100 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is all about self-expression and immersing yourself into the world of monsters and ghouls!

Halloween is observed by many before the Christian All Saints Day. This holiday has grown and evolved into a fun and creative night where beastly creatures roam free! While Allhallowtide may be the day in which Christians liturgically honor the deceased, the previous night is all about scares and sweets!

This said, this holiday can easily – and ironically – creep up on you, and it’s easy to find yourself without a costume. With handmaking a costume being a much sort-after skill, we’re here to save you the time and energy. Let us tap into our creative inspirations and dive into our extensive list of 100 last-minute halloween costume ideas.

Classic Monsters Costume Ideas

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A mummy is one of the easiest Halloween costumes to put together in a hurry. All you need is toilet paper or bandages and drape them around your whole body.

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A witch is traditionally a woman with some connection to the magical realm or the universe in which we reside. The classic outfit is simple; a pointy hat and a broomstick. Given the wide range of witches in the media – from Harry Potter, to The Worst Witch, to D&D – you can pick whichever adaptation you prefer from the clothing you have handy.

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Medusa was one of the three Gorgons, frightening female creatures with venomous snakes for hair in traditional Greek mythology. She was cursed and punished by Athena to turn any who gazed upon her to stone. Whether you try your hand at creating a snake headpiece, or wish to purchase a pre-made one, your stoney stare will be unforgettable this Halloween if paired with a beautiful, alluring gown.

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Skeletons may be a complicated compilation of sturdy white bones, but that does not mean your costume has to be! Costumes such as this save time contorting your body to appear bone-thin or requiring you to hand draw the bony structures onto dark fabrics. This simple yet effective design is perfect for a dark night!

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We’ve all heard scary stories about haunted mansions or dorm rooms, so why not bring them to life? Ghost costumes can vary from the classic white sheet with eyes cut out, to detailed dresses or wigs. Practice a spooky wail, and find a good hiding spot to spook out your friends this Halloween!

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The Wolfman

The Wolfman is a myth of a man cursed to transform into a wolf at the full moon. This hairy, half-man half-wolf look is perfect for Halloween as you have no need to cover head to toe in fur. Masks such as this can also help you save time on canine face makeup.

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Although Dorothy may have convinced us that scarecrows are friendly, there’s still something a little nerve-wracking about the hay-filled men who haunt our corn fields day in, day out. Don a fabric shirt – perhaps with a few crow-pecked holes – and throw on a slouch hat, and the costume makes itself!

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Frankenstein Monster

Mary Shelley’s infamous character was brought to life by Doctor Frankenstein after he reanimated compiled pieces of corpses. The author preferred to compare it to the mythical Prometheus, who supposedly gave fire to humans after fashioning them out of clay. The symbolism of this creature is now widely one of green skin and bolts sticking out from the neck or temples.

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The Haitians believed that Bokor, or witch doctor, could use magic to reanimate corpses. This belief gave rise to the popularly recognized notion of zombies, referring to the living dead. Zombies have appeared in countless films and games, and serve as any metaphor possible, from slavery to climate change. These mindless, mumbling creatures are driven only by their desire for human flesh! For Halloween, don some clothes that are a bit worse for wear and practice your brain-hungry moans. Try not to get bitten!

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Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, is a poor creature forced to hide away from the world due to his appearance. Despite this, he has dreams of being among people and is kind-hearted to everyone he meets. Wearing nothing more complicated than an oversized white shirt and earthy tunic, you can bring his dreams to life by mingling among the common folk this Halloween.

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Cartoon Characters Costumes

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Popeye is another classic and immediately recognizable character. With his short stature, muscular arms, and long pipe, this sailor outfit is easy to put together and offers you a night of amusing impressions of the lovable character.

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Shego is a fictional character that appears in the Disney-produced series Kim Possible. Shego is a master of martial arts who can emit bursts of green energy from her hands. This neon green and black bodysuit makes you feel every bit as powerful and iconic as this beloved gal!

Become the character in seconds with this Shego Halloween Costume.

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Pac-Man is an iconic and instantly recognizable game. With the round playable character mimicking Halloween behavior by snatching up as many treats as possible, this pick is perfect for this holiday. Wearing trousers such as these, which show the style of the game’s interface, will be sure to get excited looks of nostalgia from everybody. Why not get your friends to dress up as the titular character, or even the colorful ghosts?

These Printed Leggings from Amazon are a perfectly simple costume.

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Cinnamoroll is a white puppy with adorable chubby cheeks and long ears, who resides in a fictional town called Sweet Land. If your Halloween plans involve staying warm, cuddly, and cozy, then look no further than this soft and simple onesie!

This Cinnamoroll onesie is comfortable and easy.

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The DC Universe fictional character Starfire of Titan became part of the Teen Titans. Coming from a distant planet, this character is made to stand out! With her iconic hair and bright purple outfit, you will certainly draw some eyes this Halloween!

This Star Fire Costume is a stylish statement.

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Ms. Frizzle

Ms. Frizzle is the iconic, kind-hearted schoolteacher who expanded the horizons of the students by taking them on trips in the Magic School Bus. Her character wears a space-inspired dark blue dress that allows her orange up-do to pop! Practice a kindly smile, and enjoy your Halloween.

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Dora the Explorer

Befriending a monkey and finding a talking backpack may not strictly count as “last minute”, however, Dora’s iconic pink shirt, purple trousers, and short dark bob haircut is a simple and iconic costume for people of any age. It’s also the perfect time to practice some conversational Spanish! (But do be careful to share any sweets – after all, Swiper, no swiping!)

This Dora The Explorer costume is iconic yet simple.

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Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants ran for 12 seasons from 1999 and became another 21st-century hit. The show has been translated into over 60 languages and distributed to over 170 countries. With over 260 episodes produced, why not dress up as SpongeBob this Halloween and quote as many lines as you can?

This costume saves time without losing the iconic style.

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Where’s Waldo?

Waldo is famous for being able to blend into any surroundings despite his iconic red and white striped sweater and matching beanie. This costume is perfect for a partygoer who wishes to mingle, as it’ll make every wonder where you’ve gone off to!

This Waldo Costume may seem simple, but it’s endlessly iconic.

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Barbie has been a fashion doll and an icon for everyone since 1959. The manufacturers have created numerous versions of the doll portraying various professions and accommodating as many ethnicities as possible. Don whatever outfit style you like best – provided that it’s bright pink!! – and don’t let anyone get you down!

This Barbie costume comes from the 2023 film, and promises to make you look fabulous!

Television and Movie Characters Costumes

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Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp portrayed Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. The drunken, sarcastic, and largely unlucky pirate tickled audiences worldwide and became a cultural classic. For Halloween, why not embrace the c’est-la-vie view of Captain Jack and stumble your way through the night? All you require is a classic pirate costume, complete with a red bandana and long dreadlocks.

This Jack Sparrow is all you need to create this idea!

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Elle Woods

Elle Woods attends Harvard Law School to prove her intelligence and seriousness after being dumped by her boyfriend. This character inspired girls over the years, making it a popular choice for a costume that promotes positive societal change. To resemble Elle Woods, dress entirely in pink.

This iconic costume from Legally Blonde is a genius idea for the holiday.

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Patrick Bateman

Patrick Bateman is the villain protagonist of the novel American Psycho. The character brought out the darkest aspects of human nature. To celebrate Halloween, don a raincoat and drench yourself in fake blood while wielding an axe with a mad grin.

This outfit from the iconic raincoat scene is easy to replicate.

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Rick Deckard

The main themes of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner include identity, survival, and humanity, while the main character, Rick Deckard, tracks biologically engineered androids that manage to escape to Earth. Wear a patterned shirt, a blocked tie, and a dirty brown trench coat.

This costume mirrors the outfit of Rick Deckard.

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Creepy Clown

Clowns are scary. There’s little more to say on that, especially since the reboot of Stephen King’s It film. Their unsettlingly fixed smile along with their circus-themed outfits of red and white stripes are enough to make even the strongest buckle at the knees. To transform into a creepy clown, apply extreme makeup to pale your face and enhance the features of a sinister clown. Then, wear appropriate clown attire.

This clown costume from Amazon is sure to frighten off anybody.

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Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands is an unfinished humanoid, with scissors in place of hands. This lovesick and rejected creature struggles to gain sympathy. Show this character some love this Halloween by wearing his black, leathery outfit, along with the pale Tim-Burton-inspired face makeup. Any manner in which you bring his sharpened fingers to life will spook the Halloweengoers effectively.

This Edward Scissorhands Costume saves you time without sabotaging your iconic look!

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Winifred Sanderson

Winifred Sanderson is one of the three sisters from Hocus Pocus. Her commanding personality goes perfectly with this purple and green dress, making it a perfect choice for Halloween. Purchase this costume and step out in style.

This delightful Winifred dress makes for a perfect Halloween costume!

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This simple one-piece outfit is the iconic dress of Batman’s love-hate frenemy, Catwoman. With a black eyemask and cat ears, this costume can be exceedingly simple. A bullwhip is simply the cherry on top of this graphic novel sex bomb.

This Catsuit Bodysuit makes you look irresistible!

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Hermione Granger!

The brilliant witch, Hermione Granger, was always studious and brave, saving Harry and Ron countless times over their time at Hogwarts School. To dress up as Hermione Granger, wear a red and gold tie with a long black robe. If you have the time, throw on a Gryffindor patch with pride!

This classy Hermione Granger costume makes Halloween magically easy.

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Spider-Man is a famous comic book character from the Marvel Comics franchise. This character resonates with audiences due to its relatability to insecurities and human inadequacies. His iconic suit consists of a skin-tight red and blue outfit. Enhance the look with red gloves and a mask. There are also different versions of his suit, thanks to the inclusion of the multiverse. Why not invite your friends to dress as the friendly neighborhood Spidermen?

1980s-Inspired Costumes

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Lydia Deetz

With the sequel being released in September 2024, why not embrace the classic film Beetlejuice by dressing as main character Lydia Deetz? Her gothic style is fun to emulate, mixing red and black laces, headpieces, and thick black boots.

This iconic Lydia Deetz is sure to blow everyone else away!

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Selena Quintanilla

The Queen of Tejano Music was the lead singer of the family band Selena y Los Dinos. The band signed with EMI Latin in 1987 and began to achieve commercial success. Show your love for this successful woman by donning her classic red jumpsuit with matching lipstick, and high ponytail hair!

This Selena is sure to make you feel powerful!

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Optimism Prime

Although shifting from a car to an impressive robot may be easy for these characters, it certainly isn’t for those of us searching for an easy costume. As such, we recommend purchasing a red, white, and blue costume such as this to save you time before the party!

This Amazon costume turns you into Optimus Prime in an instant!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in The Terminator franchise is iconic. The AI robot-cyborg character attempts to kill the mother of the man who is destined to save the planet from that very AI system. For Halloween, grab some scuffed jeans and shoes, pair them with a leather jacket and cool-man sunglasses, and practice your best, “I’ll be back!”.

The Terminator outfit is sure to turn heads!

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Care Bears

The 80s television show, Care Bears, was as colorful as it was heartwarming. Due to the wide range of cuddly characters from their 40-year legacy, this costume is perfect for any temperament, personality, or size of friend group. Why not allocate bears to all your friends and attend a party together?

Outfits for the Care Bears & Cousins are available on Amazon.

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Eleven from Stranger Things

The Netflix show Stranger Things brought back plenty of 80s nostalgia, so why not represent both the past and present by dressing as the main character, Eleven? Her pink frilled dress is as iconic as her bleeding nose or a handful of eggo waffles. With such an easy aesthetic, why wouldn’t you go for this option this Halloween?

This Stranger Things costume makes Halloween painlessly simple.

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Hulk Hogan

The alleged father of Rock n Wrestling, Hulk Hogan, won 12 world wrestling championships and is a sensation. His yellow and red outfit, complete with boxer briefs and knee pads, is quick and easy to put together for Halloween without losing any of the iconic or instantly recognizable elements of a quality costume.

Amazon makes dressing up like Hulk Hogan a perfect finishing move.

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Elliot from ET

“ET PHONE HOME!” is a quote from the 80s that none of us will forget. The film revolves around a 10-year-old boy who befriends a small alien called ET. In the end, it is the young boy in the red hoodie who triumphs. To recreate the look, sport a simple red hoodie and fashion a bike basket to tie around your waist to slot in a little ET figure, swaddled in white cloth.

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Voltron is a group of five explorers from different planets who pilot superrobots. The blocky appearance of the robots with vibrant colors may appear intimidating if painting and styling fabrics or cardboard are not within your time frame, but Amazon is here to save you with this classic adventurous suit!

This classic Voltron costume will make you feel strong!

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She-Ra first appeared in 1984, inspiring an animated series the following year and a reboot released in 2018. She-Ra transforms from Adora after realizing the tragedy of her brainwashing at the hands of the evil Hordak. She-Ra wears a white tunic, bike leggings, golden epaulets, and armored flat golden shoes.

Amazon’s Princess SheRa Cosplay is sure to turn heads and inspire respectful bows.

Fantasy and Mythical Creatures Costumes

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Fairies – or faeries – are mythical creatures that typically take on the appearance of a female being. Typically barefoot, or in delicate flower-inspired clothing, these legendary creatures are easy to dress as due to the range of styles. When all else fails, get yourself some wings!

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A Cyclops is a one-eyed giant from Greek mythology. Ranging from Odyssean shepherds to Roman wall builders, to the weapon-making Hesiodic cyclops, there are countless types and styles to choose from. What can be agreed upon is the brown, torn overalls, sturdy club, and – of course – the one eye!

This full-body Cyclops costume is iconic and saves time.

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Top o’ the morning to ya! Leprechauns are essentially little Irish fairies. With their small bodies and wiry ginger beards, these mischievous creatures get in all sorts of trouble by hiding their pots of gold at the end of rainbows. A bright green suit, beneath the classic beard, is all you need alongside a tall hat to top it all off!

This fun and colorful Leprechaun Costume is available on Amazon.

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Goblins are the evolved and mutated versions of elven creatures in many areas of folklore. Made common through the popularization of fantasy media, these pointed ears creatures are here for one reason; to cause mayhem! With sharp teeth, this costume is easy to pull together due to the lack of a definitive look. Whether you prefer to dress like a Tolkien goblin, with twisted features and a gravelly voice, or lean more towards one of Spiderman’s worst enemies, Green Goblin, with his pointed mask and menacing smile, this idea is a Halloween classic.

This Green Goblin Costume gets you into character in just a few moments!

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Genies are common in Arabic folklore for being trapped in a narrow-necked lamp until released with the promise of three wishes. You can decide whether you dress up as a benevolent or a mischievous genie this Halloween, and use your free-flowing outfit to create a mystical and otherworldly appearance.

Amazon’s selection of Genie Halloween Costumes makes the holiday a breeze!

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The ancient concept of a human upper half with a fishtail has evolved from Sea Sirens to Undines, to the modern imagining of a mermaid. Whether you follow Hans Christian Andersen’s route or the more upbeat Disney design, a mermaid is a fun and creative costume for Halloween. With any combination of deep blues and greens, you can become one with the sea and accessorize with shells or starfish. While making a fake tail is fun, it can be rather time-consuming, so if time is of the essence, why not purchase a costume like this option from Amazon?

This Magical Mermaid Costume is iconic and stunning.

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This Victorian gothic creature has roots in countless cultures and has been adapted for modern media more than any other. The dark, elegant aesthetic and piercing fangs are the two main focuses for producing a vampire outfit. Opt for overcoats, red patterned dresses, chained waistcoats, white ruffled shirts, and a billowing cape. Fake blood or pale-faced makeup add to the realism and are guaranteed to make you a chilling sight this Halloween.

This Vampire Costume is classy and gothic!

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Rainbows and Unicorns have been as much a part of a child’s upbringing as glitter and bright lights. Whether you are from the Care Bears or the Sofia the Princess generation, no one can pass up the chance to let their inner child sing with a unicorn outfit. This powerful creature of myth has recently been adopted by the LGBTQ+ community and can be used as a display of allyship this Halloween. Don’t let anyone get you down, the more extravagant, the better! Let your true self shine!

This Unicorn Costume is sparkly, colorful, and perfect for a lighthearted holiday celebration.

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Dragons take on different appearances depending on the culture they are based in. For example, Western and Eastern cultures debate whether the creature is winged or whether they are benevolent or malevolent. For costume purposes, this allows for a great deal of creative freedom, even down to the color of the scales! This October, be like Smaug and horde as many golden-wrapped sweets as you can hunt down!

This Red Dragon Costume is ideal for hoarding all those sweets!

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Trolls originate from Scandinavian literature and are best known for hiding under bridges to demand payment from any poor soul who wishes to cross. In modern culture, trolls are individuals online who intentionally send rude or off-topic comments with the sole intent of disrupting conversations. Regardless of which interpretation of troll you decide to represent, we recommend an upward-pointing wig and fake ears to poke fun at the creature.

Shine this Halloween by wearing this Trolls Costume.

Profession or Occupational Costumes

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Morton Salt Girl

The Morton Salt Girl has been the face of the top water softener since 1914. Although she’s gone through a few evolutions, her yellow dress and umbrella are timeless. Simply slip into the dress and pair with some white stockings to complement this easy and quick outfit.

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Dr. Ellie Sattler

Dr. Ellie Sattler is a Paleobotanist from the Jurassic Park franchise. If you fancy yourself a botany expert and love a knowledgeable professional, you can try to emulate this brainy, plant-loving genius. All you need is a pink button-up shirt, chino shorts, and adventurous boots! For those with props lying around, sunglasses and a Weekender watch will also add to this timeless character. This Amazon costume also comes with a visitor pass badge.

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Halloween is full of scary monsters and creatures, but who’s going to look after them? Why, the zookeeper, of course! If you have any khaki lying around, and maybe a safari hat or binoculars, this costume is simple and easy to put together. A little cuddly critter will also pull the whole ensemble together.

This Zookeeper Costume is cute and convenient for last-minute needs!

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Sugar Mama

The dictionary definition of ‘Sugar Mama’ is a woman able to provide financial support to a younger lover. As such, the more extravagant and dramatic the costume, the better! A wad of fake cash to shower your friends in would also work well with this idea!

This costume makes Halloween a fruitful venture.

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Bank Robber

Not only does this costume give you the opportunity to come up with a funny and “sneaky” walk, the swag bag also doubles up as a sack for all the sweets and treats you’ll collect on Halloween. All you require is a striped shirt and a black eye mask. Voila, you are all set as our bank robber!

This Robber Costume will turn you into a real-life cartoon.

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Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Gail Winfrey is infamous thanks to her show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, which ran from 1986 to 2011, totaling 25 years of national syndication and international dominance. Born into poverty, Oprah made herself a billionaire; at one point, the only black billionaire. To emulate this international icon, try this face mask and give your friends the best advice money can get!

This Oprah Winfrey mask makes dressing up a breeze.

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The Long Arm of the Law…

Due to the simplicity of black and white stripes – or even the classic orange jumpsuit – a prisoner is an easy Halloween costume for those with limited time. Pin on your prisoner number and add some cuffs if you have time! Entertain your friends throughout the night with details from your escapades. The more amusing the “crime”, the better!

This Prisoner Jumpsuit is as iconic as it is simple.

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Rosie the Riveter

Rosie is a World War II propaganda icon, inspired by 19-year-old Rosalind P. Walter. To recreate her classic outfit, throw on a dark blue work suit and a red and white spotted bandana, and flex that arm toward the sky!

This Costume is timeless and stylish.

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Surgeons alter the physical body and perform invasive procedures that could have life-changing results. As such, the blood-soaked doctor is an easy-to-create Halloween staple. A short-sleeved scrub shirt or blouse, pants, a cap, and a surgical mask, are all you need for this uniform.

This Scrub outfit will make you stand out for the better!

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Military Officer

The battlefield is a scary place. Keep your friends safe from any lurking monsters this Halloween by dressing as a decorated official. Whether you dress up in respect for a veteran in your family, or simply repping the uniform of a favored action hero, military camouflage will always be a classic Halloween outfit.

This Halloween Costume comes with all the props and accessories you’d love.

Historical Costumes

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Marie Antoinette

“Let them eat cake!” Though this historical phrase may not have been connected to trick-or-treating, there is no reason that we can’t make it so now! This lavish queen of France has gone down in history due to her life at the Chateau of Versailles. To dress like this queen, try on some dresses characteristic of Rococo fashion and add as many trinkets to the biggest wig you can get your hands on!

This Marie Antoinette Costume will make you feel the historical power of this dramatic style.

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Hippie culture comes from a lack of active involvement in politics, war, or heavy topics of conversation. The rejection of mainstream style makes it the perfect costume for last-minute parties. Brown clothing with extreme patterns of flowers or peace symbols is the typical design, with headbands and flowers adding to the look.

We just love this Hippie Halloween Costume.

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Betsy Ross

Sometimes, history chooses you to become a legend. Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag. To celebrate this historical icon, why not try your hand at sewing her classic blue dress with a white pinafore skirt? A white colonial hat, or simply a wig, will also add to the costume if paired with an American flag.

Wave Betsy Ross’s flag higher this Halloween!

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Queen Ann Boleyn

Although King Henry VIII married a famous six times, Anne Boleyn – wife #2 – is the most recognizable within popular culture. An extravagantly detailed dress is ideal for this costume, along with a headpiece and a veil, though a simple red decapitation line across the neck could sow the seeds of this costume.

Relive Anne Boleyn with this costume.

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Leonardo da Vinci

A master at 20 years old, Leonardo da Vinci brought out the humanistic ideal of the Renaissance period and is most known for painting the Mona Lisa, the Vitruvian Man, and the Last Supper. Although this costume is simple – a brown robe and tunic – you can easily become this famous artist by donning a long gray wig and beard with a floppy red artist’s hat.

This Renaissance costume will make your artistic flair shine!

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Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s beard is almost as infamous as his tall hat. This Halloween, if time is of the essence, you can don a Victorian-style shirt, and a long suit jacket, along with the beard and hat, to create a perfectly simple yet highly Presidential costume.

Dress up like big Abe with this impressive costume!

Source: Amazon


Benjamin Franklin

Dressing as one of the founding fathers is a timeless choice for historical yet amusing costumes. Benjamin Franklin aided in the production of electricity, the printing press, and bifocals which made him one of the most acclaimed scientists internationally. To create a Benjamin Franklin costume, a poet shirt with a collarless suit can be helpful. A gray wig, white stockings, and black buckled shoes also add to the details.

Buy this Benjamin Franklin Costume on Amazon.

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Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria ruled for an impressive 64 years as Queen of England, after ascending at age 18 in 1837. She earned countless titles, and her reputation and legacy are unmatched. Her mourning dress, worn after the death of her first cousin and husband, Prince Albert, is a notable costume when matched with a blue sash and lacy cuffs. Her gray hair with a delicate crown will top off your outfit this Halloween. Simply practice your royal wave, and uttering the phrase “We are not amused!”.

Dress up like Queen Victoria with this costume.

Source: Amazon



Cleopatra is the most famous of the female Pharoahes of Ancient Egypt. Her relationships with Alexander the Great and Marc Anthony caused scandal and death throughout their lands. If you want to dress up as an Egyptian Queen, you may need an Egyptian Queen crown, a belted dress with a cape or a halter dress, golden wrist cuffs or armbands, and low-heeled shoes or sandals.

Be a Queen with this Cleopatra Costume.

Source: Amazon


Louis XVI

King Louis XVI was the last of the Kings of France. He was killed in January 1793 by guillotine. This devout Catholic and supporter of the arts loved music and would play the violin and cello. For this costume, why not poke fun at the extravagance of the time period by donning white trunk breeches, stockings, and a golden hemmed jacket? A fancy wig and a fake French accent will certainly create an unforgettable night.

Become a King with this Louis XVI costume.

Couples or Group Costumes

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Hip-hop enthusiasts, are you here? This Halloween, why not represent your appreciation for this musical genre with the classic bucket hat, gold chains, and black tracksuit?

Dress up alongside your friends with this Rapper Costume.

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Thanks to British sensation Monty Python, there is a comedy song explaining the work done by a lumberjack. Essentially, these people manage the forest by cutting down trees to be transported to a sawmill. Their ‘uniform’ is stereotypically a red and black plaid shirt, dark suspenders, and thick utility trousers. Be careful if using an axe to complete this illustration.

Don this stylish Lumberjack  outfit and get chopping!

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Squid Game Competitors

Squid Game is a Netflix show that blew up in popular culture. The deadly games shocked and fascinated the world, both in and out of the show. For your costume, you will need a green tracksuit with your chosen player number on it. Should you prefer to dress as a soldier, swap the green suit for a red one.

It’s incredible how such a simple outfit can turn you into Player 456.

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The red cheerleader outfit, complete with big bow and pom-poms, is a classic outfit for Halloween. The miniskirt and cropped logo-ed top may be a bit revealing for some, so feel free to add colored tights or a jacket to combat the chill October air. For further Halloween inspiration, why not try adding fake blood for a zombie-fied look!

Wear this Cheerleader Costume and get cheering!

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Men in Black

The Men in Black characters monitor and police the Earth for extraterrestrial activities. Their namesake relates to their uniform; a black business suit. For additional details, don some dark sunglasses and carry a memory eraser pen.

This subtle Costume is perfect for last-minute parties!

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The infamous teenage anthropomorphic turtles trained in the art of ninjutsu by Master Splinter. 


Not only do these characters have unique personalities, but they also sport different weapons and colored headbands. The leader Leonardo wears a blue bandana and uses two katanas, The brains Donatello wears purple and uses a bo staff, the hotheaded Raphael wears red and uses a triple-pronged sai, while Michelangelo, the youngest, uses two nunchakus and wears an orange bandana.

Divy out the personalities of the different Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and get to saving the world!

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Starbucks is a core part of the lives of many, especially students. Why not show your appreciation – or perhaps addiction? – to the hot coffee grounds Starbucks baristas serve us every day by donning the iconic, logo-ed hat.

This Starbucks Cap is perfect for any event!

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First introduced to the world in 2010, The Minions soon took over the internet with their childish behavior and largely unintelligible dialect. Their costume, however, is nowhere near as complex; simply don a yellow shirt with blue overalls, black gloves, and oversized goggles to achieve the Minion look.

Dressing like a Minion is a surprisingly comfortable way to spend Halloween.

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Pokemon is arguably the highest-grossing media franchise of all time. Beginning in 1996, Gameboy released two video games to start this franchise. Due to the longevity of the franchise and the broad variety of little catch-able creatures within, there is no limit to which of the loveable pokemon you dress up as for Halloween! Whether you go for a classic Pikachu, or the lesser-known Alolan Sandslash, your Halloween is sure to be colorful and nostalgic.

Dress up as all the different Pokemon this Halloween!

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Powerpuff Girls

Dressing up as the Powerpuff Girls for Halloween is a perfect trio costume! Due to the three characters having such different colors and styles, it’s easy to differentiate them. Blossom, the leader of the girls, wears a red dress with a black midsection, and orange hair tied with a pink bow. Bubbles has blonde hair styled in two ponytails, and wears a sky blue dress with a black stripe at the midsection. Buttercup has black hair, and unlike the other girls, she wears a green outfit. All three wear black shoes. These quick costumes make it easier than ever to dress up for Halloween with your friends!

Dress up as the Powerpuff Girls with your besties!

Animal Costumes

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As we all learnt in A.A.Milne’s Winnie the Pooh stories, there is only one tigger! However, this won’t stop you showing off your stripes this Halloween by dressing up as a powerful tiger. The artistic version of this costume involves facepaint and makeup to extend the stripes and colors to your face, but there is no shame in opting for the easy Amazon option if time is not on your side.

Who doesn’t want to dress like the cuddly Animal?

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Bats are a Halloween classic due to the connection to vampires and hiding in dark spaces. These nocturnal beasts dead on anything from pollen, to insects, to blood! For a costume, all you need it a fabric square, cut to mimic the shape of wings, to be attached to the wearer’s wrists to give the illusion of extending wings!

A Bat costume is classic and easy.

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Don’t be fooled by the size of a mouse this Halloween. These sweet rodents may be small, but your costume will ensure no-one overlooks you! A pink nose with whiskers along your cheeks, accompanied by rounded ears and fuzzy gray clothes will complete the mousey appearance. If you have additional time, you could try creating a hairless tail characteristic of a mouse for a more authentic look.

Dress like a cute little Mouse this Halloween.

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Angler Fish

If a truly scary costume is more your speed, then why not dress as a deep-sea creature who lingers in the depths of 20,000 feet. Anglerfish attract prey by drawing them in with a luminescent fin “light”. A black jumpsuit is a good start for this costume as it allows for a silhouette of a shapeless and frightening fish beast.

This scary Angler Fish  is a great option for any party.

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Despite having appeared on Earth roughly 245 million years ago, the inflatable dinosaur costume has become iconic amongst internet users for the past few years. Your wobbly entrance – due to the little arms and legs – is guaranteed to cause side-splitting laughter and get any party off to a great start.

This Dinosaur costume has gained popularity in recent years – hop on the bandwagon!

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A cat costume – with pointy little ears – is a classic staple in most Halloween parties. While we certainly do not dislike a cute kitten outfit, why not break the expectation this year and go for a literary feline such as the Chesire Cat from Alice in Wonderland? The colorful stripes can be pink and purple, or blue and black, depending on which adaptation you prefer, but the long fluffy tail and mischievous grin is a must!

Become the cheeky Cheshire Cat with this costume.

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Due to the evolutionary connection between gorillas and humans, any monkey costume is easy to wear and – thankfully – cuddly and fluffy due to the thick fur design. If you want to make a strong impression this Halloween, consider this full-set gorilla costume from Amazon, and get to work practicing your Tarzan call!

Become a Gorilla with this fuzzy costume.

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If extravagant feathers and plummage are your go-to for costumes, then why not try the peacock? This iridescent blue and green peafowl or peahen bring a fantasy-vibe to a real creature, and are perfect for a dramatic entrance to any Halloween party.

Wear this colorful Peacock costume this Halloween.

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The lovable octopus has eight legs with bilaterally symmetric eyes. Conveniently for any budding costume makers, octopuses can change color to blend into their surroundings. As such, you can pick whichever color or texture you prefer for this costume! 


This Octopus costume from Amazon definitely has our vote, however, due to the cuddly and hilarious design.

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Squids typically have eight long arms and two tentacles. You can choose to try your hand at sewing to attach these limbs to a red tunic or body suit – using a hood as a foundation for the bulging-eyed head – or you can decide to simply purchase this amusing costume from Amazon.

This Squid costume is hilarious and perfect for Halloween.

Food Costumes

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Deviled egg

The deviled egg is also known as a Russian egg and refers to any hard-boiled egg filled with a paste. This costume is surprisingly easy to put together – using a white shirt with a simple yellow circle to mimic the yolk and whites of an egg. Add a pitchfork and red devil horns to complete the look. If self-made costumes aren’t your thing, this Deviled Egg costume from Amazon will be ideal for your last-minute plans!

This Deviled Egg Costume is hilarious.

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Whether you opt for a classic pink milkshake with a stripy straw and a bright cherry, or the modern ice cream-style with thick chocolate sauce or crumbled cookies, the milkshake costume is a great choice for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Get this costume from Amazon.

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Cake Slice

This frilly costume is perfect for those wanting to show off their love for the timeless confection. To complement your slice, consider creative hair and makeup styles to exaggerate the rainbow design or the icing topping. We have found that decorative beads also help to enhance this particular tasty costume!

This Halloween  costume is certainly a statement.

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Tropical Drink

Tropical cocktails are a popular beverage for those lounging by the sea on a hot day at the beach. Typically including passionfruit, mango, or pineapple, this costume should reflect the bright orange and yellows of the ingredients – and a little cocktail umbrella never goes amiss!

Buy this costume now on Amazon.

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In the 19th Century, English sailor Hanson Gregory created the ring-shaped design of modern-day doughnuts that we know and love! Whether you choose to customize your donut to mimic your personal favorite, or opt for the classic pink icing and sprinkles, this costume is sure to be as memorable as the first bite.

Buy this Donut Costume on Amazon today.

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For a classic costume, why not go for a classic movie theatre staple? The timeless red and white stripes of the bag, and a little red bucket hat, is a perfect costume for a night that will truly pop!

This Popcorn  costume is truly delicious looking!

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The classic hamburger originated in Hamburg, Germany. The Germans introduced it to the US, making it the national dish about half a century later. Whether you purchase a costume such as this option on Amazon, or make your own “home-baked” costume using fabrics and a cardboard takeaway box, this tasty disguise is sure to make your Halloween memorable.

Buy this Burger Costume on Amazon.

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Chicken Drumstick

Almost everyone loves a chicken nugget. Nuggets are a worldwide favorite, and have proven their vesatility in a variety of dishes. Whether you pick a specific fast food joint or simply want to cause a few laughs by dressing as a drumstick, this Amazon costume is sure to make you stand out this Halloween.

Become a delicious Drumstick  this Halloween.

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Bananas are a popular food item worldwide. Due to their elongated shape and yellow peel, a banana is an easy yet instantly recognizable costume to go for this Halloween. Whether you grab a yellow onesie, bodysuit, or even a tunic, it will surely be an a-peel-ing choice! This unisex costume – as well as a kids size option – is also an alternative via Amazon for those with limited time or wardrobe variety.

Buy this Banana  costume on Amazon.

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Avocadoes can be added to a range of foodstuffs. The slightly nutty and creamy buttery nature of the taste makes it a divisive ingredient in modern discourse. Avocados, which come in green or black varieties, grow on the Persea americana tree. If you want to portray an avocado, you can paint your face green, wear a similarly colored costume, and stick a brown balloon to your middle for the pit. This pre-made costume from Amazon is also a handy alternative.

Purchase this Veggie Costume today.