200 Witch Names

Learn about famous witches and find inspiration for Halloween look with this list of witch names.

Witches continue to maintain a timeless and universal appeal. From spending our childhood days engrossed in the enchanting tales of Roald Dahl to our enduring fascination with iconic witches like Maleficent and Morticia Addams, there’s something about witches that has our attention.

Whether concocting elixirs, weaving enchantments, or embarking on nefarious quests, witches elevate storylines and etch themselves into our collective memory.

There is an undeniable intrigue surrounding witch names. Carefully crafted to suit each character’s essence, these names are unique to their personality. 

Whether you are seeking inspiration for your Halloween look or writing a new character for your new book, we’ve curated a list of the finest witch names to help you get on the right track:

Witch Names from Books, Movies, TV, and Media



Aradia is a historic and powerful sorceress from “The Gospel of Witches” by Godfrey Leland. Much like her magic, Aradia is the Italian word for ‘Moon Goddess.’



Bonnie Bennett, the widely known witch from the “The Vampire Diaries,” wielded supernatural gifts to protect her friends. The name Bonnie is associated with witches who harness ancient dark magic.



Auntie Hagar from Drums O’ Voodoo left an indelible mark with her dark aura. Her unwavering commitment to the craft of voodoo gave her character a remarkable legacy that continues to send shivers down spines.



The Scarlet Witch, also known as Wanda Maximoff, is one of the most intriguing characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Her name exudes power and confidence, just like her character does in Marvel.



Endora is the beloved character from the classic TV show “Bewitched.” The name Endora, which resembles Pandora, carries a unique and magical subtext, as it translates to ‘Light.’



Jadis, also known as the White Witch, is a formidable antagonist in C.S. Lewis’s series, “The Chronicles of Narnia.” The name “Jadis” translates to ‘Long Ago,’ an ode to her timeless characterization rule.



Sabrina Spellman, the titular character from the TV series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, is a young, charming, and relatable witch known for her fearless spirit in the magical world.




Winifred Sanderson, the iconic character from “Hocus Pocus,” is known for wickedness and charisma. It’s no coincidence that Winfred, an Old English name, loosely translates to ‘Peaceful Friend.’




Hermione Granger, one of the most loved witches across all art forms, makes for a brilliant witch name. It is an ancient name derived from the Greek God Hermes and exudes the confidence needed to practice the art of magic.


Luna Lovegood


Luna Lovegood, the girl with whimsy and unique charm, has one of the most loved names of all witches. The name Luna in Latin means ‘Moon,’ which is an excellent symbol for her pearly white hair and mystical aura.




Another powerful and memorable witch name from the “Harry Potter” series is the dark and twisted Bellatrix Lestrange. Bellatrix means ‘female warrior’ in Latin, symbolizing the character’s dark magical prowess.



Ursula, the sea witch in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” is the perfect name for a witch who harnesses the power of dark and cunning magic. It is a feminine name derived from the Latin word ‘Ursa,’ which means ‘Bear.’



Aggie Cromwell, the lovable witch from the “Halloweentown” film series, is remembered for her warm character and wise moves. The name Aggie symbolizes a comforting and nurturing presence in the world of magic.



Ravenna, the wicked queen in “Snow White and the Huntsman,” exudes a cold demeanor and regal power. “Ravenna” adds strength to her character and embodies her dark ambitions.



Fiona Goode, the Supreme Witch in “American Horror Story: Coven,” is a complex character driven by power and self-preservation. The name Fiona loosely translates to the word ‘fair,’ which hints at her beauty and elegance.



Willow Rosenberg, the beloved best friend from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” is a fitting addition. The name comes from the Willow tree, which represents strength and power.



Prue Halliwell, one of the Halliwell sisters in “Charmed,” is known for her no-nonsense attitude and spirit. The name comes from the Latin word ‘Prudentia,’ translating to ‘Caution.’



Rochelle Zimmerman, the resident witch in “The Craft,” is known for her camaraderie and dedication to the coven. The name Rochelle has French origins, and its literal meaning is ‘Little Rock.’



Zelena, the beautiful name that means ‘Green,’ comes from the complex heroine from Once Upon a Time and is driven by ambition and envy. The name is of Greek origin and is the root name of ‘Selena.’



Calypso is the quirky and unpredictable sea goddess from the “Pirates of the Caribbean.” The witch’s name is an ancient name that is fit for witches with an old soul, meaning ‘Cover.’



Louise Miller, the protagonist in “The Teen Witch,” is known for wise use of supernatural abilities. Just like her character in the movie, the name Louise translates to ‘renowned warrior.’



Melisandre, the Red Priestess from “Game of Thrones,” continues to be a fan-favorite witch from a show filled with dark magic. The name Melisandre is of French origin, and it signifies the beauty of women.



Yennefer of Vengerberg in “The Witcher” is a complex character. The name translates to ‘White Shadow.’ which appears in the dead of the night. Yennefer exudes an aura of mystery, which reflects well in her sorcery.



This iconic Disney villain is known for her dark and cold nature. The name translates to ‘Causing Harm,’ which fits her role as the antagonist in “Sleeping Beauty.”



Elphaba, the misunderstood and complex character from “Wicked,” is the prime representation of defiance. The name came from Gregory Maguire, who simply wanted to spell out the initials of author L. Frank Baum (L, F, and B).



Glinda, the Good Witch from “The Wizard of Oz,” paints a picture of magic, hope, and purity. Her name resembles the word ‘gladness,’ and that’s how people feel when watching her. The name means ‘Fair.’


Samantha Stephens

Samantha Stephens from Bewitched is a kind-hearted witch who marries a mortal man. She desires a normal life until her magical prowess intrudes. The name commonly translates to ‘God has heard.’



Kiki is a fun Spanish name that translates to ‘Double Happiness.’ Kiki, a young witch, is one of the best and most detailed characters from the Studio Ghibli Cinematic Universe. It also makes for a fantastic witch name for young girls.


Mildred Hubble

Mildred Hubble, the young witch-in-training who attends Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches, is a beloved character from old Hollywood. The name means ‘Gentle Strength.’ Mildred Hubble often finds herself in magical mishaps, which adds to her character arc and storyline.


Fiona Goode 

Fiona Goode is the Supreme Witch and a central character in the American Horror Story: Coven. She is known for her beauty, power, and complex personality.


Diana Bishop

Diana Bishop is an intelligent academic from Deborah Harkness’s book series “All Souls.” She takes her name from the Roman goddess Diana, which translates to ‘Divine.’


Geillis Duncan

Geillis Duncan is the beloved witch from Outlander, shown as an evil sorceress in the show. However, Gellis, the Gaelic word for ‘Servant of Jesus,’ contrasts with this characterization.


Amanda Sefton

Amanda Sefton, a popular character from Marvel Comics, has unique powers such as shapeshifting, hypnosis, and teleportation. The name Amanda is Latin for ‘Loveable,’ which fits the character perfectly.

Female Witch Names


Gloria Moonbeam

Gloria is a beautiful female name that has evolved from the word ‘Glory.’ Witches with Gloria as a name can shake some souls up and stir some potions. Gloria harnesses the magic of the moonlight to avenge her loved ones, so make sure you’re on her good side.


Merlin Shadowweaver

Merlin is a Welsh name for ‘Sea Fortress.’ It possesses the powers of ancient potions and mysterious magic. The name is also synonymous with enchantments and old wisdom.


Rose Enchantress

Rose is a gentle witch deeply connected to nature. It is a Latin name derived from the word ‘Latin Rosa.’ Her spells focus on nurturing and protecting the environment and all living creatures.


Phillius Potionmaster

Phillius, the queen of potion-making, crafts elixirs with transformative powers. The name Phillius means ‘Joyful.’Along with her potion-making skills, she has extensive knowledge of herbs and forgotten ingredients.



Step into the whimsical world of Moonie, who gets her name because of her enchantment with the moon and the night. She creates dreamy scenarios, practices surreal magic, and comes alive in the moonlight.



The name Hexen means ‘Leadership.’ Witches with this name lead covens and cast major curses. With tricks of the world under her belly, the name Hexen represents the terror and magic of night.


Violet Nightshade


Violet, which means purple in Latin, is a beautiful witch name that evokes the imagery of a flower. The name comes from the botanical family and is best suited for witches who wish to master the arts of dark potions.




This name derives from the Green word ‘mystēs,’ which means following customs by a select group. Mystique is an age-old yet powerful and feminine name for a witch.



Alastair is the feminine name for ‘Alexander’ in Greek nomenclature. The name is associated with dark magic, shadow manipulation, and the defense of the dark arts.



Devina, a feminine iteration of the word ‘divine’ in Scottish culture, symbolizes ‘heavenly.’ Witches known as Devina are famous for their dark powers and use of fairy magic for protection.




Esme is the French word for beloved. As an Esme namesake, magic hails from the moon’s phases, and your magic is strongest under the moonlight.




Hazel comes from the Old English word ‘hæsel.’ It is a famous witch name, and its namesake is known to have the powers of time manipulation, elemental control, and maintaining the balance of the natural world.




Diane (Diana), the Roman goddess of fertility, is a famous witch name. Witches known as Diane are radiant sorceresses, embodying light and purity while banishing darkness and bringing hope to those in need.



Goran, a Slavic name, is often taken by someone who lives in the mountains. The Goran witch controls the storm and can summon lightning with a twist of her hands, making her a formidable force in the coven.




Astrid, an old yet popular Scandinavian name, symbolizes ‘divine beauty.’ It is fit for witches who cast enigmatic spells and are spellbindingly beautiful.




Elma is a German name that loosely translates to ‘helmet’ or ‘protection.’ Elmas are forest witches who can communicate with animals and trees and use their guidance to protect forest animals.




Gwendolyn, the feminine term for ‘fair bow,’ is a Welsh name. The name has a mystical side, and it is for witches who cast a ‘dolyn’ or a ring spell around those who wrong them.



Rayn is derived from the word Rayan, which loosely translates to “Door of Heaven.” The name is associated with witches who have the divine ability to cast spells and freeze magical objects.




The name Paxton comes from the Old English name ‘Pœccess.’ It means ‘Peace town.’ Its origination dates back to the 12th century, and the name has a rich place in the scriptures.




The name Jupiter casts a celestial shadow, and rightly so. The name translates to ‘The supreme God.’ It is for witches who can harness the power of the most sizable planet in the solar system to cast thunderous spells.



Venus, the brightest shining planet in the sky, takes its name from the Roman goddess of beauty and passion. Witches named after Venus specialize in spells of romance and affection.



Kane translates to ‘Warrior.’ The name works both for witches and vampires. Witches with enigmatic figures and formidable powers are a great namesake of Kane.




Lillian, the Latin word for Lily, means “Purity” and is a delicate name for an air witch who can control the winds, create powerful gusts, and create hurricanes with magic.



Calliope, the Greek word for ‘Beautiful Voice,’ is a stunning name for a female witch. This name has prominence in Greek mythology and closely connects to poetry and eloquence. Calliope is also a powerful character in Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman.




Sylvestra, the feminine name for the Latin Sylvester, takes its roots from the noun ‘Silva.’ Sylvestra channels the essence of the forest with each spell she casts.




The gold of the Virgin Mary, Marigold, makes for a beautiful and feminine name for a witch that simply means ‘Golden Flower.’ Similar to the bright colors of a Marigold, the witches can also have a welcoming and positive aura.



Seraphina is a Hebrew name and translates to ‘Burning Ones.’ It is dedicated to the highest-ranking angels of God and is known for their ability to share love.




The name Thalassa comes from Atlantyssea, the daughter of Aether and Hemera from Greek Mythology. The name holds the meaning of ‘Sea.’ Thalassa has secrets buried in the ocean, and her spells resonate with the world.




Evadne has a Greek origin, and it translates to ‘Good.’ The name has a feminine and mystical aura, and its namesakes possess the grace and serenity of a swan.




Callista is a delicate and feminine name that means ‘Most beautiful.’ In the world of witchcraft, witches with the name Callista can harness the fury of tropical storms and command the force of the wind.

Male Witch Names




Summon the masculine energy and dark powers with Wayde, a name shrouded in mystery. Wayde comes from Old English and is a Scandinavian name that translates to ‘able to go.’




Hades is a Greek name that means unseen. As per Greek mythology, Hades was the God of the underworld who commanded dark arts and navigated the ancient realms of magic.




Evilian, the masculine name for Evelyn, hints at witchcraft and a serious dabble with the shadows. Evilian can master spells that defy conventional understanding, just like its namesake Evelyn of “alive.”




Darius, an ancient name that signifies profound wisdom, is a fine addition to the list of male witch names. Darius is a Persian name that translates to ‘the maintenance of possessions.’




Devin is an Old-school Irish name taken from the word ‘Divine.’ Male witches with this name can channel the Godly essence of witchcraft and cast spells that defy expectations.




Isaac is a boy’s name with Hebrew origins, derived from “Yitzvah,” which carries the meaningful interpretation of “one who laughs or rejoices.”




The name Michael has been in England since the 12th century. It is derived from Hebrew and holds the profound meaning of ‘who is like God?’ or ‘gift from God.’



The name Erik means ‘forever ruler.’ Originating from Old Norse, Erik derives from the Norse word “Eirikr,” which translates to “ever powerful” or “sole ruler.”




There have been plenty of witches named Henry in the past centuries. Henry derives from an Old French name, Henri. The name means ‘House ruler.’




Alastair is a captivating, gender-neutral name of Greek origin, bearing the meaningful essence of ‘Man’s Defender.’ This name comes from the Greek word ‘Alexein,’ which means ‘defend the man.’




Drake is a fierce name for male witches who can command the storm. It has evolved from the English surname ‘Draca’ and the Old Norse ‘Draki,’ both of which mean ‘Dragon.’




Edward is a classic name for witches, vampires, and supernatural beings. It originates from the Anglo-Saxon name Ēadweard, which signifies ‘wealth’ and ‘fortune.’




Clayton has deep significance and resemblance to the strength of the earth. The name Clayton is derived from Old English and is associated with several English place names characterized by clay.



Cornelius is a masculine name with Latin roots, stemming from the Latin word ‘Cornu,’ which translates to ‘Horn.’ Cornelius is a fitting choice for witches who have a creative side.




Finn represents a male witch who gracefully navigates the twists and turns of life’s journey. The name has Irish origins, and it translates to ‘fair.’




Lazarus, a name rich with ancient wisdom, is perfect for a male witch whose knowledge knows no bounds. Lazarus originates from the Hebrew Eleazar, which carries the profound meaning ‘God will help.’




Ulrich is an Old High German name for male witches with formidable and commanding power. The name Ulrich means ‘global ruler.’




 The name Cullen originates from Ireland, and it means ‘Son of the Holy One.’ It is perfect for a male witch whose spirit remains unflinching in the face of conflict. Cullen carries the essence of a witch whose magic comes from the heart.



Wolfe is a masculine name of German origin. It carries the powerful meaning of ‘wolf.’ This commanding title is rooted in medieval Germany and descended from Wolfgang. The name echoes the primal forces of nature.




Angelus are witches that thrive in the shadows. Angelus is Latin for angel and implies a connection to the Catholic devotion commemorating the Incarnation of Christ.




Kadir, pronounced kah-DEER, has an Arabic origin and carries the profound meaning of ‘competence.’ This name serves well for male witches with unwavering proficiency in the mystical arts.




Derwin is perfect for male witches who revere their lineage. It is a masculine name with Old English roots, meaning ‘gifted friend’ or ‘dear friend.’




Kane, a name steeped in crimson sorcery, is for a male witch whose power flows from the essence of vitality. Kane is a versatile name with diverse origins and rich meanings. In Irish traditions, it means ‘little battler.




Azriel is perfect for a male witch with magic intricately linked to the cosmos. The name originates from Hebrew and translates to ‘God is my help.’ Azriel has a deep connection to both Muslim and Jewish cultures.




Maddock represents a male witch with a profound connection to the wild. The name Maddock is an anglicized rendition of ‘Madog,’ which has ancient Welsh roots.




Oberon, a name steeped in the annals of time, has Old German roots and originates from Auberon, which means ‘royal bear.’ The name perfectly encapsulates a male witch known for his unwavering determination and strength.




Cosmo is a Greek name meaning “organization” and “beauty.” This name shimmers like distant constellations. This name is perfect for a male witch with an enchanting and whimsical approach to magic.

Historical Witch Names


Marie Laveau

Marie Laveau dealt with Catholic and African spiritual traditions. She commanded a coven of witches and ruled the streets of New Orleans. She died peacefully in her sleep, but her name still evokes tales of American folklore. She was the subject of an American Horror Story season, and the name Marie translates to ‘Star of the Sea.’


Lasses Birgitta


Lasses Birgitta, the alleged Swedish witch who entered a church in the 1500s to awaken the dead, is a recurring name in European folklore. She remains revered in Swedish culture, and the Danish rock band Volbeat made a song in her honor in 2021.


La Voisin


La Voisin lived in France and practiced the art of potions. Until one day, she attempted to target King Louis XIV. She faced burning at the stake in 1680. The name Voison stands for reliability and ‘Discipline.’


Mary Bradbury


Mary Bradbury faced charges of witchcraft for her involvement in the death of a young sailor. Fearless and feisty since her young days, Mary avoided imprisonment all her life and died peacefully in her bed at age 85. The name has a Hebrew origin, and it means ‘Beloved.’


Gentile Budrioli


Gentile Budrioli, an herbal healer and astrologist from Bologna, was tried for witchcraft when she failed to save her master’s son from an unknown disease. Budrioli derives from the Greek word ‘bòthros,’ which loosely translates to a ‘Moat’ (an island surrounded by water).


Martha Carrier


Martha Carrier, the cult leader who commanded an army of 300 witches, was accused of witchcraft in the Salem trials. She lived on by her name down several generations and families. The name Martha is ‘lady’ in Aramaic.


Bridget Cleary


Bridget Cleary was the last punished in Ireland for Witchcraft and is a household name in the country. The poor woman was burned to death by her husband on charges of witchcraft and possession by a fairy spirit. It is a hardy Irish name that means ‘Vigor.’


Martha Corey


Martha Corey, the last woman hanged in the Salem Witch Trials, sparked a movement with her untimely death. She faced accusations of witchcraft once her infidelity was made public. Martha is a feminine name and ironically translates to ‘Lady.’


Aleister Crowley

Crowley was among the leading witches charged for their role in World War II. The surname Crowley is a historical demonic name with links to media such as Supernatural or Good Omens. Aleister typically means ‘Humankind’s Defender.’


Helena Curtens


Helena Curtens, an alleged German witch, gained prominence for being one of the last witches executed in late 18th-century Europe. She faced accusations of witchcraft and suffered torture during her arrest. The name Helena loosely translates to ‘the light of the sun.’


Moll Dyer

The legend of Moll Dyer states her responsibility for causing the wave of influenza in the winter of 1697. The town’s inhabitants blamed her, and she fled the village. A few days later, she died of cold, alone in the woods. Moll loosely translates to ‘Star of the sea.’


Janet Farrar


Janet Farrar, the famous teacher and author of books on Neopaganism and Wicca, is one of the most well-known experts in practical magic. She was born in Northern Ireland and is one of the public faces of Wicca. Janet is a Scottish name that has evolved from ‘Jane.’


Abigail Faulkner


Abigail Faulkner, one of the most famous faces from the Salem witch trials, had a twisted history and plenty of family disentanglement that led to her eventual imprisonment and death sentence in the 17th century. The word Abigail translates to ‘My father’s Joy.’


Ann Foster


Ann Foster faced accusations of witchcraft in 1692. Foster died during the Salem witch trials. Ann is a stable witch name with a historical prevalence. The name Ann translates to ‘grace.’


Gerald Gardner


Gerald Gardner was an English Wiccan credited with the resurgence of contemporary Pagan. The name Gerald is of German origin, and it means ‘Spear Ruler.’


Dorothy Good


Dorothy Good has her name marked in history as one of the youngest people involved in the notorious Salem Witch Trials. She faced imprisonment at age 5. The name Dorothy translates to ‘Gift of God.’


Isobel Gowdie


Isobel Gowdie was a Scottish woman who faced accusations of practicing magic in 1662. She claimed to be a part of a coven and in service of the demon and the fairy god. Her circumstances are ironic because the name Isobel translates to ‘God’s Promise.’


Bertrand Guilladot 


Bertrand Guilladot earned a name in history for being one of the last men to face execution in France on charges of sorcery. The name Bertrand translates to ‘Bright Raven.’


Wilmot Redd


Wilmot Redd faced accusations of casting spells on children. These rumors led to her arrest and execution in the late 17th century. Redd is known to be one of the final victims of the Salem witch trials. The name has German roots, and it means ‘Helmet.’


Elspeth Reoch 


Elspeth Reoch, who suffered a brutal execution by strangulation and cremation in 1616, rose to prominence by claiming she possessed magical abilities. Elspeth is an old Scottish name, and it means ‘Chosen by God.’


Catherine Repond


Catherine Repond was the final victim of Switzerland’s witch trials. She was accused of shapeshifting and sorcery, although such charges had no evidence. Catherine has Greek origins, and it means ‘Pure.’


Agnes Sampson


Agnes Sampson, a Scottish healer who assisted in childbirth, was accused of witchcraft by King James VI. The last name Sampson has evolved from the Hebrew name Samson.


Alex Sanders


Alex Sanders was accused of leading a modern Pagan in the late 1970s. The name Alex has a Greek origin, which loosely translates to ‘Defense.’


Doreen Valiente


Doreen Valiente, also known as the Mother of Modern Witchcraft, is the author of numerous books on Wicca and modern mystery. Valiente is a Spanish name that translates to ‘brave.’


Issobell Young


Issobell Young faced accusations of shapeshifting by a boy. She was imprisoned and burned at the stake in the early 1600s. The name originates from Hebrew and is a common Jewish and European name. The name has Hebrew origins and translates to ‘Pledged to God.’


Anna Zippel


Anna Zippel, famously called the “Queen of Blockula” for her passionate self-defense against the allegations of witchcraft, was executed in the Katarina witch trials of the 17th century. Anna is a classic Western name, and it comes from the Virgin Mary’s mother, Saint Anna, with a typical translation pointing to ‘Grace.’


Merga Bien


Merga Bien, the woman who confessed to murdering her husband and child, was executed for charges of witchcraft and Satan worship in 1603. Her death preceded years-long investigations, making her trial the most well-documented in Germany.


Alice Kyteler


Alice Kyteler was accused of witchcraft in 1324. She had one of the earliest recorded witch trials in Ireland. Her death popularized the practice in Eastern Europe in the coming century. The name means ‘Noble.’


Jane Wenham


Jane Wenham had one of the oldest cases of witchcraft-related death in 18th-century England. The uproar over her execution resulted in the subsequent halting decline of witch trials in England. The name typically means ‘God is gracious.’


Domenica Narducci


Domenica Narducci suffered accusations of witchcraft in the 19th century. It is one of the more recent cases of witch hunts, which sheds light on the persistence of this practice in some parts of Europe. The name translates to ‘Belonging to the Lord.’




Amethyst, rooted in the Greek ‘amethystos’ loosely translating to ‘against intoxication,’ is a unique name that radiates an ethereal desire. It’s equally fitting for witches with an otherworldly allure.




Cabot, meaning ‘to sail,’ is a popular English name with Anglo-French origins. Its mystique is well-suited for male witches who prefer to maintain a discreet and enigmatic presence, like shadows on the water.




Celeste, originating from the Latin word for ‘heavenly,’ carries an aura of ethereal beauty and grace. It’s often associated with individuals, including witches, who exude kindness and a serene presence, contrasting with its celestial origins.




Clara, stemming from the Latin ‘Clarus,’ symbolizes brightness and clarity. Claras are renowned for their warmth, intelligence, and deep affinity for the arts, which is a stark contrast to its luminous meaning.




Ella, a name with diverse Greek, Norman, and Hebrew origins, signifies beauty. It aligns perfectly with women and witches who exude natural beauty and charm. This name also suggests a loving nature with an unwavering sense of empathy.



The renowned novel Witch Child by Celia Reese causes this name to weave a captivating spell. With Latin roots and translation of ‘heavenly,’ it makes for a delicate name for modern witches.




Helena, a name with rich French and Greek heritage, radiates a timeless elegance. Meaning shining light, this name encapsulates sophistication and grace and exudes a classic and refined aura.




Juniper, stemming from the Latin ‘Juniperus,’ a fusion of ‘junio’ and ‘parere,’ encapsulates the idea of production and conjures vibrant forest imagery. Its namesake is often free-spirited, has an adventurous essence, and is deeply connected to the natural world.



Lydia, signifying ‘the noble one’ in Greek, is an exquisite and feminine name. It perfectly suits women and witches who radiate warmth and friendliness. Lydia van Bredevoort is the name of an anarchic sorceress in The Witcher series.




Matilda, born from the Old High German ‘maht,’ means strength. Those named Matilda often possess a vivid imagination and a deep passion for literature and storytelling, similar to the Roald Dahl character.




Morticia, the name from the Addams Family fame, is one of the most famous witch names in the world. It has an air of mystery and allure. The name derives from the word ‘Morte,’ Latin for ‘Mortality.’



Zoe is a Greek name which means ‘life.’ Zoe is a witch in American Horror Story: Coven, with the uncontrollable power to cause hemorrhages. It is up to you as to whether you play this name ironically or literally.




Amelia, an old Latin name, means industriousness and striving. The name is timeless and carries an intent for adventure and determination to overcome life’s challenges.




The name Alexis comes from Alexander and translates to ‘female defender.’ Just like the legend, witches with Alexis as a name are the prime protectors of their coven.




Cassandra, a Greek name rooted in mythological wisdom, signifies insight, intuition, and power over men. It comes from the Trojan Princess Kassandra, who had the gift of prophecy and a penchant for foresight.




Morgan has immense historical significance in old Britain, with the most common meaning emerging as “Circling Sea.” Morgans are also known for their strength and ‘never back down’ nature.




Gertrude belongs to the Old High German nomenclature and means ‘Strength.’ Names like these go to strong females who carry the might and characteristics of a spear.




Margaret, a feminine name that means ‘Pearl,’ expresses the timeless appeal of witch names. It has French, Latin, and Greek origins. Its elegant simplicity and rich history make it a name of enduring beauty.




Katherine, a common Greek name meaning ‘Pure,’ radiates confidence and classic elegance. It belongs to individuals who carry themselves with refined and sophisticated grace, adding a touch of timeless charm to their presence.




Ophelia is a classic Greek name that gained popularity after Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet.” This tragic figure has a name meaning to aid or help, implying a benevolent and healer element to magic and witchcraft.



Elvira, a classic witch name of Germanic origin, is fit for witches with exotic charm and a captivating yet mysterious presence. Elvira, naturally, inspires images of the ‘Mistress of the Dark.’




Hecate is a quirky name with Greek roots, closely linked to magic and witches. This name commonly pairs with Artemis and Selene due to their associations with the moon and night. The name translates to ‘Worker from Afar.’



Edith, the Old English name for Eadgyò, is the personification of ‘riches in war.’ The name gives age-old charm and perfect spooky vibes.




Piper, the famous witch name from the TV show “Charmed,” is a word for someone who plays bagpipes. This fun name symbolizes mystical and potentially dark twists in the context of witchcraft and magic.

Cool Witch Names



Orion means ‘Great Hunter.’ The name evokes a celestial touch and dread within the nocturnal realm. It’s a cool name for witches who can harness the power of the stars.


Lila Spellweaver


Lila is a beautiful name with German, Persian, and Sanskrit origins. It means ‘Divine play’ in the language. The name also comes from the Arabic name Layla, which translates to ‘Night.’


Dante Stormrider


Dante means ‘Everlasting’ and ‘Steadfast.’ Seek inspiration from this name, famous from the Divine Comedy tale of traveling through the afterlife.


Vivienne Starfall


The name Vivienne has a French origin, and it means ‘Life.’ Cast a shadow of celestial mystique and silence in the hearts with the name Vivienne Starfall.


Silas Grimshadow


Silas has Latin roots and translates to woods or ‘Forest.’ The name takes you into the abyss and allows you to capture the secrets of the dark.


Seren Moonfire


Seren is a popular Welsh name that means ‘Star.’ Moonfire embraces the moon’s essence and conjures moonlit marvels in her dreams.




Zephyr is a Greek name, and it means ‘Of the West Wind’ in Greek dialect. It is a fitting name for humans and witches, and the surname Stormchaser adds to its chaos.


Rylan Emberwitch


Rylan is an Old English name often denoted places where the grain rye grows. The surname Emberwitch is for sorcerers who can create the inferno of magic or have a link to the natural Earth.


Kael Nightwhisper


Cast spells in the dead of the night with Kael Nightwhisper, a name that calls upon the nocturnal beings with immediacy. Kael is an Irish name for slender boys and from a mythological figure named ‘Càel.’


Sylvan Frostweaver


The word Sylvan symbolizes an association with the forests. Adding Frostweaver to the name paints a frosty wood picture in front of our eyes. The name evokes piercing a stone-cold demeanor and crystalline beauty.




Stormcaller is a name for a sorcerer who deals with all five elements and commands their wrath with their fingers. Her spells are thunderclaps of power that can shake the very foundations of reality.


Morgana Redmoon

This name is perfect for witches steeped in the mystery of the earth. The name Morgana translates to ‘Circling Sea’ and is the name of the main villainous witch in Arthurian Legend.


Lilith Nightblood


Lilith Nightblood is a cool name for a sorceress who thinks of revenge in every waking hour of her life. The word Lilith comes from Mesopotamian mythology, and it means ‘Belonging to the night.’




Minerva is of Latin origin, and it means ‘The mind.’ The name was popularized through the “Harry Potter” series when the classy and wise professor stepped into the role of the witch Minerva McGonagall.




The name Raven comes from the French word ‘Raviner’ meaning ‘loot.’ Raven embodies the dark and prickly world of spells and enchantments. The spells she cast are full of chaos, and she ensures the people who cross her.




Lysandra, with Greek origins and a deep meaning of “liberator of mankind,” is a fitting name for witches who cast spells in the dark of the night. It is loosely related to the name ‘Alexandar,’ which adds to its coolness.




Selene is ‘moon’ in Greek. In old Greek, the lunar deity of Selene is the daughter of Theia, Hyperion, and Titans. Selene embraces the night’s shadows and hides her truth in the moonbeams.




Narcissa is a sorceress of ancient lineage. The name is of Greek origin, and it means ‘Daffodil.’ The name appears in the texts as the young hunter known for charm and beauty.




Rowena, the descendant of the Old German word for ‘happiness,’ has mystical origins and worldwide use. This name lost popularity until its revival in the “Harry Potter” characterization of Rowena Ravenclaw.




The goddess Aurora traveled from East to West, making proclamations about the sunrise. Aurora means ‘Dawn.’ Its namesake can cast a spell in the light of the day to bring hope and renewal.




Octavia is the Latin word for the numeral eight. The name symbolizes the numeral and the significance attached to the number eight, which includes a message of prosperity and a broadening of cultures.




Silas originates from the Latin word ‘Silvanus,’ which loosely translates to ‘wood.’ In spiritual terms, the word signifies trenching into the dark of the forests.




Rory, the Irish word for ‘red,’ is a modern name for a witch. The name is short and incorporates the impact of red on the wizardry world.




Evelyn is an old European name with origins in French and Hebrew. It means ‘alive’ in Hebrew, symbolizing witches who have lived for hundreds of years.




Astra, the plural word of ‘star’ in Latin, radiates warmth and compassion. Witches with this name weave spells of kindness and comfort, which you can emulate in your characterization. 




Eleanor is a high-class name with French and Greek origins. The name is associated with successful women and fashions as a cool witch name. The name has Greek and French origins, and it means ‘Light-hearted.’

Evil Witch Names




Summon the evil with Kali Nightstalker, a sharp and effective witch name shrouded in ominous darkness and revels in mysteries. Kali is a Hindu name, and it means ‘The Divine Mother.’



Hera, a name plucked from Greek mythology, transforms into a sinister enchantment for female witches who delight in sadistic sorcery. The literal meaning of the name is “Goddess of marriage.”


Jinx Wolfborn


Jinx Wolfborn evokes the wicked world of curses and spells. The name came to popularity in 1911, tracing its origins back to the 17th-century word ‘Jyng,’ which means ‘a spell.’


Moira Villanus


A chilling murmur of Moira Villanus can chase the living into shadows. Rooted in Irish lore, Moira means destiny and fate, which casts an eerie veil over her name.


Magnus Darkheart


Magnus Darkheart, a name known for its ominous might, is derived from Latin. It means ‘greatest.’ The name embodies the shadowy power wielded by those who bear it.




Viper, a name veiled in treachery and enigma, harkens back to the Latin ‘Vipera,’ meaning “viper.” It perfectly encapsulates the essence of sinister abilities.




Though often stereotyped as soft, this name carries an undertow of darkness. Evolving from Old French ‘Violette’ and Latin ‘violet,’ it is perfect for assertive girls (and witches) with an intriguing, mysterious aura.




This is a common English name that serves as a first name and surname. Rooted in the Greek ‘lion’ and Latin ‘Leo,’ it conjures a regal yet timeless resonance with power and supernatural might.




This name translates to untamed power and unbridled ferocity, with its Old Norse origins. This masculine name embodies the essence of a warrior who has lived through battle and conflict.




This name with its Irish roots, conceals a sinister shadow beneath its seemingly innocent meaning of ‘godly friend.’ Those bearing this name become unwitting harbingers of misery and misfortune.




This name, steeped in North German and Norwegian heritage, is a brilliant addition to the list of mysterious witch names. Originating from the Old Norse fjord name, Áldi, it harkens back to a shadowy witch who wielded dark arts.




Marsden means ‘swampy valley.’ The name carries a subtle hint of cryptic sorcery. It traces its origins to Anglo-Saxon heritage and is associated with a remote place in rural England.




The name Sabina drips with poison and deceit and signifies betrayal. The name is rooted in Latin origins and Islamic culture. The name loosely translates to ‘determined and independent.’




This name echoes repugnance and corruption and derives from the Greco-Latin word for serpent/dragon. It seamlessly fits into the sinister realm of loathsome magic and evil intent.




Tori is a gender-neutral name for wizards and witches who tear souls apart. It has Japanese origins, which means ‘bird,’ and has a much darker and more sinister significance in the culture.




Dantes is a name tailored for male witches, as it bears the mark of anarchy and chaos. Derived from Dante, a contracted form of the Italian name Durante, it typically signifies ‘steadfast’ or ‘enduring,’ but in this context, it embodies defiance and turmoil.




Mildred is a soul-shuddering name with a rich history. It is of English origin and has some German roots. The name loosely translates to ‘Gentle strength.’




Ravana is a male witch synonymous with devilry and infernal sorcery. It is an assertive and evil name for witches, and the word Ravaṇa is Sanskrit for roaring.




Eunice, with its Greek origins signifying ‘victory.’ The name holds a dark past from the 17th century, marked by rampant accusations of witchcraft and wizardry, adding another layer of spookiness and history.


Janet Horne


This name intertwines with the dark history of witch trials in Scotland and carries an evil vibe, which is ironic since it means ‘God is gracious.’




Rebecca is an unfairly villainous name for witches and women who assert their agency. It originates from Rebecca, the wife of Isaac and mother of Esau, with a meaning tied to ‘to tie,’ which dials down its negative connotations.



Marcus, meaning ‘warlike,’ boasts a rich history with Ancient Roman and pre-Christian roots. The name has a haunting allure, and its popularity spans Europe, with associations in countries like Italy and Sweden.



Gilles, a French name meaning ‘Protection,’ gained notoriety through a 15th-century nobleman accused of practicing witchcraft and brutally murdering children. It carries a sinister weight, a stark contrast to its protective meaning.



Urbain, a chic French name originating from ‘Urbanus,’ possesses an allure. This 17th-century name, translating to ‘From the City,’ is fitting for witches and other supernatural entities.



Alice, originating from the old French word ‘Alais’ and translating to ‘Assumption,’ takes on a dark and commanding aura. The name fits powerful and evil witches who have led covens and punished their enemies


Madam Howe

Madam Howe is the perfect example of a name with evil connotations. Howe is an Old Norse surname dating to the 12th century, meaning ‘hill’ or ‘hollow’ topographically.



Maria, a Latin name, finds its place among traditional witches. Translating to ‘bitter’ or ‘rebellious,’ it perfectly befits those who embrace their witchcraft with an unyielding and defiant spirit.


Anne Hutchinson

Anne, a classic French name meaning ‘Grace,’ holds a time-honored place among witches. From spellcasting to weather-taming, the name Anne exerts power in the most elemental and commanding manner.



Władysław is a Slavic name which breaks into two parts — Wlady and Slaw. These translate to “wielding the power of self-reputation,” which mirrors witches who decide their fate and create their reputation.



This Spanish name translates to “stone” and suits stone-cold witches who mete out vengeance and weave their magical spells without remorse. It embodies a much-needed ruthless aura that evil witches have.