110 Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Our list of carefully crafted wedding anniversary wishes is sure to impress!

Nothing says ‘Happy Anniversary’ than a carefully worded message, and what could be more thoughtful than customized wedding anniversary wishes? Whether celebrating your anniversary or congratulating a cherished couple, we’ve curated a selection of heartfelt messages and loving sentiments to help you express your feelings on this special occasion. Some are funny, some are mushy, but each line is a sincere expression of adoration, designed to evoke deep emotions and convey the warmth and enduring love that anniversaries represent. Pro tip: these wishes pair well with personalized gifts for the happy couple (or your partner)! So get ready to sprinkle some wordy magic into that special someone’s day with these heartfelt and memorable lines!

For Partners


Your love is like a warm embrace that wraps around my heart and fills me with joy. I love you and can’t wait to celebrate another anniversary together!


Anniversaries remind us that love is not just a feeling; it’s a choice we make every day. Thank you for making that choice with me! Happy Anniversary!


In an ever-changing world, your love remains a constant source of inspiration. I wish you a very Happy Anniversary!


The best part about our anniversary? Reflecting on all the beautiful moments we’ve shared, and eagerly awaiting the chance to make many more! Happy Anniversary, love!


Cookies, chocolates, and your face — I’m just listing down some of my favorite things so you can gift me something great for our anniversary.


Happy anniversary, and thank you for showing me that reality can be better than dreams.


I would choose you through this and a thousand other lifetimes. Happy anniversary!


I send my best wishes, loads of love, and tight hugs to the only one who stole my heart and kept it safe even today.


How can love stories be complete when every day feels like a fairy tale? Here’s to our happily ever after and to the one who made me believe in them!


Thanks for being with me throughout all of life’s adventures. Happy anniversary, darling, and I can’t wait to make more memories with you!


To the one who still gives me butterflies, even after all these years — happy anniversary!


You are the love of my life, my partner in crime, and my greatest blessing. Happy anniversary!


Thanks for showing me that happy-ever-after exists and is in your arms. Happy anniversary to the love of my life, and I can’t wait to spend more years with you!


My love for you is as constant as the stars in the night sky and the waves in the ocean. Happy anniversary, darling, and may we shine brightly and flow endlessly.


You’re my person — the Meredith Grey to my Christina Yang. There’s no one I’d want to solve crises with. Happy anniversary!


Here’s to celebrating our fiftieth anniversary like we did our first! Thanks for being my support throughout. Happy anniversary!


To me, every anniversary spent with you is another exciting chapter in the best novel I’ll ever read. I can’t wait to turn the page!


The perfect matches come from Heaven, as only an angel could find me someone like you. Happiest anniversary wishes to the biggest blessing I’ve ever received.


Another year of weird quirks and strange habits, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wish you a happy anniversary.


Guess what? The secret to a happy marriage is having a sense of humor. Happy anniversary to us, the funniest couple in town!


Cheers to so many years of pretending to be grown-ups! Happy anniversary, my forever young partner.


Love’s supposed to be patient and kind in the face of obstacles. I’ve certainly put that to the test over the years, haven’t I? Thanks for another year, my patiently kind soulmate.


Happy anniversary to the only person who makes my heart skip a beat, my partner in every adventure, and my forever love. Here’s to many more years of happiness together!


Happy anniversary to the most incredible partner a person could ask for! I fall deeper in love with you each year.


Happy anniversary, and thank you for putting up with my shenanigans for another year. Your ‘Best Partner’ award is in the mail.

For Parents


Your anniversary is my bridge between the past and the future, reminding me of a love that endures. Happy anniversary, mom and dad!


If anniversaries were diamonds, you’d have a treasure chest by now. I hope both of you guys have a lovely anniversary!


Mom and Dad, you’ve shown me that a successful marriage requires falling in love many times and always with the same person. May both of you keep falling in love through this anniversary and all the future.


Happy anniversary, mum and dad! Your love story is a living testament to the power of resilience, faith, and enduring love.


Happy anniversary to those who proved that trends come and go, but love continues to be a timeless classic.


On your anniversary, we toast the love story that inspires us all. I wish you both a joyous day!


Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, each anniversary deserves heartfelt wishes. Happy anniversary to the best couple I know!


Your love shines brighter with every passing year. Happy anniversary!  I’m glad I got to witness this miracle.


Your love is the foundation upon which we built our family. I hope this special day brings you two endless joys and hope!


Here’s to the couple that stayed true and in love through the good and the bad. I wish you both a happy anniversary!


I wish the couple who never grew up a happy anniversary! Keep having fun and being young at heart!


You’ve been together for so many years that even Google can’t find a reliable marriage statistic. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!


Happy anniversary to the couple who have been married so long that they can’t remember who proposed to whom! Your love story may be fuzzy, but it’s also heartwarming.


Happy anniversary to the couple who raised me, put up with my teenage years, and stayed sane. You’re the real superheroes!


May your love story always be as fun and quirky as Dad’s dance moves and as heartwarming as Mom’s chicken soup. Happy anniversary!

For Siblings


Your love is like a lighthouse, guiding each other through life’s storms. I’m glad I got to witness it. Happy anniversary!


Your love has remained unwavering through the highs and lows. Cheers to this unbreakable bond!


You’ve managed the impossible — impressing and inspiring me to never settle unless it is a love like yours. Happy anniversary, and I hope you have many more years together!


Your love is as big as your wedding budget was. Here’s to a lifetime filled with cherished moments, overflowing joy, and a love that grows richer with each passing day.


May you view this anniversary wish like your special love potion, designed to make your celebration even more magical. Have a happy anniversary!


Here’s to the sibling who makes marriage look like a piece of cake and then shares that cake with their other (better-looking) half. Happy anniversary!


Anniversaries are not just about the years you’ve spent together but are about a love that continues to grow, and yours is an Amazon forest tree by now! Happy wedding anniversary!


Thanks for showing me that love does not get old, even if you are busy changing diapers and burping babies! Have a happy anniversary!


Who would have thought all those years of being a buffer between Mom and me would become excellent training for dealing with your in-laws? Happy anniversary, and may you always be so Zen.


May your love story be a timeless tale of happiness and devotion. Happy anniversary, baby brother!


To the couple who brings sunshine wherever they go, may your anniversary be as bright and warm as your smiles. I hope you guys have a unique celebration!


You’re in love, and I love it! Happy anniversary to two people who couldn’t be more perfect for each other.


Whether it’s squabbling over who gets trash duty or snuggling up for a cozy night of TV, your relationship is always full of love. May your anniversary be as joyous and overflowing with affection as you are.


Happy anniversary! You’ve officially put up with him for another year. That’s a decade in husband years, right?


To my dearest sibling, remember that marriage is like a roller coaster ride – full of ups, downs, and a few screams. Happy anniversary, and I hope you enjoy the ride!


Sending best anniversary wishes to the best sibling in the world! May your love last an entire lifetime!


You’re the best sibling I could ever ask for, and I’m ecstatic that you found someone as unique as you. Happy anniversary to you both!

For Friends


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and your love story continues from a single “I do.” My wish for this and all anniversaries starts with, “Be happy always.”


Your love story is a masterpiece. Each anniversary is a new brushstroke. Here’s to another line on the canvas of your life!


Marriage is a journey, and you two have taken the scenic route. Happy anniversary, adventurers!


Congratulations on another year of love and togetherness! You two make being soulmates look easy. Happy anniversary!


I wish a happy anniversary to the couple who keeps the flame of love burning bright. Hope your anniversary is as sizzling as your love story!


From ‘I do’ to ‘I still do,’ your love story is unique. May your anniversary be as special as the day you said ‘forever.’


Congratulations on another year of surviving each other! Happy anniversary, you two crazy kids.


As you start a new year of your marriage, I hope you find joy and laughter in the everyday moments. Happy anniversary to the best duo I know!


Warmest anniversary wishes to my favorite couple. Here’s to you two celebrating many more blissful years together.


Happy wedding anniversary to my best bud! Hope you have a beautiful celebration.


Here’s to the couple who still bickers like newlyweds after all these years. May your love continue to grow, and your disagreements remain entertaining!


To the couple who still looks at each other with love in their eyes, even when she’s giving him ‘the look.’ May your love continue to defy all odds!


May your love story continue to be the envy of all, even though he hogs the blanket and steals the remote. Cheers to another year of love and sitcoms!


Remember when you said, “I do”? Well, you’ve been doing it for quite a while now, and that’s worth celebrating! Happy anniversary!

For Co-Workers


Celebrating 20 years of love, partnership, and shared dreams. Happy anniversary to a phenomenal couple!


I wish you many years of laughter, love, and unforgettable moments. Happy anniversary!


Happy Anniversary to the most hardworking and harmonious coworker I’ve ever met! Your dedication to work is outshined only by your commitment to your marriage.


Congratulations on reaching another milestone in your marriage! May your anniversary be filled with joy and the same passion you exhibit at work.


Happy anniversary to the coworker couple who proved that balancing both work and love can be done with grace and humor. I hope you get many more years of happiness and success.


To my favorite coworker on their special day, I’m sending lots of love, happy thoughts, and heartfelt wishes that your anniversary celebration is full of happiness and good food!


Wishing you an anniversary filled with joy and the same incredible teamwork you show us at work!


Congratulations on reaching another milestone in your marriage! May your love continue to thrive and grow, just like your work does.


I’m privileged to work alongside someone as devoted as you are — to your work and your better half. Happy anniversary, and may your bond continue to flourish.


I wish a happy anniversary to a wonderful colleague and friend. Your commitment to your partner is a shining example of what true love looks like.


On behalf of the whole team, have a happy anniversary. May you both be blessed with the kind of love Hallmark advertises.



Looking back at your journey, every obstacle you’ve overcome is a stepping stone to a stronger love. Thank you for the inspiration. Happy anniversary!


As you celebrate another year together, remember that love is not just about counting the years but making the years count.


Here is to the rock-solid bond you two share and your incredible journey. This anniversary, I’m praying you enjoy many more years of love, happiness, and unforgettable moments.


To a couple whose love knows no bounds, happy anniversary! Your journey together is truly remarkable.


Another year, another armful of good wishes and anniversary wishes from me to you. Have a great day and year ahead!


Your love has not only enriched your lives but has also touched the hearts of those around you. I wish you both a fantastic anniversary filled with love and warmth.


I hope your love contains happiness, sweet moments, and laughter. Have a happy anniversary!


As you celebrate another year of happiness, I’m in awe of how lucky you are to have each other. Happy anniversary!


Loving someone and liking them doesn’t always go hand-in-hand. Happy anniversary to the couple who shows both are possible, even after all these years!


I want to express my gratitude for letting me witness your love story. I wish you both heaps of joy and love on your anniversary.


Your love is the perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and salty. I am glad you found your perfect balance of flavors. Happy anniversary!


Loads of prosperity, happiness, and love to you this wedding anniversary. I hope you experience a lifetime of beautiful days together.


Happy anniversary to the couple who still knows how to party, dance like nobody’s watching and make us all laugh until our sides hurt. You’re the best!


Even as you celebrate another year of togetherness, I hope your love story has infused you with happiness, joy, and plenty of unforgettable moments. Happy anniversary!



For me, it was love at first sight. It’s just pure luck that I got you in the bargain. Happy anniversary, and I still love your mom more than I love you!


Thanks for always saying the four most important words: “I’ll do the dishes.” Happy anniversary!


Happy anniversary! I might suggest that I love you more than chocolate, but please don’t ask me to prove it.


Happy anniversary! Here’s to another year of candlelight dinners (because we forgot to pay the light bill), dancing (in the kitchen), and live music (courtesy of the neighbors).


On the anniversary of your special day, I wish you both endless love and patience. Remember, marriage is about compromise — like when one person agrees to do the dishes, and you agree to let them believe they’re the boss.


Waking up next to you is a dream come true. Then you breathe on me, and it turns into a nightmare. Happy anniversary, and here’s to another year of love, laughter, and morning breath!


To the couple who’ve somehow managed to put up with each other for so long — you’re #relationshipgoals! Happy anniversary!


Where two hearts and a diamond once sufficed, a few years of marriage make me yearn for a club and a spade. Happy anniversary, darling, and I hope you know I’m just joking (maybe).


You’ve been through so much together, and your love has grown stronger. Either that, or you’ve both gone deaf from the constant bickering! Happy anniversary!


Happiest of anniversaries to the couple who have been together for so long that they can finish each other’s sentences and still get them wrong!


Happy anniversary, and I’m raising a toast to the couple who proved that love can survive anything, even the other person’s terrible cooking.


Another year of your love story? You must enjoy the drama! Happy anniversary and the Oscars committee is bound to call any day soon.


Marriage is about three rings: an engagement ring, a wedding ring, and a suffe-ring. Just kidding; it’s about love, laughter, and sometimes having to say you’re sorry. Happy anniversary!


This anniversary, I wish you both an endless supply of love, laughter, and earplugs for when he snores too loudly.


You’ve been each other’s better halves for years now. It’s safe to say you’re stuck with each other. Congratulations on surviving till another wedding anniversary.


Happy anniversary to the couple who still (fake) laughs at each other’s jokes, even when they’ve heard them a thousand times before. Here’s to keeping the humor alive!


They say love is blind, but after watching you both, I suspect it might also be deaf! Happy anniversary!