Hank Aaron

Henry Louis Aaron was born on February 5, 1934. He started his baseball career like most professional league players in high school. Today, he’s one of the most celebrated major league players of all time. His enviable career, illustrious legacy, and outstanding determination have set him apart in the basketball hall of fame. To some, he’ll always be known as the star player who broke Babe Ruth’s record, and to others, he’s so much more. Hence, join us as we take a look into the monumental life of Hank Aaron while celebrating his special day!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Henry Louis Aaron


Hank, Hammer, Hammerin’ Hank

Birth date:

February 5, 1934

Death date:

January 22, 2021 (age 86)

Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Net Worth:

$25 million

Henry's Social Media:


Henry Louis Aaron, A.K.A. Hank Aaron, is a revered name in baseball history. This professional baseball player had won the hearts of fans one strike at a time. Born February 5, 1934, in Mobile, Alabama, Aaron is an Aquarius of African-American descent. His parents, Herbert Aaron Sr. and Estella Pritchett, had eight children, so Aaron grew up in a crowded household with limited resources to go around. His family couldn’t even afford baseball gear, so Aaron practiced with bottle caps and sticks. He went to Central High School and played outfield and third base for the Mobile Black Bears and soon advanced in skill. Aaron then tried out for the Brooklyn Dodgers, a Major League Baseball franchise, when he turned 15. However, he didn’t make the team, so he returned to high school.

Aaron joined an independent team in his junior year of high school called the Mobile Black Bears. He was paid three dollars per game, which is $30 today. However, in November 1951, he was signed to earn $200 a month with the Indianapolis Clowns. His outstanding play with this team earned him offers from Major League Baseball teams. He chose the Boston Braves and signed with them on June 12, 1952. Although he plays exceptionally with this team, Aaron faces severe racism and becomes homesick. However, his brother Herbert advised him not to quit. His batting skills soon advanced, winning him the ‘Most Valuable Player’ award. His resilience paid off, and in April 1954, Aaron debuted as a major league baseball player for the Milwaukee Braves.

Aaron only seemed to top himself from here on out. He won three Gold Glove Awards, exceeded Babe Ruth’s record, is a 25-time All-Star player, a World Series Champion, and achieved multiple feats in his career. He hit his 755th home run on July 20, 1976, and soon retired from his 23-year professional baseball career. Aaron became the senior vice president of the Braves in his post-playing career. He shared his success with his six children — five from his first marriage to Barbara Lucas in 1953, and one from his second marriage to Billye Suberin in 1973.

Career timeline

The Brooklyn Dodgers

He tries out for the team but isn't selected.

He Signs With Indianapolis Clowns

Aaron signs a contract with Ed Scott on behalf of the Indianapolis Clowns — he plays here for three months.

The M.L.B.

He signs with an M.L.B. scout in June and plays infield.

He Joins the Milwaukee Braves

After playing minor league, Aaron signs with the Milwaukee Braves.

The M.V.P. Award

Aaron wins the M.V.P. award.

Aaron Breaks Babe Ruth's Record

In a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Aaron hits his 715th home run in Atlanta, exceeding Ruth's 714.

The Baseball Hall Of Fame

Aaron is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame after receiving 97.8% votes.

Why We Love Hank Aaron

  1. He revolutionized the game

    Aaron was a record-breaking beast player. He paved the way for African-American baseball players today.

  2. He was a humanitarian

    Aaron was an activist for the civil rights movement. He walked, protested, spoke, and used his platform as a star player to create awareness for the cause.

  3. Future players should study his commitment

    Aaron never gave up despite the racism, death threats, and hate mail. He kept playing and remained focused.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He was a Boys Scout

    Back in high school, Aaron joined the Boy Scouts of America.

  2. Separated from his teammates because of segregation

    In the 1950s, during the heat of racial segregation, Aaron was often separated from his team because of Jim Crow laws.

  3. He received a lot of death threats

    Aaron was a phenomenal player, however, being a black athlete came with a lot of hate mail and death threats.

  4. He received the highest citizen's award

    In 2002, Aaron received the 'Presidential Medal of Freedom' from George Bush.

  5. He was a doctor

    In 2011, Aaron was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree.

Hank Aaron FAQs

What is a Hank Aaron baseball card worth?

The estimated value of this card is $250.

What was Hank Aaron's highest salary?

In the 1975/1976 seasons when Aaron was breaking records, the highest salary of his career was $240,000.

Is there a movie about Hank Aaron?

Yes. “Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream” is an American documentary made in 1995 about Aaron and his quest to achieve a record-breaking number of home runs.

Hank Aaron’s birthday dates

2025February 5Wednesday
2026February 5Thursday
2027February 5Friday
2028February 5Saturday
2029February 5Monday

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