Ignazio Boschetto

Ignazio Boschetto is an Italian singer born on October 4, 1994. He is best known as a member of Il Volo, the Italian operatic pop trio. Boschetto has been part of the trio since its inception in 2010. He met band members Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble at the 2009 “Ti lascio una canzone” competition where they performed as solo artists. By the end of the show, the trio performed together and became Il Volo soon after. Boschetto has been singing since his childhood and has since become a talented artist. His journey is worth celebrating today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ignazio Boschetto

Birth date:

October 4, 1994



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Ignazio's Social Media:


Ignazio Boschetto is an Italian singer whose talents have earned him recognition and success. He’s a Libra, born on October 4, 1994, in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, in Northern Italy although he grew up in Sicily. His parents are Vito Boschetto and Caterina Licari. Boschetto also has a sister, Antonina. His musical interests began at age three when he would often sing to his parents.

Boschetto is known for the rich, velvety timbre of his voice. He participated in many talent competitions and eventually emerged victorious. In 2009, he participated in the television-aired singing competition, “Ti lascio una Canzone.” Each of his episodic performances was met with an ovation. In the show’s fourth episode, he performed alongside Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble as a trio singing ‘O’ Sole Mio.’ He reached the finals of the show, and after a few name tweaks, the trio became known as Il Volo. In November 2010, they released their eponymous debut album which peaked at number six on the Italian Albums Chart. From there, the trio performed at multiple television shows to promote the album. “Il Volo” received two nominations at the 12th Latin Grammy Awards. In November 2012, the group released their second album, “We Are Love,” and because of its success, they went on to release a Spanish version of it in April 2013. The trio went on to release more albums and perform at coveted shows and in November 2021, they released the tribute album, “Il Volo Sings Morricone,” dedicated to Maestro Morricone.

Boschetto is an incredibly talented singer and an indispensable member of Il Volo. As one with such talent and success, his personal life is public and we know that Boschetto is in a relationship with Ana Paula Guedes.

Career timeline

The Music Competition

Boschetto participates as a contestant in the Italian music competition “Ti Lascio Una Canzone.”

The Debut Studio Album

Boschetto, as a member of Il Volo, releases its eponymous debut studio album.

The Second Album

Il Volo’s second music compilation is entitled “We Are Love.”

The Tribute Album

Il Volo releases “Il Volo Sings Morricone” as a tribute album to Maestro Morricone.

Why We Love Ignazio Boschetto

  1. He’s talented

    Boschetto’s voice is a powerful, lyrical tenor. He has a wide vocal range which he presents in a clear, bright way.

  2. He’s handsome

    Boschetto is a good-looking young man. Making him the perfect public figure.

  3. He’s hardworking

    Boschetto puts a lot of effort into his craft. He also keeps seeking out opportunities to grow his career.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He speaks three languages

    Boschetto speaks and sings in English, Italian and Spanish.

  2. He plays many musical instruments

    Boschetto plays the guitar, the drums, and the piano.

  3. His group also won Sanremo

    In 2015, Il Volo won the popular Italian music festival.

  4. He is a soccer fan

    Boschetto supports Juventus.

  5. He supports charity

    Boschetto was a guest at an AIRC benefit soccer match.

Ignazio Boschetto FAQs

What does Il Volo mean in Italian?

Il Volo means flight.

Where does Gianluca Ginoble live?

Gionoble, another member of Il Volo lives in Montepagano.

Who is Gianluca Ginoble’s father?

Ginoble’s father is Ercole Ginoble.

Ignazio Boschetto’s birthday dates

2024October 4Friday
2025October 4Saturday
2026October 4Sunday
2027October 4Monday
2028October 4Wednesday

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