90 Halloween Crafts For Kids

Explore our collection of Halloween crafts that will keep the little ones engaged and entertained.

Prepare for a Halloween extravaganza with our special selection of Halloween crafts for kids! This exhaustive collection is loaded with ideas and inspiration for making the holiday extra special. Whether you’re looking for simple projects appropriate for young children or engaging crafts for older children, we’ve got you covered. 

Halloween is a time when imagination and creativity flourish, and what better way to channel this creativity than through exciting craft projects? Not only are these crafts an excellent way to entertain children, but they also promote learning and growth. So, gather your supplies, embrace the spookiness, and embark on an unforgettable journey of creativity with our list of Halloween crafts, prepared just for your kids!

Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Image sourced from Christy Robbins


Potato Ghost

This is a simple and enjoyable activity for children of all ages. All that is required are potatoes and two large peppercorns. To create the ghost, merely halve the potato along its length. Then add the peppercorns as eyes and voila, you have cute and easy decorations to place around the house. 

Here is a great example of a potato ghost from Christy Robbins.

Image sourced from The Mummy Front


Slime Witches

Combine clear glue and food coloring in a bowl, transforming it into slime. Blend the mixture until it becomes velvety smooth. Squeeze it into a bottle, and then draw googly eyes on it. Add a witch’s hat and broomstick to complete the effect. 

Here is a great example of slime witches from The Mummy Front.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Rock Pumpkins

Paint some smooth pebbles orange to create pumpkin rocks. After the paint has dried, draw faces on using markers. Additionally, your kids can add stems and vines to the pumpkins for effect. The rock pumpkins are now Halloween decorations for your household.

Image sourced from vivanicemk


Pool Noodle Candles

Cut pool noodles into different lengths and paint them with spooky black hues. Create spaces for LED tea lights on the top. The kids can choose to decorate them with artificial spider webs, plastic spiders, and creepy crawlies. Place them along your path or as a table centerpiece.

Here is a great example of a pool noodle candle from vivanicemk.

Image sourced from Mommy Evolution


Popcorn Spider Webs

Create spooky spider webs using popcorn and white glue. Once the popcorn is done, pour the glue over, creating spider webs. Paint some of the popcorn darker colors, attach cut wires to make spider legs, and add googly eyes to the creepy crawlies. 

Here is a great example of popcorn spider webs from Mommy Evolution.

Image sourced from jaymclaughlin


Pumpkin Carving

This is a timeless Halloween activity that children of all ages can appreciate. You’ll need a pumpkin, a carving instrument, and imagination. Supervise as they carve out the desired spaces for the eyes, nose, and mouth. They can also add additional features, like a hat or a smile.

Here is a great example of a pumpkin carving from jaymclaughlin.

Image sourced from thinkmakeshareblog


Pumpkin Painting

This is a colorful and exciting craft that the kids will love. Grab a pumpkin, some paint, and brushes. Next, instruct them to paint it in their desired colors. They can also design it using patterns or various decorations.

Here is a great example of a painted pumpkin from thinkmakeshareblog.

Image sourced from whathappensatgrandmas


Sock Puppets

To make this craft, get a few old socks, felt, kid-friendly scissors, and paste. Have them cut out felt highlights like eyes, noses, and mouths. Next, they’ll glue the features to the socks and they can also be embellished with buttons or yarn, among other things. These sock puppets are now ready to perform!

Here is a great example of a sock puppet from whathappensatgrandmas.

Image sourced from studio-rosie


Tissue Paper Ghosts

Cut out some ghost shapes from tissue paper to produce the tissue paper ghosts. Then, string the ghosts together and hang them from the ceiling. Let the kids add various elements, such as googly eyes or pipe cleaners. These ghosts will bring some spooky fun to your home this Halloween.

Here is a great example of tissue paper ghosts from studio-rosie.

Image sourced from onelittleproject


Tissue Paper Spider Webs

To construct the tissue paper spiderwebs, cut out some tissue paper strips. Next, fold the tissue paper pieces together, and then use scissors to cut around the sides. After that, glue them to a surface. A colorful spider can be added for extra flair. 

Here is a great example of tissue paper spider webs from onelittleproject.

Image sourced from Lovely Indeed


String Art Leaf Pumpkins

Trace any shape onto a pumpkin then insert nails halfway into the tips and depressions. Wrap yarn around the nails until the center is filled. Add additional nails to the center and encase them in a second color for veining. 

Here is a great example of a string art leaf pumpkin from Lovely Indeed.

Image sourced from meeni


Halloween Wreath

Collect some fallen autumn leaves and grab glue and ribbon. Have the kids glue the leaves in a circular shape onto a piece of cardboard to form the Halloween wreath. Tie a ribbon on the wreath and hang it on your door or window once the leaves have dried and voila!

Here is a great example of a Halloween wreath from meeni.

Image sourced from cafemom


Halloween Playdough

Mix flour, salt, and water in a bowl to create playdough. Next, apply some food coloring and mix until the dough is smooth. Glitter can be added for that extra bit of sparkle. If you’d rather not make a mess, you can help the kids squeeze the dough into balloons, which they can play with.

Here is a great example of Halloween playdough in balloons from cafemom.

Image sourced from onelittleproject


Halloween Salt Dough Cookies

To make the salt dough cookies, combine flour, salt, and water in a bowl and stir until a dough forms. Then, roll out the dough and cut out shapes with cookie cutters. Bake them and then decorate them with food coloring or sprinkles. 

Here is a great example of Halloween salt dough cookies from onelittleproject.

Image sourced from Pinterest


Halloween Chalk Art

This is a fun and festive craft for kids of all ages. All that’s needed is some pavement chalk and some imagination. Let them draw their favorite Halloween images or any art on the pavement. When they’re done, they can invite their friends to come over and admire their work.

Image sourced from aliceandlois


Ghost Lollipops

Ghost lollipops are a fun and festive Halloween treat. They are easy to make and can be tailored to any child’s preferences. Color a white lollipop with black food coloring to make a ghost face, then wrap it in white tissue paper. Decorate the ghost’s face with googly eyes or other decorations.

Here is a great example of ghost lollipops from aliceandlois.

Image sourced from thebestkidscraftsandactivities


Yarn-Wrapped Mummy

To create a yarn-wrapped mummy, inflate a balloon to the proper size and then wrap the yarn around it, overlapping the yarn as you go. Once the balloon is entirely coated in yarn, tie the ends together and pop it. Alternatively, cut out a mummy shape with construction paper or carton and then wrap yarn around it.

Here is a great example of a yarn-wrapped mummy from thebestkidscraftsandactivities.

Image sourced from sugarandcloth


Ghost Windsocks

Windsock ghosts are a fun and festive way for the kids to decorate the yard for Halloween. Have them paint cans with white paint. Then, paint on black eyes and a mouth. Attach long white ribbons to the inside of the cans, hang your ghost windsocks outside and the wind will do the rest.

Here is a great example of ghost windsocks from sugarandcloth.

Image sourced from firefliesandmudpies


Jack-o'-lantern Sun Catchers

To make jack-o’-lantern sun catchers, cut out circles from paper. The kids can paint them in various colors and designs. Then, cut out triangles and mouth shapes from black paper and glue them to the “pumpkins.” Hang them in a sunny location and they’ll fill the room with dazzling colors.

Here is a great example of Jack-o’-lantern sun catchers from firefliesandmudpies.

Image sourced from thebestideasforkids


Popsicle Stick Creations

Creating popsicle stick witches, cats, and other spooky creatures is an entertaining Halloween activity for the little ones. All it takes is gluing popsicle sticks together, adding different pieces of colored felt or cardboard, as well as googly eyes, and they’re ready. 

Here is a great example of popsicle stick creations from thebestideasforkids.

Image sourced from teachersmag


Cotton Ball Ghosts

Depress cotton balls and add some water to make these cute ghostly figures. Cut out black eyes and gaping mouths to add to the creations. It’s simple, easy, and best of all, the little ones will enjoy creating these ghoulish crafts.

Here is a great example of cotton ball ghosts from teachersmag.

Fun Halloween Crafts for Kids

Image sourced from minimonetsandmommies


Pumpkin Seed Mosaic

The kids can try their hand at making a pumpkin seed mosaic. All it takes is collecting a sufficient number of pumpkin seeds, painting them in various colors, and pressing them down into playdough or clay once they’ve dried. It’s a fun and creative activity.

Here is a great example of a pumpkin seed mosaic from minimonetsandmommies.

Image sourced from Rita Shutes


Spider Handprint

Create some Halloween creepiness with a handprint spider! After dipping their hands in paint, they’ll press their hands down onto cardboard. When it’s dry, they can decorate it with spider legs, eyes, and a web using paint or markers.

Image sourced from coffeecupsandcrayons


Paper Plate Black Cat

This paper plate black cat is both adorable and artistic! Decorate a black paper plate with construction paper ears and eyes. Create a mouth and some whiskers and glue them onto the plate. Hang it from the ceiling using a thread attached to the back.

Here is a great example of a paper plate black cat from coffeecupsandcrayons.

Image sourced from momdot


Frankenstein Handprint

A Frankenstein handprint craft is a great way to give the monster some personality. Get the kids to place green paint handprints on sheets of paper. After they’ve dried, they can decorate them with paint or markers and a stitched mouth. The finished product will serve as a memorable Halloween memento.

Here is a great example of Frankenstein handprints from momdot.

Image sourced from onelittleproject


Bat Silhouette Painting

Cut out bat forms from black paper and stick them to a white background. Then, paint or splatter the background with a different hue to create a starry night effect. They can show this spooky yet creative artwork off proudly this Halloween.

Here is a great example of a bat silhouette painting from onelittleproject.

Image sourced from thebestideasforkids


Toilet Paper Roll Bats

Make cute bats out of empty toilet paper rolls. Add googly eyes and black construction paper wings to the painted rolls. Attach the wings to the roll with glue, add fangs, and these adorable bats are ready to be used as decorations or props.

Here is a great example of toilet paper roll bats from thebestideasforkids.

Image sourced from leighlaurelstudios


Spider Magnet Crafts

Paint small spiders made of wood or plastic black (or buy plastic ones) and glue magnets to their undersides. Add some creepiness by decorating them with googly eyes or glitter. Stick them on fridges, doors, or any magnetic surface.

Here is a great example of spider magnets from leighlaurelstudios.

Image sourced from housebeautiful


Mummy Lanterns

Transform Halloween lighting with mummy lanterns. Using white gauze or tissue paper, wrap glass jars or votive holders, leaving openings for the candles. Add some googly eyes on the mummy wraps, or design some using black cardboard. Put LED tea lights inside to create a spooky atmosphere.

Here is a great example of mummy lanterns from housebeautiful.

Image sourced from madewithhappy


Ghost Footprint Art

All the kiddies need to do is place one foot in white paint and leave a footprint on black paper. When dry, use markers or pre-cut shapes to make a mouth and eyes. This cute piece of artwork is a great Halloween memory souvenir.

Here is a great example of ghost footprint art from madewithhappy.

Image sourced from 100layercakelet


Spider Web Art with Yarn

Spinning yarn into a web is a great way to let the youngsters’ imaginations run wild. Create a spiderweb by winding white yarn around sticks, crossed over each other in the center, in a circular manner. If they want to make it scarier, let them add a plastic spider or two.

Here is a great example of spider web art with yarn from 100layercakelet.

Image sourced from littlebinsforlittlehands


Monster Slime

Combine liquid starch, clear glue, and food coloring to make a goopy substance. It’s not monster fun until the kids add some googly eyes, foam forms, and glitter. For kids who are curious about different textures and want to let their imaginations run wild, this sensory craft is ideal.

Here is a great example of monster slime from littlebinsforlittlehands.

Image sourced from craftedwithbliss


Spider Web Painting

Spider web painting is a fun way for the little ones to unleash their imaginations. Use dough or paper paste to create a spider web on paper for the kids to paint. They can also use black or white paint or markers to add a few spiders for an added effect. 

Here is a great example of a spider web painting from craftedwithbliss.

Image sourced from tombowusa


Potion Bottles

Decorate empty glass jars and bottles for Halloween by adding labels, colored water, or scary items like plastic spiders or eyes. These homemade potion bottles are perfect for decorating your home for Halloween or as props in a role-playing game.

Here is a great example of potion bottles from tombowusa.

Image sourced from fantasticfunandlearning


Halloween Sensory Jars

Sensory jars are a fun way to celebrate the holiday. Instead of putting items inside the jar, cover the outside with hot glue and add bath salts before it dries. Add felt eyes and a mouth and you have a Halloween-themed jar that can also stimulate the senses.

Here is a great example of a Halloween sensory jar from fantasticfunandlearning.

Image sourced from feltmagnet


Monster Handprint Cards

Make some cute monster greeting cards using handprints. Have the kids produce handprints on a folded card using washable paint. After the handprint has dried, they can paint on other details like eyes, teeth, or even hair using markers. 

Here is a great example of a monster handprint card from feltmagnet.

Image sourced from gluedtomycrafts


Witch Broom Pencil Toppers

Broomstick pencil toppers are the perfect way to give any pencil a dash of witchy flair. Cut miniature broom shapes out of brown felt and tape or tie them to the tops of pencils. These cute toppers make Halloween-themed writing and drawing activities fun.

Here is a great example of witch broom pencil toppers from gluedtomycrafts.

Image sourced from @tonirad


Spider Web Dream Catchers

Create a web of good dreams with a spider web dream catcher. Wrap black yarn around an embroidery hoop and then stretch the yarn across into a web. Add fake spiders or other Halloween decorations and it’s ready to be hung up next to a window or bed.

Image sourced from aprettycoollife


Candy Corn Piñata

A candy corn piñata is sure to be a tasty treat for the kids. Wrap balloons with several colored layers of thin-cut pancake paper or tissue paper. The piñata can be filled with sweets or other tiny prizes. 

Here is a great example of a candy corn piñata from aprettycoollife

Image sourced from First Palette


Witch Hats

Construct a cone from a sheet of black construction paper by rolling it and securing it with glue or tape then glue it to a flat circle cutout with a hole in the middle. Add a buckle made of yellow paper or foil to the cone for decoration. The kids can take turns wearing it for role play.

Here is a great example of a witch hat from First Palette.

Paper Halloween Crafts for Kids

Image sourced from @sunnyplayart


Paper Bag Monster Puppets

Paper bag monster puppets are a fun Halloween craft for kids to make. They can bring these cute creations to life by decorating paper bags with googly eyes, colored paper, and markers. It’s a great way to foster creative thinking while having some fun.

Here is a great example of paper bag monster puppets from @sunnyplayart.

Image sourced from itsalwaysautumn


Paper Strip Pumpkins

Paper strip pumpkins are a great way to set the mood for Halloween. To make this easy and simple craft, cut a sheet of orange construction paper into strips and glue them together in a circle. To finish it off, add a green paper stem. 

Here is a great example of paper strip pumpkins from itsalwaysautumn.

Image sourced from easypeasyandfun


Paper Plate Pumpkins

Pumpkins made from paper plates are a fun way to celebrate Halloween. The kids can make their own by painting paper plates orange and cutting out eyes, noses, and mouths. It’s a fun and easy activity that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the holiday.

Here is a great example of a paper plate pumpkin from easypeasyandfun.

Image sourced from clickamericana


Halloween Mask Wreath

Find paper masks in a variety of bright colors and styles — these can easily be purchased online. Attach them to a craft ring using hot glue, and the Halloween mask wreath is ready to bring Halloween cheer right to your doorstep.

Here is a great example of a Halloween mask wreath from clickamericana.

Image sourced from easypeasyandfun


Halloween Paper Chains

Have fun with your kids doing a traditional project this Halloween by making paper chains. Create Halloween-themed paper chains by cutting construction paper into thin strips and linking them together. Put up a few to make the house feel more festive.

Here is a great example of a Halloween paper chain from easypeasyandfun.

Image sourced from I Heart Crafty Things


Spider Paper Bag Puppets

Make some creepy paper bag spider puppets for Halloween using paper bags, pipe cleaners adorned with yarn and glitter for legs, and googly eyes. Inspire the kids to stage a puppet show depicting the exciting exploits of their handcrafted spiders.

Here is a great example of spider paper bag puppets from I Heart Crafty Things.

Image sourced from onelittleproject


Paper Plate Ghosts

Paper plate ghosts are a simple way to add some spookiness to your Halloween decor. Kids can make paper plates into faces by drawing on eyes and mouths. Simply add a few cotton or tissue paper strips and hand cutouts, and these friendly specters are ready to hang up. 

Here is a great example of paper plate ghosts from onelittleproject.

Image sourced from liagriffith


Paper Bat Garland

A paper bat garland is a great way to inject a spooky atmosphere into the Halloween celebrations and they’re easy for the kids to make. Cut out bat shapes from black construction paper and string them together. Hang the garlands along the walls or drape them across the entryway and you’re done.

Here is a great example of a paper bat garland from liagriffith.

Image sourced from kidsactivitiesblog


Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Create cute Halloween critters from toilet paper rolls. Allow your children’s creativity to run wild as they add eyeballs, horns, and other embellishments to these paper roll monsters using paint, glue, and their imaginations. It’s a terrific opportunity to have some fun while upcycling.

Here is a great example of toilet paper roll monsters from kidsactivitiesblog

Image sourced from orientaltrading


Paper Bag Bat Puppet

Paper bag bat puppets will bring the night to life. Craft these cute little fliers by decorating paper bags with a pair of wings, some fangs, and googly eyes. Your kids can have endless fun playing with their bat puppets while getting into the Halloween spirit.

Here is a great example of a paper bag bat puppet from orientaltrading.

Image sourced from Rita Dippenaar


Monster Party Hats

The words ‘spooky’ and ‘scary’ may not always appeal to a child but the word ‘silly’ most likely will. Let the kids try their hand at a project that is full of vivid colors and quirky elements, such as these amusing monster party hats. All that’s needed is different colored construction paper, googly eyes, and imagination. 

Image sourced from thebestideasforkids


Paper Plate Spider Web

Use paper plates to weave an imaginative Halloween web. Using a punch, punch holes along the circumference. Weave colored yarn or string in and out of the holes until a “web” is created. For a truly memorable Halloween display, add a spider to it and attach it to a wall or window.

Here is a great example of a paper plate spider web from thebestideasforkids.

Image sourced from kidsfriendlythingstodo


Egg Carton Spiders

Kids can make their own egg carton spiders from regular egg crates. Separate the egg carton into pieces, paint them black, and embellish them with googly eyes and legs. These spiders can be used as Halloween decorations or as props for fun role-playing.

Here is a great example of an egg carton spider from kidsfriendlythingstodo.

Image sourced from pjsandpaint


Toilet Paper Roll Mummies

Wrap strips of tissue paper or gauze around toilet paper rolls that have been painted black. Attach large googly eyes to the craft and they’re done. These cute mummies can be used as Halloween decorations or as play puppets.

Here is a great example of a paper roll mummy from pjsandpaint.

Image sourced from redtedart


Paper Skeleton Puppet

Make a skeleton by cutting out the various pieces from white paper or cardstock and attaching brads, twine, or bolts to make the joints flexible. The skeleton will become a fantastic Halloween puppet that the kids will enjoy playing with.

Here is a great example of a paper skeleton puppet from redtedart.

Image sourced from onelittleproject


Paper Broomstick Bookmarks

Paper broomstick bookmarks are an excellent way to spice up a Halloween reading experience and they’re incredibly easy for the little ones to make. Use brown construction paper to make broomstick “bristles,” then wrap them around a pipe cleaner handle or straw and they’re ready. 

Here is a great example of a paper broomstick bookmark from onelittleproject.

Image sourced from artsycraftsymom


Paper Cauldron Craft

Make a three-dimensional cauldron by cutting a shape out of black construction paper and folding it along the cut lines. This homemade cauldron has multiple Halloween uses, including displaying decorations or holding treats.

Here is a great example of a paper cauldron from artsycraftsymom.

Image sourced from lisastorms


Paper Owl Treat Bags

Older kids can use paper owl bags to give Halloween goodies a wise twist. Create the eyes and beak using cut-out pieces of felt or cardboard. These elements can be glued to a bag or held there with tape. These cute owl treat bags can be used as party favors or decorations.

Here is a great example of a paper owl treat bag from lisastorms.

Image sourced from Made To Be A Momma


Pumpkin Apple Stamps

Simply slicing an apple in half and dipping it in paint will do the trick. Create pumpkin-themed greeting cards and other more with the help of this easy-to-use stamp. Add some googly eyes to the stamped creation and a pipe cleaner for the stem. 

Here is a great example of pumpkin apple stamps from Made To Be A Momma.

Image sourced from Tiktok


Paper Animal Pop-up Cards

Kids can use animal pop-up cards to send funny Halloween messages. The card’s base can be made by folding a sheet of colored cardstock in half. Then, add paper cutouts of animals with googly eyes. The cutouts can be held in place with tape or glue so that they emerge from the card when it is opened. 

Image sourced from paperglitterglue


Haunted House Paper Collage

Make a spooky haunted house paper collage with your kids to inspire their imagination. Using sturdy construction paper or cardboard, create the various elements of the house, including the walls, roof, and windows. Once you’ve put the various parts together, paint the display and add various decorations like pumpkins.

Here is a great example of a haunted house paper collage from paperglitterglue.

Cute Halloween Crafts for Kids

Image sourced from panduro


Pom-Pom Spiders

These are about as adorable as they come! The spider’s body can be made out of black pom-poms and then adorned with googly eyes and legs. During the Halloween season, the kids can construct an army of these adorable creatures to use as decorations.

Here is a great example of a pom-pom spider from panduro.

Image sourced from makinglifeblissful


Felt Ghosts

Cut felt into various ghost shapes and let kids add eyes, noses, and mouths to depict a variety of emotions. These felt ghosts can be used as decorations or even as felt board figures, and they can be as comical or spooky as desired.

Here is a great example of felt pumpkin faces from makinglifeblissful.

Image sourced from Made To Be A Momma


Halloween Tic-Tac-Toe

This Halloween-themed tic-tac-toe game, which can be made from scratch using a wooden tray and peg dolls purchased from a craft store, will keep children engaged for many hours. This craft idea is a great one since it allows the kids to play with others while creating them.

Here is a great example of Halloween tic-tac-toe from Made To Be A Momma.

Image sourced from redtedart


Origami Bats

Origami bats are a classy addition to any kid’s Halloween display. Simply fold the black cardstock paper to create the bat shapes, and add various elements like eyes, fangs, and rosy cheeks. They can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on the wall to create a cute display.

Here is a great example of origami bats from redtedart.

Image sourced from jennsblahblahblog


Ghost Jar Lanterns

Empty glass jars should be washed, dried, and painted with white acrylic paint. After the paint has dried, add ghostly faces using black markers, paint, or paper cutouts. At night, they can use it as a lantern by placing a tea light or LED candle inside.

Here is a great example of a ghost jar lantern from jennsblahblahblog.

Image sourced from Minted


Skull Lanterns

Purchase white paper lanterns and black tissue paper. Cut out the shapes for the eyes, nose, and mouth from the black tissue paper and glue them to the lanterns using Mod Podge. They won’t want to put these skull lanterns away for the rest of the season.

Here is a great example of skull lanterns from Minted.

Image sourced from theflyingcouponer


Pumpkin Felt Magnets

Cut round pumpkin shapes from orange felt sheets. Use stickers, markers, and other felt cutouts to add the various features to the pumpkin. Magnetic strips glued to the back make them suitable for display on refrigerators and other magnetic surfaces.

Here is a great example of a pumpkin felt magnet from theflyingcouponer.

Image sourced from Martha Stewart


Mini Pumpkin Treat Bags

Pumpkin bags can be from orange construction paper. Simply shape them into “pumpkins,” paint the stems green and add green twine for the vines. These cute little pumpkin treat bags can be used as party favors or to hold Halloween treats.

Here is a great example of mini pumpkin treat bags from Martha Stewart.

Image sourced from rustandsunshine


Pumpkin Footprint Art

Put some yellow, orange, and white paint on your kid’s foot and have them stamp down on paper. After the paint has dried, the footprint can be transformed into a pumpkin by adding some facial features. This cute and personalized artwork is a wonderful keepsake for Halloween.

Here is a great example of pumpkin footprint art from rustandsunshine.

Image sourced from bhg.com


Felt Ghost Treat Bags

Fabric glue or stitching can be used to fix the edges of ghost forms cut from white felt. Include a black felt mouth and eyes. Cut out a space at the top to use as a grip. Kids can fill these adorable ghost treat bags with candies or small surprises for a boo-tiful Halloween gift.

Here is a great example of a felt ghost treat bag from bhg.com.

Image sourced from At Home with Zan


Spider Clothespin

Make these cute spider crafts using wooden clothespins and gluing on googly eyes. Attach pairs of spider legs made from cloth or pipe cleaners to the clothespin. These adorable spiders can be used as decorations, just attach them to curtains or plants.

Here is a great example of a spider clothespin from At Home with Zan.

Image sourced from Leeanne


Pom-Pom Bats

Create a bat’s body using two black pom-poms — one for the head, one for the body. Stitch them together, add googly eyes, and foam or felt wings. To display them, simply thread them up, pin them on a wall, or use a pipe cleaner as a hanger. These soft pom-pom bats are the perfect way to decorate for Halloween.

Image sourced from Lowes


Skeleton Pumpkin

Put one pumpkin on top of the other to make a stack. Black spray paint the lower pumpkin and use white paint to create the skeleton. Paint the top pumpkin to include cute facial expressions and you have an adorable Halloween greeting companion. 

Here is a great example of a skeleton pumpkin from Lowes.

Image sourced from frugalmomeh


Spider Corner Bookmarks

Spider-corner bookmarks are the perfect blend of cute and useful. Kids can make these ingenious bookmarks by using a sheet of black construction paper to make a spider shape and decorating it with a pair of googly eyes and some spider legs. 

Here is a great example of a spider corner bookmark from frugalmomeh.

Image sourced from allkidsnetwork


Jack-o'-lantern Treat Bags

Jack-o’-lantern-shaped goodie bags are a great addition to any trick-or-treating event. Simply glue cutout facial elements to an orange paper bag. These custom bags will turn the Halloween tradition of gathering candy into something truly fun.

Here is a great example of a jack-o’-lantern treat bag from allkidsnetwork.

Image sourced from Crafts By Amanda


Halloween Terrarium Craft

Put a haunted house model inside a glass jar. Include additional elements like moss, pebbles, Halloween figurines, and tombstones to fill the landscape. You can store this creative decoration so that they can use it again next year. 

Here is a great example of a Halloween terrarium from Crafts By Amanda.

Image sourced from welcometonanas


Cute Cat Masks

Paper cat masks are cute and easy to create, and can be made from cardstock or construction paper. Markers or paper cutouts can be used to add details like ears and whiskers. Kids can quickly become playful cats with the help of an elastic string to hold the mask in place.

Here is a great example of a cute cat mask from welcometonanas.

Image sourced from craftymorning


Frankenstein Bookmarks

Create a Frankenstein likeness by wrapping tape around a popsicle stick. Paint and decorate the head with stitching, bolts, and the signature flat top hair. Use markers to draw a mouth or use cut-out paper shapes to add extra features. 

Here is a great example of a Frankenstein bookmark from craftymorning

Printable Halloween Crafts for Kids

Image sourced from sofestive


Halloween Coloring Pages

There are lots of free coloring pages available online, each with a different Halloween-themed image, such as a pumpkin, witch, monster, trick-or-treaters, and more. These are wonderful opportunities for children to exercise their creative abilities while also having some fun during the Halloween season.

Here is a great example of a Halloween coloring page from sofestive.

Image sourced from greetingsisland


Printable Halloween Cards

Download and print Halloween-themed greeting card templates. The kids can choose from pumpkins, cute cats, skeletons, bats, and ghosts, to haunted houses. Add personalized messages, and let them spread the Halloween spirit among their friends. It’s an easy and unique way to send greetings during the spooky season.

Here is a great example of a printable Halloween card from greetingsisland.

Image sourced from 10minutesofqualitytime


Printable Halloween Masks

Explore online resources for downloadable mask templates of various Halloween-themed characters. They can be worn by printing them on cardstock, cutting along the lines, and attaching some string or holding them to the face with a stick. With these printable masks, children can let their imaginations run wild and transform into their favorite Halloween characters.

Here is a great example of a printable Halloween mask from 10minutesofqualitytime.

Image sourced from vavoomvintage


Printable Halloween Decorations

Find websites that provide downloadable templates for Halloween decorations such as pumpkin cutouts, bats, cats, and other art. Print them on cardstock or paper, let the kids trim along the outlines, and display them throughout the home or classroom. Create an instantly festive Halloween environment with these printable decorations.

Here is a great example of a printable Halloween decoration from vavoomvintage.

Image sourced from onecreativemommy


Printable Halloween Bingo

Printable games will keep the Halloween celebration going! Look for websites that offer Halloween bingo as downloadable game sheets. Print them out and have an eerie good time with your kids. This printable activity is an excellent way to spice up your Halloween celebration with the little ones.

Here is a great example of a printable Halloween game from onecreativemommy.

Image sourced from hellowonderful


Printable Halloween Bookmarks

Explore websites offering Halloween-themed bookmark templates for download, such as witches, spirits, and pumpkins. For durability, print them on cardstock and laminate them. These festive bookmarks are ideal for adding Halloween flair to your favorite books or for Halloween-themed events like giveaways.

Here is a great example of printable Halloween b0okmarks from hellowonderful.

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Printable Halloween Placemats

Download Halloween-themed placemats, such as these spider web placemats. Use them to add a festive flourish to your Halloween celebration or family dinner by printing them on sturdy paper or cardstock. These placemats are a fantastic complement to your Halloween table setting.

Here is a great example of a printable Halloween placemat from dwellanddine.

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Printable Halloween Party Favors

Printable Halloween party favors are a great way to spice up Halloween celebrations for the kids. Look for websites that offer printable gift tags, treat bag toppers, and creative ways to make their own gifts. They’ll easily be able to construct one-of-a-kind party favors that will impress their friends.

Here is a great example of a printable Halloween party favor from skiptomylou.

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Halloween-themed Treat Boxes

Printable Halloween treat boxes can add a dash of spooky fun to your kids’ Halloween goodies. Print, cut, fold, and assemble them before being filling them with candy or other tiny presents. They can be used as Halloween party favors or to hold treats.

Here is a great example of Halloween-themed treat boxes from littlehouseonthecorner.

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Printable Halloween Maze

Print out a Halloween maze and get lost in the spooky festivities. Youngsters can enjoy a challenging Halloween-themed exercise as they make their way through the maze’s twists and turns and ultimately solve the mystery at its heart.

Here is a great example of a printable Halloween maze craft from Crayola.

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Halloween Finger Puppets

Halloween finger puppets will let the kids bring their favorite Halloween creatures to life. Explore websites that provide Halloween-themed printable templates with ghosts, witches, vampires, and more. The kids can create finger puppets by printing, cutting, and folding the paper. You can all use these adorable finger puppets in your Halloween stories and creative play.

Here is a great example of Halloween finger puppets from Lia Griffith.