Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Girls 2018

Not sure what to get for your daughters and nieces this holiday season? Hint: this year, it’s all about surprises and micro-dolls. If the packaging doesn’t tell you exactly what’s inside, or if the toy isn’t much bigger than a peanut, you’ve likely  found yourself a winner. Here are the Top 10 Christmas gifts sure to be a hit with little girls this year.


1. Fingerlings Interactive Baby Dragon

These tiny robotic dragons can actually fit on your finger.


2. Pomsies

Like Fingerlings, they’re interactive — and not terribly large. These stuffed animals that purr and light up are about the size of a softball.


3. L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls and Accessories

Not only is each toy a surprise, but what it does is a surprise too. Your L.O.L. Surprise might cry, spit, or change color.


4. Elmer’s Galaxy Slime Starter Kit 

Homemade slime is a great way to get into that popular, amorphous, sticky goop. This kit makes huge batches of galactic-looking slime.


5. Melissa and Doug Stuffed Unicorn

Not into “tiny”? Here’s a stuffed animal that might be larger than your kid!


6. Hatchimals

These eggs hatch a fluffy animal that is, yes, a mystery.


7. Barbie Dreamhouse

Is any toy list complete without a Barbie? Today’s dream house isn’t your grandma’s dream house. This one has lights, sounds, and even an elevator.


8. Treasure X Adventure Pack

Dig through 10 levels in search of gold-dipped treasure. Not knowing what’s next is half the fun.


9. Dancing Water Speakers

These speakers will light up her bedroom while they blast her favorite music.


10. Peppa Pig Fun Fair Playset

A perfect treat for your toddler, this playset puts Peppa on a Ferris wheel that really spins.