Top 15 Fascinating Christmas Trivia

Whether you’re religious or not, we all know a bit about the basics of Christmas. But there are many little-known facts about the season that are both fascinating and joyful. Memorize a few of these trivia facts to impress at your next holiday gathering.

1. Which religious group banned Christmas from 1659 to 1681?
A: The Puritans

2. Before it was associated with Christmas, what was Yule?
A: The word referred to a Pagan winter festival celebrated by Germanic peoples.

3. The French word “Noel” is actually derived from Latin. What did it mean?
A: Birth

4. “Xmas” might seem like a modern abbreviation — but it’s actually fairly old. What century was the written word Xmas first documented?
A: 16th century. X comes from the Greek letter Chi which has long been used to refer to Christ.

5. What cartoonist is credited with defining Santa Claus’ look?
A: Thomas Nast drew the cartoon in an 1881 Harper’s Weekly.

6. In the classic Christmas film “It’s a Wonderful Life” what part of George’s house is constantly broken?
A: The Banister

7. In 1964’s “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” what was the name of Rudolph’s favorite elf companion?
A: Hermey

8. In what modern-day country was Saint Nicholas born?
A: Turkey

9. What figure from English folklore became associated with Santa Claus?
A: Father Christmas

10. After leaving Bethlehem, where did Jesus, Mary, and Joseph travel?
A: Egypt

11. Which U.S. state was the last to declare Christmas an official holiday?
A: Oklahoma

12. Which U.S. state was the first to declare Christmas an official holiday?
A: Alabama

13. Which country invented eggnog?
A: England

14. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was created by what department store for promotional purposes?
A: Montgomery Ward

15. Good King Wenceslas was the duke of what country?
A: Bohemia