Submit a Holiday

At National Today, our mission is to make sure every holiday—both national and international—gets its moment in the spotlight. But we can’t do it without your help.

Have a holiday you think should be included on our calendar? Let us know—we’re always looking to add holidays to our roster to keep the celebration going all year round.

But before you submit, read about what we’re looking for in a new holiday:

  • We love to know the history of your holiday. What’s its origin story? How long has it been celebrated for? How many people celebrate it? This helps us create the most accurate and informative writeup possible.
  • We like to see a track record of media coverage. Are there press articles about it? Do you see people celebrating it on social media? We love small family celebrations, but National Today holidays should already be celebrated by a broad range of people for maximum impact.

If your special day meets these requirements, we’d love to talk to you! (And if it doesn’t, try us anyway—we consider brand-new holidays that don’t have an established track record on a case-by-case basis.) Reach out to us below.

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