​Back to the Future Day – October 21, 2019

Mon Oct 21

It’s a 1985 fantasy/sci-fi classic that grossed nearly $400 million worldwide! Now, throw on your Nikes, pop in a VHS and rev up your time traveling car because October 21 is Back to the Future Day. First celebrated in 2015 ( that’s the year that Marty McFly and Doc Brown time-travel to in Back to the Future Part II), Back to the Future Day is a fun way to celebrate your past and get excited for your future.


​Back to the Future Day - History


John DeLorean's "thank you"

​The creators of the movie, Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, decided to use a DeLorean as the car that enables Marty McFly and Doc to time travel; after the film’s release, Zemeckis and Gale received a thank-you letter from John DeLorean for using his car in the movie.


​The short-lived company closes

​After selling only 9,000 DeLoreans, production ceased and authorities charged John DeLorean with selling cocaine as a means to save his company.


​The first DeLorean was rolled out

​The first car, built in Ireland, was produced on January 21.


An expensive holiday promotion

​American Express advertised a DeLorean plated in 24-karat gold. The price tag? $85,000. Only two sold.


​John DeLorean branched out to create his own company

​John DeLorean, who worked for Chevrolet, Chrysler, Packard, and Pontiac, established his own company with a vision of the DeLorean DMC-12.

​Back to the Future Day Activities

  1. Create a time capsule

    Just like you did back when you were a kid — and if you have kids they’ll love doing this, too — fill a box with items you’d want your future self to enjoy opening. For instance, things like pictures, tickets from a concert, or items from your wedding. And since this is something you’ll open in the future, be sure to also fill your box with things like a letter to your future self, a list of goals you hope to accomplish, or make resolutions you hope to change overtime. Once your box is full, put in your basement, in the back of a closet or — if you know you’ll be living in the same house for awhile — bury it in the backyard.

  2. Go through old photos

    Whip out boxes of old photos and reminisce about the past. If you have kids, this is a fun activity to do with them — if not, invite friends and family over (have them bring pictures, too) and talk about the good ol’ days.

  3. Do like Doc and try to “fix” your past

    Okay, you may not have a DeLorean that’ll take you back in time to fix your past, but you can try to improve your present and your future by righting some wrongs. For example, reach out to an old friend you’ve lost touch with, try to mend a relationship, or pay back debts you may owe to someone.

​​5 Reason To Rewatch "Back To The Future."

  1. The film predicted three technological advances

    ​Although most of the futuristic details in the movie have not come true, it did include communication similar to FaceTime, voice recognition, and thumb print technology.

  2. ​It wasn’t a popular script

    Major movie studios passed on the original screenplay.

  3. ​Some executives hated the movie title

    ​A Universal Pictures executive wrote a memo saying he wanted the title of the movie changed to "Spaceman From Pluto," to which director Steven Spielberg responded by thanking him for the “joke memo.”

  4. ​President Reagan used a quote from the movie.

    ​President Reagan liked the fact that he was mentioned in the movie several times. He used the quote “Where we’re going, we don’t need cars” in his 1986 State of the Union speech.

  5. ​Royalty attended the premiere

    ​Princess Diana made an appearance at the movie’s premier in 1985.

Why We Love ​Back to the Future Day

  1. It’s your time to reflect on the past

    Because Back to the Future Day celebrates a movie that’s related to the past and the future, it makes you reflect on just about everything. Take time to ponder things you’ve accomplished over the past few years, as well as things you regret and may want to improve upon.

  2. It’s an opportunity to set goals

    As the name suggests, Back to the Future Day is about the future, so it’s the perfect time to set goals. Use this day to write down hopes and dreams that your future self will be proud of.

  3. It’s an excuse to watch the movie

    Whether you’ve seen it a million times or not, there’s no better day to watch the movie than Back to the Future Day. So on October 21, start streaming!

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