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Courtney Michelle Love, born July 9, 1964, is an American singer and actress who has achieved celebrity status due to a hybrid of raw talent and rock and roll spirit. The singer can be described as a “fighter” who outgrew unstable childhood and teenage years to become one of the celebrated rock and roll musicians of the 1990s and a Hollywood actress. Love inherited a trust fund from her mother’s side, enabling her to travel worldwide. Love worked as a stripper in Japan before traveling to Liverpool and Dublin; she returned to the U.S., where she decided to pursue her dream of stardom. Love has gained popularity for her wild live performances and provocative songs. We’ll help you celebrate her special right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Courtney Michelle Love



Birth date:

July 9, 1964



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8.5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$100 million

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Courtney Love is an American multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actress who has achieved celebrity status due to her persistence and a mixture of raw talent. Love made through unstable childhood and teenage years to become a renowned female musician of the 1990s. Courtney Michelle Love was born July 9, 1964, in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. Her Zodiac sign is Cancer, and her nationality is American. Love is the daughter of Linda Caroll, a psychotherapist, and Hank Harrison, a road manager for the Grateful Dead. Love was raised as Roman Catholic; however, her mother raised her gender-free household with no dresses, canopy beds, or leather shoes, to name a few. The singer’s childhood was unstable, as her parents divorced in 1970 when she was very young. Love struggled academically and socially, and at age nine, a psychologist noted that she might have autism. At 16, Love was granted a small trust fund from her mother’s side that she used to travel around the world.

After meeting the musician Julian Cope in Liverpool, England, Love began his music career. They moved in together, and Love was a regular face in Cope’s gigs. Their relationship did not last, and Love decided to travel back to the U.S.A, where she joined up with Bjelland and Jenniffer Flinch, forming a singing group called Sugar Baby Doll. The singer auditioned for the film “Sid and Nancy,” however she lost the role to Chloe Webb but played another role in the film. The following year the actress was cast in “Straight to Hell.” Both films were not successful, and Love was yet to obtain a breakthrough. The singer taught herself how to play guitar, and in 1988 she moved to Los Angels. The singer recruited Eric Erlandson (guitarist), Lisa Robert, and Caroline Rue, where she started the band Hole in 1998. The group’s debut album was “Pretty On The Inside.” Before the second album, “Live Through This,” Love’s husband died due to suicide. One of the group members, Kristen Ptaff, died months later. The group released their third album, “Celebrity Skin,” in 1998, which was a success.

Love started another group called Bastard in 2001 due to the group’s uncertainty in Hole. The group did not achieve much success as solo artist Love released several albums, including “America’s Sweetheart,” in 2004, which did not fare so well. His second album was released in 2005, called “Nobody’s Daughter.” Love’s personal life is well documented, including his troubled childhood and teenage years. She has also faced several controversies in her career. She was married to Kurt Cobain, a fellow singer who died of suicide in 1992, after the birth of their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, six months later. Her personal life has also faced several legal lawsuits and her arrest at Heathrow Airport in 2003 for chaos during a flight that caused her to be banned from Virgin Airlines. On the brighter side, the singer continues to perform philanthropic work, such as being a staunch supporter of the L.G.B.T. community and contributing to AIDS organizations.

Career timeline

Acting Debut

Love makes her acting debut with her first minor role in the film “Club Vatican”1984 and appears in several movies, including “Tapehead” (1988), “Basquiat” (1996), and “Julie Johson” (2001).


“Hole” is one of the most successful groups formed by Love, with singles such as ‘Dicknail’ and ‘Retard Girl.’

She Releases Her Debut Album

The singer’s band releases her debut album “Pretty on the Inside” in 1991, receiving positive reviews.

Release of “Live Through This”

Hole releases the second album, “Live Through This,” which was also a critical and commercial success.

Wins Award for Best Actress

The singer wins the LA Outfest Award for Best Actress for her role in the film “Julie Jonson.”

Release of Solo Album

The singer releases her first solo album titled “America’s Sweetheart,” in 2004.

Named The Most Influential Singer

N.M.E. names Love one of the most influential singers in alternative culture for over 30 years.

Why We Love Courtney Love

  1. She is loving and caring

    Love is a supporter of the L.G.B.T. community. The singer has contributed to AIDS organizations. She has also donated Coban’s belonging for auction at “Joyful Heart Foundation” for victims of rape and domestic violence,

  2. She is not a quitter

    Love had a troubled childhood. She was sent to a juvenile detention center at 14 years old for shoplifting. Despite such challenges, she was able to pursue her dream of singing and acting.

  3. She is a role model to young female singers

    Love has been cited as influential to young female instrumentalists and singers. We admire her hard work and tenacity.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She had a difficult childhood

    Love had a difficult time at school, got poor grades, and had difficulty making friends.

  2. She was a stripper at 16

    At the age of 16, Love started stripping in Japan, Oregon, and Alaska.

  3. She has a memoir

    Love has a memoir called “Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney” in 2006.

  4. Long-time supporter of the L.G.B.T. community

    The singer has long supported the L.G.B.T. community and is part of “The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Centre.”

  5. Her husband died of suicide

    Love’s husband Kurt Cobain died of suicide in 1994 in their home in Seattle, Washington.

Courtney Love FAQs

How old is Courtney Love?

Courtney Love is 57 years.

What is the net worth of Courtney Love?

Courtney Love’s net worth is $100 Million.

Who is Courtney Love married to?

She was formerly married to Kurt Cobain from 1992 to 1994 and James Moreland in1989. She is currently single.

Courtney Love’s birthday dates

2024July 9Tuesday
2025July 9Wednesday
2026July 9Thursday
2027July 9Friday
2028July 9Sunday

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