50 Thanksgiving Games

From pie-eating contests to hilarious charades, here are extra reasons to have endless Thanksgiving fun.

Get ready as we bring you a delightful selection of Thanksgiving games to make your holiday season even more enjoyable. Thanksgiving is a time of gathering with loved ones, expressing gratitude, and creating lasting memories. And what better way to enhance the festive spirit than by engaging in fun and entertaining activities?

From board games that bring out your competitive nature to interactive outdoor games that promote laughter and bonding, we have covered it all. Whether you are hosting a small family gathering or a larger one with friends, our diverse list of games will keep your guests entertained and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Thanksgiving Games For Family

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Thanksgiving Charades

Add a festive twist to your Thanksgiving celebration with Thanksgiving charades. In this entertaining game, players act out Thanksgiving-themed words, phrases, and activities without speaking. From carving the turkey to a lively game of charades, Thanksgiving doesn’t get much better than this.

Here’s a great Thanksgiving charades example from Moneywise Moms.

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Pumpkin Pie-Eating Contest

Indulge in a deliciously competitive pumpkin pie-eating contest this Thanksgiving. This is a mouthwatering game where participants race against the clock to scrumptious pumpkin pies. Eat up the excitement as contestants dive face-first into the sweet delight, striving to beat the competition to a clean plate. 

Here’s a great pumpkin pie-eating contest example from Patch.

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Leaf Pile Jumping

It’s unconventional, yes, but still a fun idea! Gather or find a heap of autumn leaves and take turns leaping into the pile, feeling the satisfying crunch and enjoying the leaves’ crispness. Embrace the joy and laughter that accompany this classic outdoor activity and create unforgettable memories while you’re at it.

Here’s a great leaf pile jumping example from The Family Handyman. 

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Gratitude Jar

Capture the spirit of gratitude with a gratitude jar, which is a heartwarming Thanksgiving game. Encourage your family and friends to write down things they are thankful for on small pieces of paper and place them in a jar. Throughout the day, take turns reading the notes aloud and reflecting on the blessings in your lives.

Here’s a great gratitude jar example from Gratfulness.me.

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Family Talent Show

Discover the talent within your family with a captivating family talent show this Thanksgiving. Gather around and showcase your unique skills, from singing and dancing to comedy or magic. Whether it’s a solo act or a group performance, let creativity and laughter take center stage. 

Here’s a great family talent show example from beautifulstreet.

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Turkey Craft Competition

Get crafty this Thanksgiving with a spirited turkey craft competition! Prepare your family for a creative challenge as each participant designs their own unique turkey craft using various materials. From getting crafty with pine cones to making them from construction paper, let your imagination run wild. 

Here’s a great example of a turkey craft from handylittleme.

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DIY Thanksgiving Photo Booth

Capture joyful moments and create lasting memories with a DIY Thanksgiving photo booth! Transform a corner of your home into a festive backdrop using colorful decorations, props, and signs with Thanksgiving-themed phrases. Encourage your family to strike poses, don funny accessories, and take photos using their smartphones or cameras.

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Thanksgiving Word Search

Want to try a festive but brain-teasing activity? How about a Thanksgiving word search? This is a fun game where players search for holiday-themed words hidden in a grid of letters. From turkey to gratitude, challenge yourself and your loved ones to find all the words within the given time.

Here’s a great Thanksgiving word search example from WorldMint.

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Thanksgiving Trivia

Gather around the Thanksgiving table for an engaging Thanksgiving trivia game. This is a delightful challenge where players test their knowledge about Thanksgiving history, traditions, and pop culture. From pilgrim lore to iconic dishes, spark lively conversations and friendly competition with a variety of trivia questions suitable for all ages.

Here’s a great Thanksgiving trivia example from meebily.

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Thanksgiving Mad Libs

Inject laughter and creativity into your Thanksgiving gathering with Thanksgiving Mad Libs! Engage in a hilarious word game where players fill in the blanks of a Thanksgiving-themed story with random nouns, adjectives, and verbs. With unexpected and sometimes outrageous combinations, each story takes on a unique and comical twist.

Here’s a great Thanksgiving Mad Libs example from Happiness is Homemade.

Thanksgiving Games for Kids

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Thanksgiving Cornhole

Adapt this popular outdoor game for the holiday season with Thanksgiving-themed boards and bean bags. Kids can take turns tossing the bean bags toward the targets, aiming for the highest score. With friendly competition and encouraging cheers, Thanksgiving Cornhole will provide hours of fun for kids — and adults can also join in!

You can buy it here from Amazon.

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"I'm Thankful For" Game

Embrace gratitude and foster a spirit of appreciation with the “I’m Thankful For” game this Thanksgiving. Kids can reflect on what they’re thankful for and see how many things they can list from A to Z. From simple joys to significant blessings, this game encourages heartfelt sharing and connection while challenging their young minds.

Here’s a great “I’m Thankful For” game example from Crafting Chicks.

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Feather Balance Challenge

Spark some kid-friendly excitement and test their balancing skills with the feather balance challenge this Thanksgiving. Participants must place feathers on various body parts and attempt to keep them balanced for as long as possible. Enjoy the giggles and determination as they try to maintain their feather balance while avoiding any tumbles.

Here’s a great feather balance challenge example from Child’s Play in Action. 

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Turkey Feather Toss

Get the little ones excited for Thanksgiving with the turkey feather toss. This fun-filled kids’ game involves tossing colorful feathers into a designated target area. Let the children show off their tossing skills and aim for the highest score. The vibrant feathers and friendly competition will keep them engaged and entertained.

Here’s a great turkey feather toss example from Pikadilly Charm.

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Pin the Feather on the Turkey

Delight the kids this Thanksgiving with a classic game of “Pin the Feather on the Turkey.” Blindfolded participants take turns trying to place a feather sticker in the right spot on a large turkey poster. It’s a great way to have some wholesome fun.

Here’s a great “Pin the Feather on the Turkey” example from Littlebluehazel.com.

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Leaf Pile Treasure Hunt

Keep the kids busy with a thrilling leaf pile treasure hunt. Hide small treats, trinkets, or even miniaturized Thanksgiving-themed items in a large pile of colorful autumn leaves. Kids can search and explore the leaf pile, uncovering hidden treasures along the way. They will have a blast discovering the surprises nestled within the leaves.

Here’s a great leaf pile treasure hunt example from Mama.Papa.Bubba.

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Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Who said pumpkins were for Halloween alone? Many folks have fun with pumpkin decorating contests at Thanksgiving as well. Kids can let their imaginations run free as they transform pumpkins into unique works of art using paints, markers, and other craft materials. From funny faces to intricate designs, they can showcase their artistic skills and create personalized masterpieces. 

Here’s a great decorated pumpkin example from The Beacon.

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Thanksgiving Word Scramble

Challenge your kids’ word skills with Thanksgiving word scramble. This engaging game presents a list of holiday-themed words scrambled into a jumble. Kids must unscramble the letters to reveal the correct words. From turkey to pumpkin, they will have fun deciphering the puzzles and expanding their vocabulary.

Here’s a great Thanksgiving word scramble example from Printable Paradise. 

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Thanksgiving Story Starters

This engaging game provides children with exciting and creative prompts to kickstart their storytelling journey. From pilgrims embarking on a voyage to a turkey’s adventurous escapade, each story starter sets the stage for imaginative tales. Kids can take turns sharing their stories, building on each other’s ideas, and exploring the wonderful world of storytelling.

Here’s a great Thanksgiving story starters example from Woo! Jr.

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Turkey Freeze Dance

Get ready to dance and have a gobbling good time with Turkey Freeze Dance this Thanksgiving. Kids can join in the fun as they dance to lively music, imitating the movements of turkeys. When the music stops, they must freeze in their turkey poses. Laughter and excitement will surely fill the air as they try to hold their positions.

Here’s a great Turkey Freeze Dance example from youtube.

Thanksgiving Games for Couples

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Pumpkin Carving Contest

Spice up your Thanksgiving celebration with a thrilling pumpkin carving contest! Unleash your creativity and teamwork as you and your partner work together to carve the most impressive pumpkin design. This friendly competition allows couples to bond, laugh, and create cherished memories while showcasing their carving skills.

Here’s a great pumpkin carving example from QuinStar.com.

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Thanksgiving Recipe Cook-Off

Add some culinary excitement to your Thanksgiving celebration with a thrilling Thanksgiving recipe cook-off. Engage in friendly competition as you and your partner showcase your culinary skills and creativity while preparing a delicious Thanksgiving dish. From traditional recipes to innovative creations, a cook-off allows you to explore your cooking talents and experiment with flavors.

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Turkey Trot Relay

Lace up your sneakers and join forces as you and your partner race against other couples in a relay-style turkey trot. Take turns running or walking a designated distance or passing the turkey baton to your partner to continue the race.

Here’s a great turkey trot relay example from Post Independent.

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Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Strengthen your love for one another with a gratitude scavenger hunt — the perfect Thanksgiving couples game. Embark on a meaningful adventure as you search for items or moments that represent things you’re grateful for. From sentimental objects to acts of kindness, this scavenger hunt encourages couples to reflect on and express their gratitude to each other.

Here’s a great gratitude scavenger hunt example from Facebook.

Image sourced from Flanders Family Homelife


Turkey Trivia Challenge

Test your knowledge and have a fun-filled evening with a turkey trivia challenge. Engage in friendly competition as you and your partner answer a series of turkey-themed trivia questions. From historical facts to fun facts about turkeys, this game will put your knowledge to the test. 

Here’s a great turkey trivia challenge example from Flanders Family Homelife.

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Thanksgiving Table-Setting Competition

Add a touch of creativity and elegance to your Thanksgiving celebration with a Thanksgiving table-setting competition. Work together as a team to design a stunning table arrangement, showcasing your unique style and flair. From centerpieces to place settings, put your imagination to work. Share the results with your friends and family and ask them to join the fun.

Here’s a great Thanksgiving table-setting example from TripAdvisor.

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Thanksgiving Crossword

Get ready for a thrilling Thanksgiving crossword! Challenge another couple and race against the clock as you both work to complete a Thanksgiving-themed crossword. Use teamwork, communication, and your knowledge to complete it before the other couple does.

Here’s a great Thanksgiving crossword example from All Free Printable. 

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Couples Karaoke

Release your inner showman and rock the stage with couples karaoke, a lively and entertaining game for Thanksgiving! Grab a microphone and sing your hearts out to your favorite tunes, performing duets with your partner. Share the spotlight, belt out your favorite songs, and enjoy the thrill of musical harmony together.

Here’s a great couples karaoke example from Heart and Seoul Karaoke. 

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Thanksgiving Taboo

Get ready for a lively and laughter-filled game of Thanksgiving Taboo, which is perfect for couples. Challenge your communication skills as you and your partner try to describe Thanksgiving-related words and phrases without using certain “taboo” words. Race against time as you provide clues and guess the correct answers. This fast-paced and engaging game encourages quick thinking, teamwork, and creativity.

You can buy it here from iSLCOLLECTIVE.

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Couples Guess Who

Discover new insights about your partner with Couples Guess Who, an intriguing Thanksgiving game. Prepare a set of fun and thought-provoking questions about each other’s likes, dislikes, and preferences. Take turns asking and guessing the answers while trying to match your partner’s responses.

You can buy it here from Esty.

NFL Thanksgiving Games

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Touchdown Celebration Contest

Kick off your Thanksgiving with a touchdown celebration contest. This is a lively game where players showcase their creativity and dance moves by inventing unique touchdown celebrations. From choreographed routines to hilarious antics, participants take turns demonstrating their touchdown celebration skills.

Here’s a great touchdown celebration contest example from fumbledreturns.

Image sourced from Bacon and Lox Society



Get the whole family moving with an NFL-themed hopscotch game! Draw a large hopscotch grid using chalk or tape, but replace the traditional numbers with football-themed elements like helmets, footballs, and goalposts. Players hop through the grid, aiming to reach the end zone while following football-related rules.

Here’s a great hopscotch example from Bacon and Lox Society. 

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Football Piñata

Add a delightful twist to your Thanksgiving celebration with a football piñata! This is a fun, festive game where players take turns trying to break open a football-shaped piñata filled with treats. Swing away to release bucket loads of candy as well as fun. 

You can buy it here from Amazon.

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Punt, Pass, and Kick Competition

Get ready for some gridiron action this Thanksgiving with a punt, pass, and kick competition. Create a friendly competition among family and friends as you test your skills in each category. Use different ideas for setup and scoring to make this Thanksgiving game one of the highlights of your holiday festivities.

Here’s a great punt, pass, and kick competition example from Pro Sports Experience.

Image sourced from Bingo Baker


NFL Bingo

Looking for a way to make this Thanksgiving unforgettable? Bingo! That’s how. Try this interactive game where players mark off football-related events on their bingo cards as they occur during the games. From touchdowns to penalties, complete your bingo card to win. 

Here’s a great NFL bingo example from Bingo Baker.

Image sourced from etsy


NFL Pictionary

Combine your love for football and creativity with NFL Pictionary this Thanksgiving! Gather your family and friends for a thrilling game where players draw football-related words or phrases while teammates try to guess them. From iconic plays to team logos, use NFL-themed prompts to inspire friendly competition. 

Here’s a great NFL Pictionary example from etsy.

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NFL Trivia Bowl

Test your knowledge and compete with friends and family in the ultimate NFL Trivia Bowl this Thanksgiving! From legendary players to memorable Super Bowl moments, test your NFL knowledge in a fun and competitive way. Use various trivia categories, scoring systems, and tips to create a Thanksgiving game that will entertain football fans of all ages.

Here’s a great NFL Trivia Bowl example from Printablee.

Image sourced from Aunt Annie’s Craft


Touchdown Turkey Trot

Add some excitement to your Thanksgiving celebrations with touchdown turkey trot. Participants navigate through an engaging obstacle course while carrying a football, aiming to reach the end zone for a touchdown. Enjoy this entertaining and competitive Thanksgiving activity that will have everyone sprinting, laughing, and celebrating in high spirits.

Here’s a great touchdown turkey trot example from Aunt Annie’s Craft.

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NFL Team Logo Quiz

Put your NFL knowledge to the test with an NFL team logo quiz! From iconic emblems to lesser-known designs, challenge yourself and your guests in a fun and competitive quiz. This Thanksgiving game is a memorable and entertaining way to showcase your NFL expertise and spark lively discussions among football fans.

Here’s a great NFL team logo quiz example from Printablee.

Image sourced from Sporcle


Name that Player

From legendary quarterbacks to standout receivers, challenge yourself and your guests to a fun and competitive guessing game. In this game, participants take turns guessing the names of famous football players based on clues or images. Find out which of your friends is really a walking encyclopedia of NFL knowledge.

Here’s a great Name that Player example from Sporcle.

Soccer Thanksgiving Games

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Turkey Tag

Gather your family and friends for a thrilling game of turkey tag. Clothespins add a twist to the classic game of soccer. Players simply attach clothespins painted to resemble turkeys to their clothing and try to snatch them from others. The team with the most clothespins wins! Chase, dribble, and gobble your way to victory this Thanksgiving!

Here’s a great turkey tag example from Let’s Get Together. 

Image sourced from The Seasoned Mom


Paper Cup Turkey Bowling

Kick off your Thanksgiving with turkey bowling. This unique game combines soccer skills and bowling fun as players aim to knock down turkey-shaped cups with a ball. Glue googly eyes on brown paper cups and use triangular-shaped paper as the turkey’s snood. Now, stack them up and have fun knocking them back down!

Here’s a great paper cup turkey bowling example from The Seasoned Mom.

Image sourced from Bubble Soccer World


Soccer Darts

Bring the excitement of soccer to Thanksgiving with soccer darts! Set up a large inflatable dartboard and take turns kicking a soccer ball at it. Score points based on where the ball lands on the board. This is a great way to add some friendly competition to your Thanksgiving celebrations.

Here’s a great soccer darts example from Bubble Soccer World. 

Image sourced from Esty


Soccer Scavenger Hunt

Nothing says excitement like a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt! Combine your skills with the thrilling adventure of scavenger hunts as players engage in a search for hidden soccer-themed items. Leave clues and fun challenges along the way. You can buy a scavenger hunt card online or make your own list.

You can buy it here from Esty.

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Inflatable Penalty Shootout

Get your kicks this Thanksgiving with penalty shootouts! This is a rousing game where players showcase their shooting and goalkeeping abilities. Take turns stepping up to the penalty spot and aiming for the back of the net or making acrobatic saves. Experience the excitement and friendly competition of this soccer-inspired Thanksgiving game!

Here’s a great inflatable penalty shootout example from Leisure King.

Image sourced from Columbia Park Golf Tri-Plex


Soccer Mini-Golf

Add a unique twist to your Thanksgiving festivities with soccer mini-golf! Kick your way through a custom-designed course, navigating obstacles and aiming for the perfect hole-in-one. It’s the perfect game for family and friends, as people of all ages can join in the action-packed fun.

Here’s a great soccer mini-golf example from Columbia Park Golf Tri-Plex.

Image sourced from thejoysofboys


Soccer Charades

Look no further than soccer charades to get things going on Thanksgiving. This lively game combines the excitement of soccer with the classic game of charades. Players take turns acting out soccer-related words, players, or iconic moments while others guess. From famous celebrations to infamous plays, get ready for some undiluted fun.

Here’s a great soccer charades example from thejoysofboys.

Image sourced from HART Sport


Obstacle Course

Take your skills to the next level with an obstacle course. From dribbling around cones to shooting through hoops, customizable obstacle courses bring excitement and competition to your holiday gathering. Feel free to improvise with the setup and rules, and try different variations for a memorable Thanksgiving game experience.

Here’s a great obstacle course example from HART Sport.

Image sourced from Happiness is Homemade


Soccer Memory Game

Plunder the vast halls of your memory palace with a soccer-themed memory game. Flip over soccer-themed cards, from jerseys to balls and iconic players, and test your ability to match pairs. Embrace the spirit of Thanksgiving while enjoying this fun and engaging memory game that will keep the whole family entertained.

Here’s a great soccer memory game example from Happiness is Homemade.

Image sourced from Esty


Soccer Emoji Pictionary

Showcase your soccer knowledge with soccer emoji Pictionary this Thanksgiving! Gather your family and friends for an exciting game where players must guess the answer based on the soccer-related emoji. Enjoy a lively and laughter-filled Thanksgiving game that blends the love of soccer with the joy of Pictionary.

You can buy it here from Esty.