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Adult Halloween Games

Top 12 Adult Halloween Games

Looking for some creepy, adult halloween games for your workplace or house party? Look no further than this list, from Wink Murder to....

25 Favorite Halloween Couples Costumes

Split your Halloween costume fun with a friend! Here are some of our favorite Halloween couples costumes to try out at your upcoming parties.

18 Spooky Halloween Food Ideas

Scary recipes to match your scary costumes! Here are 18 spooky Halloween food ideas you can cook up for all of your ghoulish Halloween parties.

10 Fun Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Spiders, ghosts, mummies and more. Here are 10 ghoulishly fun Halloween craft ideas to get your kids ready for the big day.

Top 31 Scary Quotes for Halloween

Scary. Spooky. Sublime. Here are 31 frightening, but quite literary Halloween quotes to get you through each ghoulish day of October.

5 Appropriate Greetings for Yom Kippur

5 Appropriate Greetings for Yom Kippur

We celebrate most holidays with a "happy x" — but that doesn't apply for Yom Kippur greetings. Learn this Jewish holiday's traditional greetings here.