Tweets Only A Wife Will Understand

With Wife Appreciation Day fast approaching, we empathize with the wives of this world via the medium of Twitter.

Wife Appreciation Day is on September 20 and for those of you who are lucky to have a wife, it’s a chance to show them how truly appreciative you are to have them in your life. If you are a wife then we suggest letting your spouse know about this upcoming holiday as you should be milking it and be treated like a queen.

If you’re wondering how best to spend Wife Appreciation Day then we recommend cooking her something nice, or treating her to a spa day, or taking her to one of her favorite restaurants. Basically, treat her to something that you know she will enjoy and will make her feel appreciated.

Wives deserve our appreciation

To appreciate the wives of this world, we need to empathize with what it means to be a wife. Thankfully plenty of women have taken to Twitter over the years to articulate their thoughts on that exact topic. The results are pretty hilarious. Yes, there is a loving and gentleness to marriage, but there is also another side to it, and these Tweets paint the picture perfectly.




Yep. That pretty much sums it up. Have a great Wife Appreciation Day and remember to show her how much you love her.