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WedFeb 5

National Signing Day – February 5, 2025

Are you ready for some football? We hope so, because February 5 is National Signing Day! Where do you see yourself in five years? Does this simple question lead you into a malaise of existential dread? Then try being a high school recruit deciding on a college on the first Wednesday in February every year. On February 5, National Signing Day, a whole group of high school football players are eligible to commit to the college of their choice. Some of the most talented players announce their decisions in front of television cameras and their entire school. So don’t sweat your next five years—at least you don’t have to make your decisions in front of an audience.

National Signing Day timeline

November 6, 1869
Rutgers vs. Princeton

Rutgers University and Princeton University faced off in the first-ever game of intercollegiate football.

NCAA Manages Letter of Intent

The NCAA started the management and administration of National Letters of Intent.

Early Signing Days Prohibited

The NCAA decided to hold one official day when recruits commit to colleges.

Early Signing Reinstated

The NCAA reinstates early signing in football.

National Signing Day Activities

  1. Play a game of football

    Grab a couple of friends and head to the local park. Catch, run, and throw your way to glory. This is your chance to do your best impersonations of your favorite players. And while you might not be signing a letter of intent on National Signing Day, you can still do your best dance in the end zone after scoring a touch down. 

  2. Relive your favorite plays

    The college football season and the NFL season might have ended but there are plenty of historic replays to rewatch. What was your favorite catch? Do you remember where you were when your favorite team got that season-changing victory? Commemorate those moments by rewatching them again and again and again. 

  3. Play video games 

    Yeah, it's not the same thing as actually playing football, but not everyone can run a 40 yard dash in just under five seconds. Load your favorite game and pretend you're the mega athlete you always wanted to be. People might not look at you like a conquering hero outside the confines of your living room, but hey, you don't chase greatness for the accolades.

Facts About NCAA College Football Stadiums

  1. Most Sellouts

    The Nebraska Cornhuskers' Memorial Stadium has the longest streak of sellouts of any stadium in the country

  2. East to West

    Oklahoma State's Boone Pickens Stadium is the only stadium that goes east to west (as opposed to north to south. The reason? Strong winds!

  3. Biggest Stadium

    Michigan Stadium is the largest football stadium in the country with a capacity of 109,901 seats.

  4. First Bowl-shaped Stadium

    Yale's Yale Bowl was the first stadium to be built in the shape of a bowl.

  5. Highest Altitude

    The University of Wyoming's War Memorial Stadium stands at 7,220 feet.

Why We Love National Signing Day

  1. A new start for our favorite teams 

    No matter how your favorite college football team finished last year, National Signing Day means an opportunity for restored hope. A new quarterback or linebacker could mean the difference between a heartbreaking loss and a triumphant victory. National Signing Day means the the opportunity for fans to dream big once again. 

  2. It gives us new heroes to root for 

    Every year our favorite colleges players filter into the NFL, CFL, AFL, or into a job that has nothing to do with football at all. As players that you've become a fan of get ready to graduate, it's fun to choose new players that you'll root for over the course of the next four years. National Signing Day is where it begins for all of them. 

  3. The announcement is a huge celebration

    Some of the most talented players often throw big press conferences with tons of showmanship to announce their intent. There are often crowds, cameras, and emotionally-spent family members in attendance. When the player finally makes his decision, look for the smile that crosses the player's face when the people in attendance start cheering.

National Signing Day dates

2021February 3Wednesday
2022February 2Wednesday
2023February 1Wednesday
2024February 7Wednesday
2025February 5Wednesday

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