Mia Xitlali

Mia Xitlali, born on July 29, 1999, is an American rising talent who’s a singer and actress. She is known for acting in the 2015 war film “Max” as Carmen, which later earned a whopping $44 million at the Box Office. This movie marked her first feature film debut and her second acting gig, an impressive feat that jump-started her acting career. Xitlali mainly releases her music on SoundCloud and has gained thousands of listeners. Let’s celebrate her day!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jessica Maria Xitlali Tenorio

Birth date:

July 29, 1999



Zodiac Sign:



5' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.4 million

Jessica's Social Media:


Even though she has just started, Mia Xitlali has shown that she’s an impressive talent in the industry. She was born on July 29, 1999, in Los Angeles, California. Even though she’s an L.A. native, her father came from El Paso, Texas, and her mother, from Guadalajara, Mexico. She’s of Mexican descent and she inherited her parents’ love for music at a very young age. She studied classical piano and made several musical appearances on stage, including at the John Anson Ford Theater and the Levitt Pavilion. She also performed at music festivals that were held around the Los Angeles area such as Earth Day and Dia de Los Muertos. Eventually, she fell in love with theater.

Xitlali acted on stage after she got the role in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s play “South Pacific” (2007), a reboot of the 1949 one. The play was held in the famous Hollywood Bowl and all the tickets sold out. She acted for four consecutive nights, marking her successful debut on stage. In 2014, she debuted onscreen by starring as Rosario in an independent short film, “Selling Rosario.” It became an official selection for the Napa Valley Film Festival in the same year. This was immediately followed by her first feature film, “Max” (2015), as the side-character Carmen. The movie became a Box Office hit at a whopping $44 million and it marked her breakthrough. She was cast to act in several T.V. shows and short films afterward. One of them was a 2016 episode in the Disney Channel show “Girl Meets World,” where she played the character Carla. Xitlali also ventured into the horror and thriller genre by acting in the 2017 T.V. show, “La Quinceañera.” She played the starring role, Alejandra Santos, and the show aired for a year until 2018.

Xitlali also pursued a career in music by singing and writing songs. She owns her own SoundCloud account, lali_bi_bb, and has been posting there since 2018. Her first feature was with Dre’es de la Pena with a song titled ‘WARM’ It has reached more than 1.4 million streams to date. Her most recent song titled ‘BREATHE,’ was posted on December 2021 to her SoundCloud. Little is known about her private life. She was previously in a relationship, though she is supposedly single right now.

Career timeline

Her Acting Debut

She starts her acting career at eight years old in the reboot of “South Pacific” and she discovers her passion for acting.

She Starts Acting in Film

She appears in “Selling Rosario,” an independent short film, in the starring role.

Xitlali’s Film Breakthrough

Marking her second acting gig, she stars as Carmen in the box-office hit “Max,” earning her massive attention.

A Starring Role in a T.V. Show

She’s the leading role in the horror-thriller T.V. Show, “La Quincañera,” which airs for around a year.

Xitlali’s Music Career

She becomes active on her SoundCloud, where she first re-posts her featured song, ‘WARM’

Why We Love Mia Xitlali

  1. Her enthusiasm and energy

    Xitlali radiates enthusiasm and a great vibe in her interviews. Her energy is infectious when she excitedly explains her filming process and how she interacted with people.

  2. Her ever-evolving talents

    Even though she just came onto the scene, Xitlali has proved that she’s got what it takes to thrive. Her music soothes and calms listeners, which is fitting for these days’ current musical trends.

  3. She takes pride in her heritage

    Xitlali is proud of her Mexican descent. She said that it was the first thing that drew her to the role of Carmen in “Max.” She felt that it didn’t reflect the stereotypical role of a Latin person.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Her name means ‘Star’

    Her last name ‘Xitlali’ means ‘Star’ in Nahuatl, which is an ancient Aztec language.

  2. She’s majoring in psychology

    She wrote this in her Instagram bio, telling her followers that she’s currently pursuing her education in psychology.

  3. She likes anime

    Xitlali frequently posts about 90s anime on her Instagram and shows how she likes to cosplay characters from said animes.

  4. Her ever-changing hair colors

    She shows off her various hair colors, ranging from blonde and dark purple to black.

  5. She practices karate

    Xitlali practiced American Kenpo Karate, training with Tommy Chavies who was a student of the American martial artist, Ed Parker.

Mia Xitlali FAQs

How old is Mia Xitlali when she played Carmen?

Mia Xitlali was 15 years old when she acted as Carmen in “Max.”

What is Mia Xitlali’s birth name?

She was born Jessica Maria Xitlali Tenorio but uses the name Mia Xitlali as her stage name.

Did Mia Xitlali release an album?

No, she did not. She is currently working on it, though she has mentioned it several times on her social media.

Mia Xitlali’s birthday dates

2024July 29Monday
2025July 29Tuesday
2026July 29Wednesday
2027July 29Thursday
2028July 29Saturday

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