult childhood and upbringing, he has risen above the odds to become a household name. 50 Cent found success as a mainstream rapper in the early 2000s, as well as a prolific businessman — he’s certainly a jack of all trades. The father of two successfully juggles his professional and personal life. Discover fascinating facts about the legendary artist and mogul, and join us in celebrating his birthday today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Curtis James Jackson III


Fiddy, Boo Boo, Interscope

Birth date:

July 6, 1975



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Relationship Status:

In a Relationship

Net Worth:

$40 million

Curtis's Social Media:


Rapper and business mogul 50 Cent is a name everyone in the U.S. music industry knows. His fan base spans all ages, genders, and races. On July 6, 1975, 50 Cent was born as Curtis James Jackson III, making his zodiac sign Cancer. He was born in Queens, a borough in New York City, and spent his childhood in the borough’s South Jamaican neighborhood. His mother, Sabrina, was a drug dealer who died in a fire when Jackson was only eight years old. Jackson never met his father and after his mother died, he was raised by his grandmother. His childhood was challenging, and he took up boxing and drug dealing when he was still in primary school. Despite this, he successfully earned his GED, an alternative to a high school diploma. His name was inspired by 1980s Brooklyn robber, Kevin Martin, who was also known as 50 Cent. He said he chose the name because “it says everything I want it to say. I’m the same kind of person 50 Cent was. I provide for myself by any means.”

When 50 Cent was in his late teens, he began an amateur rap career. At the age of 21, he met D.J. Jam Master Jay of the hip-hop group Run-DMC. Jay taught him many important aspects of songwriting and music production, such as how to structure songs, write choruses, count bars, and make records. In 2000, 50 Cent recorded his first album, “Power of the Dollar,” but it was never released. However, the lead single from the album, ‘How to Rob,’ was released commercially and found great success. Jackson’s official debut mixtape, “Guess Who’s Back?” was released in 2002, contributing to his rise to fame.

Eminem, another rapper, heard the mixtape and was so impressed that he flew 50 Cent out to meet producer, Dr. Dre. In 2003, 50 Cent released his debut album titled “Get Rich Or Die Tryin,’” which became an instant commercial success. Two years later, he released “The Massacre,” his second commercially successful album. His 2007 album, “Curtis,” was the second best-selling album of the year, trailing only rapper Kanye West’s “Graduation.”

He released his fourth album, “Before I Self Destruct” in 2009, which deviated from his regular sound and received mixed reviews. So for his fifth album, “Animal Ambition” released in 2014, he returned to his roots. That same year, he executive-produced and starred in “Power,” a television series that ran for six seasons. 

The rapper has won numerous awards, including a Grammy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, thirteen Billboard Music Awards, six World Music Awards, and more. In 2023, Billboard ranked him as the 17th best rapper of all time on their “50 Greatest rappers” list. Additionally, they named him the sixth top artist of the 2000s decade.

50 Cent has been involved in several business ventures. In 2003, he established his record label, G-Unit Records, named after the East Coast rap group of the same name, of which he was a key member. He also launched a clothing company based on the group and in 2003, he partnered with Reebok to release a line of G-Unit sneakers. Additionally, he has a publishing company called G-Unit Books and a film production company called G-Unit Films, both named after his rap group. He is an avid gym-goer and a health-conscious individual. In 2004, he partnered with the bottled water company Glaceau to release an enhanced water drink named Formula 50. He also serves as a spokesperson for another bottled water brand, Vitamin Water. He is also licensed to promote boxing in New York.

He is currently dating Cuban Link, an Instagram celebrity and model. They stepped out publicly in 2019 when they attended the premiere of the sixth season of “Power.”

Career timeline

He Records “Power of the Dollar”

50 Cent records his first album, “Power of the Dollar,” although it is never formally released.

He Releases His First Official Mixtape

The mixtape titled “Guess Who’s Back?” finds commercial success.

The Rapper Releases His First Album

His official debut album, “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’,” becomes an almost instant Billboard hit.

He Establishes His Record Label

The rapper creates G-Unit Records, which is named after his rap group.

He Releases His Second Album

His popularity continues to grow with the release of “The Massacre.”

His Third Studio Album is Released

The rapper’s musical success reaches its zenith with his album “Curtis.”

His Fourth Album is Released

He releases "Before I Self Destruct" and it's met with mixed reviews.

His Fifth Album is Released

With "Animal Ambition," he returns to his roots and signature sound.


He executive-produces and stars in the series, which runs for six seasons.

A Great Achievement

Billboard ranks him as the 17th best rapper of all time on their "50 Greatest rappers" list.

Why We Love 50 Cent

  1. He’s a survivor

    50 Cent is a source of inspiration to many, having overcome his days as a gangster, a near-fatal shooting, and being orphaned. He is a true representation of how one’s life can significantly improve no matter the circumstances.

  2. He’s a philanthropist

    The rapper launched a charity called Street King, which aims to provide daily meals for children in Africa who require food. We always love a man who gives back to society.

  3. His music speaks to a lot of people

    People of all ages, genders, and races resonate with his lyrics. Talk about universal influence!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was shot nine times

    The rapper was shot in a surprise attack, allegedly by Mike Tyson’s bodyguard.

  2. “50 Cent” is a legal trademark

    He successfully applied to have his name made a legal trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

  3. He owns shares in a Dutch vodka

    The rapper is a shareholder in a vodka brand from the Netherlands called Effen Vodka.

  4. He’s a fashion designer

    He is the chief designer of a line of underwear for the luxury brand, FRIGO Revolution Wear.

  5. His political affiliations

    He supported former President George W. Bush in his Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, thereafter supporting then-president Barack Obama.

50 Cent FAQs

Why did 50 Cent get shot?

While the reason is unclear, court testimony revealed he was targeted after writing a disparaging song about Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, a drug kingpin.

Did Ja Rule stab 50 Cent?

No, but a representative from Ja Rule’s label, Murder Inc. Records attacked him and he needed three stitches.

Are Eminem and 50 Cent still friends?

Yes, the two rappers are still in close contact with each other.

50 Cent’s birthday dates

2024July 6Saturday
2025July 6Sunday
2026July 6Monday
2027July 6Tuesday
2028July 6Thursday

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