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About us

Innovative activations for disproportionate gains

We at National Today are a very lucky bunch. Why? Because for us, every day is a holiday and we have an audience that wants to know about holidays, including yours. In a post-pandemic world, we’re committed to helping our partners in the travel and tourism industry innovate with their marketing strategy, helping them secure disproportionate growth gains from the rapid industry change that we’re seeing. 

We offer a full range of travel marketing solutions from influencer marketing to PR to paid social, all of which are underpinned by a platform that provides brands with an ownable moment, an opportunity to create a groundswell of consumer action around a specific period of time. Whether you’re looking to increase direct bookings or to fill your quieter months, our innovative data-led strategy and best-in-class implementation techniques can help you achieve your goals. 

Our approach

Start with data and end with a booking

We believe data is the key to unlocking a successful campaign and are continuously testing and optimizing every element of an activation to ensure we achieve the best results. With the travel industry going through such an enormous shift at the moment, how you interpret the data and use it to strategize is more critical than ever. This is where the opportunities for competitive gains can be identified. 

That being said, your audience isn’t a graph or a spreadsheet, they’re human, and in the travel industry more than any other it’s important that your messaging connects and emotionally resonates with the individual. That connection leads to acquisition, engagement, and conversion.

Travel Marketing Agency

How we work

Maximize returns with optimum channel selection 

We’re a full-service agency with a National Today shaped trump card up our sleeve. While National Today gives us a hook or ownable moment to build campaigns around, we deploy the full-service agency and our team of experts to create a fully integrated marketing campaign. 

Whether we’re using a combination of PPC, PR, influencer marketing, or paid social, the varying components all coordinate and work together to oxygenate the campaign.

When we activate, we’re confident. Why? Because we’ve done all of the hard work beforehand. With many agencies, you’ll hear them say that they “hope” to reach your target audience. We know we will because we’re sifting through and revisiting the data from the moment you partner with us.

What makes us different?

  • We decide with data.

    We know where all of the different types of travelers spend their time online. We know when to reach them, how to reach them, and what to say when we get there. We track every major metric against consistently refined benchmarks to ensure that every cent spent is working productively toward the end goals.
  • Own the moment

    As well as being a full-service agency, the National Today platform offers an activation point that is uniquely suited to the travel industry. We’re innovating for the future, come and join us.
  • We remember the human

    Without the human, there is no need for the data. Our priority is, and always will be, to trigger emotions in humans with world-class creativity.
  • Be relevant

    To resonate and instigate action from the consumer, your messaging needs to be laser-focused on the personas you want to speak to. Your relevance needs layers and depth.

Our expertise

  • Destination marketing
  • Tourism marketing
  • Hotel and resort marketing
  • Tourism PR
  • Integrated travel marketing
  • Calendar-based travel marketing
  • Seasonal travel marketing
  • Destination marketing
  • Tourism marketing

Our formula

  • Personalize for personas

    Just because your audience is varied and diverse doesn't mean you can't reach them all on a personal level. We work with you on your target personas at the start, and then begin strategizing on how we’ll not only reach all of them but create messaging that resonates with them on an individual level too.

  • Data-led discovery

    We don’t presume anything. Before actioning any campaign we scrutinize each element to gain the knowledge that will shape our decision making. By the end of this stage, we will know how to reach your different personas, how to communicate with them in a way that triggers emotion, and when the best time to do it is.

  • Stack content to maximize your messaging

    By taking your one big message or content pillar and breaking it into smaller components, each of which is reinvented, reimagined, and redeployed for different channels, we’re able to efficiently maximize the reach and impact of that message. Stackable content is how we can communicate with all of your different personas in an efficient and effective way.

  • Always be optimizing

    A campaign could be delivering a better than targeted ROI, but we’ll still be trying out new tests behind the scenes to see if it can be optimized further. Our always optimize philosophy means that we’re always improving and that has a direct impact on your results.

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