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About us

We offer a unique, data-driven shopping window

At National Today every day is a holiday, a reason for celebration, and a reason for action. This gives us the perfect platform to create ownable moments in the calendar for retail businesses. Whether you’re selling food, clothes, tech, or even antique furniture, we’re able to boost your sales by understanding consumer behavior and creating an actionable moment. 

With our data division feeding the intel, a unique platform that offers differentiation, and a full-service agency creating the buzz around your moment in the calendar, we can offer your product or brand a marketing opportunity that you just won’t find anywhere else.

Our approach

Start with data, end with a purchase

While we do click our heels in excitement at the thought of all of our shopping and retail holidays, we always ensure that we’ve examined all of the data before putting our campaign on the shelf. We take the time to get to know your brand and understand your goals before taking a deep dive into the data. It’s our world-class data interpretation that sets up the campaign for success. 

Once our strategic approach is decided, we execute with passion to bring your moment in our calendar to life. Whether your retail holiday is supported by PR, influencer marketing, or paid social, we always craft our campaigns to communicate a message that resonates. We continuously optimize for maximum ROI, delivering results that will mean you’ll never want to shop around for your marketing agency again. 

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How we work

Own the moment with a fully optimized execution

We’re a full-service agency that feeds into National Today, a unique shopping window that can showcase your product and brand on any day, week, or month in the calendar. While National Today gives us a timely moment to build campaigns around, we deploy our team of experts to create a fully integrated marketing campaign that’s catered to your specific requirements. 

Whether we’re using a combination of influencer marketing, PR, paid social, or one of our other services, the different disciplines all coordinate and work together with fluidity to elevate the campaign. 

Before any of this takes place, though, our analysts come back from the data mall with bags full of insights that tees the campaign up for success. Our ability to dive deeper into data means that by the time your moment in the calendar arrives, we’re approaching each channel activation fully optimized for success.

Why We’re Different

  • Ownable moments

    National Today platform offers a shopping window that is uniquely suited to retail. The alignment is natural and we have a full-service agency to elevate all of the messaging.
  • We give participation awards.

    People exchange value with companies they choose to be in a relationship with, showing their love with participation. We craft campaigns that promote active participation that excites
  • We harness the power of local

    After identifying opportunities, we focus on promotions highly applicable to consumers in key areas. Going the extra mile like this ensures you stay relevant to consumers to drive advocacy for your brand at the local level.
  • Habits become sales, become relationships

    We analyze data to learn the personal preferences and purchase behavior of consumers before creating a valuable solution for them and your business that fosters active relationships.

Our expertise

  • Dollar Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Sporting Goods
  • Supermarkets
  • Pet Stores
  • Drug Stores

Our formula

  • Bridge the gap between online and offline

    Create a connection between your online marketing and in-store experience for results that are 4X better. By connecting the dots you’re optimizing bottom-line results and building high-performing programs.

  • Retarget at timely moments

    By identifying shoppers whose consideration window is open, you create digital campaigns that precisely retarget them at the most opportune moment.

  • Discover new customers

    By creating lookalike audiences based on the customers who actually walk into your stores, you can improve digital ad performance and attract new customers. Making localized adjustments will optimize the campaigns to dramatically improve your return on ad spend.

  • Deepen Your Understanding

    Add new dimensions to your insights by understanding when customers visit, how long they stay, and what brought them in. Combining this information with data from point-of-sale, loyalty, and other on-premise sources gives you a more complete picture of your customers than ever before.

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