​National Cinnamon Roll Day – October 4, 2019

Fri Oct 4

A warm buttery bun with sugar, honey, and cinnamon — sweet treats are made of these and who are we to disagree! Everyone loves cinnamon rolls. And everyone has their special favorite. Now on National Cinnamon Roll Day, held annually on October 4, you can indulge yourself. This day was first celebrated in Sweden 19 years back and the love for this day still stays sweet. All over the country people bake and enjoy various types of cinnamon rolls on this day. So let the sweet times roll!

​National Cinnamon Roll Day - History


First celebration

​In 1999 Sweden's Hembakningsrådet ("Home Baking Council") created Cinnamon Roll Day to celebrate its 40th anniversary.


​America's first Cinnabon store

The first Cinnabon store opened in Federal Way, Washington. The rolls became popular very quickly.


Created after World War I

​'Kanelbulle' was created in Sweden after the war, but cinnamon and cardamom were so expensive that few could afford these sweet treats.

​18th Century

​Philadelphia-style cinnamon roll was born

​Honey, sugar, cinnamon and raisins — all things nice, that's what these rolls were made of!

​2000 BC

​Rolls from Egypt to China

​There is evidence to show that cinnamon rolls were imported from Egypt to China for monarchs and royalty. The commoners couldn't afford them!

​National Cinnamon Roll Day Activities

  1. Start your day on a sweet note

    Have one for breakfast with a pot of freshly brewed coffee and have a sweet day!

  2. Learn to bake some

    There is nothing like a fresh roll right out of the oven. Find some recipes online and surprise your housemates with an amazing treat.

  3. Give the gift of sweetness

    Pay it forward. Bake or buy a batch and give to those who are less fortunate. Sweetness multiplies when shared!

​5 Reasons We Love Cinnamon Rolls

  1. ​The original rolls were Swedish

    The Swedish rolls are less sweet than their American cousins but just as delicious. The dough also has a tiny bit of cardamom. Interesting!

  2. They have many names

    ​Of all the names, "cinnamon snail" is the most bizarre! They are also called sticky buns, cinnamon buns, cinnamon swirl, and cinnamon danish.

  3. Cinnamon is the spice of the rich

    ​In the Middle Ages only the wealthy could afford cinnamon. In fact the more spices you could buy, the richer you were!

  4. Cinnamon spices up your health

    ​Cinnamon is known in herbal and holistic medicines to treat diabetes, arthritis, high cholesterol, and many other ailments.

  5. ​Meet the Gut Bomb

    ​The American Cinnabon Classic is called the 'Gut Bomb' because it contains 880 calories and 14 teaspoonfuls of sugar!

Why We Love ​National Cinnamon Roll Day

  1. It's a mighty sweet roll

    A warm sweet roll with the goodness of butter and the flavor and aroma of cinnamon. What's not to love?

  2. It has cinnamon!

    Of all the spices, we love cinnamon the most. It tastes great and baking with it makes the whole house smell festive. It's even good for your health!

  3. Worldwide appeal

    From Sweden to America, to Egypt, China, and every country in between, you'll find sweet cinnamon rolls of all kinds.

​National Cinnamon Roll Day dates
2019October 4Friday
2020October 4Sunday
2021October 4Monday
2022October 4Tuesday
2023October 4Wednesday