60 Graduation Party Ideas

Make your or your child’s graduation celebration unforgettable with this perfect party planner!

Graduation is a big achievement for anyone and deserves to be celebrated as such! There is no better time to celebrate and show your love for your recently graduated family member than with a memorable party.

With infinite ideas for all sorts of people, we have collected the best ideas for all ages of graduates. With ideas ranging from house decorations to food ideas, all the way to fun party ideas for all the family, this list is here to make your graduation party planning easier than ever! Our diverse and adorable list of party ideas will help you plan the perfect day, letting you show your pride and celebrate in style.


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Stunning Invites

Set up your perfect party with personalized invitations! Websites such as Canva or Shutterfly offer beautiful designs, with the option to include photos of the graduate themselves over designs sporting the graduate’s school colors. Amazon also offers easily sharable invitations to all guests.

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Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are a great way to begin the celebrations, and they help to demonstrate your pride to all your neighbors. This style of decoration is simple to put up, requiring minimal assembly, and is typically made of weather-proof materials to help you celebrate, no matter the weather!

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Car Decoration

Similar to lawn signs, car sticker decals are a fun way to show the world your pride in your graduation. Whether parading your graduate around town or transporting them to the party itself, this decoration is sure to get the whole neighborhood involved in the celebrations.

This product was created by Vinyl Wall Expressions.

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Jenga Guest List

This unique guest list is perfect for any parties; weddings, graduations, or birthdays. By having each guest mark their name on a single jenga piece, your graduate can take each beloved family member or friend with them to the next stage of their journey!

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School Color Balloons

Balloons are a given when it comes to parties, so why not make these extra special and personal to your graduate? By getting balloons to match the school’s colors, these decorations can celebrate the past or your graduate’s next academic stop in style.

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Graduation Year Balloons

Similar to the school color balloons, these golden graduation balloons ensure that you will never forget the year your graduate passed their exams! These products are also perfect for backdrops and colorful photo opportunities for you and all your guests.

This product is available on Amazon.

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Travel-Themed Decor

Whether your family member graduate is taking a year abroad, got into an international college, or is celebrating their graduation by traveling the world, these travel and adventure-themed decorations are the perfect picks for graduates set to leave the nest!

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Decor For A New Start

Whether your graduate is going abroad or staying local, graduation is a big step for any academic. This sweet and affordable piece of decor is a simple way to express your pride in your graduate and wish them luck in all their future endeavors.

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Decor Mirroring The Favorite Or Specialist Subject

Nothing makes a party pack a punch more than personalized items, so why not purchase decorations that match the favorite or the specialized subject of your graduate? These can be straws, bunting, balloons, table decorations, or any other decor to match your graduate’s preference.

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Nothing says a party like banners, and a graduation celebration is no different. Gold and black is a classic, but you can purchase the school colors or the favorite colors of your graduate to make it extra personalized. They are easy to put up and help set the mood for any party.

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Monogrammed Confetti

Confetti is also a fun way to celebrate or decorate tables, and, once again, personalization is the way to go about making your party unforgettable for the graduate and your guests. Pick any name and any color to get the party started!

This particular product is available at PartyAtYourDoor.

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Graduation Cap Confetti

There are countless types of confetti, so it is important to get graduation-themed confetti. This black and gold style is cute and stylish and goes with any theme or color scheme for a graduation party. When buying it, check the description for biodegradable materials.

This product came from Aliexpress.

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Welcome Path

Everyone loves the idea of being welcomed home after a big day, so why not set the mood with this easy welcome path? This can be bought or made DIY style by simply sticking paper plates on garden sticks. This idea can also be spruced up by using the school’s colors!

This product was inspired by bhg.com

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Achievement Table

Graduations are a big achievement in anyone’s life, but that is not the only one worth celebrating. Remember your graduate’s best achievements from their academic (or personal!) life by displaying them proudly on a table for all your guests to see and marvel at.

This option was inspired by Kennitra Johnson

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A chalkboard is a quality idea for any artist planning a party! It can be used to display the guest lists, be a message board for your graduate, or a proud and impressive welcome sign to start the party with style!

This product was inspired by Morgan Welden.

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Map Points

This scratch-off map idea is fascinating and inspiring! It can be used to mark all the places, countries, and locations that your graduate has been or to highlight their future plans and successes. You could also use pins to decorate the map with string to mirror the travel paths.

This product is available at UncommonGoods.

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Candles Or Lanterns

We all know that candles mean a party, but this does not have to only be for birthdays. Not only do little candle lanterns make for a cute rustic style, but they also light up the party area even after dark! Lanterns can also be used for ceremonious release into the sky for good luck.

This idea was inspired by Pinterest.

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Gather Round The Campfire

Whether you are telling scary stories in the dead of night, or offering advice over a toasty fire, a bonfire or hired fire pit is a perfect addition for outside graduation parties. It keeps your guests warm, well-lit, and entertained for hours for little cost!

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Bug Spray for Party Crashers

Whether you are having an outdoor party, or celebrating with the windows open, there is no need to let you, your graduate, or your guests be at the mercy of the bugs and critters who make their rounds in the summer months.

This idea was created by Sand and Sisal.

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Quality Sound Set-Up and Song Setlist

No party is a true party without music. Create a quality and graduation-themed song playlist and let the beats flow with a set-up sound system to entertain your guests for the whole night!

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Tasty Favors

Thank all of your guests for attending your party with adorable graduation-themed favors! There are so many options available, from edible diplomas, to chocolate kisses, and these graduation cap gumballs.

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Themed Food

Every party requires a snack bar and food table, so why not take the opportunity to show off your creativity in the kitchen by presenting your guests with graduation-themed foods? These mini-grads in caps are an adorable and simple option!

This product was created by Hungry Happenings.

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Bottle Toppers

Whether you use them for favors, as stoppers for wine bottles, or any other beverage, these bottle toppers are sure to go down a treat! Available in different colors, these gown-and-cap style designs are amusing and practical – what more could you ask for?

This product is available from CHENGU.

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Diploma Straws

These delicious and dainty diplomas are a happy addition to any party platter. You could even attach little paper graduation caps to actual straws and place them in the party punch! This idea has so much potential! 

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Graduation Cap Straws

Continuing on from the previous entry, decorating your straws with mini graduation caps and diplomas is an adorable and easy way to celebrate. Available in packs of 12 with multiple different colors, this idea is a no-brainer!

This product was created by InnoCreativeCo.

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Diploma Cake

Whether you are a whizz in the kitchen or hire a professional, a diploma cake is a surefire way to make your party unforgettable! You can stick to a simple design or go all out with details and flare to really shine at your party.

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School Color Reveal Cake

For those recently graduating high school, getting into your dream college is a nerve-wracking time. So, why not lighten the mood and heighten the tension with a fun school or college reveal cake? With tasty sweets ready to burst out and reveal the good news, this idea is rich with potential.

This product was created by Paula Hennig

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Career Cake

With years of hard work and dedicated learning, graduating is the end of one adventure and the beginning of the next. Celebrate your graduate’s new start and career by having the cake represent the next step in their future with designs or styles mirroring their profession.

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Cupcakes With Hats

If large cakes are not your thing, or you simply find cupcakes easier for larger crowds and guests, these graduation cupcakes are a perfect idea. They show all the pride and love of a larger cake, just individually wrapped!

This product is available from Land O’Lakes.

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Garden Buffet

Summer is the perfect time for garden parties, and nothing says a garden party like a buffet! Buffets make supplying food for a large crowd of guests much more manageable and stress-free as well as accommodating for any dietary requirements without fuss.

This idea was inspired by Aleka’s Get Together.

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Bottle Opener

Everyone knows that a crucial part of student life involves a fair amount of drinking. Why not gift your graduate with a personalized bottle opener to remind them of your love no matter where they go next? This product offers the graduation year, the school monogram, and your graduate’s name to make it as unique as possible!

This product is available at Famous Favors.

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Recipe Book

Freshly graduated high school graduates all face the same challenge; needing to cook for themselves. Save your graduate the stress and panic by offering a personalized cookbook, with all the best recipes from your family and friends!

This product is available from Atelier Adair.

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Monogrammed Napkins

Napkins are a necessary evil when it comes to group parties, and they often leave the food table looking messy and disorganized. Save yourself this tissue-colored stress by making the napkins themselves part of the celebration! With personalized colors, names, and years, these napkins are ideal for any proud parent.

This product is available from RubiandLib.

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Marshmallow Caps

This idea pairs perfectly with the campfire idea. Not only are these chocolatey delights secretly filled with sweet and squishy marshmallows, but they melt perfectly onto some graham crackers for the perfect dessert!

This idea was inspired by BestYummyFoods.

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Place Settings

For party planners who prefer a proper layout, these graduation-themed place settings help you control the crowd and manage your guest list without stress! Especially if you have pre-prepped meals, these place settings save plenty of time and panic.

This product is available on Amazon.

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Bar Trailer

Whether you have your party on location or simply want to spare your kitchen the stress and mess, a bar trailer is a great way to bring the crowd together and create an unforgettable vibe. 

This idea was inspired by Lovely Event Design.

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One Smart Cookie

Everybody loves a pun. Whether your party needs just one more dessert, or your graduate is not huge on cakes, this idea is a great one. With easy-to-personalize options available, or a recipe to follow from the safety of your kitchen, a cookie cake never fails!

This product is available at Dorothy Ann Bakery & Cafe


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Family Video

Whether travel is not an option, or you want to give your graduate something to remember the big day, a filmed video of all their family and friends sending love and best wishes is sure to become a treasure for any graduate! It is easy to do, has endless possibilities and the memory will never fade.

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Message Jar

The best gifts are the ones that last, and nothing lasts more than a cute little message from your loved ones. Get your guests to write a loving memory about your graduate, so on those days when studying gets too much, they can read through them and smile.

This idea was inspired by Sydney Colón.

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Advice Cards

Similar to the memory box, ask your guests and previous graduates to write down their best advice for post-graduate or student life! You could even roll them up into little diplomas to make your mark on the party.

This product is available from ParishParty.

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Flowers, flowers, flowers!

Whether they are real, plastic, or even Lego, flowers are always a quality and stylish idea for any celebration. Get your graduate their favorite flowers – maybe in their school colors! – to show your love and pride for them on this special day!

This product was inspired by Bouqs.

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Gift Table

With a hefty guest list comes gift-handling responsibility. Save your graduate the struggle of having to juggle all the gifts and cards by creating a cute station for all the goodies!

This idea was inspired by TidyLady Printables.

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Care Package (Suitcase of Goodies)

When your loved one is heading off to university, or into the big wide world, you always want to give them a good start. There is no better way to show your love and care than by presenting them with a care package of goodies to help pave their way. These little gifts can range from their favorite soap to candles, to any tasty or practical items that will remind them of home!

This idea was inspired by laceandtwiginc.

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Gift Tags

Whether you use these for party favors for your guests, or for making the gift table look stunning, these graduate-specific gift tags are just the right sort of perfect for any memorable party.

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Personalized Tote Bags

Tote bags are all the rage nowadays, so what better way to celebrate your graduate’s success than with a personalized bag? The best gifts are those you can take with you and use in your everyday life!

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Keys To Success

This gift not only makes for a stunning display that will rock any student’s new living space but also gives you and your guests the opportunity to offer nuggets of advice for the new graduate in your life!

This idea was inspired by CelebrationsAtHome.


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Lawn Games

Entertaining your guests is a crucial element of party planning, and what better way to celebrate in the sun than with some fun and inventive lawn games? There is an abundance of ideas ranging from jumbo Jenga to the classic ring toss!

This idea was inspired by CassidyLucille.

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Know The Graduate Games

If getting up and about isn’t your speed, there are still plenty of fun and unique games for you and your guests to enjoy at your party! A quality example includes these print-outs of Who Best Knows The Graduate.

This idea was inspired by Etsy.

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Balloon Send-Offs

When the sun goes down, there is no reason for the party to die down as well. With these beautiful and traditional lanterns, you and your guests can make wishes for the future, and send off the flame-filled balloons into the night sky. Simply stand back and watch them flicker like stars!

This idea was inspired by Cottage in the Oaks.

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Baby Grads!

Whether you play this game with a whole class of graduates, or if you include baby photos of your guests, this game of Guess the Graduate is a fun and adorable way to spend time at your party.

This idea was inspired by Etsy.

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Nothing says a party like karaoke, so why not let your graduate let loose with some classic and hilarious tunes? Purchasing a karaoke kit, or linking up a device to a larger speaker, makes this idea as easy as singing in the shower!

This idea was inspired by FreePik.

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Disco Dome Inflatable

For the excitable and energetic among us, a bouncy castle is typically only for kids, but not anymore! Let your graduate let loose with this inflatable disco dome and set it up in your garden.

This product is available at SOSEntertainment.

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Big Head Cutouts

This idea is sure to get the giggles out of your guests! Show your love for your graduate by wearing their faces with pride. This idea is perfect for photo opportunities.

This product was inspired by MSN.

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Movie Night Projector

If a large and energetic party isn’t what you had in mind, we won’t let you down! This idea is perfect for a fun and relaxed vibe to help celebrate your graduate’s success. 

This idea was inspired by FunFlicks.

Photo Walls

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Centerpieces are crucial for any inventive and memorable parties, so why not decorate your tables with specialized photos of your graduate across their academic journey? Pair these photos with some flowers and artistic vases and your party will go down in history!

This idea was inspired by Simply2Moms.

Image Sourced from Etsy


Photo Board

Similar to our photo centerpiece idea, you could dedicate a whole wall area with beautiful and memorable moments of your graduate’s life. These could range from baby photos to school photos, or images taken from their various successes throughout the years!

This idea is available on Etsy.

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Photo Booth

A photo booth is a great way to ensure you get plenty of photographs of your graduate and your guests, without having to worry about hiring a photographer or being attached to your camera phone. Add some fun props and you’ve got yourself a party to remember!

This idea was inspired by Two Dudes Photo.

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Polaroid Wall

Give your guests a Polaroid or disposable camera upon their arrival, and you can guarantee a wealth of genuine and candid photos of your graduate throughout the party! Collect the cameras when your guests go home and you can develop the photos for a final parting gift for your graduate!

This idea was inspired by Pinterest.

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Photo Sharing Hashtag

The best way to share and receive photos without dealing with an overwhelming number of texts or emails is with an Instagram filter. Create a specific and personalized hashtag and ask your guests to tag all of their posts and photos of the party!

This idea was inspired by ThinkingCloset.

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Polaroid Frame Backdrop

Whether you use this for your photo booth, or as a photo opportunity upon your guest’s arrival, a Polaroid backdrop is a great way to keep all your photos neat and clear for everyone to enjoy even after the party is over!

This idea was inspired by ThinkingCloset.