Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey, born on February 19, 1967, is a woman of many talents. She began her career as a model and slowly made her name in the world of reality television and cinema. Needless to say, this climb has not been smooth for her. Now at the top of her game, the “R.H.O.A.” star navigates life as a mother, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. So, let’s raise a toast to Bailey and celebrate her special day!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Cynthia Denise Bailey

Birth date:

February 19, 1967



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$2.5 million

Cynthia's Social Media:


Cynthia Denise Bailey was born on February 19, 1967, in Decatur, Alabama, U.S, and brought up in Tuscumbia. Her mother, Barbara, was employed at a sewing factory and her father, Elijah, was an auto factory worker. Growing up, the actress looked up to her grandmother, whose diligence and determination inspired young Bailey. Her grandmother, Mae Frankie Ford, was a woman of many roles, who cleaned houses, sold hamburgers and hotdogs, worked at a factory, and cared for an elderly woman. Deeply moved by her grandmother’s perseverance, Bailey described her as “the first black entrepreneur in her life.”

Growing up, Bailey attended the University of Alabama in Huntsville (U.A.H.). She also participated in beauty pageants and became Deshler High School’s first African-American homecoming queen. After this feat, she competed in a homecoming queen pageant. Despite her defeat in the competition, a talent scout from Wilhelmina Models approached her. Bailey went ahead and signed a contract with the agency, thereby relocating to New York. Soon, she ended up on the cover of “Essence” magazine, which was the top-selling cover in this magazine’s history.

Her next move was to Milan and Paris, wherein Bailey seamlessly walked down the runways of Fashion Week. Eventually, she moved back to New York and landed ad campaigns for Macy’s, Oil of Olay, and Maybelline. She was everywhere — “Elle,” “Glamour,” “Vanity Fair,” “Vogue” — you name it!

Bailey gave birth to a daughter with then-boyfriend Leon Robinson. In 2010, she married Peter Thomas and the union lasted seven years. In 2018, Bailey took another venture into entrepreneurship and set up two accessory lines — Cynthia Bailey Eyewear and Cargo. After her first marriage ended in 2017, Bailey remarried in 2020, tying the knot with the television personality Mike Hill. Over the years, she has featured in numerous television shows, music videos, and movies. She also owns an event space called The Bailey Room, and a wine bar named The Bailey Wine Cellar. In 2022, she competed in “Celebrity Big Brother 3” and ended in the third position.

Career timeline

Bailey’s First Film

The model begins her acting career and stars in “The Dark Power.”

Bailey Becomes Roxanne

In her biggest career moment, Bailey is chosen over Naomi Campbell to play Roxanne in the movie “Without You I’m Nothing.”

She Joins the T.V. World

Bailey joins the famous reality T.V. show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

She Becomes a Businesswoman

The actress starts her own modeling school in Atlanta called the Bailey Agency School of Fashion.

Why We Love Cynthia Bailey

  1. Bailey has worked her way up

    Though she is now a millionaire, the star has truly humble beginnings. Her first job was at Taco Bell. She was also employed at Wendy’s for a short period. In order to relocate to New York and start her modeling career, she raised money for the move by working at a mall.

  2. She is a fierce businessperson

    The model-turned-businessperson is a true inspiration for any aspiring female entrepreneur. Apart from owning an eyewear line, modeling agency, wine cellar, and bag line, she is the ambassador for Seagram’s Escapes. Additionally, she wisely utilizes her platform to fuel her business ventures.

  3. She has social sensitivity

    With a goal to give back, Bailey created The Be Better Foundation in 2018. She also supports several charities and causes. Moreover, she joined the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020 with her husband and daughter.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Bailey hates math

    In an interview, Bailey revealed that she “sucked at math” growing up and still does — unless she is counting all the money she now makes.

  2. She has a tattoo

    Bailey has a small tattoo of a cross on her back.

  3. Bailey loves sushi

    Sushi is her favorite food.

  4. She makes the best potato salad

    Bailey is the self-proclaimed “potato salad queen.”

  5. She underwent a major surgery

    In 2018, Bailey had a surgery for lymphoma tumor, which, fortunately, turned out to be benign.

Cynthia Bailey FAQs

How much did Cynthia Bailey pay for her lake house?

Bailey purchased the property in 2016 for a sum of $940, 000.

How much did Bailey earn on “R.H.O.A.?”

Though the exact figures are unknown, it is estimated that Bailey received a salary of $500,000 during her time on the show.

Are NeNe and Bailey still friends?

Yes, despite a few bumps, their friendship remains intact.

Cynthia Bailey’s birthday dates

2025February 19Wednesday
2026February 19Thursday
2027February 19Friday
2028February 19Saturday
2029February 19Monday

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