Dorit Kemsley

Dorit Kemsley, born on July 14, 1976, is an American reality T.V. star and fashion designer. Kemsley is famous for being part of the main cast of Bravo’s T.V. series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and started her career in 2012. She gained fame during this show and has been on it for six seasons. Kemsley might be a housewife, but she’s also a beautiful entrepreneur who goes after her dreams.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Dorit Kemsley



Birth date:

July 14, 1976



Zodiac Sign:



5' 5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$50 million

Dorit's Social Media:


Dorit Kemsley is a T.V. personality and fashion designer whose authenticity has bestowed a large fanbase upon her. Kemsley was born in Woodbridge, Connecticut to Israeli parents, Shalom and Rachel Lemel, and is of Israeli and Middle-eastern descent. She was raised in her hometown and after high school obtained a degree in marketing, design, and communication from Quinnipiac University.

Kemsley traveled the world after graduating at the age of 19. She settled in Italy, where she worked for a swimwear company for 10 years. This experience gave her the expertise to start her swimwear line called Dorit International in 2009 while living in New York City. However, she went on a two-year hiatus due to getting married and having two kids. In 2017, she returned to the design scene and launched Beverly Beach, another affordable swimwear line made in Los Angeles. The brand expanded to accessories and athleisure in 2019. By 2021, she collaborated with Nektaria, an Australian bridal designer, to release a capsule bridal gown collection that launched the same year.

Kemsley is a famous housewife. She is an entrepreneur and a mother who has proven she can do it all. She has a viable social media presence across various platforms and has collaborated with multiple brands. Kemsley shares her success with her family of four. She met her husband, Paul Kemsley, while in New York City, and the pair got married in 2015. The couple has two lovely kids and a fortune to last generations.

Career timeline

She Launches Dorit International

Kemsley moves to N.Y.C. and launches this fashionable swimwear brand.

She Becomes a “Real Housewife”

Kemsley joins the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

She Launches Beverly Beach

Kemsley creates another swimwear brand in L.A.

She Drops a Bridal Gown Collection

Kemsley works alongside Nektaria to produce a bridal collection.

Why We Love Dorit Kemsley

  1. She’s a fashion icon

    Kemsley is known for her vintage looks and great style. She’s so iconic that “Vogue” did a feature on her.

  2. She has an unusual accent

    Kemsley is Israeli and was raised in Connecticut, but sounds British. Her unusual accent makes her even more fascinating.

  3. She’s a great mother

    Kemsley balances her work life and personal life very well. She always has time for her children who come first in her life.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She was robbed

    Kemsley was robbed at gunpoint in her home, an incident that still traumatizes her.

  2. She’s a great matchmaker

    Kemsley claims she has a skill for matchmaking, as everyone she has set up has gone on to marry and have kids.

  3. Her first designer purchase was Fendi

    Housewives are accustomed to purchasing designer clothes and accessories, and Kemsley revealed her first designer purchase was a Fendi Baguette.

  4. She didn’t taste Coca-Cola until recently

    Kemsley claims she didn’t drink Coca-Cola until she turned 41.

  5. She’s good at “Blackjack”

    Kemsley refers to herself as a “bomb” “Blackjack” player.

Dorit Kemsley FAQs

What is Dorit Kemsley’s salary?

Kemsley makes an average of $100,000 per season.

Who was Paul Kemsley’s first wife?

He was married to Loretta Gold.

Does Dorit Kemsley pay for her clothes?

The reality star pays for every piece in her closet.

Dorit Kemsley’s birthday dates

2024July 14Sunday
2025July 14Monday
2026July 14Tuesday
2027July 14Wednesday
2028July 14Friday

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