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Hungary Republic Day – October 23, 2023

Hungary Republic Day is celebrated on October 23 every year in memory of the 1956 revolution and the proclamation of Hungary as a republic. This day is a national holiday in Hungary, as noted in the country’s constitution. Hungary Republic Day is an important day for Hungarian citizens who honor those who revolted against Soviet rule. The day also celebrates the first free parliamentary election that led to the declaration of Hungary as a free republic. The holiday is celebrated throughout the country with exhibitions and speeches that celebrate the Hungarian people and culture.

History of Hungary Republic Day

Hungary Republic Day is celebrated on October 23 and is a national holiday in Hungary. This holiday is celebrated every year, and it is a day commemorating two of the most significant events in the country’s history. The first event commemorated on October 23 through Hungary Republic Day is the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The Stalinist government ruled the Hungarian People’s Republic under the U.S.S.R. The military occupation of Hungary came about as a result of the politics of the Kingdom of Hungary during World War II.

Under the Stalinist government, thousands of non-communist Hungarians were relocated, with their housing confiscated in an attempt to consolidate the power of the government. A concerted effort was made to control the country through cultural control. The government introduced the Russian language and Communist political philosophy in schools, and these studies were compulsory for all students. There was a significant economic decline during this time as well. These factors precipitated a protest by university students at the Parliament building. The students were detained, and when this was protested, several protestors were shot and killed, leading to a full-blown revolution.

The second event commemorated by Hungary Republic Day is the proclamation of the Third Republic of Hungary, under which Hungary was declared a free republic. The Communist Party did poorly, resulting in the formation of a coalition government. This new government oversaw the departure of Soviet troops from the country. Both these events are of immense national importance for the people of Hungary.

Hungary Republic Day timeline

University Students Protest Against the Government

University students bring people together to protest in front of the Parliament building against the Soviet government taking over Hungary socially and politically.

Commemorative Statue Built in America

Hungarian Americans come together and have a statue made to commemorate the freedom fighters of Hungary in Los Angeles, California.

The First Free Parliamentary Election

Following the many upheavals in the country, Hungary's first free parliamentary election is held, resulting in a coalition government.

Soviet Troops Leave Hungary

The U.S.S.R. cannot retake control of Hungary, the communist party is severely diminished, and Soviet troops and civilians leave the country.

Hungary Republic Day FAQs

What is Hungary's main religion?

Nearly 40% of the population identify as Roman Catholic, 11,6% as Calvinist, 2,2% as Lutheran, 1,8% as Greek Catholic, and 1,9% as some other religion.

What languages do they speak in Hungary?

The official language of Hungary is Hungarian, which is a Uralic language.

How did Hungary gain independence?

The Treaty of St. Germain recognized Hungary’s independence from Austria on September 10, 1919.

How to Observe Hungary Republic Day

  1. Visit the Hungarian capital

    Hungary Republic Day is commemorated with exhibitions and speeches concentrated in the capital. Head over to Budapest and see what events you can attend on this day.

  2. Talk about the freedom fighters

    Sharing stories about the freedom fighters is a great way to honor their memory and efforts. Get your friends and family together and discuss the Hungarian revolution with them.

  3. Attend the events

    One of the best ways to celebrate the day is by participating in organized events. Head over to an exhibition or listen to a speech and educate yourself about the events that affected Hungarian history.

5 Facts About Hungary That You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. Hungary betrayed the Axis Powers

    Hungary’s betrayal of the Axis Powers during World War II led to the Soviet occupation of the country.

  2. Hungary participated in the Holocaust

    After Germany occupied the country during World War II, thousands of Jewish people were deported to Auschwitz by the Hungarian police.

  3. The 1956 Revolution failed

    While the revolution was important as a turning point for the Hungarian people, it was crushed by Soviet troops, with thousands of people executed or imprisoned.

  4. Economic decline forced the Soviets out

    With the decline of the Soviet government and the growing economic stagnation, reformists in Hungary saw a new opportunity to convert Hungary to a democracy.

  5. The shift to capitalism had consequences

    Rapid privatization and the removal of state subsidies drove the country into an economic recession.

Why Hungary Republic Day is Important

  1. We love the history

    We think Hungary’s history is important to the citizens and the world. We love celebrating a country’s history on special days.

  2. We want to honor the freedom fighters

    A lot of people gave up their lives for Hungary’s independence. It took a lot of protests and work for Hungary to finally be free of Soviet influence, and this is the perfect day to honor the people who did the work.

  3. We appreciate the transformation

    Hungary has changed politically from what it was during World War II. It’s all because the people decided to be independent, and we appreciate the change!

Hungary Republic Day dates

2023October 23Monday
2024October 23Wednesday
2025October 23Thursday
2026October 23Friday
2027October 23Saturday

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