70 Mother Daughter Tattoos

Wear your heart on your, well, skin with these great mother-daughter tattoo ideas.

Tattoos are permanent but so is the love shared between a mother and daughter, which is why mother-daughter tattoos are such a beautiful way to express your relationship. If the two of you are ready to take the plunge and get inked, there are a few things to consider.

What kind of design do you want? You could opt for symbols, text, song lyrics, or animal designs that have a special meaning to you both. Your tattoo could be poignant or humorous, whatever expresses your bond best. And depending on how visible you want them to be or what your pain threshold is like, you should also bear size and placement in mind. Our diverse mother-daughter tattoo ideas will help you make the perfect selection. It is, after all, forever.

Small Tattoos

Image sourced from @o.ri_tatto


Different Colored Hearts

Hearts are the easiest way to symbolize your love for each other. But who said you can’t get creative with them? Not only can you choose an original heart design, but you can each have it inked in your (or each other’s) favorite color. You’ll have matching tattoos with a touch of individuality.

Image sourced from @tattoosbyparris


Queen/Princess of Hearts

It’s a simple, clean design with a cool meaning. Have each other’s first initials tattooed inside a cute heart design, and with crowns above the hearts. The message is clear: you are the queens (or the queen and princess) of one another’s hearts.

This is a great example of a heart tattoo created by @tattoosbyparris.

Image sourced from Trending Tattoo


Mother Daughter Symbol

Created specifically for mothers and daughters, this tattoo design is ideal if you’re looking for something that’s small, bold, and minimalistic. The embracing mother and daughter are formed by a continuous line that twists into a heart shape at the base. It symbolizes that your love for each other is what connects you.

Image sourced from Trending Tattoo


The Infinity Symbol With a Twist

Infinity symbol tattoos are as common as they come, but what they represent is still pretty special: never-ending love. So, if you have your heart set on it, why not add special text, like this “Love You More” and “Love You Most” design? In this way, it becomes uniquely yours.

Image sourced from Trending Tattoo


Tea Cup and Kettle

Do you love having a chat together over tea? Or perhaps you’re both huge Disney fans? This Mrs. Potts and Chip teapot and teacup design from “Beauty and the Beast” is a cute way to pay homage to your shared interest and to your mother-daughter relationship.

Image sourced from Tattoo Easily



If you love what anchors symbolize — steadfastness and security — then this matching anchor design is great for you. They’ll be a constant reminder that you can always count on your relationship to keep you anchored. Get them in your favorite colors to make it extra special.

Image sourced from Tattoos Boy Girl


Angel Wings

This angel wings design will speak to you if you’re looking for something that represents spirituality and protection. It’s small but shows enough detail to make the wings easily distinguishable. They look good on their own and even better when you bring your fingers together. 

Image sourced from Wild Tattoo Art


Fingerprint Hearts

Our fingerprints are unique in every way. Get each other’s fingerprints inked in the shape of a heart and you’ll have a tattoo that says you appreciate and love everything that makes your mom/daughter who they are. How’s that for special?

Image sourced from @nat_headstone


Two Halves of One Avocado

If you fancy yourselves as two halves of the same whole, this is the tattoo for you. The halves of the adorable avocado face and wave at each other — it’s cute, simple, and a great reflection of what you mean to each other. It’s a bonus if you both love avocados. 

This is a great example of avo halves created by @nat_headstone

Image sourced from Tattoo Easily


Rock On Hearts

Calling all rock ‘n roll lovers! This unique “rock on” hand gesture incorporates a heart in place of the palm. Not only does it represent your love for the music, but it bonds you in your shared love for the genre (and each other, of course).

Image sourced from Body Art Guru


Yin and Yang

The Yin and Yang symbol represents the concept that two opposite characteristics can exist in harmony with one another. With this clever design, the halves of the Yin and Yang complement each other perfectly when you bring your feet together.

Image sourced from Body Art Guru


Unique Yin and Yang Design

For an interesting spin on the Yin and Yang symbol, why not opt for this mandala-style design? It’s sharp and stunningly intricate, and because mandalas are viewed as spiritual guidance tools, it will give your tattoo an added layer of meaning. 

Text Tattoos

Image sourced from @haileyearp on Instagram


You Make Me Brave

Express the role your relationship has played in your lives with words. This “You make me brave” wrist tattoo is simple and elegant, and the powerful message is clear. Choose your favorite text style as well as the size of the writing.

Image sourced from Body Art Guru


I Love You With Roman Numerals Birthdate

Sometimes, simple is best. This “I Love You” tattoo is the easiest, most straightforward way to convey your feelings. However, to make it even more meaningful, have each other’s birthdates incorporated into the design in Roman numerals. This will certainly keep it interesting.

Image sourced from Pacho Tattoo


Keep Me Sane/Wild

Does your daughter help to keep you young and does your mom ground you? If so, this “Keep me wild” and “Keep me sane” tattoo design is a fantastic option that perfectly represents the nature of your special mother-daughter relationship.

Image sourced from @sammys_tattoos


Handwritten Text

Text tattoos that convey your sentiments are great, but handwritten text tattoos are even better because they’re more personal. Have this “I got you” design tattooed in each other’s handwriting to express that you’ll always have one another’s backs, and add flair with a minimalistic butterfly. 

This is a great example of handwritten text created by @sammys_tattoos.

Image sourced from Authority Tattoo


Choose Joy

You can’t go wrong with an uplifting, positive message. This “Choose joy” design conveys your shared wish or desire for each other to be happy. The lavender flowers represent serenity, grace, and calmness, and are a fitting addition to the delicate design.

Minimalistic Tattoos

Image sourced from @bravesoulstudiosaj


Birds in Flight

Matching tattoos don’t necessarily have to match, they can also complete each other. The bird design spans from shoulder to shoulder in a steady, unbroken pattern of flight. Not only is the idea unique, but it’s beautiful in its simplicity.

This is a great example of a bird tattoo created by @bravesoulstudiosaj.

Image sourced from Wild Tattoo Art


Always Connected

This minimalistic design is cute and nostalgic of the childhood talking tin can telephones game. It links you in shared memories and connects you in your desire to always talk to and share with one another. The beauty of the design is completed when you bring your arms together.

Image sourced from Trending Tattoo


Anchored Hearts

It’s minimalistic but meaningful. The hearts are tied to anchors, and while the design is simple, the message is incredibly powerful: No matter where you go or what you do, you’ll always be anchored by your love for each other.

Image sourced from Body Art Guru


Birds on a Tree Branch

Two birds sitting on a tree branch may seem like a representation of romantic love, but it can also signify a mother and daughter sitting together in each other’s loving presence. The design is small, elegant, and symbolic of the quiet but powerful nature of love. 

Image sourced from Body Art Guru


Mom and Daughter on a Swing

This design of a mother and daughter holding hands on a swing perfectly symbolizes the special bond and love shared between the two. No matter how old or young you are, a daughter will always be her mother’s little girl.

Image sourced from Body Art Guru


Name Band Wrist Design

It may be simple, however, it’s anything but plain. The thin band is tattooed around your wrists, and it incorporates each other’s names. It’s a great option if you want something minimalistic yet meaningful. You can choose the same or different font styles.

Image sourced from Trending Tattoo


Pinky Promise

This small design is simple but beautiful and it conveys a lovely message. The two hands are making a “pinky promise,” and it signifies the promise between a mother and daughter to always love and be there for each other.

Image sourced from Tattoos Boy Girl


Four-Leaf Clovers

The ultimate symbol of good luck, this minimalistic four-leaf-clover design is ideal if you’re looking for something small and delicate. Not only will you share matching tattoos, but you can take the luck of the Irish with you wherever you go.

Image sourced from Trending Tattoo


X and O

This X and O design is about as minimalistic as they come. It’s great if you want something small and are looking for the least painful experience possible. It’s also the ideal complementing tattoo because you can’t have hugs without kisses.

Image sourced from @trikona.tattoos


Sun and Moon

Do you want something small that perfectly captures the idea that you’ll be there for each other, night and day? This cute sun and moon design symbolizes the concept perfectly. It could also mean that without night, there’s no day another fitting analogy for the mother-daughter relationship. 

This is a great example of a sun and moon tattoo created by @trikona.tattoos.

Image sourced from Wild Tattoo Art


Celtic Knots

Celtic symbols are an incredibly popular tattoo choice because of their rich cultural and historical roots. These modified Celtic symbol tattoos represent motherhood and the eternal love a mother has for her kids. If ever there was a symbol to signify the beauty of your mother-daughter relationship, this is it. 

Image sourced from Tattoo Easily


Finger Bands

These ring bands are tattooed around the middle finger to form a full circle. Composed of the infinity symbol, they represent the eternal love you have for each other. The good news is that they can easily be covered up with a ring. The great news is that they’re so cute, you won’t ever want to.

Image sourced from Authority Tattoo


Flowers in a Jar

Perhaps you both love flowers or you simply like cute, dainty designs. This one depicts simple but detailed flowers in a jar. It’s minimalistic, petite, and has a whimsical quality. Select your favorite flowers to feature, and add color to one or both tattoos if you so desire. 

Image sourced from Tattoos Boy Girl


Image sourced from Authority Tattoo

This design is for the bold, adventurous mother-daughter duos. This bow and arrow tattoo symbolizes strength and perseverance, and the best part is you can select the number of arrows choose a number that holds a special meaning to you both.

Large Tattoos

Image sourced from Wild Tattoo Art


Children’s Picture Book Tattoo

This large design incorporates color storybook-style animals and the famous “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always” line from the ‘80s picture book, “Love You Forever.” Substitute the word “Baby” with “Mother” for your daughter’s tattoo and you have a meaningful, beautifully nostalgic masterpiece that represents your love.

Image sourced from Authority Tattoo



Sunflowers are just about the “happiest” flowers out there. Traditionally, they represent positivity, good luck, health, and hope. This large matching sunflower design is great if you love these cheerful flowers or if you’re both drawn to what they signify.

Meaningful Tattoos

Image sourced from Body Tattoo Art


Mother and Daughter Tree Design

This touching design of a mother and daughter figure expanding out into the branches of a tree not only signifies that a mother is the giver of life. It also represents the idea that a mother and daughter grow together from and share the same roots.

Image sourced from Authority Tattoo


Heart Lock and Key

This heart lock and key design with shading is striking, but the true beauty lies in its meaning: A daughter will always have the key to her mother’s heart. It’s one of the purest representations of the love between a mother and her daughter.

Image sourced from Trending Tattoo


Interlocking Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle pieces that fit together are a cute way to say you’re “cut from the same cloth,” proverbially speaking. But if you want the message to be more literal, you can have the words “Like mother” and “Like daughter” added to the design.

Image sourced from Trending Tattoo



As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. These bold feather tattoos with shading are a fun, figurative way to say “Like mother, like daughter.” To distinguish the design from others, add special elements of your own, like these beads dangling from the feather.

Image sourced from Wild Tattoo Art


Somewhere Out There

Pair the song lyrics “Somewhere out there” and “Beneath the pale moonlight” from the ‘80s classic with a globe of the world and you have a way of saying that, no matter where both of you are, you’re always thinking of each other.

Image sourced from Wild Tattoo Art



Compasses are a way to find your bearings and a way home when you’re lost. These detailed compass designs symbolize that you are each other’s True North and that you will always guide and keep each other on the right path.

Image sourced from @tattoobabystuttgart


Cross and Flowers

The cross signifies love and sacrifice, while the flowers represent beauty and growth. From a mother’s love and sacrifices grows a daughter who is beautiful, happy, and strong. It’s a poignant tribute to the beautiful mother-daughter relationship. Have each other’s initials added to the design for a personalized touch.

Animal Tattoos

Image sourced from @brookeandcanvas


Pet Paws

If your love for animals bonds you then this unique paw print design is right up your alley. What makes it even more special is you can have your beloved pet’s actual paw print inked. You’ll be bonded in your love for each other and your furbaby for life. 

This is a great example of a paw print design created by @brookeandcanvas.

Image sourced from Trending Tattoo


Mother Cat and Kitten

If you’re both cat lovers, this tattoo is purr-fect for you. The mama cat and her kitten are connected to each other, symbolizing that you’ll always be by each other’s sides. It’s a simple but elegant design with a touching meaning.

Image sourced from Trending Tattoo


Lioness and Cub

For a more complex design, consider this mother lioness and her cub line art tattoo. The thin, fine lines are tattooed with precision to create a visually stunning, intricate work. What’s most impressive, however, is that it tenderly captures the love between a mother and her little one.

Image sourced from Authority Tattoo


Mother and Baby Giraffe

In the wild, mother giraffes protect their babies with their lives until they’re old enough to defend themselves. So, it goes without saying that this minimalistic design will beautifully pay tribute to the nature of any mother-daughter relationship. Add a colored heart to represent the love that connects you. 

Image sourced from @paige.nicole.tattoos


Mother and Baby Elephant

In much the same way as this baby elephant holds onto and follows its mother, so does a daughter follow in her mother’s footsteps. The tattoo is dainty but still large enough to include cute details, and it’s a sweet representation of the mother-daughter dynamic. 

This is a great example of an elephant tattoo designed by @paige.nicole.tattoos.

Image sourced from Wild Tattoo Art


Black Ink Deers With Color Flowers

Why not combine various elements? Incorporate your favorite flowers with a design of a mother deer and her baby, add color to the flowers, and you have a tattoo that represents something personal, symbolizes your mother-daughter bond, and incorporates the best of both worlds.

Image sourced from Body Art Guru


Parrots on a Branch

This cute, color design of two parrots on branches facing each other on opposite forearms depicts closeness and a loving companionship. Add your first initials and you have a unique, personalized design that represents your mother-daughter bond.

Image sourced from Tattoos Boy Girl


Wise Owls

Do you both believe that knowledge is power? Well, few animals represent wisdom better than owls do. These large, bold, intricately detailed color designs are works of art you’ll be bonded for life in your thirst for knowledge and superior taste.

Image sourced from Tattoos Boy Girl



These gorgeous color swallow designs are vivid and prominent. Swallows are famous for their ability to navigate and find their way home. If this characterizes your mother-daughter relationship, and if you always find your way back home and to each other, your tattoo search ends here.

Image sourced from Tattoo Easily


Whale and Unicorn

Instead of matching exact animal designs, you can get as creative as you like and then link your tattoos with similar elements. Select your favorite animals, like these dolphin and unicorn designs, and then add similar elements, like a ring of flowers to connect them.

Image sourced from @itschels_e


Two Halves of a Lotus Flower

Foot tattoos can be notoriously painful but this design is perfect if you’re adamant about the placement. It’s intricate and depicts two halves of a lotus flower, which symbolizes enlightenment and beauty, that form a whole when you bring your feet together. The text “She gave me life” and “She gave me purpose” completes the design in a poignant way.  

This is a great example of a lotus flower foot tattoo sourced from @itschels_e.

Image sourced from Tattoo Bytes



Dragonflies have a beautiful meaning in almost every part of the world, representing rebirth, change, and prosperity. This design is colorful, bold, and eye-catching. You can also choose to have yours inked in your (or your mom’s/daughter’s) favorite color.

Image sourced from Body Art Guru


I Created/Created By Dandelion Design

These “I was created by her” and “I created her” complementary tattoos express a beautiful truth shared between a mother and daughter. The incorporation of the dandelion, which symbolizes hope, growth, and healing, is a lovely, creative addition to the design.

Image sourced from Authority Tattoo



In keeping with the ocean theme, these starfish designs are also great for mom-and-daughter duos who have a shared love for the sea. The design is simple, yet prominent, and starfish are a symbol of good luck, regeneration, and renewal, which adds an interesting element to your tattoo.

Image sourced from Authority Tattoo


Ankh Symbol and Rosary Anklet

This tattoo combines religious and cultural elements in one eye-catching design. The Rosary beads can be tattooed around your ankles with the Ankh symbol, which is the key of life in Egyptian culture, dangling from it and resting on your feet. Have them tattooed in your favorite colors for an added special touch.

Image sourced from Authority Tattoo


Honey Bees

Bees are small, noble, hard-working creatures, and we couldn’t survive without them. These cute cartoon-style bees in flight could signify the qualities you admire in each other or in general. They could also convey the idea that you can’t live without each other.

Image sourced from Authority Tattoo


You Are My Sunshine

You’re the source of each other’s joy and happiness, and this is the best way to showcase that. Have the song lyrics “You are my sunshine” and “My only sunshine” tattooed along the arch of your feet along with a sun design for emphasis.  

Color Tattoos

Image sourced from Body Art Guru


Watercolor Hearts

Watercolor tattoos have become all the rage. They’re colorful, aesthetically pleasing, and no two designs are ever the same. These watercolor hearts have an abstract quality, and you can choose to have the color inside or splashed outside the heart.

Image sourced from Trending Tattoo


Mother and Daughter Flowers

Select a flower that you both love and have it tattooed in your favorite colors (or each other’s). The stem delicately tapers off into the words “mother” and “daughter,” giving it that unique touch. The design is simple but elegant.

Image sourced from Body Art Guru


Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms symbolize a host of meanings such as beauty, love, and new beginnings. This gorgeous cherry blossom design also spans from shoulder to shoulder in a vivid, colorful display. It’s aesthetically pleasing while carrying a deeper, positive message simultaneously.

Image sourced from Trending Tattoo


Pizza Slices

If you love pizza as much as you love each other, this fun pizza slice tattoo will bring a smile to your faces — and possibly make you hungry — every time you look at it. There’s nothing cheesy about the bold designs and their bright, vibrant colors.

Image sourced from Body Art Guru


Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Halves

The halves of this adorable cartoon-style sandwich come together to form what is arguably the best combo ever created: A peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If your mother-daughter relationship is just as complementary, this small, delightful design is meant for you.

Image sourced from @jessscheriniart


Photorealistic Butterflies

There are two types of people in this world: Those who love butterflies and those who will fall in love with them after seeing this design. These stunning photorealistic color butterfly tattoos are tattooed with precision and special attention to detail. Plus, butterflies are a symbol of positive transformation, which adds to the design’s beauty. 

This is a great example of photorealistic butterflies created by @jessscheriniart

Image sourced from @portorangetattoo


Color/Black Ink Roses

Roses symbolize love in all its forms. If you’re drawn to their meaning or you both simply love the flower for its beauty, this rose design will inspire you. Have them inked in color, black ink only, or you can each choose your preference. 

This is a great example of roses designed by @portorangetattoo

Image sourced from Body Art Guru


Whimsical Bunnies

This color tattoo is beautiful in every way. The faded colors and storybook-illustrated quality of the designs provide an air of childhood innocence and nostalgia. The rabbits one large and one small have their arms outstretched, as if reaching out to one another to embrace.

Image sourced from Authority Tattoo


Coffee Cup and Reading Book

If drinking a piping cup of coffee while reading a good book is among your shared hobbies, this design combines the two elements perfectly. No matter where you choose to have it tattooed, it will still highlight this aspect of your relationship that’s special to both of you. 

Image sourced from Body Art Guru


SpongeBob and Patrick

Are you best friends who genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other? This fun, colorful, and accurate design of SpongeBob SquarePants and his bestie, Patrick, blowing bubbles could be just what you’re looking for, particularly if you’re fans of the animated comedy series. 

Image sourced from Tattoos Boy Girl



Many cultures consider dreamcatchers to be talismans of good luck and protection. They ward off bad dreams and give you a peaceful night’s sleep. This color design has lots of great detail and shading, and you’ll sleep soundly knowing you made a great choice.

Image sourced from Tattoos Boy Girl



Seashells are associated with love and luck, as well as a strong-willed mind. These gorgeous seashell designs are sharp, defined, and boast soft pastel colors. Whether you’re lovers of the ocean or the associations resonate with you, these matching tattoos are “sea-pmly” exquisite.

Image sourced from Tattoos Boy Girl


Humorous Cactus Design

Do you both have a great sense of humor? Or perhaps you’re known to have “prickly” dispositions? Either way, these “Love Me” and “Don’t Touch Me” matching cacti tattoos are big and bold, and they’ll get the message across loud and clear.