January 18th Birthdays

We have 10 birthdays listed for January 18.

January 18th is the eighteenth day in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, Australia's worst-ever rail disaster occurred in Sydney, killing 83; off the coast of San Francisco, a plane landed on a ship for the first time; and King Henry VII married Elizabeth of York. Famous birthdays include Kevin Costner, Angelique Kerber, and Cary Grant. January 18th also marks National Winnie the Poo Day and National Thesaurus Day.

Lps Dave’s Birthday

For this cool YouTuber, all we have to say is we sure love timeless classics.


Karan Brar’s Birthday

This young actor's contribution to making childhood entertainment memorable is valued by the Gen-Z generation.


Kevin Costner’s Birthday

Known as one of Hollywood’s most generous actors, we’re excited to celebrate his birthday.


Jonathan Davis’s Birthday

His distinctive personality and great music influenced the next generation of musicians and performers.


Isaac Elliot Rivera’s Birthday

We are looking forward to what this budding reality star achieves for himself.


Eugene Lee Yang’s Birthday

The possibilities are endless for this multi-talented celebrity, and we’d love to see them.


Cary Grant’s Birthday

Cary Grant might be from a different time, but his work is still relevant today.


AA Milne’s Birthday

A pioneer in children’s literature, Milne contributed immensely to this genre throughout his entire career.