40 Christmas Gifts for Women

Our Best 3 Picks


Michael Kors Women’s Slim Runway Three-Hand Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

With a 20 mm band width and scratch-resistant crystal glass.

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Also Great

Women’s Fashion Shawl

From premium cotton, it's warm and will cover the head and shoulders.

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Good on a Budget

Inspirational and Encouraging Cards

It measures 8" x 4" and is made of lightweight natural wood.

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Unique Christmas Gifts for Women

20 Oz Stainless Steel Tumbler

Designed to keep drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 12 hours.

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Hummingbird Solar Chimes

A 6 hour solar charge allows it to glow for 8 hours at night.

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Beanie, Touchscreen Gloves, and Long Scarf Set

A warm 3-in-1 winter set made of stretchy, skin-friendly fabric.

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925 Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

2.44" long, made from solid 3.5 g silver, and with 18k gold plating.

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Catalonia Wearable Blanket with Sleeves and Pocket

Designed with an open back for easy wear and is a one size fits all.

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12-Inch Screen Makeup Mirror with 24 LED Lights

The 10x magnification spot mirror offers a closer, detailed view.

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Santa Hat Christmas Beanie

It's winter warm, cable-knit from 100% acrylic, and fits everyone.

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Light Up Rose in Glass Dome

A beautiful decorative- or night light, powered by 3 AAA batteries.

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Fun Christmas Gifts for Women

“Nightmare Before Christmas” 5-Pack No-Show Socks

Machine washable and made from comfy, stretchy, breathable fabric.

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“How Women Tell Time” Wine and Mug Rack

“How Women Tell Time” Wine and Mug Rack

The sturdy, easy-to-install wine- and mug rack arrives gift-wrapped.

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Funny Scented Candle

A 9 oz candle made from natural soy wax with a 50 hour burn time.

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Don’t Speak! Coffee Mug

Printed with durable ink, it's dishwasher and microwave safe.

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Blue Leaves Coworker Makeup Bag

It's made of waterproof fabric and linen, and has an anti-slip slider.

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Snoozies Pairable Slipper Socks

It has an anti-skid sole and the fleece sherpa lining keeps feet warm.

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“I’m Grumpy Deal With It” T-shirt

It's lightweight, has a classic fit and comes with 5 color options.

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5 Funny Wine Stoppers

They are leak free, reusable, and made of food grade silicone.

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Luxury Christmas Gifts for Women

Heating Pad for Pain Relief

Fast heating with an ergonomic LED controller and 6 heating levels.

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Love Heart Pendant Necklace

Comes inlaid with a birthstone-themed gem-quality 5A cubic zirconia.

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24 Tea Varieties in Luxury Gift Box

Contains loose leaf teas in black, green, herbal, and masala flavors.

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Luxury Bath and Body Gift Christmas Gifts Basket

Contains 30 assorted pink grapefruit home spa products and cosmetics.

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SWAROVSKI Rhodium and Rose Gold Tone Finish Bangles

It's a statement piece comprising delicately cut, sparkly crystals.

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Michael Kors Women’s Slim Runway Three-Hand Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

With a 20 mm band width and scratch-resistant crystal glass.

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Foot and Leg Massager with Heat

With 9 massage techniques — adjust the mode and intensity via remote.

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24K Rose Gold Bath Bombs Set

It has organic Ingredients that relieve sore muscles and hydrate skin.

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Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Women

Engraved Night Light

It's made of acrylic and is USB powered.

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Inspirational and Encouraging Cards

It measures 8" x 4" and is made of lightweight natural wood.

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Metal Feather Bookmark

Made of alloy metal, it's lead-free, fade-resistant, and lightweight.

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Vintage-style Pen Case

Comes as a set of 8 washable, wear resistant, multi-use canvas bags.

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20-Pack Body Cream

From natural plant extracts, it suits all skin types and isn't greasy.

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Women’s Fashion Shawl

From premium cotton, it's warm and will cover the head and shoulders.

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5-Pack Lip Balm Gift Set

Made of 100% natural beeswax, it's gentle on ultra-sensitive lips.

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“Mini Devotions For Women”

184 pages of 180 short teachings to build and boost your faith.

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Real Preserved Rose and Engraved Wooden Box Set

With a crystal rose, a 5A cubic zirconia pendant and a pine gift box.

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JTEMAN Cell Phone Stand

Adjustable, with Bluetooth speakers for iOS and Android devices.

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Rose Gold Compact Makeup Mirror

Rose Gold Compact Makeup Mirror

The message is laser engraved to ensure it stays clear and sharp.

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Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Set

Includes 3 hand moisturizing products and one pair of cotton gloves.

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6-Pack Candles for Home

6 different scented soy wax candles with 20 to 25 hours burn time.

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Ferrero Rocher Collection

48 pcs of varied hazelnut milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and coconut.

Buy Now for $28.58 ($1.57 / Ounce)

Avidlove Lingerie

Made of elastic lace mesh fabric that can be hand or machine washed.

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Hanes Women’s Sweatpants

Designed without pockets from thick cotton fleece to keep you warm.

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You have a couple of special women in your life that you want to celebrate this Christmas but where do you start? How do you determine the perfect gift for wife, mum, grandma, girlfriend, fiancée, sister, niece, co-worker, or BFF? We are here to help you navigate through the often hectic Christmas shopping by curating some of the best gifts for women.

Choosing the best Christmas gifts for women

Christmas shopping requires planning and organization. Once you determine how much money you have to spend, then make a list of the women in your life that you intend to shop for. Realize that ideal gifts will need to factor in the type of relationship you have, their age, interests, and individual preferences — it is not a one size fits all. 

Among the women you want to give Christmas gifts to, you could for example identify those who love to cook, the music lovers, the outdoor enthusiasts, or the tech experts then pick the gifts that align with these specifics. All ensure that you choose gifts in line with your relationship status. So, while it is completely appropriate to get sexy lingerie for your wife, the same cannot be said for giving such a gift to your co-worker.

How we identified the best Christmas gifts for women

We identified Christmas gifts that’ll help you pass a definite message to the women in your life because we realize that gifts act as a medium to pass on a particular message. As writer Emily Ker, of the ‘Journey’ blog, says: “Too often we give gifts ‘just because’. ‘Just because it’s what we do on Christmas’. But it’s important to think about why you’re giving your gift to this person. What do you want to thank them for, or what are you appreciating about them? It could be something as simple as ‘thank you for being my friend’, or as detailed as ‘thank you for doing this certain thing for me in my time of need.’ Whatever it is, reflecting on what you’re gifting for is a part of being mindful and intentional.”

In that context, our gift selection has items that say ‘I love you very much!’ such as the Forever Love heart pendant necklace or the preserved red real rose engraved wooden gift set. We have another selection that says ‘I care for your comfort’ such as the wearable blanket with sleeves and pocket or the beanie, touchscreen gloves, and long scarf set. Ultimately our curated list will help you show gratitude for the women in your life that you care so much about.

Tips for buying the best Christmas gifts for women

  1. Opt for solicited gifts

Research into gift giving found that people actually appreciate gifts they asked for more than those they did not. These findings were captured in a 2011 report that was published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. So, if you are struggling to come up with gifts to give, just ask them what they’d like.

  1. Make them personal

When shopping for Christmas gifts for women, get gifts that celebrate their individual sense of style. Consider what color they like or what they enjoy doing — basically let the gift reflect the recipient’s personality.

  1. Avoid the last-minute shopping stress

We are all familiar with the crazy holiday dash of gift shopping and wrapping; of scouring for the best discounts and ensuring you have all the items you need before the festivities officially kick off. Avoid all this hassle by starting your gift shopping well in advance.