75 Mother’s Day Crafts

Create the perfect Mother's Day with these unique and beautiful handmade tokens.

For Mother’s Day, we’ve chosen an extensive collection of heartfelt and creative Mother’s Day crafts that will make this year’s celebration extra special. From handmade jewelry to personalized home decor, we’ve got you covered with a wide variety of DIY projects suitable for every skill level. Whether you’re looking for a sentimental gift or a fun activity to enjoy making together, these crafts are designed to show your mom just how much she means to you.

Get ready to unleash your creativity, make lasting memories, and make this Mother’s Day a cherished occasion that she will remember for years to come.

Easy Mother’s Day Crafts

Image sourced from Baby Chick


Handprint Flower Bouquet

For this one, you’ll need colorful construction paper, child-safe paint, and a paintbrush. The kids can paint their hands different colors — with close supervision, of course — and press their handprints onto the construction paper, forming flower petals. Once dry, help them add a personal message. Finally, arrange the handprint flowers into a beautiful bouquet, securing them with tape or glue. 

Here is a great example from Baby Chick.

Image sourced from Made To Be A Momma


Paper Plate Flower

Get a paper plate, colorful paint, and some craft supplies. Let the kids add their personal touch and paint the plate in vibrant colors. Then, assist them in cutting petal shapes around the edge of the plate. Encourage their creativity as they decorate the petals with glitter, stickers, or buttons. Finally, attach a popsicle stick to the back as a stem.

Here is a great example from Made To Be A Momma.

Image sourced from Christiana Maria Blog


Mason Jar Vase

Grab a clean Mason jar and let the kids have fun decorating it with colorful ribbons, lace, or paint. Fill it with fresh blooms or paper flowers made with love. Add a heartfelt note for a personal touch. Mom will cherish this beautiful vase that’s filled with love and blooming with gratitude.

Here is a great example from Christiana Maria Blog.

Image sourced from Marla Meridith


Button Art

Grab a canvas or thick paper and a colorful assortment of buttons. Have the kids arrange the buttons into unique designs like flowers, animals, or abstract patterns. Then, glue the buttons in place. Add extra details with markers or paint. Frame it or hang it up to showcase the masterpiece — it’s a heartfelt gift that mom will adore.

Here is a great example from Marla Meridith.

Image sourced from Make and Takes


Tissue Paper Butterflies

Cut out a butterfly shape from cardstock or cardboard. Get colored tissue paper and cut it into small squares. Scrunch each square, then glue the lines together to make beautiful butterfly wings. Add pipe cleaner antennae. Hang these delicate butterflies around the house to add some enchantment to mom’s special day.

Here is a great example from Make and Takes.

Image sourced from The Craft Patch


Handprint Apron

Let’s cook up a personalized surprise for mom with a handprint apron! Grab a plain apron and fabric paint. Have the kids dip their hands in the paint and carefully press down onto the apron to create handprint designs. You can also write a sweet message with fabric markers for a personal touch. 

Here is a great example from The Craft Patch.

Image sourced from Amazon


Painted Rocks

Let’s create beautifully painted rock treasures! Collect smooth pebbles at the beach or purchase them online. Using acrylic paints, transform the rocks into adorable creatures and adorn them with inspirational messages or vibrant patterns. Lastly, seal the designs with clear varnish.

You can also buy it here from Amazon

Image sourced from Martha Stewart


Paper Flower Crown

Help your child cut out flower shapes from colored paper, allowing them to choose different sizes and colors. Assist them in adding details like petals, leaves, or even glitter. Show them how to glue the flowers to a strip of construction paper, forming a crown. Let it dry, and carefully adjust it to fit mom’s head. 

Here is a great example from Martha Stewart.

Image sourced from Paper Craft


Handprint Heart Card

Trace the little one’s hand outline on a piece of colored cardstock, one for each hand. Help them cut out the hand shapes and glue them together with another cardstock piece shaped like a heart. Add a loving message in the heart and decorate with stickers, glitter, or markers. Mom will surely cherish this symbolic gesture of love and gratitude.

Here is a great example from Paper Craft.

Image sourced from Crafty Morning


Button Bouquet

Get some colorful buttons in different shapes and sizes. Thread them into floral wire or a sturdy pipe cleaner, securing them with twists or knots. Add leaves or other decorative elements, then place them in a vase or glass jar. Mom will surely adore this unique, handmade gift.

Here is a great example from Crafty Morning

Image sourced from Flipkart


Paper Fan Decoration

Add a touch of elegance to mom’s special day with decorative paper fans. Take a rectangular piece of colored paper and fold it accordion-style, making approximately one-inch folds. Secure the folded paper in the middle with a paperclip or string. Gently fan out the folds on both sides, creating a beautiful fan shape. 

Here is a great example from Flipkart.

Image sourced from The Best Idea For Kids


Handprint Keychain

Flatten a small piece of air-dry or polymer clay. Roll out the clay and press the kids’ hands onto it to leave a hand-printed message. Use a straw or cookie cutter to create a hole near the top for the keychain ring. Once dry, the kids can paint it and add decorations. 

Here is a great example from The Best Idea For Kids.

Image sourced from Cut Out and Keep


Ribbon Bookmarks

Pick out colorful ribbons and attach decorative charms or ornaments to the ends. Tie a knot at the top to secure everything in place. These fancy bookmarks will make mom smile every time she opens her favorite book, and they’ll add a fun twist to her Mother’s Day and reading adventures.

Here is a great example from Cut Out and Keep.


Image sourced from One Little Project


Paper Heart Wreath

Cut out heart shapes from colored paper and glue the hearts around the circular base, layering and overlapping them to create a full wreath. Hang it on the door, and let this heart-shaped love token welcome Mom home.

Here is a great example from One Little Project.

Image sourced from Facebook


Paper Flower Card

Let love bloom with a paper flower card! Draw flower shapes on colored paper, ensuring they are of different sizes and colors. Cut out and glue the flowers onto the front of the card, layering them to create a dimensional effect. Add decorations like buttons, ribbons, and even glitter for extra sparkle. 

Here is a great example from Facebook.

Image sourced from How to Recycle


Paper Bead Necklace

Get colorful strips of paper, a toothpick or skewer, glue, and a string or chain. Roll each strip of paper tightly around the toothpick or skewer, gluing the end to secure it. Create multiple strips to create an array of paper beads. Once dry, thread them onto the string, creating a beautiful necklace.

Here is a great example from How to Recycle.

Image sourced from Plaid Online


Handprint Oven Mitt

Get a plain oven mitt, fabric paint, and a paintbrush. The kids should choose a color and apply fabric paint to their hands using the paintbrush. Have them carefully press their hands onto the surface of the oven mitt to create a handprint. Then allow the paint to dry completely. It’s a practical and sentimental gift that she will treasure. 

Here is a great example from Plaid Online

Image sourced from Home Stories A to Z


Mason Jar Photo Frame

First, protect the area the photo will cover with painter’s tape. Paint the jar with mom’s favorite colors. Take off the tape and let the paint dry. Pick a cherished photo and fit it into the picture frame window. Secure the photo in place and add some flowers. 

Here is a great example from Home Stories A to Z.

Artistic Mother’s Day Crafts

Image sourced from The Painted Pen


Watercolor Card

Start with a blank card or heavy watercolor paper. Set up a watercolor palette with a variety of vibrant colors and let the kids go to work! They can explore different techniques, such as blending, washes, or adding salt for texture. They can add a beautiful design, message, or picture on the front of the card. 

Here is a great example from The Painted Pen.

Image sourced from Homeschoolaec.com


Collage Portrait

Let’s get artsy! Create a sketch of mom on cardstock. Then, cut out different shapes and pieces from different materials for a beautiful flowery dress and hair. Glue these pieces onto the cardstock drawing, completing the abstract portrait of mom. 

Here is a great example from Homeschoolaec.com

Image sourced from Craft by Courtney


Acrylic Painting

Set up an easel or lay out a canvas or sturdy paper. Provide a variety of acrylic paints, brushes, and a palette for mixing colors. The kids’ imaginations can guide their brushstrokes as they create beautiful artwork. They can paint a nature scene or an abstract design and include a lovely message to mom.

Here is a great example from Craft by Courtney.

Image sourced from The Craft-at-Home Family


Glass Jar Lantern

Find a clear glass jar with a lid. Decorate the jar using glass paints or markers, creating colorful patterns or designs. Once the design is dry, insert a small LED candle or string lights into the jar and secure the lid. Mom can take pleasure in the glass jar lantern’s cozy and warm glow.

Here is a great example from The Craft-at-Home Family.

Image sourced from String Art DIY


String Art

Use a wooden board or thick cardboard as the base. Hammer nails into the board, forming a unique pattern or shape. Wrap colorful embroidery floss or string around the nails. The kids will enjoy experimenting with different patterns and color combinations. Once finished, secure the ends and trim off any excess string. 

Here is a great example from String Art DIY.


Image sourced from Pinterest


Paper Mosaic

Get colored paper, kid-friendly scissors, and some glue. Cut the paper into small squares or shapes. Encourage the kids to choose a base design or picture to create their mosaic. Apply glue to the base paper and place the colored paper pieces onto it, forming a beautiful mosaic. 

Here is a great example from Pinterest.

Image sourced from Kids Activities


Stained Glass Window Cling

Get a photo frame with glass. Have the kids draw an image outline on paper and place it directly underneath the glass. Mix glue and black acrylic paint and use it to trace the outline on the glass. Once dry, they’ll paint inside the outline with vibrant colors. Let the sun do the rest.

Here is a great example from Kids Activities. 

Image sourced from Just Color


Mandala Drawing

Start with a blank piece of paper and coloring utensils, such as colored pencils, markers, or crayons. Start at the center of the paper and work outward, creating intricate patterns, shapes, and designs. Once complete, the mandala becomes a symbol of balance, harmony, and love.

Here is a great example from Just Color.


Image sourced from DIYS.com


Resin Jewelry

Mix and pour resin into a silicone mold, adding glitter or even tiny paper butterflies. Arrange the kids’ chosen items in the resin. Once it has cured, remove the jewelry pieces from the molds and attach earring hooks or necklace chains. Mom will cherish this wearable work of art crafted with love.

Here is a great example from DIYS.com.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Wire Sculpture

Bend and shape the wire into the desired design. Create delicate flowers, abstract shapes, or even miniature sculptures that capture Mom’s unique spirit or that symbolize what she loves. Attach the sculpture securely to the base and it’s done.

Here is a great example from Pinterest.

Image sourced from Felt Magnet


Paper Cutting Art

Let the kids discover the art of paper cutting to create the perfect gift! Draw a design or picture on a piece of paper and carefully cut out the parts with scissors. From nature-inspired motifs to heartfelt messages, each cut brings the artwork to life. Paste it onto colorful cardstock to combine colors and create a stunning effect.

Here is a great example from Felt Magnet.

Image sourced from Craft Courses


Batik Fabric Painting

Enter the world of artistic fabric painting with a batik-inspired masterpiece for Mother’s Day! Start with plain white fabric, fabric paints, and a paintbrush. Draw the desired design or pattern onto the fabric using a pencil or fabric marker. Then, apply the fabric paints, filling in the design with bold and vivid colors. 

Here is a great example from Craft Courses.


Image sourced from hobby craft


Wood-burning Art

Start with a smooth wooden surface, such as a plaque or a wooden box. Get a woodburning tool, protective gloves, and a well-ventilated workspace. Draw a design or write a heartfelt message on the wooden surface using the woodburning tool. Once complete, apply a sealant or wax to protect the finished piece. 

Here is a great example from hobby craft.

Image sourced from A More Crafty Life


Water Lily Mother’s Day Card

Have the little ones paint beautiful flowers with vibrant watercolor paints on white cardstock. Add other features, like butterflies or bees. Trace the flower outlines with a black marker, and use a green one for the stem and leaves.

Here is a great example from A More Crafty Life.

Image sourced from The Boston Calendar



Get glass pieces or glass-fusing supplies like glass cutters, glass sheets, and glass-fusing kiln paper. Cut or arrange the glass pieces into the desired pattern. Prepare a kiln-safe surface and carefully transfer the glass arrangement onto it. Place them in a kiln to heat and fuse them together. 

Here is a great example from The Boston Calendar. 

Image sourced from Pinterest


Paper Quilling

Gather colorful strips of paper, a quilling tool (or a toothpick), and glue. Wrap a paper strip around the tool, then release it to create a coil. Shape the coil into different forms like delicate flowers, teardrops, or hearts. Frame the quilled artwork or glue it onto a card or decorative piece. 

Here is a great example from Pinterest.

Image sourced from Darcy and Brian


Heart Transfer Card

First, fold cardstock in half to form the card. On a separate piece of wax paper, draw or color a heart design with vibrant colors. Carefully place the wax paper over the front of the cardstock and trace over the heart design with a pencil. Remove the wax paper and let the transferred design dry.

Here is a great example from Darcy and Brian.

Image sourced from Project Kid


Beaded Jewelry

Get some glass beads, seed beads, or wooden beads and supplies like beading wire, clasps, and crimp beads. Choose a design, whether it’s a bracelet, necklace, or earrings. Thread the beads onto the wire, creating a beautiful pattern or arrangement. Secure the ends of the wire with clasps and crimp beads.

Here is a great example from Project Kid.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Pottery Painting

Choose between a mug, vase, or plate. Paint intricate designs, patterns, or heartfelt messages on the pottery surface. Once finished, allow the paint to dry completely. Take the piece to a pottery studio for firing, or look up instructions for baking it at home.

Here is a great example from Pinterest.

Mother’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Image sourced from Littlest Bookworms


Thumbprint Heart Magnets

Press the child’s thumb into a finger ink pad and help them stamp their thumbprints in the shape of a heart on cardstock. Glue large clear glass gems onto the thumbprint heart to seal it up. Once the paint is dry, attach magnet strips or ceramic magnets to the back of each heart. Voila!

Here is a great example from Littlest Bookworms. 

Image sourced from Sparkle Living


Paper Bag Mother's Day Card

You can never go wrong with eco-friendly crafts. Get a paper bag, colorful paper or cardstock, scissors, glue, and markers or colored pencils. Decorate the front of the card with artwork, heartfelt messages, or Mom’s favorite things. 

Here is a great example from Sparkle Living.

Image sourced from FirstCry


Handprint Butterfly Card

This will get the kids to spread their artistic wings! Cut out an oval-shaped body and long, curly antennae from cardstock. Some fun hand-tracing on cardstock should give the desired shape to use as butterfly wings. Add a touch of whimsy by decorating the wings with patterns, colors, or even glitter. 

Here is a great example from FirstCry.

Image sourced from Darcy and Brian


Tissue Paper Heart Suncatcher

Let love and light shine through with a tissue paper heart suncatcher! First, you’ll need a heart-shaped frame cut out of sturdy cardboard. Apply a layer of glue to the heart shape. Then, overlap and layer pieces of colored tissue paper inside the heart shape to create a vibrant collage. 

Here is a great example from Darcy and Brian.

Image sourced from Made To Be A Momma


Cupcake Liner Flowers

Let’s bake up some crafty fun! Flatten cupcake liners and stack several of them together to create each flower. Glue them onto a piece of cardstock or construction paper. Add a button or pom-pom at the center for the flower’s core. Finally, guide them in adding paper stems and leaves to finish off the flower.

Here is a great example from Made To Be A Momma.

Image sourced from The Champa Tree


Paper Plate Wall Flower Basket

Get a paper plate and cut it in half. Cut out flowers from colorful cardstock and glue the stems to the cut edge of the paper plate. Next, glue a separate, uncut paper plate onto the first one. Punch two holes at the top for a ribbon handle and it’s done. 

Here is a great example from The Champa Tree.

Image sourced from Baker Rose


Paper Family Tree

Draw a sturdy tree trunk and branches on cardstock. Cut out flower petal shapes from colored paper, one for each family member. Write the names of family members on the flowers and glue them onto the branches, arranging them according to their relationships.

Here is a great example from Baker Rose.

Image sourced from Fun365


Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

Arrange popsicle sticks in a square or rectangular shape, overlapping the ends to form the frame. Glue the sticks together, ensuring they are secure. Paint or decorate the frame in bright colors and patterns. Once complete, insert a cherished photo of mom or the family into the frame. 

Here is a great example from Fun365.

Image sourced from The Purple Yarn


Handprint Card

Fold construction paper in half to form the card. Have the kids choose a color and apply it evenly to their palms. Carefully guide their hand to press onto the front of the card, leaving a clear handprint impression. Once dry, decorate the card with drawings, messages, stickers, or a heartfelt message to mom. 

Here is a great example from The Purple Yarn. 

Image sourced from I Love My Kids Blog


Salt Dough Handprint

Capture a beautiful moment in time with a salt dough handprint keepsake! Mix flour, salt, and water to create salt dough. Roll out the dough and press mom’s hand in first to make an impression, and then add the little one’s handprint on top. Decorate the borders with paint, glitter, or varnish. 

Here is a great example from I Love My Kids Blog.

Image sourced from Crafts and Barrel


Paper Mache Bowl

Start with a mixture of equal parts flour and water to create the paper-mache paste. Get an old bowl to use as a base and cover it in petroleum jelly. Dip newspaper strips into the paste and layer them on the bowl. Once the bowl is dry and sturdy, paint and decorate it. 

Here is a great example from Crafts and Barrel.

Image sourced from I Heart Crafty Things


Paper Plate Butterfly

Let creativity take flight with a paper plate butterfly! Get a floral patterned paper plate and cut and fold it into butterfly wings. Use a popsicle stick for the body base and different-sized pom poms for the body and face. Then add googly eyes, pipe cleaner antennae, and colorful decorations. Mom will surely love it!

Here is a great example from  I Heart Crafty Things. 

Image sourced from Pinterest


Button Heart Card

Draw or trace a heart shape on colored cardstock and pick out buttons in different colors and sizes. Arrange the buttons within the heart shape, gluing them down securely. The kids’ creativity will shine as they experiment with different button combinations and patterns.

Here is a great example from Pinterest.


Image sourced from The Bump


Hug in a Card

Get cardstock and fold it in half to create the card. Draw and paint a portrait of mom inside the card, add googly eyes, and use a ribbon for the arms. Cut out hand shapes and glue them onto the ends of the ribbon to complete the creation.

Here is a great example from The Bump.

Mother’s Day Crafts for Adults

Image sourced from DIY Cuteness


Homemade Spa Gift Basket

Pamper mom with a homemade spa gift basket — the ultimate relaxation treat! Fill a basket with luxurious items like scented candles, bath bombs, handmade soaps, a soft bathrobe, face masks, and body scrubs. Add a personalized touch with a handwritten note or a framed picture. Let her unwind with this delightful homemade spa gift basket!

Here is a great example from DIY Cuteness.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Customized Photo Album

Create a treasured keepsake with a customized photo album for your mom! Gather your favorite photos and select a beautiful album or scrapbook. Decorate the cover with her name, special messages, or mementos that reflect her style. Arrange the photos creatively, adding captions or handwritten notes. It’s a heartfelt gift that celebrates your special bond.

Here is a great example from Pinterest.

Image sourced from Etsy


Hand-painted Wine Glasses

Raise a glass to mom’s special day with hand-painted wine glasses! Start with plain wine glasses and gather glass paint or enamel paints in vibrant colors. Get creative and paint unique designs, patterns, or even personalized messages on the glasses. Cheers to your creativity and mom’s happiness!

You can also buy it here on Etsy.

Image sourced from Bloesem Kids


Embroidered Handkerchief

Sew love and care into every stitch with an embroidered handkerchief! Choose a soft and delicate fabric and select embroidery floss in your mom’s favorite colors. Embroider a special design, her initials, or a heartfelt message. Take your time and let your creativity shine through each delicate thread. 

Here is a great example from Bloesem Kids.

Image sourced from Evermine


Homemade Scented Candles

Ignite mom’s senses with homemade scented candles! Melt soy wax flakes in a double boiler and add fragrance oils in her favorite scents. Attach a wick to the bottom of a heat-resistant container and pour the scented wax in. Let it cool and solidify. Decorate the container with ribbons or labels. The candle will create soothing aromas and a warm ambiance. 

Here is a great example from Evermine

Image sourced from Collective Gen


Personalized Recipe Book

Whip up a delightful surprise for mom with a personalized recipe book! Gather her favorite recipes or family favorites. Write them down neatly on decorated recipe cards or create printed pages. Organize them into categories and bind them together with rings or in a scrapbook-style album. Add personal touches like photos, handwritten notes, or special memories associated with each recipe. 

Here is a great example from Collective Gen

Image sourced from Happiness is Homemade


Felt Flowers

Craft a bouquet of beautiful felt flowers for mom! Cut flower shapes from colorful felt fabric, layer the petals, and secure them in place with glue or stitching. Add a contrasting felt center or buttons and beads. Attach green felt stems to the flowers and arrange them in a vase or create a beautiful felt flower crown or corsage. 

Here is a great example from Happiness is Homemade. 

Image sourced from Nifty Mom


Customized Tote Bag

Fashionably express your love with a customized tote bag for mom! Start with a plain canvas tote bag. Use fabric paints, markers, or iron-on transfers to add her name, a special design, or a heartfelt message. Get creative with colors, patterns, and motifs that reflect her style. Personalize it further by attaching fabric patches, ribbons, or charms. 

Here is a great example from Nifty Mom.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Handmade Pottery

Shape her world with a handmade pottery gift! Get your hands dirty with clay and mold it into beautiful creations like bowls, vases, or mugs. Use pottery tools to add textures or patterns. Let the pieces dry and then fire them in a kiln. Once cooled, decorate them with glazes, paints, or intricate designs. 

Here is a great example from Pinterest.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Printable Mother's Day Handprint Craft

Celebrate with a printable Mother’s Day handprint craft! Create a printable template online of a handprint design. Print it out and cut around the handprint shape. Paint your hand and make a handprint directly on the template. Cut out the handprint, glue it onto the designated area on the template, and add a loving message to express your love. 

Here is a great example from Pinterest.

Image sourced from Aimee Weaver Design


DIY Terrarium

Create a miniature garden oasis with a DIY terrarium! Find a glass container with a lid, like a fishbowl or a Mason jar. Fill the bottom with rocks or pebbles for drainage. Layer activated charcoal to keep the environment fresh, add a layer of potting soil, and arrange small plants, moss, and decorative elements like pebbles or figurines. 

Here is a great example from Aimee Weaver Design. 

Image sourced from Crazy Laura


Wine Cork Board

Uncork your creativity and make a wine cork board for your mother! Collect used wine corks and arrange them tightly on a backing board. Glue them down securely, creating a textured surface. Personalize it by painting or staining the corks in different colors or patterns. She will appreciate this unique and functional piece of upcycled art.

Here is a great example from Crazy Laura.

Image sourced from FeltedPleasure


Hand-dyed Scarf

Add a vibrant touch to her wardrobe with a hand-dyed scarf! Start with a plain white or light-colored scarf made of natural fibers like cotton or silk. Prepare fabric dyes in your desired colors. Use various techniques like tie-dye, dip-dye, or hand-painting to apply the dyes to the scarf, creating unique patterns and designs.

Here is a great example from FeltedPleasure.

Image sourced from Craft Project Ideas


Personalized Coffee Mug

Brew up a personalized surprise with a customized coffee mug! Start with a plain ceramic or porcelain mug. Use porcelain markers, ceramic paints, or vinyl decals to add her name, a special message, or a design that reflects her interests or personality. Let your creativity flow as you bring the mug to life.

Here is a great example from Craft Project Ideas.

Image sourced from Pink Stripey Socks


Macramé Plant Hanger

Get knotty and create a stylish macramé plant hanger for Mother’s Day! Start with a sturdy cord or macramé rope and get her favorite indoor plant. Learn different macramé knots or follow a tutorial to create intricate patterns with the cords. Form a hanger by suspending the plant from a decorative ring or wooden dowel. 

Here is a great example from Pink Stripey Socks.

Image sourced from DIY Beauty Base


Homemade Body Butter

Indulge her senses with homemade body butter that pampers her skin! In a bowl, combine natural ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils of her choice. Whip the mixture until creamy and smooth. Transfer it to a jar or container and customize the label or decorate the container to make it extra special. 

Here is a great example from DIY Beauty Base.

Image sourced from Hello Creative Family


Handmade Leather Keychain

Add some sophistication to her everyday essentials with a handmade leather keychain! Start by cutting a small piece of leather into the desired shape, like a heart, circle, or square. Create a loop and attach a keyring or metal clasp. Personalize the keychain with her initials, a special message, or decorative designs. 

Here is a great example from Hello Creative Family. 

Image sourced from Honey + Lime


Hand-painted Canvas Art

Create a stunning hand-painted canvas art piece using a blank canvas. Let your creativity flow as you paint a beautiful landscape, an abstract design, or a meaningful symbol that holds significance for your mom. The beauty and thoughtfulness of this hand-painted canvas art will reflect your love for her.

Here is a great example from Honey + Lime.

Image sourced from Trixie’s Collection


Yarn-Wrapped Flower Pot

Add a cozy and colorful touch to her favorite plants with a yarn-wrapped flower pot! Start with a plain terracotta or plastic flower pot and choose colorful yarn in your mom’s favorite colors. Apply glue to a small section of the pot and begin wrapping the yarn around it, securing it in place. Create patterns, stripes, or use different textures of yarn.

Here is a great example from Trixie’s Collection. 

Image sourced from Dream a Little Bigger


Gemstone Soap

They’re gorgeous and practical! Add micro colorant to chopped clear soap and microwave the mixture until it’s liquid. Add drops of your mom’s favorite essential oils and pour it into a mold. Alternate the layers, adding various colorants and gold leaf flakes as you go.

Here is a great example from Dream a Little Bigger.


Image sourced from Moms Without Answers


DIY Bath Bombs

Pamper your mom with DIY bath bombs! In a mixing bowl, combine baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, and cornstarch. Add essential oils and some food coloring for fragrance and color. Slowly add a little water or witch hazel, stirring until the mixture holds together when squeezed. Press the mixture into molds or shape them by hand and leave to dry. 

Here is a great example from Moms Without Answers. 

Image sourced from TL Yarn Crafts Blog


Knitted or Crocheted Scarf

Wrap her in warmth and love with a knitted or crocheted scarf! Choose a soft and cozy yarn in her favorite color or a beautiful blend of shades. Grab your knitting needles or crochet hook and follow a pattern or create your own. Stitch each row with care, forming intricate patterns or a simple, elegant design. 

Here is a great example from TL Yarn Crafts Blog.

Image sourced from Amazon


Personalized Recipe Box

Help your mom organize her recipes with a personalized recipe box. Start with a plain wooden or acrylic recipe box. Paint it in her favorite color or decorate it with patterned paper, fabric, or washi tape. Add her name or a special message using stencils, letter stickers, or hand-painted lettering. Lastly, fill the box with blank recipe cards. 

You can also buy it here on  Amazon.


Image sourced from Craft Picnic


Quilted Throw Blanket

Cover her with love with this throw blanket! Pick out a selection of cozy fabric patterns. Cut the fabric into squares or rectangles and sew them together in a desired pattern, creating a quilt top. Layer it with batting and a backing fabric, then quilt the layers together with straight or decorative stitching. Finish the edges with a binding or a border. 

Here is a great example from Craft Picnic.