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ThuJun 6

National Cynthia Day – June 6, 2024

National Cynthia Day is celebrated on June 6 every year. Cynthia has been an admired name among American female names. First, Cynthia began climbing the charts slowly during the 20th century after being in minor use during the 19th century. Cynthia quickly became a favorite by the mid-century. The name first appeared on the list of the top 100 most popular female names in 1945. Cynthia continued to be a top 10 pick throughout the 1950s and into the mid-1960s. This was the name’s most popular year, yet it remained in the top 100 through 1994. Cynthia has been falling down the charts considerably quicker since the turn of the century.

History of National Cynthia Day

Cynthia is derived from the Greek word ‘Kynthia,’ which means “lady from Mount Kynthos.” Cynthia was another name given to the Greek goddess Artemis to represent her origin on Mount Kynthos on the Greek island of Delos. The Greeks revered Artemis as a magnificent divinity. She was the twin sister of Apollo and the daughter of Zeus and Leto. She was worshiped as the goddess of hunting, the woods, children, and virginity.

She was frequently represented with a bow and quiver of arrows, and she was said to be able to energize humans, heal human miseries, and guard the young. Artemis was likewise virginal and chaste, and she could never be overcome by love. Artemis was subsequently identified with Selene, an older Greek goddess of the moon. Cynthia was not a common name in medieval times, despite its origins in the Classical Era. It was reintroduced in the 17th century during the late Renaissance period.

Cynthia is an intelligent-sounding, classical, and intellectual ancient Greek name. This is a fantastic option for parents who value history and don’t care about the name trends that the public follows. Its recent drop in popularity makes it even more of a one-of-a-kind option today. The name has now returned to the moderate levels of prominence it had more than a century ago. While some may think Cynthia is outdated with today’s naming trends, we think it is adorable and unusual.

National Cynthia Day timeline

Cynthia Birdsong Joins the Supremes

Birdsong joins the American female singing group, the Supremes, replacing the co-founding member Florence Ballard.

Cynthia Daniel Appears in “Sweet Valley High”

Daniel gets the part of Elizabeth Wakefield in the television series “Sweet Valley High,” based on Francine Pascal's novel series.

Cynthia Watros Wins an Emmy Award

Watros wins a Daytime Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series’ for her work on "Guiding Light.”

Cynthia Nixon Wins a Grammy Award

Nixon wins a Grammy Award for ‘Best Spoken Word Album’ for “An Inconvenient Truth.”

National Cynthia Day FAQs

Is Cynthia a pretty name?

It’s a pretty name. Cynthia is a name we like, and we believe it is relatively widespread in Latin American nations. It has a lovely, elegant tone to it.

Is Cynthia an old-fashioned name?

Cynthia was not a common name in medieval times, despite its origins in the Classical Era. It was resurrected during the late Renaissance.

What is the symbol for Cynthia?

The moon represented feminine power, fertility, and wisdom to the ancient Greeks. Artemis was the goddess of the moon, the hunt, animals, and women’s protection.

National Cynthia Day Activities

  1. Find a Cynthia

    Look for a person named Cynthia in your life to celebrate them. If you know a Cynthia who you have not spoken to in a while, reconnect with her on this special day.

  2. Learn the meaning behind the name

    If your name is Cynthia, find the best sources on the meaning behind your name. Ask your parents why they chose this name for you.

  3. Share on social media

    To celebrate the name Cynthia, you share on social media the meaning of the name and its history. Invite people to share their stories about how they got their names and their favorite pet names.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Cynthia

  1. The 866th most popular name

    In 2020, Cynthia was the 866th most common girl's name.

  2. One out of every 5,704 babies

    In 2021, one out of every 5,143 newborn girls was named Cynthia.

  3. It has a beautiful meaning

    Cynthia means “moon goddess.”

  4. A character in “Pokemon”

    Cynthia is a fictional character from the “Pokemon” franchise who is the Sinnoh region's Champion and a powerful Pokemon trainer.

  5. The first usage in English-speaking countries

    Cynthia first appeared in the English-speaking world during the Classical period, which lasted from the late 16th to the early 18th Century.

Why We Love National Cynthia Day

  1. Cynthias are powerful

    Cynthias with powerful characteristics are people with both internal and external character. They have an aura of energy, charisma, confidence, and power surrounding them. People with powerful characteristics possess many qualities that others don't; they are always in control, know what they want, and do anything to get it.

  2. They are problem-solvers

    Cynthias with problem-solving characteristics are very influential in business and their personal life. They make good leaders because they can efficiently plan, organize, and delegate tasks.

  3. They are achievers

    Cynthias have achiever characteristics, are action-oriented, and enjoy being involved in various tasks and activities, both at work and at home. Although they prefer to be in leadership positions, many people with achiever characteristics are also motivated by a sense of loyalty and find meaning in helping others reach their goals.

National Cynthia Day dates

2024June 6Thursday
2025June 6Friday
2026June 6Saturday
2027June 6Sunday
2028June 6Tuesday

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