Lizzy Winkle

Lizzy Winkle, born October 17, 2004, was an artist on Roblox and most notable for her contributions to Royale High. She was a well-known figure in the gaming community and had a game badge for when she met with a player. She was also active on Instagram and had over 5,000 followers. As a premier Roblox artist, she accumulated over 510,000 visitors to her account. She was considered one of the best creatives on the gaming platform Roblox. Winkle was loved by many in the gaming community. Join us as we honor her on this special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Yinyin Benzula


Lizzie Winkle

Birth date:

October 17, 2004

Death date:

November 29, 2019 (age 15)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Net Worth:

$1 million

Yinyin's Social Media:


Winkle,’s real name was Yin Yin Benzula. She was born in the U.S. of Filipino descent. Winkle became a social media icon and Twitter personality when she started posting Roblox-related content, which turned her into a viral celebrity on the platform with her original characters and accessories.

She was also active on Instagram and had over 5k followers. As a premier Roblox artist, she accumulated over 170k followers on her account. She is considered one of the best creatives on Roblox due to her impressive contributions to Royal High, a school-themed dress-up Roblox game. Her avatar on Roblox has over 171 thousand followers and has collected the veteran and the homestead Roblox badges. Winkle was also the mind behind the Roblox game, Christmas Halo❄☃, which hosted over 504,380 place visits before it was closed in 2019.

Winkle passed away on November 29, 2019, due to acute lymphoblastic leukemia (a type of blood cancer). When her sister, Mae, broke the news on Twitter, the entire Roblox community was shocked. Fans from all across offered their tribute to the beloved Roblox artist. The creator of Royal High, callmehbob, also posted a tribute on Roblox honoring her kind heart, positive spirit, creations, and the way she touched numerous lives within the Roblox Community.

Career timeline

Winkle Joins Twitter

She starts posting on Twitter in August.

Winkle Contributes to Roblox

She contributes to Royale High, a school-themed roleplay/hangout and dress-up game on Roblox owned by callmehbob.

February, 2019
The End of an Era

With Winkle gone, the Roblox game Christmas Halo❄☃, is closed for good.

November 2019
The End of a Gifted Gamer

Winkle passes away at age 15 after a long battle with blood cancer.

Why We Love Lizzy Winkle

  1. Her anonymity was part of her appeal

    Winkle’s online anonymity was one of the things which stood out about her social media career. We admired her for being able to establish boundaries.

  2. She had a brilliant mind

    Winkle was the mind behind the Roblox game, “Christmas Halo❄☃” which hosted over 504,380 place visits before being closed on February 5, 2019. She was considered one of the most treasured creators on Roblox.

  3. Her death made a significant contribution

    LauncelotHandsome, husband of the creator of the gaming community, started a fundraising live stream upon news of her death. He wanted all funds to go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital which is dedicated to cancer research.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. There’s a special tribute

    “In Loving Memory of Winkle,” is a realm in Royale High; it keeps her memory alive.

  2. She had a favorite color

    Winkle’s favorite color was purple.

  3. Winkle, had a creative personality

    She was fun-loving and at the same time very creative.

  4. She began as a YouTuber

    Winkle, was formerly a YouTuber and artist who uploaded “Halo” gameplay videos.

  5. She was very popular

    Winkle, was added to the list of the most popular Twitter stars.

Lizzy Winkle FAQs

Where is Winkle’s grave?

Her grave is at Pythian Grove Cemetery in Berry, Kentucky, U.S.A.

What did Winkle make in Royale High?

Winkle made the Star Guardian Staff, Flower Crown, Wild Rose Wings, and many others, mostly accessories.

How many subscribers does she have on YouTube?

Though there is presently no content on her YouTube channel, she has 6.87k subscribers.

Lizzy Winkle’s birthday dates

2024October 17Thursday
2025October 17Friday
2026October 17Saturday
2027October 17Sunday
2028October 17Tuesday

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