Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean, born on October 17, 1969, is an American-Haitian rapper and songwriter best known for his chart-topping album “The Score.” He began his musical career singing in church choirs, having been raised by a preacher father. He was not allowed to listen to rap music as a child, and if he did, he was brutally caned for “playing the devil’s music.” Despite his father’s objections, Jean formed a band with two of his singer-songwriter pals. Although their debut album was well-received, it was their second record that helped them get fame. However, the trio soon disbanded to go solo, and Jean published his first solo record, which caused waves in the music world. Today we celebrate this amazing artist and his accomplishments.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Nel Ust Wyclef Jean

Birth date:

October 17, 1969



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$15 million

Nel's Social Media:


Wyclef Jean was born in the small Haitian hamlet of Croix-des-Bouquets in 1969, to a Nazarene pastor named Gesner Jean. When his parents went to America, he and his three siblings were raised by their cousins. At the age of nine, Jean migrated to the United States as well. He attended Vailsburg High School in Newark before enrolling at Eastern Nazarene College in Massachusetts. He attended the Five Towns College in Dix Hill for a short time before dropping out to pursue a career in music.

He formed the Refugee Camp, which was eventually called the Fugees, with singer-songwriters Lauryn Hill and Prakazrel “Pras” Michel. They acquired a record deal with Ruffhouse Records in 1993, and their debut album, “Blunted on Reality,” was a middling success. In 1996, the band released their second and most popular album, “The Score.” Following that, he announced the release of his 1997 debut solo album, “The Carnival,” which included Hill and Pras and featured two hit singles. His solo albums “The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II a Book,” “Masquerade,” “Greatest Hits,” and “The Preacher’s Son,” were all released in the early 2000s. Around this time, he appeared on hit albums by Whitney Houston, Shakira, and Carlos Santana, among others. His concept album, “From the Hut to the Projects, to the Mansion,” was released on November 10, 2009, and included Lil’Kim and Timbaland. He announced his candidacy for the Haitian presidential election on August 20, 2010, but the Haitian Provisional Electoral Council rejected it because he did not meet key residency conditions.

In 1994, he married Marie Claudinette, and in March 2005, the pair adopted Angelina Claudette Jean. They renewed their wedding vows in 2009 and now live together in New York City.

Career timeline

His Group Releases Their Debut Album

The Fugees land a record deal with Ruffhouse Records and release their first album, "Blunted on Reality," which is a moderate hit.

He Debuts His First Solo Album

He releases his first solo album, “The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II a Book.”

He Receives the Golden Satellite Award

For the film "Hotel Rwanda," he shares the Golden Satellite Award for ‘Best Original Song’ alongside Andrea Guerra and Jerry Duplessis.

He is Awarded for His Humanitarian Work

He receives the B.E.T. Award for his humanitarian initiatives.

Why We Love Wyclef Jean

  1. He is a humanitarian

    He is also known for his humanitarian activity, which began in 1988 with the founding of the Wyclef Jean Foundation (later renamed Yele Haiti). This charity is based in Illinois, United States, and was created to aid the victims of Hurricane Jeanne. He also started a foundation for inner-city school kids.

  2. He is an inspiration

    He shows the world at large why it is important to be kind and show compassion. He also is big on inspiring the youth through his music.

  3. He loves his origin

    He loves Haitian and Caribbean heritage and is fully involved in the culture. He has mentioned how the culture has greatly inspired his career.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He owns one of the fastest cars

    This Haitian musician and composer own a McLaren F1 supercar, which is one of the world's fastest.

  2. He is hopeful for a Fugees reunion

    "I believe The Fugees will reunite at some point, but everyone in the group must be prepared… It will happen at some point," he said in 2011 in an interview with the hip-hop website. Rap-UP.

  3. He ran for president in Haiti

    However, to run for office, you must have lived in the country for the previous five years, and Jean did not.

  4. He sang with a W.W.E. superstar

    In June 2000, he recorded ‘It Doesn't Matter’ with W.W.E. superstar, the Rock.

  5. He appeared in a “Law & Order” episode

    In 2016, he played the C.E.O. of a record company in an episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

Wyclef Jean FAQs

How many languages can Wyclef Jean speak?

Jean speaks a variety of languages, including French, German, English, Japanese, and Spanish.

Did Wyclef Jean date Lauryn Hill?

“Purpose” fills in the previously unknown specifics, even though fans have known for years that Hill and Jean were intimately linked during their time together as the Fugees. Jean stated that telling the entire tale was vital to him when speaking with M.T.V.

Is Jean related to Will.I.am?

No, they are not related.

Wyclef Jean’s birthday dates

2024October 17Thursday
2025October 17Friday
2026October 17Saturday
2027October 17Sunday
2028October 17Tuesday

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