What religious holiday is today?

No matter what faith they come from, religious holidays provide important opportunities to step back from day-to-day life: to reflect, to remember, and to reaffirm. We’ve collected a list of religious holidays across the Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu faiths. The Holiday below is the next major religious holiday in our queue – so you can either celebrate today, or get ready in advance with our list of all religious holidays!

Wed Feb 26
Observed 46 days before Easter, Ash Wednesday is considered to be the beginning of Lent in Christianity. Oftentimes, during this period, different groups of Christians cease to use certain comforts or make a similar resolution to give something up or do something special for the period of Lent. This year Ash Wednesday falls on [holiday_start_date id="9455"]. It is thought to be a day in which observant Christians show penance.
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