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Abigail Day – December 27, 2024

Abigail Day is celebrated on December 27 every year. It is almost the end of the year, but it is never too late to show our appreciation for all the Abigails we love. It is mostly used as a female given name, though it has been used for boys and as a surname. It comes from the Hebrew name ‘Avigail,’ which means ‘my father’s joy.’ You don’t have to be religious to find beauty in this classic biblical name.

History of Abigail Day

The name Abigail has been around since the Old Testament, as seen in the Book of Samuel, in the story between David and Nabal. Because Abigail became the wife and ‘handmaid of King David,’ in the early 1600s, the name was used as a term for a lady’s maid. This probably led to its falling from favor for a time. In the U.S., three First Ladies have borne the name. Television shows featured characters with the same name on “Days of Our Lives,” “Skins,” and “Mad Men.” Its recent rise in usage could be owed to celebrities such as Abigail Breslin and Abigail Spencer.

Abigail has maintained its popularity throughout the last decade, according to Social Security Administration data. It’s been included in the top ten list since 2001, peaking at number four in 2005. In 2020, it was the thirteenth most popular girl name. In the same year, 7,817 baby girls were given the name, and one out of every 224 girls born was named Abigail.

Are there a lot of Abigails out there? In a group of 10,000 people, there would be 22 girls called Abigail, if we assume the naming preferences and birth rate stay the same as in 2020. If a person named Abigail would meet 10,000 people during their lifetime, they would have a 99.999% chance of coming across at least one other person with the same name. How about meeting them in school? In the U.S., where the average elementary class size is 482, there would be a 65.056% chance of sharing the school halls with someone named Abigail.

Abigail Day timeline

The U.S. First Lady

Abigail Adams, the wife of President John Adams, speaks up for women’s interests during America’s fight for independence from Great Britain.

The Proponent of Women’s Suffrage

Abigail S. Duniway appears before Oregon's legislature to talk advance the case for women’s suffrage.

The Death of an Heiress

Coffee heiress Abigail Folger is among a group of friends murdered by Charles Manson’s ‘family’ while visiting actress Sharon Tate’s home in California.

The Personal Photo-Journal

Abigail Heyman publishes a book, “Growing Up Female: A Personal Photo-Journal,” where she uses photos to illustrate the oppressiveness of traditional female roles.

Abigail Day FAQs

Is Abigail a popular name in the U.S.?

Yes. As of 2020, it was the thirteenth most popular girl’s name.

Can Abigail be a boy’s name?

The name Abigail is more commonly given to girls. Its male version is Abbot, Abel, or Abelardo.

What is a nickname for Abigail?

Abbey, Abbi, and Abbie are some nicknames for Abigail. Sometimes, Gail can also be used as well.

Abigail Day Activities

  1. Read books with authors named Abigail

    Abigails can write! The gripping “Girl A” by Abigail Deen, the moving “If I Fix You” by Abigail Johnson, and the dazzling “Golden Boy” by Abigail Tarttelin. These are just a few of the titles you can immerse yourselves in.

  2. Name something Abigail

    It’s not just pets that are in need of names. Some people name their cars and even their plants. You can use the full name, Abigail, or a nickname derived from it like Abbie or Gail.

  3. Spread the joy online

    Post a photo of your favorite person named Abigail on your social media accounts. Add the hashtag #happynationalabigailday and violá! You’ve just wished Abigails a joyful day, wherever they may be.

5 Films Featuring Abigail Breslin

  1. Little Miss Sunshine

    A drama-comedy movie follows a family’s struggle as they travel across the U.S. so their little girl can participate in a beauty pageant.

  2. Zombieland

    She’s cast as one of the sisters in a comedy movie that follows odd yet engaging characters as they try to survive a zombie apocalypse.

  3. Stillwater

    Matt Damon stars as an oil-rig roughneck who visits his imprisoned daughter in France, played by Bersin.

  4. My sister's keeper

    She plays Anna, a girl conceived by her parents mainly to help prolong the life of her older sister who suffers from cancer.

  5. Signs

    She stars as Mel Gibson’s daughter in a film that explores the mysterious real-life phenomena of crop signs and their effects on a rural family.

Why We Love Abigail Day

  1. She’s a purple-haired fairy

    Abby Cadabby is a Muppet character on the children’s show “Sesame Street.” She brings smiles to everyone who watches her

  2. She gave good advice

    Pauline Philips wrote under the pen name Abigail Van Buren in her advice column called “Dear Abby” in 1956. She was a widely read columnist for the sound advice she gave.

  3. She’s the patron saint of beekeepers

    Not only was she a skilled beekeeper, but St. Abigail was also known for using herbal medicine to heal people and protecting her village from the plague. This Irish saint is also known as ‘Gobnait,’ which is Irish for ‘Abigail and ‘Deborah.’

Abigail Day dates

2024December 27Friday
2025December 27Saturday
2026December 27Sunday
2027December 27Monday
2028December 27Wednesday

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