Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – January 21, 2019

Mon Jan 21

Each year on the third Monday of January we observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and honor the work of this incredible man. We also take the opportunity to reflect on the work that still needs to be done in terms of racial equality. This day was established in 1983 by Ronald Reagan to honor King and other civil rights activists and the strides they made towards racial justice. This January 21, make the holiday more than just a day off and take time to reflect on civil rights issues across the globe and take action to promote justice.

How to Observe Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

  1. Learn MLK’s full history and narrative

    Take the time to learn more about MLK in depth. Read his works as well as those of his family to learn more about this remarkable man and learn the stories as he told them. He was an incredible speaker, and watching videos or listening to recordings of his speeches is another incredible way to experience his power.

  2. Support the black community and racial justic

    Make Martin Luther King, Jr. Day more than just a day off. Take time to both understand and support civil rights and the issues facing the black community. MLK and his contemporaries did a lot for the advancement of civil rights, but there is still much to be done.

  3. Have a conversation

    Creating dialogue and having discussions about racial injustice is important. In talking, we educate each other and share ideas

Why Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Important

  1. He worked to advance of civil rights

    The words, leadership, time, and energy King devoted to civil rights helped end segregation in the Unites States and worked to eliminate unfair practices throughout the nation that negatively affect the black community. He helped organize rallies, gave speeches across the country, and mobilized thousands of people to help end racial injustice. His work is extremely important to U.S. and it is for this reason we have a day each year to honor him and his achievements.

  2. He inspires us

    MLK inspired masses of people in his lifetime and continues to inspire us to this day. Across the globe, activists look to King for inspiration and courage. Modern movements for racial equality and justice, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, are extensions of the work that he started. He inspires us to stand up for what we believe in, to help others, and to work hard to better ourselves and each other.

  3. He promoted civil disobedience

    King's tactics and manner of protest were largely that of civil disobedience. This including sit ins, marches, and disregard for unjust laws. Many of us follow his example today when protesting, and adopt the tactic of civil disobedience as well. Through him, we learned how much power these acts have and we admire and continue his approach.