Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos, better known as ‘Greekgodx,’ was born on October 6, 1992, in England. His eSports career began after he quit his job at a restaurant. One day, while playing “H1Z1,” he was talking in-game when some players enquired if he was a streamer. He told them that he wasn’t, but was given a chance because they felt that he had a good R.P.G. voice, and the rest is history! Today, he’s one of the most recognizable Twitch streamers in the world. Celebrate his special day with very interesting insights about his life.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Dimitri Raymondo Antonatos

Birth date:

October 6, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7.71"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.1 million

Dimitri's Social Media:


Greekgodx worked a string of really bad jobs; after quitting the last one at a restaurant, he spent his time searching for work and playing “H1Z1: Just Survive,” when he was spotted by one of the players. They liked his voice and he was given a chance.

One of his pranks was broadcasting the Sodapoppin snipe. Chat loved him, which caused Sodapoppin to invite him to play together, which they continued to do daily for almost a year. He began to gain popularity for his gameplay and sniping antics in the streaming community. This led to a steep rise in his fan following and his channel started to grow. However, due to some personal issues, he was fickle while streaming for quite some time. He joined the T.S.M. streaming team in the year 2020 and became a variety streamer, playing countless games on his channel and streaming the same to his fans. His big break came when he was given the chance to play with Tyler1. Antonatos was a notorious stream sniper who stalked Tyler whenever he played “H1Z1.” He invited Greekgodx to play the game in late 2016, and the community adored their chemistry.

He was one of the contestants in “Minecraft Monday” Week seven as a member of team one with Loltyler1. He also competed in the eighth week as a member of Team 18 with Tyler, again. In addition to everything else he does, he also streams his commentary on “League of Legends” matches. Although he received some flak for his controversial comments on women and their primary role as caregivers, the Earth being flat and such, his popularity is still unaffected and he has 1.6 million followers on Twitch. All of his content is available on YouTube.

Career timeline

He Begins Streaming

He starts streaming "H1Z1" on YouTube with the support of his friends.

He Plays the Host

He starts and hosts a talk show on his YouTube channel.

His Inspiring Weight Loss

He sheds considerable body weight and becomes much fitter and toned, which fans find very inspiring.

He says Goodbye to T.S.M.

After two years, he says goodbye to the e-sports organization, T.S.M.

Why We Love GreekGodx

  1. Mental health is important to him

    We know that Greekgodx has had a few episodes that have affected his mental health. He's not shy about talking about it, and whenever he feels like he's not in a good place, he lets his fans know.

  2. He has healthy habits

    Greekgodx healthily lost a lot of weight by careful dieting and regular exercising. He doesn't encourage unhealthy habits. His transformation is seen as an inspiration.

  3. He has a great sense of humor

    His followers won't let us lie! Besides that, he declares himself a local Twitch idiot. To make such a statement, one has to have a great sense of humor. He often makes silly statements that make people laugh.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He loves sports

    He is into sports and loves to play basketball. He also enjoys working out.

  2. He’s close to his mom

    Although they don't live together anymore, Greekgodx always makes sure to call his mother and keep in touch.

  3. His sponsorship

    He is sponsored by Postmates.

  4. His passion for Shrek

    He has a fascination with “Shrek;” he keeps on posting photo montages comparing himself to the human version of Shrek.

  5. His personal life

    Even though his mother appeared on one of his streams, he doesn't talk much about his family.

GreekGodx FAQs

Is Greekgodx from Greece?

Despite his nickname, he was born in England.

Are Greekgodx and Tyler1 still friends?

Tyler1 and Greekgodx have been friends on Twitch for years, with the latter first gaining publicity by altering Tyler1’s streams and showing up in some of his content.

What did Greekgodx do to Mizkif?

Greekgodx has been feuding with Mizkif ever since the latter claimed he was desperate for any content following the drama that ensued after Natalia ‘Alinity’ Mogollon accused a waiter of being racist towards HAchubby.

GreekGodx’s birthday dates

2024October 6Sunday
2025October 6Monday
2026October 6Tuesday
2027October 6Wednesday
2028October 6Friday

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