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St. Patrick’s Day Sayings

15 Irish St. Patrick’s Day Sayings

St. Patrick’s Day is about more than green beer, pinching those who forgot to wear green, and searching for gold coins. The Irish have many…

Merry Christmas Wishes

Top 21 Merry Christmas Wishes

Holiday greetings are a great way to spread cheer and joy during the winter. Here are the top 21 different ways to wish someone “Merry Christmas.”

Christmas Trivia

Top 15 Fascinating Christmas Trivia

Whether you’re religious or not, we all know a bit about the basics of Christmas. Memorize these trivia facts to impress at your next holiday gathering.


Funniest Thanksgiving Jokes

Thanksgiving can get stressful. National Today encourages you laugh it off with some of the funniest Thanksgiving jokes we could find.


22 Inspiring Thanksgiving Quotes

It's rough out there. When times turn turbulent, a little gratitude can help. Just taking a few moments to reflect on what's going right can work wonders.

Veterans Day

25 Inspiring Veterans Day Quotes

Here are 25 inspiring Veterans Day quotes from men and women who have helped shape our history. Read on to discover the true meaning of the day.

Halloween Jokes

Top 10 Halloween Jokes

The funniest list of family friendly Halloween jokes for the whole family. Will have you grinning ear to ear!

Halloween Puns

Top 10 Halloween Puns

Halloween is approaching! Whether you're a Dad who enjoys the disappointed groans of his family after a particularly bad fun, or just a pun lover...

Adult Halloween Games

Top 12 Adult Halloween Games

Looking for some creepy, adult halloween games for your workplace or house party? Look no further than this list, from Wink Murder to....

25 Favorite Halloween Couples Costumes

Split your Halloween costume fun with a friend! Here are some of our favorite Halloween couples costumes to try out at your upcoming parties.