50 Must-Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies

Indulge yourself in these Must-Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies' captivating stories and heartwarming moments.

hallmark christmas movies

Get ready to indulge yourself in these Must-Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies! We’re thrilled to present our handpicked collection of the best Christmas movies that capture the true spirit of the holiday season. These films celebrate the magic of Christmas by showcasing delightful family tales and heart-wrenching adventures that will bring back beloved memories.

Our carefully curated selection offers something for everyone, whether you’re seeking captivating mysteries, the latest releases from 2022, or the anticipation of upcoming movies in 2023. We’ve also included free classic films that are available to watch online. Discover a world of enchanting stories and unforgettable moments that will fill you with holiday cheer and leave you with a smile. Get ready to embark on a magical journey of pure holiday joy with our Must-Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies!

Watchable Online

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Deck the Heart (2021)

Follow a successful NYC businessperson who inherits his grandfather’s Maine lakehouse, leading him to host his family’s Christmas celebration. With no time and lacking Christmas spirit, he hires an event planner. However, as they collaborate on decorating and planning, she helps him rediscover the joy of Christmas.

This movie is available to watch for free on YouTube.

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Joy & Hope (2020)

Step into the heartwarming tale of Joy and Hope McGregor as they manage Two Sisters Ranch in upstate New York with their dad and longtime friend. When a charming stranger arrives in town seeking inspiration to overcome writer’s block, he discovers the magic of Christmas on the ranch.

This movie is available to watch for free on YouTube.

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Ivy & Mistletoe (2020)

Join a determined young woman on a heartwarming journey to get home for Christmas, only to find herself stranded in a charming small town during a snowstorm. Little does she know that this unexpected detour holds a special Christmas surprise – she is exactly where she is supposed to be. 

This movie is available to watch for free on YouTube.

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Santa's Second Wife (2022)

Mrs. Claus grows weary of playing second fiddle to Christmas and divorces Santa. Reverting to their 40-year-old selves, they enter the dating world. Nick falls for Neve, a divorced mom of three, but the former Mrs. Claus aims to sabotage his newfound happiness by revealing his true identity.

This movie is available to watch for free on YouTube.

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Hearts & Vines (2021)

Embark on an unexpected holiday adventure with Destination: Renovation hosts Hannah Daley and Cash Gibson. When her ego-driven actions on the set result in a contagious virus exposure, she and Cash must quarantine at the winery they were supposed to renovate.

This movie is available to watch for free on YouTube.

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A Holiday Heist (2011)

A group of diverse college students working at a Christmas art exhibit unknowingly stumbles upon bumbling thieves planning a heist. Held hostage, they must find the courage to unite, learn about themselves, and embrace the spirit of Christmas to foil the robbery.

This movie is available to watch for free on YouTube.

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The Maltese Holiday (2021)

As Shea Andrews and Kristen plan a Christmas trip to Malta, they discover the magic of love and adventure. When Kristen cancels at the last minute, Shea embraces her free-spirited nature and embarks alone. Amidst the enchanting holiday atmosphere, she meets a fellow traveler, and their chance meeting sparks a sweet romance.

This movie is available to watch for free on YouTube.

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A Holiday Homecoming (2021)

Experience the heartwarming tale of the residents of Hope, NY, as they rally together to help displaced foster children after a fire at St. Jerome’s Home for Children right before Christmas. Many families open their hearts and homes to these children, making the holiday season one of love, hope, and compassion. 

This movie is available to watch for free on YouTube.

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A Doggone Christmas (2016)

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with a cute orphan puppy possessing extraordinary telepathic abilities. When the CIA discovers his gift, they aim to turn him into a covert secret weapon. However, fate intervenes, setting the pint-sized Jack Russell Terrier free from government control.

This movie is available to watch for free on YouTube.

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The Royal Nanny (2022)

MI5 agent Claire goes undercover as the royal nanny. She must balance her duties while resisting Prince Colin’s charms. Her top priority during the holidays is to ensure the family’s safety. Feel the excitement of espionage, the wonder of the holidays, and the might of love in this captivating Hallmark Christmas film.

This movie is available to stream for free on YouTube.

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Christmas at the Plaza (2019)

Historian Jessica creates a special exhibition at The Plaza Hotel to celebrate Christmas in New York City. With Nick, the charming decorator, they celebrate Christmas in delightful ways. As they spend happy times together, love grows between them. This Hallmark Christmas movie celebrates Christmas, love, and the season.

This movie is available to watch for free on YouTube.

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A Bride for Christmas (2012)

Jessie Patterson, a bride-to-be, breaks her third engagement during the ceremony. She meets Aiden MacTiernan, who bets his friends he can find a fiancé before Christmas. While Aiden questions his bet against Jessie’s growing relationship, Jessie must face her feelings about profound love.

This movie is available to stream for free on YouTube.

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A Royal Queens Christmas (2021)

A charming prince visits Queens during Christmas. Enlisted by a local woman to help with a children’s Christmas show, the prince discovers the true meaning of the holiday season. See the magic of love, community, and Christmas in this Hallmark Christmas movie.

This movie is available to watch for free on YouTube.


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The Christmas Note (2015)

A touching story unfolds as a woman discovers a mysterious note that sets her on a quest to find her neighbor’s long-lost sibling. They embark on an unforgettable quest with love and determination to restore hope and bring their community closer together. Do not miss this enthralling Hallmark Christmas film filled with joy, friendship, and the holiday spirit.

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A Christmas to Remember (2016)

Join a TV personality on a journey to a small-town mountain retreat that takes an unexpected turn when a blizzard causes a car crash, leaving her with complete amnesia. Embraced by a friendly passerby, she sets out to rediscover her identity and unlock the mystery of her past. This captivating Hallmark Christmas movie blends romance and suspense.

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Engaging Father Christmas (2017)

Join Miranda on a heartwarming Christmas journey to Carlton Heath, reuniting with her long-lost family and embracing joyful traditions. After a love-filled Christmas and the revelation of family secrets, a mysterious text puts her newfound happiness at stake, risking her true identity.

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A Bramble House Christmas (2017)

Join Finn Conrad on a suspenseful journey as he investigates the mysterious circumstances surrounding his father’s generous gift of $100,000 to Nurse Willa. While undercover, Finn’s true identity reveals itself, leaving Willa to question her trust in him. Will their budding relationship withstand the truth? Embark on a thrilling Hallmark Christmas journey where secrets intertwine with love.

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Deck the Halls (2011)

Join Detective Regan Reilly and ex-cleaning lady Alvirah Meegan in a thrilling race against time. When Regan’s father goes missing, they team up to unravel the mystery and bring him home before Christmas. This Hallmark Christmas film will keep you on the edge of your seat with its suspense, twists, and festive spirit.

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Unlocking Christmas (2020)

Embark on a magical Christmas romance adventure as Kate and Kevin receive a mysterious key and a holiday riddle. Intrigued by the enigmatic gifts, they start a journey that will forever be in their hearts. Based on the beloved book by NY Times bestselling author Fern Michaels, this charming holiday movie tells an enchanting tale of love and mystery.

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The Santa Stakeout (2021)

Follow detectives Tanya and Ryan on a thrilling mission to solve holiday party heists. Posing as a couple, they uncover clues amidst festive celebrations while their fake romance turns real. 

This captivating Hallmark Christmas movie will sweep you into a world of holiday joy where secrets and mystery intertwine.

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Northern Lights of Christmas (2018)

Experience a heartwarming tale as Zoey Hathaway’s life takes an unexpected turn with the inheritance of a reindeer farm. Overwhelmed by the responsibility of caring for the animals and managing Christmas duties, Zoey finds herself on a transformative journey. Uncover the enchanting magic of the season in this heartwarming Hallmark Christmas movie, filled with love, laughter, and mystery.

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Five Star Christmas (2020)

Join the Ralston family in a comical tale as they masquerade as guests in their own B&B to impress a travel writer. While playing along, she develops feelings for a guest named Jake. However, she faces challenges in revealing her true identity and the funny secret that they’re all keeping. This film is a must-see for the season.

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Finding Father Christmas (2016)

Finding Father Christmas is a heartwarming Hallmark movie about a woman raised by her mother and left orphaned during Christmas. As she starts on a journey to uncover the truth about her father’s identity, she discovers unexpected romance and rekindles her Christmas spirit.

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A Little Christmas Charm (2020)

Join jewelry designer Holly on a quest as she discovers a lost charm bracelet. Together with investigative reporter Greg, they set out to locate its rightful owner and return it before Christmas Eve. This heartwarming Hallmark Christmas film solves a mystery and unearths the essence of love and friendship.

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A Christmas Visitor (2002)

Join a grieving family, still coping with the loss of their son in the Gulf War, as they encounter an intriguing stranger while buying a Christmas tree. In this poignant Hallmark Christmas movie, witness the power of hope, love, and the magic of Christmas bringing unexpected healing and comfort to their hearts during the holiday season.

From 2022

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Jolly Good Christmas (2022)

A beautiful Christmas story about an American architect in London on a mission to buy the right gift for his sweetheart. He encounters a professional shopper and asks her for assistance with the perfect gift. This movie depicts how they learn the true meaning of the holidays and the joy that comes with unexpectedly discovering love.

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A Magical Christmas Village (2022)

Experience the heartwarming story of Summer, her mother Vivian, and her daughter Chloe coming together in one home. Vivian’s creation of a miniature Christmas village leads to magical moments. As Chloe arranges the figurines, real-life events unfold in sync with her whimsical scenes. Discover the enchantment of this movie, where love and imagination ignite joy and wonder during the holiday season.

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Noel Next Door (2022)

Join a single mom in a comical battle of wits with her Christmas-ruining neighbor. As their war of words ensues, she discovers he’s not the grump she assumed. In this heartwarming movie, unexpected sparks fly, and misunderstandings give way to newfound romance. Experience the magic of the holiday season, where love and understanding can transform even the grumpiest hearts.

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The Gift of Peace (2022)

Follow Traci’s emotional journey as she copes with the loss of her husband. Despite grappling with her faith, she bravely attends a support group during her second Christmas without him. Through this heartwarming Hallmark Christmas film, Traci finds renewed solace and inspiration and rediscovers the true significance of the holiday season: the gift of healing, love, and peace.

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We Need a Little Christmas (2022)

Join Julie on a poignant journey as she navigates single motherhood and faces her first Christmas without her husband. Amidst the challenges of grieving, she forms an unlikely bond with her older neighbor Irene. Get ready to be swept away in this touching and unforgettable holiday tale of hope, resilience, and the magical power of human connections.

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A Maple Valley Christmas (2022)

Embark on Erica’s journey as a hardworking rancher devoted to her family farm. When Aaron enters her life and challenges her plans, she starts questioning her dreams. In this touching Hallmark Christmas movie, Erica navigates self-discovery, love, and the essence of happiness during the holiday season. Get ready for a heartwarming tale of finding oneself amidst the joys of Christmas.

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Long Lost Christmas (2022)

Come along on a heartwarming journey with interior designer Hayley as she sets out on a mission to gift her recently widowed mother, Patricia, with the ideal Christmas present: an extended family she has always desired. As Hayley works on planning the surprise, she discovers the true meaning of love, family, and the wonder of the holiday season.

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The Holiday Stocking (2022)

Discover an enchanting Hallmark Christmas movie where the new angel R.J. returns to Earth in a stranger’s form. Tasked with reconciling his sisters’ relationship, he sets out on a heartwarming mission of forgiveness and love. Join him on this magical journey of family bonds filled with the spirit of the holiday season.

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Five More Minutes: Moments Like These (2022)

Indulge in a touching Christmas story inspired by Scotty McCreery’s song “Five More Minutes.” The plot follows a young widow’s heartfelt Christmas wish for her son. Magical events unfold upon returning home, fulfilling her wish in heartwarming ways. Witness the joy, love, and memorable moments of the holiday season in this captivating Hallmark Christmas movie.

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A Cozy Christmas Inn (2022)

Join real estate exec Erika on a heartwarming journey to Alaska during the festive season to acquire a charming bed and breakfast. Unexpectedly, she discovers that her ex is the current owner. In the winter terrain, she rediscovers the town’s beauty and the potential of rekindling their love.

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A Fabled Holiday (2022)

Follow Talia and her childhood best friend Anderson on a heartwarming journey as they unexpectedly reunite in a town filled with Christmas magic. Amidst deep turmoil, they find solace and restoration in the town’s enchanting Christmas spirit. Experience this Hallmark Christmas movie, where friendship, love, and the power of the holiday season bring hope and healing to their hearts.

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A Holiday Spectacular (2022)

Travel back to 1958 with Maggie, a Philadelphia heiress who defies high society to pursue her hidden love. Placing her wedding preparations on hold, she clandestinely travels to New York City to perform live as a dancer in the Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular.

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A Big Fat Family Christmas (2022)

Join reporter Liv on an inspirational journey to realize her ambition of capturing the Chang family’s annual holiday dinner for a cover story. She keeps her identity from them, even though they are her family. As she works with her colleague Henry, who is also covering the event, she develops a love for him.

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A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe (2022)

Follow Annie as she takes on her new role as CEO of Cooper’s Cookies. Annie faces her first test when her grandmother’s secret recipe goes missing. She joins local baker Sam to recreate the recipe, determined to discover the truth. Discover the joy of baking and the spirit of teamwork in this delightful movie.

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A Kismet Christmas (2022)

Follow author Sarah’s heartwarming journey back to her hometown, where reuniting with family and her childhood crush, Travis ignites sparks. Amidst the festive season, a family legend unravels with surprising revelations. Experience the enchanting Hallmark Christmas movie, where love, destiny, and the holiday spirit intertwine, creating cherished connections and serendipitous moments.

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A Royal Corgi Christmas (2022)

Prince Edmond wants to win his mother’s love with an adorable but unruly corgi. To prepare the corgi for the annual Christmas ball, he enlists the help of American dog trainer Cecily. In this delightful Hallmark Christmas movie, witness the magic of Christmas, love, and the bond between a prince and his four-legged companion.

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A Tale of Two Christmases (2022)

Step into the magical world of possibilities as Emma’s story splits into two paths before Christmas. In one, she returns home to reconnect with an old friend. On the other, she explores a new crush in the city. Emma embarks on two magical journeys to find the true spirit of Christmas in this captivating Hallmark Christmas movie.

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Campfire Christmas (2022)

Peyton and her best friends rekindle romance at their family’s summer camp during a reunion. As Peyton’s parents prepare to sell it, the magic of Christmas brings love and nostalgia to the forefront. In this delightful Hallmark Christmas movie, experience the joy of friendship, the warmth of campfire gatherings, and the enchantment of the holiday season.

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All Saints Christmas (2022)

R&B singer Lisette prepares for Christmas in New Orleans. Her family insists her ex-music producer join her on the trip after the media misinterprets a photo of them as an engagement announcement. This heartwarming Hallmark film takes unexpected turns, capturing the holiday spirit and family love.

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Christmas at the Golden Dragon (2022)

As the town’s landmark Chinese restaurant faces closure, two siblings embark on a heartfelt journey of self-discovery and reflection alongside the restaurant’s loyal patrons. In this touching Hallmark Christmas movie, witness the power of family, love, and community as the spirit of Christmas brings hope and new beginnings to all who gather at the Golden Dragon.

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Christmas Class Reunion (2022)

Join a group of friends as they gather for their 15th high school reunion at Christmas, ready to kindle unrequited loves, rekindle new friendships, and embrace the holiday season. In this heartwarming Hallmark Christmas movie, experience the magic of nostalgia, second chances, and the joy of Christmas as old memories intertwine with new beginnings.

Coming Soon in 2023

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A Royal Christmas Crush (2023)

Follow Ava as she seizes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work at the prestigious Royal Ice Hotel. She has no idea that her decision will lead to a whirlwind romance with the Royal Prince himself. Experience the magic of love, royalty, and the cheer of the holiday season in this lovely Hallmark Christmas film.

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Take Me Back for Christmas (2023)

Join Renee on a heartwarming adventure as she makes a Christmas wish for a better life. To her surprise, she wakes up in a luxurious high-rise in NYC as the CEO of a thriving meal kit delivery company. But there’s a catch – she’s no longer married to her beloved husband. Follow Renee’s journey as she navigates fate and love.

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A Merry Scottish Christmas (2023)

Join estranged siblings Lindsay and Brad on a heartwarming journey to Scotland at Christmas to reunite with their mother, Jo. In this enchanting Hallmark Christmas movie, they rediscover the magic of family bonds, forgiveness, and the joy of the holiday season amidst the picturesque landscapes of Scotland.

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A Biltmore Christmas (2023)

A magical twist sends screenwriter Lucy Collins back to 1946 Hollywood to work on “His Merry Bride!” at Biltmore House. Amidst charming encounters and a budding romance with Jack Huston, she must navigate this unfamiliar world to preserve the future.