50 Christmas Party Ideas

Take your celebration to the next level with ideas that include decorations, themes, and costumes.

Kick off the holiday season with our handpicked selection of fun and festive Christmas party ideas. Christmas parties symbolize the spirit of togetherness, love, and gratitude. Whether it’s sharing laughter and stories with family, enjoying the company of friends, or celebrating with colleagues, Christmas gatherings are one of the most joyous events of the year. 

To make the most of your day, take inspiration from our list of carefully selected Christmas party ideas. Whether you prefer traditional coziness or innovative decorations, our list has something to suit every taste and style. So, grab a cup of cocoa, and let these ideas inspire you.

Christmas Party Theme Ideas

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Movie Night

Snuggle up with your friends and family for a Christmas movie night. Treat your guests to a rerun of timeless classics while they nestle in comfy blankets and sip on hot chocolate. Create a cozy seating area where everyone can relax and indulge in the heartwarming joy of holiday films such as “Home Alone” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” 

Here is a great example of a movie night from @xmascountdownnn

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Secret Santa

Add a magical twist to your Christmas party with this Secret Santa theme. Allocate a Secret Santa to each guest and set a budget for the gifts. Before the grand reveal, play a thrilling round of guessing, which will add an element of playful suspense to your evening.

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Charcuterie Showdown

Create a stunning charcuterie board with an assortment of fine cheeses, deli meats, fresh fruits, and salt crackers. You can also pair the charcuterie with wines, sparkling water, and ciders. Set up a cozy and inviting lounge area with elegant table settings and twinkling lights to create ambiance. 

Here is a great example of a charcuterie showdown from @xmascountdownnn.

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Tea Party Theme

Ring in the Christmas Day festivities with this quaint tea party theme. Set up a beautifully decorated tea area with fine China and elegant table settings. Offer an assortment of exquisite teas, finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries to your guests.

Image sourced from Lauren’s Latest


Sweet Decadence

If you want to indulge your sweet tooth this Christmas, why not opt for a sweet decadence theme? And the main event of the evening? A seven-course dessert menu, of course. From velvety chocolate mousse to refreshing raspberry sorbet, rich tiramisu, dreamy cheesecake, and delectable truffles, this unique idea is a treat for all dessert superfans.

Here is a great example of a sweet decadence theme from Lauren’s Latest.

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Ice Skating Escapades

Step into the snow for an epic ice skating adventure these holidays. Gather your guests for an evening filled with laughter, joy, and skating on the glistening ice. Create the perfect Christmas ambiance with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree and red lights. 

Here is a great example of an ice skating adventure from rachmartino.

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Winter Wonderland

Step into the magic of winter with this winter wonderland theme. Decorate the party venue with twinkling white lights, snowmen, ice sculptures, and an awe-inspiring centerpiece that resembles a snow castle. Guests are encouraged to dress in winter-themed attire and fully immerse themselves in this whimsical atmosphere.

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Hawaiian Christmas Luau

Transform the venue into a tropical paradise for a Hawaiian Christmas Luau that combines island charm with holiday cheer. Decorate the venue with colorful leis, tiki torches, and hula decorations. Encourage guests to dress in Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, and floral patterns. Serve traditional Hawaiian dishes and coconut eggnog. 

Here is a great example of a Hawaiian Christmas Luau from Experience Magazine

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'50s Christmas Party

Embrace the nostalgia with an epic ‘50s Christmas party theme. Decorate the venue with vintage elements, retro advertisements, and movie posters from the 1950s. Set the mood with a mix of classic Christmas tunes and old-timey hits, and dance the night away as you make timeless memories.

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Christmas-in-July Theme

Bring July vibes to December with a Christmas-in-July beach party that combines the best of both worlds. Host your party at a beach or poolside location and decorate the venue with a tropical Christmas tree, palm tree lights, and beach-themed ornaments.

Work Christmas Party Ideas

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Black-Tie Christmas Party

Ditch the pajamas for a night of elegant dress-up with a black tie Christmas party. Decorate your office with a Christmas tree, ribbons, and twinkling lights. Set the mood with a live band or orchestra, and encourage your coworkers to don their finest gowns and stylish tuxedos.

Here is a great example of a black-tie Christmas party from @kerrywystrach.

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Christmas From Around the World

Experience the wonders of diverse cultures with a Christmas From Around the World celebration. Pick references from countries and cultures around the world, such as Swedish Dala horses or Mexican piñatas. This immersive and educational theme promotes cultural appreciation and team bonding. 

Here is a great example of a Christmas From Around the World party from Around the Kampfire

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Christmas Brunch

Add a fun twist to your Christmas celebration at work with a classy brunch. Create a scrumptious menu featuring holiday favorites like French toast, eggnog pancakes, and savory quiches. Set up a DIY mimosa bar for easy-to-make cocktails, juices, and ciders for the Christmas toast.

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Murder Mystery Party

Prepare for suspense with a thrilling Christmas Murder Mystery party. Assign unique roles to everyone, and let the intrigue unfold as someone is revealed to be the mysterious murderer. Leave intriguing clues and props along the way, so people can come together to uncover the suspect. This exciting game fosters teamwork and is a great way to make new connections at work.

Here is a great representation of a Murder Mystery party from Prague Events.

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Charity Auction

Embrace the spirit of giving with a heartwarming Christmas charity auction. Set up a live auction of office collectibles, and allow the guests to bid on the items. The funds raised can go towards a charitable organization or a cause close to your company’s heart.

Here is a great example of a Charity auction from Save The Children

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Snowman Party

Embrace the magic of winter with a snowman party at work. Gather together to build a snowman at the office, and decorate the venue in pearly white and red decorations. The interactive and playful nature of this theme will boost camaraderie at the office.

Here is a great example of a snowman Christmas party from Twinkle Twinkle Little Party.

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Potluck Dinner

Share your best recipes and spread the joy with this Christmas potluck feast. Set up a buffet-style dining table and encourage your coworkers to bring dishes that represent their cultural traditions or family recipes. This scrumptious and heartwarming potluck will leave everyone feeling nourished, honored, and connected.

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Christmas Photo Booth

Create lasting memories with a Christmas photo booth. Set up a photo booth area with a festive backdrop and props like Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and holiday signs. Set up a camera on a tripod for everyone to take their own photos. 

You can buy these photo booth props from Amazon

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Green-Screen Party

Double the fun with this entertaining green-screen Christmas party. Set up a green-screen photo booth where guests can pose against various Christmas-themed backgrounds, such as snowy winter wonderlands, Santa’s sleigh, or the North Pole. Use photo editing software or an app to superimpose your coworkers onto the chosen backgrounds.

Here is a great example of a green-screen Christmas party from The Bash

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Hot Chocolate Bar

Host a sweet and lip-licking party with a hot chocolate bar station. Prepare a table adorned with a wide assortment of delectable hot chocolates, truffles, and tempting treats. Treat your coworkers to this decadently sweet feast that will bring pure joy and holiday cheer.

Here is a great example of a hot chocolate bar from Infinite Taste.

Costume Christmas Party Ideas

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Add a touch of mystery and enchantment to your Christmas celebration with a masquerade ball, and invite your guests to wear masquerade costumes. It promises to be a night of masked elegance, with everyone sporting exquisite ball gowns and tailored tuxedos. Dim the lights and set the scene with live music, crisp wines, and holiday cheer.

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Pajama Party

Bring on the coziness with a memorable pajama party for Christmas Eve. Ring up your friends and family to come dressed in their comfiest and most festive pajamas. Serve hot chocolate, marshmallows, and whipped cream. Play charades or board games, and snuggle up to celebrate the magic of Christmas in the coziest way possible. 

Here is a great example of a pajama party from @xmascountdown.

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Winter Solstice Costume

Add new cheer to the holidays with the winter solstice costume party. Dress up in elaborate silver costumes and kick off a guided star-gazing session for the evening. This celebration will leave everyone feeling inspired and connected to Mother Earth.

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Gnome Costume

Gnome costumes celebrate the magical creatures of the forest. Dress up in colorful garments and pointy hats, and you can even don bushy beards. For an added flair, turn the venue into a woodland wonderland with toadstool decorations, fairy lights, and gnome figurines.

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Elf Costume

Dive into the holiday season with elf costumes. Encourage attendees to dress as Santa’s cheerful little helpers with pointy hats, striped tights, and curly-toed shoes. Turn your home into a magical winter wonderland with a gorgeous Christmas tree, snowflake decorations, and elaborate lighting.

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Ugly Christmas Sweater

Embrace the hilarity of the season with an ugly sweater costume. Encourage your guests to come dressed in the ugliest and most outrageously festive holiday sweaters that they can buy from thrift stores or Amazon. Don’t forget to take pictures and make unforgettable memories, as guests pour in wearing their absurd sweaters. 

You can buy this sweater here from Amazon

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Mr. and Mrs. Claus

One Santa isn’t enough! Enjoy this festive occasion with a Santa Claus extravaganza party, where guests come dressed as Mr and Mrs. Claus. Encourage all your guests to wear the signature red suits, Santa hats, and various other design elements.

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Candy Cane Costume

Step into a sweet and delightful world of candy canes with a whimsical candy cane costume. Decorate your venue with giant candy canes, peppermint swirls, and candy-themed decor. Play a fun and festive “Candy Cane Hunt” game where guests can search for hidden candy canes and win prizes.

You can buy this candy cane costume from Amazon

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Christmas Carol Costumes

Bring Charles Dickens’ characters to life with these “Christmas Carol” costumes. Ask your friends to dress up as characters from the novel, and decorate the party venue with scenes inspired by the novel.  Organize a sing-along session where guests can belt out their favorite carols together.

Here is a great example of Christmas Carol costumes from Holidappy

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Christmas Tree Dress

Step into a world of holiday wonder with Christmas tree costumes. Encourage your guests to get creative with their outfits by using leaves, tinsel, or even green clothing. Show off the unique tree dresses and mark the holiday with these one-of-a-kind costumes.

Here is a great example of a Christmas tree Costume from @barbi3zworld.

Christmas Party Game Ideas

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Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

Bring out your competitive side with a festive gingerbread house decorating contest. Set up stations with pre-made gingerbread homes and instruct your guests to decorate them with colorful candies, icing, and edible decorations. Experience an afternoon filled with friendly banter and lively competition. 

Here is a great example of decorated gingerbread houses from The Love Designed Life

Image sourced from Happiness is Homemade


Karaoke Battle

Unleash your inner rockstar with Christmas karaoke battles. Use a free karaoke app with a wide selection of Christmas songs. Each participant gets a chance to showcase their singing talent and entertain the audience. Make sure that the battle is fun and lively, and celebrates the Christmas spirit.

Here is a great example of a Christmas karaoke battle from Happiness is Homemade.

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Beer Pong

Spice up your Christmas party with a friendly and competitive Christmas beer pong tournament. Set up beer pong tables with red and green ping pong balls to add a festive touch to the game. For a non-alcoholic version of the game, you can use sparkling water or ciders.

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Guess That Christmas Movie

Honor your inner cinephile with a thrilling round of the “Guess That Christmas Movie” game. Prepare a list of Christmas movies and divide the guests into two teams. The challenge is to correctly guess each movie title within the given time limit.

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Decorate the Tree

Build a sense of collective effort and community with a game of decorating the Christmas tree that encourages each family member to bring and use their unique ornaments. Set up the Christmas tree as the centerpiece and allow each guest to decorate it with ornaments, lights, garlands, and tree toppers.

Image sourced from @bradystar8214 via Pinterest


Cup-Stacking Challenge

Embrace the winter spirit with this fun cup-stacking challenge. For the game, you’ll need a sack of plastic cups. Set up a table with white cups and challenge your guests to see who can stack the most “snowballs” into a tower.

Image sourced from @thisjenlewis via Flavorwire


Christmas Bingo

Create lasting Christmas memories with a personalized Christmas bingo game that celebrates all the quirky experiences you’ve had during the holiday season. Create your unique bingo cards filled with funny phrases like “Someone Wears Velvet” or “Christmas Movie References” that reflect your family’s cherished traditions.

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Gift-Wrapping Contest

Unleash your creativity and presentation skills with a Christmas gift-wrapping competition. Provide guests with a selection of wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, and decorative elements. Each participant receives a gift to wrap in their unique style. This interactive and hands-on game promises unforgettable moments as everyone showcases their artistic capabilities.

Image sourced from @heatherpfingsten


Holiday Monopoly

Engage in a thrilling night of Holiday Monopoly that will have guests planning and strategizing. Set up a Monopoly board with a festive twist and use holiday-themed tokens and properties. Monopoly game nights promise a time filled with laughter, friendly rivalry, and unforgettable moments.

Here is a great example of Holiday Monopoly from @heatherpfingsten.

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Cookie Decorating

Enjoy a competitive round of cookie decorating that will double the sweetness and holiday cheer. Set up a cookie-decorating station with a tray of freshly baked sugar cookies, frosting, icing, and colorful sprinkles. Guests can let their imaginations run wild as they create unique and festive designs on the cookies.

Christmas Party Decoration Ideas

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Carnival of Lights

Celebrate Christmas, the festival of joy, with this carnival-of-lights idea. Decorate the party venue with a mesmerizing display of twinkling fairy lights, vibrant lanterns, and glowing balloons. Create a whimsical pathway with luminous candles or enchanting LED light strips.

Image sourced from The House That Lars Built


Jingle Bell Balloons

Give your Christmas decor a jolly twist with these jingle bell balloons. You just need a pack of round-shaped golden balloons that can be fashioned into jingle bell pellets with a black marker. Once created, strategically place them around your staircase or hallway, and add a couple of fresh wreaths that fill the air with festive spirit. 

Here is a great example of jingle bell balloon decorations from The House That Lars Built

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Balcony Decorations

Celebrate the magic of Christmas under the starlit sky with an intimate balcony party. Create a snug and inviting atmosphere on your balcony by bringing cozy couches, soft blankets and throw pillows outside. Set up a small fire pit or a portable heater to keep everyone warm and comfortable.

Image sourced from Catch My Party



Awaken the mischievous spirit with Grinch-inspired decorations. Encourage your guests to dress as the Grinch and decorate your venue in the style of Whoville. Serve festive green snacks and drinks to match the Grinch’s spirit. End the party with a screening of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

Here is a great example of Grinchmas decorations from Catch My Party

Image sourced from @christmasvibesz


Cabin Party

Ring in the joy outdoors with a warm and cozy cabin Christmas party. Book a cabin for Christmas Eve, and decorate it with fairy lights, a Christmas tree, and lanterns. Set up a hot cocoa bar, and a marshmallow stand. Adorn the trees with holiday wreaths to amp up the festive charm. 

Here is a great example of cabin Christmas decorations from @christmasvibesz

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Pastel Shower

Ditch the red and whites and enter into the world of soft hues and calm colors for Christmas. Lavender, mint, blush, and baby blue can be the color scheme. Create your own unique ornaments with balloons, ribbons, and paper lanterns, and serve pastel-colored candies, cupcakes, and macarons to your guests. 

Here is a great example of pastel decorations from @eventsaholic

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Disco Night

Transform your home into a disco wonderland with shimmering disco balls, colorful lights, and dance props. The guests can dress in their funkiest disco outfits, bell bottoms, platform shoes, and gold accessories. End the night with a “dance off” and encourage the guests to join on the dance floor.

Image sourced from Veronica Sapien


Toy Story Christmas

Bring the magic of “Toy Story” to life. Bring the spirit of Buzz and Andy to your living room with life-size cutouts, and decorate the living room with colorful balloons and paper lanterns inspired by Andy’s room. The imaginative and joyful nature of this decoration idea makes it a unique decoration idea for Christmas.

Image sourced from @caramassiedesign


Plaid Paradise

Incorporate plaid into your Christmas decor, starting with this dining room table setting. To weave the spirit of Christmas into even more of your home, expand the theme to your living room with Christmas stockings, pillows, and throw blankets. 

Here is a great example of plaid decorations from @caramassiedesign.

Image sourced from Lovely Indeed


Snowflakes in the Hallway

Turn your home into a snowy escape with this festive snowflake decoration idea. You can make these DIY snowflakes at home, or get them from the store. Use a sturdy string or dental floss and carefully hang them from the ceiling of your home.

Here is a great example of the snowflake decor from Lovely Indeed