75 Thanksgiving Crafts

Celebrate the holiday with our specially selected craft ideas for beginners to advanced DIYers.

Keep ’em busy this Thanksgiving with our fun-filled Thanksgiving crafts for the entire family. Simple crafts for kids, more advanced ones for adults, easy-on-the-pocket ideas, and elaborate artsy DIYs that double as thoughtful gifts — our list has it all. They’re simple, seasonal, and best of all, they take little to no time at all to create. 

From turkey-themed food platters to beautiful harvest-inspired wreaths to handmade place cards, there’s a little something in here for every artistic soul. Whether you choose to craft before, during, or throughout the entire month, our list will inspire you to create and make this Thanksgiving extra special. So sit back, take inspiration from our ideas, and get crafting!

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids and Preschoolers

Image sourced from One Little Project


Cornucopia Cones

Want a fun pre-Thanksgiving snack that also keeps the kids occupied? Soak the tip of a waffle cone in water, then microwave the entire thing. Carefully roll the tip using a pencil, then fill the candies in the cone after it’s cooled. Cover with plastic wrap, secure with a rubber band, and add a ribbon for an extra flourish.

Here’s a good example of a cornucopia cone from One Little Project.

Image sourced from Bobbin & Craft


Thanksgiving Wood Bead Turkeys

Help the kids hot glue a small wooden bead to a larger wooden one, then stick a feather to the back. Create feathers from card stock or felt and glue them on. Use a sharpie to draw a face, and they’re done!

Here’s a good example of Thanksgiving wood bead turkeys from Bobbin & Craft.

Image sourced from Studio DIY


Paper Bag Stuffed Turkey

Place this paper bag turkey as your centerpiece for a bit of fun. It’s as easy as stuffing paper bags with confetti, tissue paper, or popcorn. Create “legs” the same way, but add a tissue paper “claw” for a realistic touch. Glue the legs to the body, put it on a plate, and place it on your dinner table.

Here’s a good example of a paper bag stuffed turkey from Studio DIY.

Image sourced from One Little Project


Balloon Yarn Pumpkins

Who knew yarn and balloons could create something so gorgeous? Task the kids with blowing up balloons, then hand them cut-up strands of yarn, which they’ll dip into glue, then wind around the balloon. Repeat until the balloon is covered, let this dry, gently deflate the balloon, and your yarn pumpkins are done!

Here’s a good example of a balloon yarn pumpkin from One Little Project.

Image sourced from Handmade Charlotte


Leafy Friends

Turn fallen leaves into adorable leaf faces with this fun craft activity. Hand kids some pretty leaves and markers and let them draw any faces they want. Cats, dogs, rabbits, or humans — they can let their imagination run wild. All that’s left to do is stick these up somewhere, and you can even use them as cute props for storytime!

Here’s a good example of leafy friends from Handmade Charlotte.

Image sourced from One Little Project


Mason Jar Leaf Lanterns

Ring in the fall with these cute Mason jar leaf lanterns. Mod Podge the outside of a clean Mason jar, attach fabric leaves, coat the outside with Mod Podge again, and add your candle after it’s dry. One tip, we recommend removing the plastic ribbing from the leaves so they stick easily and lie flat.

Here’s a good example of a Mason jar leaf lantern from One Little Project.

Image sourced from Paging Supermom


Crayon Turkeys

Dust off those woodwork skills for this Thanksgiving craft. Drill small crayon-shaped holes into a roll of wood, then stick little crayons in to make the feathers. Stick googly eyes on — or stick a painted turkey face on — and your crayon turkey is done.

Here’s a good example of crayon turkeys from Paging Supermom.

Image sourced from One Little Project


Paper Mache Pumpkins

Need decorative pumpkins to spruce up your home? Try these paper mache pumpkins. This messy but oh-so-satisfying craft needs a stuffed plastic bag tied in a pumpkin shape, paper mache paste with flour, water, paper, and orange paint. Tip: Add another layer of paper mache after the first one dries for a stronger pumpkin.

Here’s a good example of a paper mache pumpkin from One Little Project.

Image sourced from The Melrose Family


Handprint Turkey

We could not create a Thanksgiving crafts listicle without a handprint turkey activity! This one is, you guessed right, a handprint of your kids’ palms, on paper, and decorated with a face, legs, and feathers. You can further personalize this by adding different colors to each finger or making one large turkey with three “handprint” feathers.

Here’s a good example of a handprint turkey from The Melrose Family.

Image sourced from Say Yes


Fall Kraft Paper Placemats

On kraft paper, help the kids trace shapes of utensils and plates with a marker and add fall elements like leaves, pumpkins, and maybe a little turkey or two. They can then color this in with different colored markers. They can even choose to personalize each table mat to the family, by writing the person’s name in bold marker.

Here’s a good example of fall Kraft paper placemats from Say Yes.

Image sourced from Little Page Turners


Fall Tree Finger Painting

Kids love to paint, so why not hand them a couple of paintbrushes and some paper, and let them design their very own fall tree? Help them draw the tree trunk and branches and let their creativity soar as they paint (or finger paint) leaves on the canvas. Frame and hang this up as part of your Thanksgiving decor.

Here’s a good example of a fall tree finger painting from Little Page Turners.

Image sourced from One Little Project


Beaded Pipe Cleaner Pumpkins

This one’s perfect for the little kids and will help teach them patience too! Twist together orange pipe cleaners to form a pumpkin-shaped base. Thread orange beads onto each one, covering them completely. Bend each pipe cleaner upward to make the pumpkin shape, adding a little green pipe cleaner on top for the stem.

Here’s a good example of a beaded pipe cleaner pumpkin from One Little Project.

Image sourced from I Heart Crafty Things


Tissue Paper Tree

Make a tree trunk out of cardboard and stick a small paper plate to the top. Glue small crushed-up pieces of red, gold, and other colored tissue paper, and paint the “trunk” brown. Voila, your little tissue paper trees are ready. You can use them for anything, including paintings, card decorations, or even fridge magnets.

Here’s a good example of a tissue paper tree from I Heart Crafty Things.

Image sourced from The Cofran Home


Cinnamon Stick Place Card Holder

Welcome dinner guests with the warm scent of spices. Carefully guide the kids to hot glue two sticks together. Glue guest names on cardstock, then slide these in the gaps between the glued sticks. They can further personalize each card by drawing little fall elements on each. You can even insert a decorated leaf, twigs, or other embellishments for extra pizazz.

Here’s a good example of cinnamon stick place card holders from The Cofran Home.

Thanksgiving Crafts for Adults

Image sourced from Ocean Spray


Cranberry Sphere Centerpiece

Create a dazzling centerpiece with Styrofoam balls painted to look like cranberries. Dye them in dark red craft paint, and stick them to toothpicks inserted in a giant foam ball. Cover the entire ball, and place this in a vase or a bowl. To extend this centerpiece’s life, spray the entire creation with shellac.

Here’s a good example of a cranberry sphere centerpiece from Ocean Spray.

Image sourced from The Glam Pad


Matching Plates and Pumpkins Display

Artfully decorate your pumpkins and gourds with designs from your favorite plate. Make a color copy of the prints on your favorite dinnerware, cut these into smaller sizes, and paste them to your gourds and pumpkins with Mod Podge. Your mantel will look great with very little effort!

Here’s a good example of a matching plate and pumpkins display from The Glam Pad.

Image sourced from ehow.com


Thanksgiving Balloons

Balloons aren’t just for birthdays! And customizing these for the holidays is as easy as writing on them with a marker after blowing them up. Funny “thank you” notes or simple words like ‘grateful’ and ‘thanks’ will do the trick. Hang them in bunches around the house and instantly transform your space into a playfully festive haven!

Here’s a good example of a Thanksgiving balloon from ehow.com.

Image sourced from Studio DIY


Pumpkin Pie Friendship Necklaces

Host a throwback Thanksgiving party with these adorable pumpkin friendship bracelets. Mold polymer clay into pumpkin pie shapes, add a headpin at the base, and bake them. Once cool, roll the headpin into a circle and attach the pumpkin slice to a chain. Make several more to share with your friends and wear them when gorging on pumpkin pie.

Here’s a good example of a pumpkin pie friendship necklace from Studio DIY.

Image sourced from Make It Grateful


Thanksgiving Party Favors

Make your own mulling spice mix or get store-bought ones. Add these to little Mason jars and tie a bit of festive twine around the lids. Attach cocktail spoons to each jar with a colorful ribbon, adding personalized name tags to each jar. Set these at the dinner table for guests to take home after the party.

Here’s a good example of a Thanksgiving party favor from Make It Grateful.

Image sourced from Hallmark Channel


Cheese Grater Luminaries

Ever thought your cheese grater could double as a luminary? Well, now you know! Insert LED lights into each cheese grater and set these around the table to create the perfect ambiance. You can even choose to hang these up on temporary hooks using a bit of rope or twine.

Here’s a good example of cheese grater luminaries from Hallmark Channel.

Image sourced from It’s Always Autumn


Fall Leaf-Embedded Candles

Here’s another beautiful way to preserve fall leaves. Dip pressed leaves in melted wax. Stick these to warmed pillar candles. Continue adding leaves until you get the design you desire. Dunk the whole candle in melted wax to seal everything and your candles are ready!

Here’s a good example of fall leaf-embedded candles from It’s Always Autumn.

Image sourced from Sugar & Cloth


Floral Chandelier

Spruce up your chandelier with a simple floral wreath. Tie fresh or dried flowers with foliage and wheat stalks, then wind these together over a wire. Slide it around your chandelier, then tie it with a bit of ribbon or twine.

Here’s a good example of a floral chandelier from Sugar & Cloth.

Image sourced from I Heart Naptime


Veggie Turkey Platter

Let this colorful veggie platter steal the spotlight from the actual turkey. Make a bell pepper turkey head — complete with googly eyes — and place it in a bowl of ranch dressing. Add carrot sticks as “legs” and cut up veggies as tail feathers. Use everything from broccoli to cherry tomatoes to celery to create this work of art.

Here’s a good example of a veggie turkey platter from I Heart Naptime.

Image sourced from Studio DIY


Sparkling Pomegranate Cosmo

This delicious Cosmo won’t be out of place at your Friendsgiving “SATC” marathon. Shake, then strain a combination of vodka, lime juice, and Cointreau or fresh orange juice. Top off with a splash of sparkling pomegranate juice and garnish as you like. You can even create little Thanksgiving flags, complete with throwback pictures of your friends.

Here’s a good example of a sparkling pomegranate Cosmo from Studio DIY.

Image sourced from Create Craft Love


Glitter Fall Leaves Garland

Use real or artificial leaves to create this gorgeous Thanksgiving garland. Simply paint leaves with glue, sprinkle glitter over them, and let them dry. Then, carefully string leaves together to make a garland and hang this up wherever you want.

Here’s a good example of a glitter fall leaves garland from Create Craft Love.

Image sourced from makethebestofthings


Vintage Book Leaf Garland

Spare a page from the recycle bin for this activity. Cut leaf shapes from the page, then tie a wire as the “stem.” String multiple book leaves together or hang them up on a string using clothespins. You can also add these leaves to your other fall garlands for a bit of old-timey charm.

Here’s a good example of a vintage book leaf garland from makethebestofthings.

Image sourced from 123 Homeschool 4 Me


Colored Fall Leaves

Who says coloring has to be a kids’ activity? Bring back your childhood with a little fall leaf coloring. Add gradient effects, marbled colors, or even a few swirls on real leaves or paper ones. Let your creativity shine, and you can even hang your works of art around the house during the holidays.

Here’s a good example of colored fall leaves from 123 Homeschool 4 Me.

Image sourced from Inspired By Charm


Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Upgrade your cheeseball with this perfect fall recipe. Blend favorites like cheddar, cream cheese, and sour cream with horseradish, scallions, and bacon. Chill for an hour, then roll it in a custom spice mix, including roasted sesame and pumpkin seeds, salt flakes, and more. Create grooves on the side and add a breadstick “stem” for a more realistic look.

Here’s a good example of a pumpkin cheese ball from Inspired By Charm.

DIY Thanksgiving Crafts

Image sourced from Simple Glue


DIY Gold Leaf Photo Backdrop

Don’t miss out on a stunning photo backdrop for your Thanksgiving celebration! Hang colored bed sheets for an “accent wall.” Spray paint faux leaves with gold paint and tape, hang, or pin these to your “wall.” Pro tip, you can use a foam board as a temporary option to attach the leaves. Voila, your Insta-worthy backdrop is ready!

Here’s a good example of a DIY gold leaf photo backdrop from Simple Glue.

Image sourced from One Little Project


DIY Fall-Scented Candle

Melt soy wax in a double boiler, adding a bit of wax dye for a pop of color. Add your favorite essential oil after the wax is off the heat, and pour this mixture into the candle jar, which should already have a wick in it. Allow it to cool and your fall-scented candle is ready. 

Here’s a good example of a DIY fall-scented candle from One Little Project.

Image sourced from HGTV


DIY Fall Potpourri

Spice up your home with this DIY fall-scented potpourri activity. Dehydrate fall fruits like apples and pears in the oven, then add them to a resealable bag with a few dried bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and essential oils that remind you of fall. Shake and place it in an airtight glass jar, ready for using or gifting.

Here’s a good example of DIY fall potpourri from HGTV.

Image sourced from Discount School Supply


DIY Fall Suncatchers

Glue circles of fall-colored tissue paper onto the lids of any old plastic containers. Glue green pipe cleaners to the back, as little twigs. You can also create little leaf shapes to stick to the top, to give the impression of fall fruits. Add a colorful ribbon for hanging and your suncatchers are ready to be displayed. 

Here’s a good example of a DIY fall suncatcher from Discount School Supply.

Image sourced from First Palette


DIY Painted Corn Husk Headband

There’s so much you can do with dried corn husks, like creating adorable headbands for the little ones. Simply hot glue a couple of corn husks together in a semicircle, paint them bright colors, and hot glue these to a headband.

Here’s a good example of a DIY painted corn husk from First Palette.

Image sourced from Amazon


DIY Pumpkin Magnet

Help kids make their own foam pumpkin magnets with this easy DIY project. Buy the kit off Amazon, help kids create and customize the DIY magnets, and stick these little works of art to the fridge with pride. Plus, they make great gifts too!

You can buy it here from Amazon.

Image sourced from One Little Project


DIY Indian Corn

With two simple supplies, you’ll have some adorable Indian corn in dazzling colors. As we did earlier, twist pipe cleaners together, then spread them out in a star shape. Add colorful beads until only a bit of the pipe cleaner is still exposed. Then, slowly bend them upwards to make a corn shape. 

Here’s a good example of DIY Indian corn from One Little Project.

Image sourced from Delish


DIY Oreo Turkeys

Turn a simple Oreo into a cute turkey with just a few small additions. Pipe melted white chocolate onto your Oreos to make the eyes. Add little dark chocolate dots for the pupils, a butterscotch chip as the beak, and red-coloring-infused white chocolate for the gobbler. Insert candy corn into the Oreo filling to make the feathers.

Here’s a good example of DIY Oreo turkeys from Delish.

Image sourced from midwestliving


DIY Marigold Garland

Tired of traditional garlands? Switch up your holiday decor a bit with this fall garland. String vibrant orange marigolds together with orange string, tying knots at both ends to make a garland. Hang these on your curtains, from the ceiling, or on the chandelier as a pretty Thanksgiving decoration.

Here’s a good example of a DIY marigold garland from midwestliving.

Image sourced from Parenting Chaos


DIY Pumpkin-scented Moon Sand

Oozy like slime, but textured like playdoh — moon sand is a must-have toy for all kids. The recipe is easy too — mix one part cornstarch with two parts play sand, add some pumpkin spice mix and food coloring, then mix with water to get a moldable consistency that’s damp, but not too wet.

Here’s a good example of DIY pumpkin-scented moon sand from Parenting Chaos.

Image sourced from Amazon


DIY Turkey Headband

Get inspired with this DIY turkey headband craft kit. Glue the pieces together as per the instructions on the kit and your hat is ready for your little one’s head! All that’s left to do is commence with the festivities!

You can buy it here from Amazon.

Image sourced from Lia Griffith


DIY Fall Wine Charms

Print your favorite leaf designs onto white shrink film. Punch a hole at the top, then bake this as per the instructions on your shrink film packet. Once baked, flatten them, then attach them to thread or copper wire after they’ve cooled. Add a personal touch by attaching name tags to the back of each leaf charm.

Here’s a good example of DIY fall wine charms from Lia Griffith.

Image sourced from Birds Party


DIY Thanksgiving Gift Basket

Make a “thank you” basket for this holiday season, complete with a handwritten card and a cute handmade pipe cleaner pumpkin or corn. Fill it with the recipient’s favorite treats, like candy or a bottle of wine. Add a few Oreo pumpkins and a fall-scented candle, and your thoughtful gift basket is ready to delight.

Here’s a good example of a DIY Thanksgiving gift basket from Birds Party.

Printable Thanksgiving Crafts

Image sourced from Studio DIY


Leftover Turkey Dinner Labels

These cute printables are perfect when sending leftover pie or turkey home with friends and family. They can be printed on adhesive paper and stuck on Tupperware, glass jars, pie slice boxes, or even paper lunch bags, and have any message you want to express.

Here’s a good example of leftover turkey dinner labels from Studio DIY.

Image sourced from Always The Holidays


Thanksgiving Word Scramble Printable

How many words can your guests identify? That’s the question of the hour in this scramble game. And all you have to do is scramble Thanksgiving-themed words like ‘turkey,’ ‘harvest,’ and ‘maple,’ and print them out on paper. You can add little fall-themed flourishes to the printable, like sketching leaves and pumpkins.

Here’s a good example of a Thanksgiving word scramble printable from Always The Holidays.

Image sourced from Oklahoma City Mom


Thanksgiving Tree Printable

Making a list of things you’re thankful for is so much more enjoyable with this printable Thanksgiving activity. Put a few thick twigs in a glass or vase, securing them with pebbles. Print leaf-shaped cards and place these below the tree. Let guests write down what they’re thankful for on each leaf and hang them on the twigs.

Here’s a good example of a Thanksgiving tree printable from Oklahoma City Mom.

Image sourced from Birds Party


Thanksgiving Poster Printable

Print Thanksgiving posters using any free online tool. Make it cute (using kids’ pictures and drawings), funny (with quotes like ”Eat, Drink, and Be Thankful’), or personal (by handwriting notes in beautiful calligraphy styles). Slide this into any empty frame you have lying around or stick it to the walls using clear tape.

Here’s a good example of a Thanksgiving poster printable from Birds Party.

Image sourced from Koti Beth


Thanksgiving Conversation Coaster Printables

You no longer have to worry about awkward silences at your Thanksgiving party. A bit of glue and some printed paper can liven up the entire evening. Print conversation starters on paper and paste these onto cardboard or foam coaster shapes. Set these on the table and you’re done!

Here’s a good example of a Thanksgiving conversation coaster printable from Koti Beth.

Image sourced from Crayola


Turkey Bookmark Printable

Glue googly eyes on square paper and fold the paper into a triangle with the eyes on one side. Turn it over and fold the right and left corners towards the middle, then unfold. Fold the top of the triangle downwards, tucking the side flaps into the “pocket.” Stick printable feathers on and your turkey bookmark is ready to gobble up some pages.

Here’s a good example of turkey bookmark printables from Crayola.

Image sourced from Kids Activities Blog


Embellished Coloring Printables

Choose fall-themed pictures that contain trees, leaves, scarecrows, flowers, pumpkins, and more. Print these on white paper and provide the kids with loads of crayons, coloring pencils, or watercolors. Finally, help them embellish this with seasonal spices like mustard or pumpkin seeds, or you can even use buttons, flower petals, and child-safe glitter.

Here’s a good example of an embellished coloring printable from Kids Activities Blog.

Image sourced from A Thoughtful Place


Printable Thanksgiving Banner

Easily create a Thanksgiving banner in just five minutes. Find a simple online template, print it on cardstock, add some color with paint and watercolors, then string it up to add a festive touch to your celebrations. It’s quick and mess-free too!

Here’s a good example of a printable Thanksgiving banner from A Thoughtful Place.

Image sourced from Maple Planners


Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Printable

Think up awesome clues for a scavenger hunt — you can even turn it into a fun “turkey” hunt with turkey-themed clues — and that’s half the work done. Print the clues on cardstock, hand them out to party guests, and let the (scavenger) games begin!

Here’s a good example of a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt printable from Maple Planners.

Image sourced from Pineapple Paper Co.


Printable Thanksgiving Wine Tags

Use a design tool to create Thanksgiving-themed wine tags, making sure they can easily slip over most wine bottles. Customize them with a “thank you” message, a quirky wine-based message, or just leave it blank. Print and cut them out, and slip them over the bottles of wine!

Here’s a good example of printable Thanksgiving wine tags from Pineapple Paper Co.

Cheap Thanksgiving Crafts

Image sourced from A Grateful Life


Gratitude Blackboard

Thanksgiving decor doesn’t get any simpler or any more meaningful than this. Any old chalkboard can be placed or hung up as a “gratitude board” with a few pieces of colorful chalk placed below it. Guests can write or draw what they are thankful for directly on the board.

Here’s a good example of a gratitude blackboard from A Grateful Life.

Image sourced from The House That Lars Built


Floral Pumpkins

Dress up your pumpkins with gorgeous floral decorations that will have your house feeling like a lush paradise. Glue plastic or dried flowers onto plastic or ceramic pumpkins — these last longer — and you’re done. Place these as a centerpiece, on the mantle, or even on the porch to get that fall look.

Here’s a good example of floral pumpkins from The House That Lars Built.

Image sourced from New England


Photographs in Bottles

Dust off all your old pictures — more props to you if they’re in black and white — and insert them into glass bottles. To enhance the old-world effect, consider adding a few inexpensive vintage bottles from local stores or online. They’re simple, inexpensive, and charming!

Here’s a good example of photographs in bottles from New England.

Image sourced from Ayelet Keshet


Handmade Thanksgiving Cards

Save money on store-bought cards this year by making your own! Print illustrations and decorations to go on your card, which can be made from card stock. Leave space for a printed (or handwritten) message. For an extra personal touch, mail or hand deliver these cards, or slip them into a gift basket.

Here’s a good example of a handmade Thanksgiving card from Ayelet Keshet.

Image sourced from Aunt Peaches


Bedazzled Gourd Centerpieces

Purchase dried gourds online, then embellish them. Sounds easy, right? Get the kids to help you stick rhinestones on them, draw designs with Sharpies, and create patterns using glitter sparkle paint. You can bedazzle them with child-safe glitter too, and anything else shiny you have lying about. Let them dry and place them on your table as centerpieces.

Here’s a good example of bedazzled gourd centerpieces from Aunt Peaches.

Image sourced from Handmade Charlotte


Pasta Scarecrow

Create adorable scarecrow decorations by putting hollow pasta on pipe cleaners for the body, arms, and legs. Add a wooden bead as the head and paint everything brown. Add a felt hat and clothes, and Sharpie on facial features. All that’s left to do is hang this up and invite a few more scarecrow friends to join the party.

Here’s a good example of a pasta scarecrow from Handmade Charlotte.

Image sourced from Dream A Little Bigger


Turkey Glove Puppet

Repurpose old gloves into turkey puppets for the kids. Glue a felt beak and wattle to the thumb. Glue feathers — or paper cut in feather shapes — to the four fingers on both sides. Carefully put these gloves on, and your turkey puppet is ready to entertain!

Here’s a good example of a turkey glove puppet from Dream A Little Bigger.

Image sourced from Somewhat Simple


Gratitude Pumpkin Garland

Task the family with writing what they are grateful for on strips of orange paper, then glue them in a sphere shape. Shape green paper into a stem and glue this to the top. Make more pumpkins, staple these to a ribbon, and hang these across the mantle. Your gratitude pumpkin garland is complete!

Here’s a good example of a gratitude pumpkin garland from Somewhat Simple.

Image sourced from Happy Toddler Playtime


Thanksgiving Turkey Salt Painting

Need to keep the kids occupied during the holidays? Draw a turkey, help kids squeeze glue on the lines of the bird, sprinkle salt over this, and shake off the excess. Dip a wet paintbrush in paint and lightly brush it over the salt. And voila, you have a beautiful turkey salt painting for free.

Here’s a good example of a Thanksgiving turkey salt painting from Happy Toddler Playtime.

Image sourced from Oh So Beautiful Paper


Handmade Thanksgiving Menu

What better way to add a cozy air to the Thanksgiving celebrations than by creating a handwritten menu describing all the delicious meals being served? Check out free templates online, or come up with your own design, and print these out. Or, you can even write these on a chalkboard as a more cost-effective alternative.

Here’s a good example of a handmade Thanksgiving menu from Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Image sourced from Amazon


Thanksgiving Coloring Activity Wall Hanging

Print random shapes — or print four parts of a huge design — and hang these on the wall with clear tape. Give the kids some crayons and paint, and let them color in a section of this design. When they’re finished, you’ll have a cute wall hanging ready for the holidays.

You can buy it here from Amazon.

Artistic Thanksgiving Crafts

Image sourced from The Girl Creative


Yarn-Wrapped Pumpkins

Need an artistic project that will look beautiful but is relatively effortless? Then this craft idea is for you. Cover foam pumpkins with chunky yarn in any color, or colors, you like, using hot glue. And that’s it! Let this dry, then set them out as wooly, fluffy Thanksgiving decorations that won’t go soft and won’t attract pests either!

Here’s a good example of yarn-wrapped pumpkins from The Girl Creative.

Image sourced from Made To Be A Momma


Pumpkin Vases

Scoop out the flesh to make a homemade vase. Or, if you want something that lasts longer, check out local stores for pumpkin-shaped vases. Paint them the standard orange, or go elegant with white, classy with black, or vibrant with gold. Insert fresh fall flowers and foliage in a decorative display that will brighten up your home.

Here’s a good example of a pumpkin vase from Made To Be A Momma.

Image sourced from Susan Marie


Leaf Fossil Portrait

Create your own artistic botanical portrait using foraged leaves. Dry leaves in a book. Glue a few pieces of old newspaper or books to the back of an empty picture frame, on the visible side. Apply Mod Podge on the paper, stick the dried leaves on this, and add another layer of Mod Podge to help it stick well. Let it dry, and your portrait is ready to be displayed.

Here’s a good example of a leaf fossil portrait from Susan Marie.

Image sourced from To Simply Inspire


Fall Leaf Bowl

Making this leaf bowl is easier than you’d think. Just blow up a balloon and place it upside down in a bowl. Liberally apply Mod Podge to the bottom, then place leaves all over, applying more Mod Podge over them. Let this dry, pop the balloon, and your bowl is ready to be filled.

Here’s a good example of a fall leaf bowl from To Simply Inspire.

Image sourced from The Pioneer Woman


Autumn Wreath

Customize a fall wreath any way you like. Go classy with white mini pumpkins and dried gourds. Go eco-friendly with some dried flowers and twigs. Or celebrate the harvest with colored corn husks and fall leaves. All you need is wreath-shaped foam and you can match the wreath to your home and your personality.

Here’s a good example of an autumn wreath from The Pioneer Woman.

Image sourced from Inspired By Charm


Color-Wrapped Wheat Stalks

This one’s easy, inexpensive, and takes about five minutes to make. Grab a bunch of wheat stalks and tie them together with colorful yarn or ribbons. Then, simply place them on the table with place cards as a cute party favor or arrange them in a vase as a rustic centerpiece.

Here’s a good example of color-wrapped wheat from Inspired By Charm.

Image sourced from Modern Glam


Gold Leaf Place Cards

What’s a Thanksgiving list without plenty of leaf-based crafts? Here’s another one for you. Brush a thin layer of glue over leaves — real or false. Dip these in gold or silver paint. You can even spray paint these if that’s more convenient. Write names on each leaf or stick a name card on it, and place these around the table.

Here’s a good example of a gold leaf place card from Modern Glam.

Image sourced from Alicia Lund


Dried Floral Door Decoration

Instantly elevate your Thanksgiving party with this stunning door decoration. You don’t have to do much — just collect dried flowers and foliage and arrange them in a bouquet. You can even include elements like dried artichokes or lotus pods. Secure this with floral tape or twine, and you’re done!

Here’s a good example of a dried floral door decoration from Alicia Lund.

Image sourced from The Girl Inspired


Thanksgiving-Themed Napkin Rings

Homemade napkin rings can be made of anything, from cork to clay and even yarn. Bake the clay, tie the yarn, or cut the cork into ring shapes. Make sure they’re in fall colors, and your table now looks a lot more festive. For a more elegant look, you can also spray gold paint on your napkin rings.

Here’s a good example of Thanksgiving-themed napkin rings from The Girl Inspired.

Image sourced from Sugar & Charm


White Concrete Pumpkins

Give your Thanksgiving decor a modern twist with chic white concrete pumpkins. Mix and pour ready concrete mix into silicon and candle molds. Let it sit for a few days until it dries completely, then gently unmould. Leave it as it is for an elegant look or paint it white to match your stylish theme.

Here’s a good example of white concrete pumpkins from Sugar & Charm.

Image sourced from Lia Griffith


Fall Cutout Lantern

For those with exceptional crafting skills — or a cutting machine — try your hand at creating these pretty paper lanterns to brighten up the home. Cut intricate shapes on craft paper, fold it into a lantern shape, paste vellum paper inside, then glue the sides. Hook string or twine through the top, insert an LED light, and your lantern is ready!

Here’s a good example of fall cutout lanterns from Lia Griffith.

Image sourced from Alana Jones Mann


Thanksgiving Cake Toppers

Unleash the baker in you with these modeling chocolate-based Thanksgiving cake toppers, which look and taste delicious! Create a fondant mix, then add food dye as per your needs. A turkey leg topping needs brown and white dye, a pumpkin pie topping will need orange dye, and so on. Attach them to the cake with a toothpick and it’s finished!

Here’s a good example of Thanksgiving cake toppers from Alana Jones Mann.

Image sourced from Inspired By Charm


Fall-Stamped Napkins

Ironed cotton napkins can be your canvas for this lovely craft. Grab some fall-themed stamps, press these on pigment stamp pads, and get stamping. Exercise your creative muscle to make beautiful designs on your napkins, then iron on high — with a scrap fabric placed over the cloth for protection — to set the designs. 

Here’s a good example of a fall-stamped napkin from Inspired By Charm.